The Benefits Of User Generated Content

Why is user generated content (UGC) so effective in marketing? It is compelling for both brands and consumers. There are three reasons why your business needs to incorporate this strategy. Here at Social Ease, we are here to show you how. We are a social media management company in the United States that knows the exact measures to take to get your name on the map.


Story Time

In 2009 the clothing brand Burberry brought high-end fashion to the masses with its campaign, “Art of the Trench.”  In order to celebrate its iconic trench coat, the brand invited the public to upload pictures of people fonning the best-selling item. All the company had to do was curate the best submissions on the site and facebook page. From there, users were able to browse by category, and they could comment on or share the images with their friends. Because of this campaign, Burberry’s Facebook follower count grew to more than 1 million, That is the largest fan base in the luxury sector at the time Their e-commerce also jumped 50 %. The campaign was so successful that it was relaunched in 20124 to generate more buzz. With this simple and singular idea, Burberry was able to drive traffic to its platforms and generate awareness among new audiences. Trust our social media management company.


Three Reasons Why User Generated Content Produces Results

  • Embraces Authenticity
    • While it’s easy to get hung up on creating high-quality content, it’s important to remember that sometimes a shaky YouTube video can actually convert better than a million-dollar ad campaign. That’s because, for today’s consumers, authenticity is much more important than looking professional. With user-generated content, your customers can take note of how people use your products and share their passion for the brand. Take the Burberry example above. While the photos do look quite sleek, users know they’re not just being fed a corporate product catalog, and they can appreciate that the images are taken by everyday customers just like themselves.


  • Cost-Effective
    • Sometimes it’s cheaper to create hundreds of pieces of user-generated content than it is to create one piece of content in-house. With user-generated content, your customers are creating the assets for you and bringing in their own audiences as a result.


  • Easy To Track
    • Since user-generated content is not created on owned media properties, it can seem daunting to track and measure. If you don’t have the right tools in place to understand the effectiveness of your program, your budget may suffer because you will not know how much money to invest in the initiative. This is especially useful for brands working with multiple partners promoting across various channels. Through trackable links, they can see not only which influencer drives the best results, but also which of their channels drives the best results and how much engagement is generated from each. The images below show how one brand collaborated with influencers to promote app downloads and then used to track the results.


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User generated content is the way to get your business to grow and prosper. Take advantage of our social media management company in order to help your business grow. Social Ease is here to assist. We will get your business on the minds of everyone in the United States. Call our social media agency today for more information on how!


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