12 New Social Media Promotions You Need To Know

You’ve registered to all your social accounts and your content is published. Now what should you do? How should you get the word out about your pages and where can you focus your time? Read on to learn more about how to kickstart your marketing initiatives and take full advantage of the space in your profiles to take you from the starting to the finish line of your social media campaign. These 12 social media promotion strategies will help spread the word about your social media pages to direct traffic and attention to your accounts. Social Ease is a top social media agency in the United States. Contact Social Ease today for your social media marketing needs to grow your brand!


Tips To Grow Your Social Media Presence


  • First of all, it’s important for you to fill out your profile fully. While this may seem like a no-brainer to do, there is a surprising amount of space that many profiles don’t take advantage of. Unless your aim is an ultra-minimalistic look, the Facebook Page for your brand should be fully filled out.


  • Instagram recently put in the ability to link other accounts and hashtags to your bio. People used to  have to memorize the hashtags or creatively use emojis, but now you can use the space to promote other location-specific accounts and to add hashtags.


  • Cross-promoting across channels is essential for reminding your followers that you have other social media accounts. This can resemble a link to the social media page accompanied with a call-to-action asking people to follow your account, or you can be more subtle and use the space in your bio to mention that you’re available on other networks.


  • Unique or branded social icons can be a great way to get customers to remember your social media account. Many website themes now incorporate social media icons that are fairly easy to fill out.


  • You can also promote your social accounts in newsletters & email signatures, and add social icons at the base of any promotional material you send out.


More Social Media Promotion Strategies


  • There are many ways to target your ads to potential customers, such as targeting interest groups through Facebook’s audience data


  • Tag products to your posts, as this helps identify your products to your customers and customers are able to easily access your website through the tag


  • Social-only discounts are a great way to gain traction on your social media account while revving sales. Try offering a code in a social media post, or do flash deals with limited quantities through your social media


  • Another type of social-only discount are contests & giveaways.


  • Top social media agency Social Ease notes that you shouldn’t have the same type of approach for every network you use- tailor your approach according to the platform for optimal results


  • Get your employees involved to amplify your brand content through employee advocacy tools such as Bambu


  • An ambassador or loyalty program helps to create brand awareness as well as build loyalty. Consider tracking your successes and failures through a reporting software such as Sprout Social.


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There are many social media promotion strategies you should take advantage of in order to fully have the type of social media presence you want. Social Ease is a top social media agency in the United States. Call Social Ease today for your social media needs!


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