As a result of the many ADA-related lawsuits, you need to make your website accessible to everyone. You must address this issue in a bid to ensure that shoppers with a disability can access your website.

It is a requirement that all businesses serving the public accommodate people with disabilities and provide them with equal access to their products or services.

You can provide your clients accessibility with UserWay’s AI-powered accessibility widget. UserWay AI was developed explicitly to provide comprehensive yet affordable accessibility solutions to businesses of any size while making the web barrier-free for both abled and disabled users.

MySocialease understands the importance of ADA compliance. We are a full-service marketing agency skilled in building ADA-compliant websites. We also provide marketing tools for small businesses that help boost your reach locally and internationally.

Trust the best full-service marketing company to make your website accessible and customizable to your physically challenged online clients.


Reasons Why You Need To Make Your Website Accessible to All!

There are so many reasons why you should ensure ADA compliance for your website. Of course, there’s the aspect of increasing your sales, but more than anything, it is to avoid trouble. Here are a few reasons:


To Avoid Lawsuits

In 1990, ADA regulations did not apply to websites because they were not heavily used. Now that most businesses use websites, the regulations have been revised to ensure they are accessible to everyone.

It is now mandatory for all websites to be at least grade A compliant, with AAA being the highest grade. UserWay’s AI-powered accessibility widget is one tool that can help your website achieve grade A status.

Numerous esteemed brands have been hit with lawsuits because they have not made their websites ADA compliant. You can avoid this by hiring a full-service marketing agency to verify that your website is ADA compliant and make necessary changes.


To Expand Your Target Audience

If your website is not ADA-compliant, you are probably missing out on millions of customers who cannot reach your site due to their disabilities.

Improving accessibility by UserWay AI allows these potential customers to learn about your products and navigate easily through the website when making purchases. They are also able to contact you quickly for inquiries or feedback.

Improving your website’s accessibility by UserWay AI allows you to attract and retain customers from the handicapped community, allowing you to boost sales, engagement, and exposure.


Compliance Improves your SEO Efforts

Like today’s readers, search engines have evolved to crawling pages with more human intention.

A fundamental element of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines is accessibility to readers who crawl through your website.

If your website accessibility by UserWay AI meets WCAG guidelines, it will more likely appeal to search engines, users, and screen readers. This increased traffic will ultimately improve your SEO efforts.


Let MySocialease Make Your Website Accessible

Become ADA compliant for your website audience with MySocialease today. We are the best full-service marketing agency experienced in creating ADA-compliant websites for all kinds of small businesses.

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