We Help Small Businesses Run Ads on Pinterest

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If you wish to fully accrue the benefits of advertising on Pinterest, My Socialease is the company you can turn to. We help businesses achieve their specific objectives in digital marketing, especially when running ads on Pinterest.

Our customized digital solutions will help engage your customers and strategically influence their behavior towards your company.

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It All Starts and Ends With You

We help businesses capitalize on the scope of digital marketing to get their brand on the market, reach their ideal customers, and retain them.

At My Socialease, we gather data from you on your goals and then customize the best strategic plan for your Pinterest ads.

We Help With Prompts on Pinterest!

Over the years, we have delivered thousands of campaigns for Pinterest ads for our clients and have had excellent results. This is why we are considered an all-in-one marketing company for all your needs.

Our Experience in Pinterest Ads is Unmatched!

Yes, we have had the best success stories. Our customers trust us to deliver results. Marketing for small businesses is all about understanding the market. Social media marketing with Pinterest ads can only succeed when you understand what customers want. That is our expertise.

Why Pinterest?

The popularity of Pinterest has been growing at a very fast rate. Since its inception in 2016, it now boasts 433 million monthly users. This is why you should be on Pinterest! We help you get there through our marketing for small businesses plans.
Pinterest marketing agency

My Socialease Provides Solutions that Boost Engagement!

Using My Socialease to advertise on Pinterest offers your brand solutions to spark engagement with users and it also serves as a dynamic way of reaching a large and lucrative audience.
Pinterest ads, also known as ‘Promoted Pins,’ look and function like any other Pinterest Pins but they are less intrusive than the other formats.

The main difference however is that the Promoted Pins are designed to target your specific audience and are less likely to appear on your home feed, category feed and search results.

This makes it easy to advertise on Pinterest without coming across as too pushy to your potential audience. You actually end up making the right impression on your customers.

Pinterest marketing agency
Pinterest marketing agency

Sit Back and Relax, While We Do The Heavy Lifting!

Over the years, we have delivered thousands of campaigns for Pinterest ads for our clients and have had excellent results. This is why we are considered an all-in-one marketing company for all your needs.

My Socialease Pinterest Marketing Process

At My Socialease, we have a detailed Pinterest marketing for small businesses process, that involves a couple of stages:

First Meeting

In the first meeting, we discuss the process with you, and do some research into your specific goals and your unique brand. This is essential when launching the right advertising campaign.

We prioritize this process at the start of our relationship.


At My Socialease, our development process is quite intense. We look into past marketing campaign data in order to strategize and develop the best plan for you.

We have an in-house team that’s dedicated to market your business and goes the extra mile to learn about your brand before coming up with the best plan for you.

Monitoring the Campaign

The best marketing for small businesses involves monitoring of the campaign to ensure that it is working. A campaign that does not bring in more sales, and increase customer interest in your brand is a failed one.

Our goal is to provide you with tangible results. So we monitor every step of the process for you to ensure you get value for your money.

Refining the Ad Campaign

At My Socialease, the Pinterest ad campaign process is always ongoing, we take time to investigate how effective the campaign actually is, and if it is not bringing in the right results, we refine it and create a better plan just for you.

Reporting Data

You need to know that your money is working for you, and at My Socialease, we go a step further and spend time evaluating and reporting on the data from the campaign. You will receive a track record of the success achieved since the ads started running.

Why Choose My Socialease?

We are an all-in-one marketing company for all your needs, we are internationally recognized for our prowess and performance. We are the premier Pinterest digital marketing agency.

Our personalized services have attracted major clients with nothing but the best to say about us!

Regardless of the size of your business, your goals, or the specific industry you are in, we offer the best benefits of advertising on Pinterest.

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