With Facebook advertising, you can connect with your audiences and engage with them more effectively. With MySocialEase, we can take responsibility for your ad campaign and help you create an effective platform to converse with Facebook’s 2.8 million users. However, displaying your ad to every Facebook user is impractical and expensive. Therefore, carefully segmenting your target population and displaying your ads to those potential customers is a more effective and feasible approach.


There are various Facebook ads and targeting techniques that you can employ in a social media advertising campaign. Here is all you should know about Instagram Facebook advertising and how to make the most out of it!

The Offer your make and Facebook Ads Optimization

The Offer you make has the potential to either make or break your social media advertising campaign. Make an offer that appeals to the right emotions of your target customer base and lures them into buying your product. Play with the psyche of your customers and target an underlying emotional need that convinces them to buy your product. Make your Offer appear as a favor rather than an ad, and make the customers feel that buying your product is their idea.

Use the six weapons of influence to sway consumer decisions in your favor, read books that give you a clearer insight into your consumer’s mind, and analyze current market trends and the strategies that your competitors are implementing.


Split your Social Media ads into different categories

If you are in the testing stage of your ad, splitting it into different categories can help you better visualize each element individually and enhance it.

You can test your ad design based on image, text, headline, CTA, and value proposition. Your targeting strategy can be broken down based on country, gender, age, interests, purchase behaviors, etc. Your ad placement, ad objective, campaign object, and landing page fall into other miscellaneous elements that you can test.


Facebook Ads Optimization

The ad you create will have a direct impact on your conversion rate. With the help of Facebook pixel helper, adjust your Facebook cover photo dimension and the dimensions of other graphics that you post. Test every single element, be it an image, video, polls, carousel, slideshow, collection, instant experience, lead, dynamic, messenger, stories, or augmented reality ads.

Develop a strategy instead of opting for the spaghetti approach. Plan different seasonal ad campaigns that are unique. Last but not least, your business’ website should be optimized for your Facebook ads traffic. Make sure your website is user-friendly and keep an up-to-date product catalog across different types of social media platforms.



What is Ads Manager?

An Ad Manager is a tool that enables you to effectively create, manage, and analyze your Facebook ads and enhance them.

How much does it cost to advertise on Facebook?

Depending on the bidding model that you opt for, your Facebook ads will cost you according to the following breakdown:


  • $0.97 Cost per Click
  • $7.19 Cost per Thousand Impressions
  • $1.07 Cost per Like
  • $5.47 Cost per Download

How do Beginners advertise on Facebook?

Initiate the process by developing your strategy, choosing your objective and target audience, setting a budget, deciding your Ad Format and other details, and making sure you keep monitoring it after posting your ads.

Is it worth it to advertise on Facebook?

Yes. It is 100% worth it if your goal is to reach new audiences, increase your conversion rate and generate more outstanding leads.


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