You may wonder what good automated text message strategies for businesses do other than become a nuisance. Well, there are plenty of benefits associated with automated text messages. This blog post is for business people looking to enhance their customer’s experiences through better communication.

Text messaging can be an extremely effective tool because most people carry their smartphones everywhere they go.

They constantly check them and spend time reading and writing texts, not to mention posting on social media platforms. Text messaging is actually one of the most powerful modes of communicating with customers.

You may find it challenging to keep connecting with your customers as they increase because it’s just too much work, but with automated text messages you can make your communication easier and promote your social media branding.

At My Socialease, we offer automated text message strategies for businesses, as part of our social media management.


What Are Automated Text Messages?

An automated text message is an SEO strategy for small businesses that include short messages written and scheduled in advance. They are necessary for marketing and they make it easy to respond to customers immediately.


Do I Need An Automated Text System?

You most certainly do! Automated text messages are part of social media branding strategies, and they will save you lots of time as the messages will reach lots of clients at the same time, instead of sending one at a time.

Hiring a full-service marketing agency such as My Socialease to do this for you is a great option for your business.

Automated text messages will also make your customers happy as everyone appreciates a quick response. They’re great for digital marketing and branding. They will also help improve your customer-business relationship and boost your sales.


How Does Automated Text Messaging Work?

As an integral part of digital marketing branding, automated text messages are designed to reach your customers at all times. All you need to do is to set the text messaging process using various conditions that trigger a particular response. Here is how you can use automated text messages to benefit your business:



This feature automatically sends customized messages to customers when they text you. To set this up, you can set customized responses to texts containing certain keywords such as “price,” “menu,” or “address”.

For help with keywords and automated responses, My Socialease guarantees you a great SEO strategy for small businesses.

Customers can also receive more replies to specific queries such as product details or information about subscriptions.

Auto-replies are the most preferred automated text message strategies for businesses.


Drip messages

When it comes to social media branding, the drip messages feature allows you to regularly text customers who have opted to receive messages from your business. These texts can be sent daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on the settings.

Businesses can use drip messages to update customers about new products or ask for feedback on service.


Scheduled Texts

Scheduled texts are excellent when designing your website branding, as they are the simplest form of automated messaging. All you have to do is write a message, save it and choose the time to send it.

Scheduled texts are best for when planning an event. You can effortlessly send texts promoting your event to your customers simultaneously.


Reminder texts

As part of digital marketing branding, reminder texts are basically used to remind customers that your business still exists! You can send them messages about new products or remind them about upcoming payments.


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