Why Website Optimization for Social Media is Important

When it comes to SEO, we all know the importance of optimizing your web page in order to be found first on search engines, increase brand exposure, and reel in more clients. In today’s market, website optimization is essential to being competitive. Social media is an important component of SEO, and website optimization for social media is one of the major parts of general digital marketing to promote your brand. SEO is how you can be found in Google by potential customers and clients. In order to connect with these potential consumers, you will need to establish a social media presence. Using social media and SEO together is a killer combo that you should start establishing right away in order to get your pageviews up and start connecting with consumers. Social Ease in Miami is a top social media marketing firm who can help your business establish a social media presence and maximize exposure while reaching out to consumers. Call us today to build your social media brand!


Why Social Media SEO is important


The most glaring benefit to utilizing social media SEO is the ability to directly promote your content to followers. If your current ranking is not especially high, or your SEO strategy is still in the works, your keyword-optimized content will be broadcast to your followers on several platforms with minimal effort or expense on your part. Although inbound links do not have as big of an effect as high-quality backlinks, they still can help your bounce rate and improve your website analytics. After all, if people are lead to your link from social media, they probably want to read it. By marrying your content to social media through images or videos with quotes or snippets from your blog articles and sharing them simultaneously with your link, you can appeal to the visual side of potential consumers, as human beings are highly visual people.


Website Optimization for Social Media Improves Your SEO Through Brand Awareness


Through building your social media branding, you are able to directly affect your SEO advantage. By consistently posting relevant content to your followers across multiple platforms, you will increase exposure of your product to those who are searching for this product or service. Moreover, it also encourages Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms to serve up more of your product content to its newsfeed, leaking to higher term links. Increased awareness leads to more brand name searches on Google for your webpage, earning you a backlink or two. This is why it’s important to create your profile with keyword rich descriptions to optimize your website backlinks as well as connecting your social media profiles to your website. Social media posts also rank on Google, so you will have more Google real estate when your company name is searched. When you search for a company on Google, one or more of their profiles will probably pop up on the first page, since Google treats social media platforms such as Facebook just like any other web page.


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