5 Signs that Your Social Media Accounts Need a Professional Touch

Maintaining your personal and corporate social media accounts can seem like a  huge hassle. After all, it seems like you’re just sinking money in and getting little results. Unfortunately, many people and brands slings social posts out there without much of a strategy. But look at your peers- some authentic individuals and companies are able to reap substantial returns from investing time and money participating, peer-to-peer, in communities and via ads on social media. So what are some signs you need a social media marketing specialist to upgrade your social media endeavors? And how might they help to turn things around? Read on to learn more. Social Ease provides quality, affordable social media services across the United States to help you grow your brand. Contact us today for your social media marketing needs!


Signs That You Need A Social Media Professional


Oftentimes, people and businesses who are trying to build their brand are going about it the wrong way with their social media accounts, hurling content into the interwebs with little or no strategy or game plan. Social Ease, a top provider of social  media services, notes that it’s fairly simple to recognize signs of a company or individual with a social media game destined to fail. Firstly, they will not know how to get a monetary return on their social media investment, whether in terms of direct profits or sales. Basically, it’s a lack of knowledge. The social ads that they do put out don’t sell squat, and the company website also ends up not ranking high or not being on page-1 search engine results at all for brand keywords. Moreover, their company and personal social media connections are not going to yield leads or sales, and nobody at their company is reaching out via public or private social accounts. If you recognize these signs in your social media game, it’s important to stop now or change up how you’re doing things immediately.


Tips From a Social Marketing Specialist


There are certain things you should keep in mind when building your social media account and managing it in order to yield actual returns on your investment of time and money. Firstly, in order to receive attributable revenue from your social media account, you need to drive social media users into the conversion funnel. Common ways to do so are to post content on social profiles that link to your company website, and track on-site behavior, leads, and sales from inbound social traffic in order to continuously tailor your approach. Moreover, you should also use a Facebook post, Tweet, and/or LinkedIn Ad to retarget website visitors. Take advantage of how social sites are powerful person-to-person and person-to-business communication channels. Through staying in contact with entrepreneurs and potential investors through social media, you can create plenty of new opportunities for your business.


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In today’s market, social media is an indispensable part of your marketing toolkit. If you feel like your social media investments are not paying off like you want them to, it  may be time to reconsider your approach and hire a social media marketing specialist to get you back on track. Social Ease provides quality, affordable social media services across the United States. Contact us today for your social media needs and expand your brand!


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