How To Create A Video Marketing Strategy

The advent of new technology has brought with it new ways of branding your business. Platforms like social media, mobile and e-commerce, have widened the array of possibilities for consumer interaction. In the USA alone, statistics show that by 2019, video will account for almost 80% of all consumer internet traffic. As advised by Social Ease, a social media management company, use of video for marketing has transformed how businesses and consumers interact. Let’s look at how to create a video marketing strategy with five easy steps.


Step by Step Video Marketing Guide.

  1.    Establish Your Goals

What goals are you trying to achieve with a particular campaign? Knowing what you want to accomplish creates a framework on which the entire thing will rest. Figure out what your brand and audience need and from here, how can the videos move buyers from the research phase of the buying process to the purchasing stage. At this level, you also need to set a video budget that makes sense. Putting a ton of money into a video doesn’t necessarily guarantee its success. On the flip-side, spending little on big campaigns may hurt your brand’s image. Therefore, find a middle ground.


  1.    Understand the Target Audience.

In other terms, know thy audience. All successful video content marketing start with research. Answer questions like who are you targeting? What content do they love? Your audience’s persona is like your “true north”. It helps determine the brand’s tone. Will your content be fun and lively, or does it target a serious, more professional crowd? The video content should effortlessly speak the buyer’s language and provide targeted calls to action as well as answer questions.


  1.    Create Your Content

It is easy for most to think of this as the first step, but no. After all, what is content with no target audience? Who will view it? Once you’ve established your audience, you can now focus on producing the highest-quality and clearest content possible. Think back on the audience then examine the footage available to you? Is it relatable or aspirational for your audience? Remember to keep the content as versatile as possible if you are to remain relevant.


  1.    Optimize Your Videos and Target for Each Channel

Depending on the channels you choose to launch your campaign, the videos have to be optimized to get as much traffic as possible. For social media platforms like Facebook and Telegram, this means keeping the content short, uploading directly to the channel, and adding captions. To learn more on optimizing videos, Social Ease, a social media Management Company is here to guide you through it.


  1.    Test, Compare and Test Again.

At the end of the day, marketing is all about numbers. As they say, “If you’re not measuring, you’re not marketing”. Observe metrics like; the engagement rate, total views, click through rate, likes, shares and retweets. For example, videos with high engagement but low conversion rates mean the call to action needs to be improved.

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