So, what are SERPs? When you go on Google, Bing, or Yahoo and search for something, the results are usually displayed for you on a page that contains all of the relevant links to that query. This results page is known as SERP or Search Engine Results Pages.

Search engines offer the best marketing platforms for small businesses, and they do this through ranking. The use of ‘targeted keywords’ is required when trying to rank your website. Ranking high on search engines ensures that users find your website on the first page and increases their chances of engaging with your company and making a purchase.

Search engines can produce multiple SERPs per second, and the first page of the search engines is viewed by a majority of users. If your site is on the first page, you gain more clicks which would result in sales.

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Why Should You Care About SERPs and Ranking?

You should care about SERPs and ranking because, as we mentioned above, this is the primary digital marketing strategy that ensures your company is visible to all your users and potential clients.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the best marketing platform for small businesses. SERPs are classified into the following categories:

  • Paid Results

These are the first links listed on the search engine results page. Businesses pay a certain fee to rank at the top, usually above organic links. This strategy is known as pay-per-click marketing.

Currently, PPC is one of the most successful strategies in digital marketing and branding.

  • Organic Results 

The organic search results are found underneath the paid ads on the search engine results page. The placement of the link is dependent on Google’s algorithm.

Search Engine Optimization is the tactic most full-service marketing agencies use to help your website rank high organically.

A winning digital marketing branding strategy combines PPC and SEO to boost your ratings on the SERP.


Indented Search Engine Results: What Are They?

Indented search engine results is a new feature that was launched recently by Google. It displays clustered results from the same domain name. The best digital and social media marketing company for small businesses, such as My Socialease, can help ensure your search results are displayed in this way.

In the first week of its release, most users could find indented search results for about 40% of Google SERPs.

It displays two links from the same domain name. The first link is displayed like any typical result, but under it is a second indented link that supports your primary link.

Having multiple listings appear above other competing links is good for social media branding as it increases the chances of getting clicks.


Why Are SERPs Important?

Regarding digital marketing branding, ranking high on SERPs means greater exposure, more clicks, increased traffic, and high revenues.

Not all businesses can rank at the top, so it is essential to put effort into social media branding and not depend solely on SERPs.

Adding backlinks that lead to relevant websites can also help boost your ranking. Digital marketing and branding agencies advise producing evergreen content that remains relevant for a long time.


How Can We Help?

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