Getting negative reviews on your search results is expected. Almost everyone will tell you that they have received negativity at one point or the other, but that doesn’t mean that it will not affect your company.

It is, therefore, essential to learn how to remove and suppress negative search results on Google and other search engines. Such negative content can be extremely damaging to your company’s reputation.

MySocialease is a digital and social media marketing company for small businesses that has worked with various clients to push down negative content on their behalf.

We offer social media branding through LinkedIn and other social media platforms to boost your online presence on a global scale.

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We help you remove and suppress negative search results in the following ways:


Have The Content Taken Down

The first way to remove negative content is to try to take it down from the platform. If the content is completely removed, it will not appear in the search results.

Outright removal of the content is, however, rare as authors hardly ever comply with the request of a full-service marketing agency.


Report A Guideline Violation To The Platform

Most platforms have guidelines that regulate the type of content posted. These guidelines generally revolve around inappropriate language, hateful comments, or false information.

You can ask a digital and social media marketing company for small businesses to request on your behalf. These companies have a thorough knowledge of platform guidelines and can present a strong case against negative content.


Request The Content Be Removed From Google

If the platform does not take down the content, you can directly request Google to have the page removed. This won’t stop the article from appearing on the platform but it will prevent the content from showing up on Google’s results.

You or a full-service marketing agency can fill out a form on Google’s website requesting content to be removed. You can state several reasons, such as copyright violation.


Push Content To The Next Page

You can keep negative content from appearing on the first page by getting positive content to outrank negative articles. Pushing negative articles to page two makes it more unlikely for people to see them.

A  digital and social media marketing company for small businesses will do this by researching all keywords that result in the negative article appearing on the first page.

This helps them understand the search landscape and know what content to move higher in the rankings.

The full-service marketing agency will then continue to track the keywords over a period of weeks to ensure the negative content is moving further down the Google results.


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