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You want to make your business thrive. What is a great way to do so? Targeting the right customers through social media. Here are Social Ease, we are a social media agency who specializes in social media analytics. Located across the United States, we are professionals who will ensure your company gets traffic across multiple platforms.


How Does Social Media Help Your Business?

Social media is everywhere. It seems like almost every single person who owns a cellular device, checks the various apps and sites that are available to them, at least once a day. We are in the digital age. This means there is little to no debate over the value of social media. Think of websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. Did you know that Facebook users spend an average of 50 minutes a day on their properties? This is the same for other social media, too. They are not that far behind.


Thanks to video, there is a new chapter that seemed to arise in digital space. Video through social media has led to the expansion of social capabilities like Facebook Love, Snapchat Stories, and InstaStories. Current events and political influence are inseparable from the platforms that promote them. Social media today is more impactful than it has ever been before.


With daily media usage, social media is taking center stage. This is the same with behavior shifts. Advertisers are not far behind, either. Social media spending will top $19 billion this year. That means ad spending is expected to see a 26 percent increase from last year. Social media gives us the chance to reach target audiences with a level of sophistication that we have never had access to before. Users proactively weave a narrative of their behaviors, interests, and intentions by the simple act of using social media platforms, which enables targeted online advertising to be that much more customized and precise. Still confused? Ur social media agency will help clear the air.


Social Media Analytics

Due to the influence of social in targeted markets, a big concern for business in which social networks they should be on. Each platform has its own voice and particular audience that use them differently. It is very important to understand each one in order to build a particular media marketing strategy. We are here to help. Here is a break down of the top 3:

  • Facebook
    • Hands down the most popular social media in the world. There are over 1.5 billion users. Users go on this platform to connect with content and the content of what facebook hosts, is very encompassing. Facebook offers a wide range of marketing objectives and creative options that apply to every stage of the consumer journey, allowing businesses to test and optimize against numerous campaign initiatives.


  • Instagram
    • The perfect destination or engaging pictures and videos for personal contacts and public figures and brands. This platform is seeing the fastest growth reaching 600 million members in 2016. Across Instagram, audiences have consistently demonstrated higher-than-average brand recall and spend on average $65 per referred sale, which beats out both Twitter and Facebook.


  • Twitter
    • The most specific of all the social media. This is users go-to source for any real-time events. Many brands have gained favor with well-timed jokes or alignment with current events. Twitter has leveraged their position in the space and extended it to their targeting


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Take advantage of social media marketing and social media analytics in order to help your business grow. Social Ease is here to assist. We will get your business on the minds of everyone in the United States. Call our social media agency today for more information on how!


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