If you do a lot of ‘Google searches,’ then you probably know that it can be pretty annoying when you have to type in everything all the time! In this review, we answer the question ‘what is voice search?’ and how you can use it effectively as well as efficiently.

This will change your life. It is the alternative to typing you have been looking for. It gives you the freedom to speak commands into your phone or laptop and Google has to automatically do the search!

At My Socialease, we implement all of the new strategies to make your business operate at maximum efficiency, including optimizing it for voice search SEO.

Here’s some information to help you with this:


What is Voice Search?

Voice search on Google is an internet search tool that’s voice triggered. You can ask your device a question and it will look through Google to provide the best possible answer.

Voice search was introduced back in 2010 and is now available on mobile phones and desktops. You may have noticed a tiny microphone icon on the side of your Google search bar.

Voice search is now an integral part of the Google experience. More and more people are turning to voice search to get quick answers to their questions. For this reason, you should make your business available and rank higher through voice search SEO among other strategies.


Voice Search SEO

Voice search SEO isn’t any different from SEO. It works using the same principle on different devices. Here is how you can make your business rank higher on voice search on Google.


Claim A GMB Profile

The first step is to claim your Google My Business (GMB) profile as it is the number one factor that determines your local search ranking. Without a good GMB profile, it will be hard for your business to rank high on voice search on Google.

Any device that has Google can use Google My Business to share your business information. For instance, if you operate a food business, you want to increase the chances of you showing up on a results page when your customers voice search “restaurants near me”.

Google will pull the name, business category, address, contact, and operation hours of your business, through Google My Business.

If you need help with GMB management for your business, you should look for the best social media marketing services, such as what we offer at My Socialease.

What the social media agency will do is add information to your GMB profile, to make your listing more helpful.

This will help you rank higher on voice search on Google and attract more customers to your business.


Get More Reviews

In a Google search, the business with the highest, good-quality reviews shows up at the top of the page as the “top-rated.” For this reason, you need to acquire more reviews through SEO voice search for Google.

You can get more reviews by sending review requests via email or text or through a direct link to a relevant review site. It is best to send your requests to customers on the day of their visit.


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