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If you wish to achieve the best results with your social media marketing, selecting the best social media channel for you and your business is the first step. At My Socialease, we have the best packages and products designed just for you.

We offer social media management for small businesses, regardless of the industry. We are the best all-in-one marketing company. We provide all the services required for social media management to get your company to the top!

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My Socialease Products

My Socialease is the best digital and social media marketing company, and we offer the following services:

all in one marketing company

Facebook Marketing

My Socialease delivers more than you expect! We offer Facebook advertising services you will not find anywhere else! We know every old and new trick in the advertising book and can guarantee results. 

Without a doubt, we make your business shine with highly targeted and effective Facebook Ads content. There is really nothing we cannot do for your social media, including photos and videos to clickable copy and animated formats.

Facebook Marketing That Works!

As the ultimate social media marketing agency for small businesses, My Socialease offers the following:our brand’s unique story and audience.

Facebook Ads Management

My SocialEase offers the best Facebook Ad management services that expertly oversee each of your campaigns for a positive image.

Facebook Ad Setup and Audit

Our Facebook advertising company will offer recommendations that help your social media marketing spiral.

Facebook Ad Performance

If you prioritize performance, we work tirelessly with the best software to get you exactly that! Our clients can’t trust any other agency to get the job done.

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Instagram Marketing

My Socialease is certainly the best digital media marketing agency for Instagram marketing.  We take all the marketing burden off your shoulders to let you focus on what matters most.

Moreover, with flexible pricing comes freedom, so you can only choose what works best for you. All you have to do? Enroll and have our marketer call you in the next twenty-four hours!

We are the best all-in-one marketing company that provides a high-level and full Instagram marketing service to meet your needs. Every day, your prospects spend up to two to five hours on social media, and grabbing their attention has never been easier when you work with the best agency in town!

all in one marketing company
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LinkedIn Marketing

My Socialease is a high-level LinkedIn marketing agency that has worked with clients to make the most of their social media platforms.

Besides its popular sister sites, LinkedIn has proven to be a valuable asset to businesses in the 21st century. It boasts over 740 million active in the 17 years of its existence.

LinkedIn is one of the best channels to reach professionals globally. It is great for brand awareness, lead generation, product launches, and establishing thought leadership in your industry. It allows you to advertise based on your profession, skills, professional interests, and industry.

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Pinterest Marketing

My Socialease will help you skyrocket your brand awareness with marketing on Pinterest. We help businesses achieve their specific objectives in digital marketing, especially when running ads on Pinterest.

Our sharable digital solutions will help engage your customers and strategically influence their behavior towards your company.

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TikTok Marketing

My SocialEase is not only the best social media marketing agency for small businesses but also the best TikTok ads agency.
If you are looking for ads that dominate on TikTok, we have a team of experts to help your team stand out from the crowd. We offer next-level marketing to help you achieve your goals.
We Promise Results!

TikTok is certainly the fastest growing social media channel on the internet, and we are careful to provide specific results through the following:

Creating Mass Awareness

Because we are a full-service TikTok ads agency, we promise to provide mass awareness of your products. This is what a successful marketing campaign should accomplish. We feed your target audience with the best possible content.

Increasing Your Video Views

If you have been struggling to get views for your ad videos, we can overcome this together. As one of the best influencer marketing agencies for TikTok, we ensure you have more viewership for your videos.

Increasing App Installations

We also provide your users with the opportunity to find and download your apps. This usually is through sending them the apps directly on App Store and Android. The high-quality content we provide will also prompt them to check out your apps and download them.

TikTok marketing agency
Full Service digital company

Twitter Marketing

My SocialEase is most definitely the best digital media marketing agency for your premium Twitter marketing services.

Our team is dedicated to curating effective social media marketing strategies for small and medium-sized enterprises. Running a business in this century can be pretty demanding. The good news is you don’t have to walk the competitive market alone!

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Twitter Delivers A World Class Marketing Platform!

My Socialease understands that Twitter grows by the day with over 300 million monthly active users and more than half a million daily posts. This provides your business the perfect opportunity to go viral in as little as ten minutes.

It isn’t that simple, though, as it needs vast knowledge and experience for the best practices. That’s where My Socialease comes in. We make this a reality!

Twitter is the fifth most popular social platform, with diverse audiences from the ages of 30 to 64, millennials to Gen Xers. Therefore, we use highly targeted approaches to optimize every outcome.

The truth is that Twitter can be a daunting platform. We have worked closely with businesses, helping them surf to the top for brand awareness and visibility. We can do the same for you.

Grow Your Follower Base

Our Twitter marketing is crafted to suit your needs. We are the best digital and social media marketing company, and we provide the following services:

Reduced ad costs

It is ideal for small and large businesses, start-ups, and industry leaders as it is a cost-effective marketing channel. While the costs of different ads will vary, trust our marketing agency to minimize your cost per click using various tactics.

Networking possibilities

Twitter is a great place to connect with industry leaders and even influence your industry. It helps you reconnect with current customers and connect with prospects. By staying in constant touch with your prospects, you can create a strong network through Twitter.

Who will be running my accounts?

We only employ qualified content managers to create and manage content for our customers. Our managers are educated, US based professionals that spend hours on the web looking for relevant and optimal content in order to connect with your businesses’ audience in a meaningful and personal way. We take individual concern for each of our clients needs and believe you will notice the quality of the content we produce.

How will My socialease know what to post?

Once we get your order, we will assign an account manager to your account dedicated to researching your business and acquiring vital information regarding your competitors and your target audience. The manager of your account will use this information in order to understand exactly what your audience is looking for and then begin posting content custom tailored to benefit the specific needs of your business.

Will I still have access to post on my accounts?

Yes! You are free to continue posting and managing your accounts to whatever extent you would like.

What should I do when I have new products or specials that I want to promote?

Feel free to send them over to the 98 Buck Social manager working with your account. They will be your point of contact and will be happy to assist you in handling any new products or specials. You are welcome to email new information or instruction to your account manger at any time. We are here to make things easier for you!

Do I have to sign a contract?

There will be a short online letter of agreement for you to sign which will clearly explain the terms of service along with our obligations to you (performing the work promised) and your obligations to us (paying for our services). You are free to walk away at any time you would like, we only ask for a 30 days notice.

What if I need something more in-depth than the 39 bucks can provide?

We would be happy to assist you in any variety of other ways. Our agency works in SEO, Web development, public relations, online video production, and graphic design. Get in touch with us and we would be glad to discuss more robust ways of marketing your business.

Do I get to review the posts before they go live?

We offer the ability to review posts in our $199 package. The post review process literally doubles or triples the time involved, therefore raising the cost. But we do post for hundreds of businesses every day, and 98% of them trust us with their content. You should too!

What about Instagram and Pinterest?

Instagram is actually one of our hottest sellers and effective platforms. Since it generally requires a unique strategy and includes some awesome growth strategies, we sell it separately for $98. Same with Pinterest.

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When selecting the best social media channel for you and your business, a company that meets all your needs should be your first priority.

Choose us today, and we shall transform your company to international standards!