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My SocialEase is a high-level LinkedIn marketing agency that has worked with clients to make the most of their social media platforms. Besides its more popular sister sites, LinkedIn has proven to be a valuable asset to businesses in the 21st century. It boasts over 740 million active users 17 years later.

LinkedIn is one of the best channels to reach professionals globally. It is great for brand awareness, lead generation, product launches, and establishing thought leadership in your industry. It allows you to advertise based on your profession, skills, professional interests, and industry.

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Why Engage A LinkedIn Ad Agency?

Professionals can help you make the most of every strategy and to harness maximum outcomes. While you may be familiar with the platform, the agency doesn’t have to handle daily business operations like you. That means it can dedicate significant time to the endeavor for the best possible results. Moreover, you can also learn more about LinkedIn with companies that offer training and knowledge about various components.

Are LinkedIn Marketing Services For You?

LinkedIn sets itself out from the social crowd. The professional platform has more than 50% of users with college degrees who share education, experience, job titles, skills, and interests. And if your target involves any of these, there are takeaways for you below:

Brand Awareness

One of the goals of advertising is to create brand awareness. For improved awareness, different LinkedIn advertisement forms make you visible to potential clients and employees.sitive image.

Particularized Targeting

You do not need to know anything about the best marketing platforms for small businesses. Leave that to us. We have been in this industry for a long time now and are trusted by millions to bring results and transform their businesses.
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Build Partnerships

With millions of active professional users, there couldn’t be a better place to source great talent and network with those in your industry through various projects like events. It can evoke thought leadership and increase your influence.

How Does A LinkedIn Advertising Agency Use Specialized Targeting?

Nothing beats personalized ad campaigns, and LinkedIn profiles help you do exactly that. The catch is often selecting the right audience for your marketing. A LinkedIn marketing company can help with customized solutions to reach your intended market effortlessly. There are varying features that make this a possibility:

Company Information

This comes down to a person’s workplace, industry, and current company size.usiness.sible content.


It is more generalized and focuses on geographical location, gender, and age.ts.ship for your videos.


Or job title. It incorporates the seniority level, the field of study, and the level of education.ven customize your dashboards!.

Suited audiences

They are selected users based on LinkedIn data and your website traffic or email audience.
Our LinkedIn Ad agency assesses various ad formats to curate the ideal ad targeting for your audience. Our clients say we are excellent at our services while empowering them to stick to their place of prowess.ion.ven customize your dashboards!.

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Formats Used By Your LinkedIn Advertising Firm

This professional platform is excellent for lead generation, using the following formats:

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Sponsored content

Like most companies, you may find this ad format ideal. Generally, the ads will be visible to LinkedIn members’ feeds amongst posts and other businesses’ content and their connections. Sponsored content is popular because it boosts website traffic, generates leads, and improves views for videos.
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Text ads

They pop up on a member’s feed side, top, or bottom. The perks of this ad format include the availability of several sizes and ratios, the ability to capture your audience’s attention quickly, and it acts as a portal to your website with a call to action.

Sponsored InMail

It uses LinkedIn messenger to send customized messages to your potential clients. Why use it? It avails custom fields for personalized messages and is a direct entry into your audience’s inbox to deliver relevant content.

Unsure which one suits you? Leave that to our pros at My SocialEase. We attempt to understand you and your business for long-term relationships that produce excellent results.

Is There A Way To Measure LinkedIn Ad Campaign Results?

Yes, there is!

It’s important to measure your ad results to gain insight into the changes that will steer your business towards growth and visibility. My SocialEase creates ads and measures their strengths through LinkedIn Campaign Manager Insights and Google Analytics for improvement.

Thanks to these two, we can measure performance on LinkedIn and analyze the traffic that uses the ads to get to your website for lead generation.

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LinkedIn Campaign Manager Insights

We use the Campaign Manager insights to boost ad creativity and targeting. Like other platforms, like Facebook, there are key performance indicators. In this case, it includes clicks and click-through rates, InMail opens, cost per click, and lead form opens, among others. These help us determine the aptness of our ads and how to make them more relevant to your audience. a positive image.

Google Analytics

You can’t separate any social media strategy from Google Analytics, especially if website traffic is essential to you. Once users exit the LinkedIn platform and visit your website through the ads, we take the time to study the traffic and the conversion data, such as dwell time, sessions promoted by LinkedIn ads, and the forms completed on your site. Google Analytics is rich with data that allows for the examination of crucial elements to optimize ad performance.g spiral.

The LinkedIn Marketing Agency That Walks The Talk

My SocialEase is a trusted agency offering world-class LinkedIn advertising services tailored for your business. Our highly-experienced, passionate, and friendly team does everything for you, from ad creation to management. We empower you to focus on the most important tasks for your business. We exercise transparency in our services and pricing and keep in touch to establish effective campaigns with you. Ready for marketing efforts that deliver results? We look forward to hearing from you!