More than half the world now uses social media. According to statistics, 60% of the world’s population spends at least 2 and a half hours each day on social media platforms. This is why social media for businesses is a gold mine!

As a business owner, you must keep up with the changing times. Gone are the days when businesses would use cold calls, advertisements, and emails to send out information about their brands.

Of course, ads are still in use today, but social media marketing is the most effective and the cheapest replacement for ads.  With the right social media marketing agency for small businesses, such as My Socialease, you can be able to leverage all of the benefits that come with this marketing strategy.

Here’s a look at six trends defining social media for business today!


The Features For Social eCommerce Will Keep Expanding

A decade ago, it would be almost bizarre to imagine social commerce features such as Instagram Shop, Facebook Shop, etc. Today, nearly all social media platforms have features where business owners can sell their products to make profits.

These features are a win for e-commerce brands with physical goods. Reach out to a full-service marketing agency to help you with your advertisement.


Privacy Will Become A Priority

The future of social media for businesses is all about privacy. This is a major concern on social media. For this reason, there are some major changes that continue to shape the future of how we use social media.

Social media marketing can only succeed where client information has the ability to remain private in order to allow transactions to take place with ease.


Personalization Will Be Key

With the future of social media for businesses relying heavily on algorithms that help rank your content and keep your audience engaged, personalization is something that’s bound to get extremely important.

Additionally, with Ads being personalized, where users can see items that are similar to what they had purchased before, social media marketing is about to get even better! This helps in advertising since you can target specific users based on their interests and previous purchases. In order to experience these benefits, you need to find the best social media marketing services from a company like My Socialease.


Live Videos Are Taking Over!

Live video streams have become extremely popular and are certainly the future of social media for businesses. Now almost all social media platforms include this feature. This is a great and fun way of interacting with your customers in real-time.

Be sure to prepare adequately for your live video in advance and keep an eye out for new features. If you need help coming up with content for your live streams, be sure to reach out to a social media marketing agency for small businesses.


Community Building Over Followers Will Be The Focus

Greater focus is being placed on social media marketing, and engaging communities around brands as opposed to harnessing a large following. When the community becomes of value, people will opt to stick around more.

With the right social media marketing technique, any business can build a community of users who constantly interact with your brand and products.


Facebook Won’t Be The Only Rockstar

For a long time now, Facebook dominated the social media scene. It was one of the best social media marketing platforms, and as long as businesses were on Facebook, they were pretty okay in terms of marketing.

This is no longer the trend. People are changing and many users have left Facebook due to privacy concerns, and are now looking at new social media platforms. These include:

The younger generations are actually uninterested in Facebook anymore, and this is therefore not the best option right now.


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