How To Use Instagram Marketing to Boost Business

Social media has a major impact on bringing in business for a brand and generating revenue. That is, if it is properly managed. In today’s technology-obsessed world, everybody is very reliant upon their social profiles for real human interaction and there is no way that we will give up our social media profiles any time soon, according to Pew Research Center’s 2018 Social Media Use Survey. As human beings, we are highly social creatures and social networking sites tap into our human nature, as we crave interaction with fellow humans and tend to trust the recommendations of our friends and family. These recommendations can extend to those we know solely through social media, and eventually also influence our spending dollars significantly. One of the most popular social media platforms is Instagram, and Instagram marketing is now a cornerstone if today’s social media marketing field. Social Ease is a top national social media agency. Contact us today to boost your business!


Why Social Marketing and Instagram is Important


When you have a product or service you’re trying to sell to a group of people, in 2018 it’s essential to proactively utilize social networks to promote and expand your brand. More than one-third of adults in the U.S. have used Instagram in 2018, which is a significant increase from 28% in 2016 with no signs of slowing down. This is the greatest social media platform growth reported by Pew Research Center in the last two years, and the only networking platforms more popular are Facebook and YouTube. When it comes to marketing on Instagram, it is much easier for your brands’ posts to show up in a users’ Instagram feed rather than their Facebook feeds, as Facebook prioritizes the family, friend, and groups of their users. Instagram, however, continuously updates it algorithm to favor newer posts rather than restrict accounts in the feed of your potential audience.


Instagram Marketing Creates Branding


The companies that are the most successful are the ones who have built powerful brand identities with which consumers can relate to. We become loyal to our brand products, and it becomes part of the consumer’s identity. For example, some people might describe themselves as a “MAC girl” or disdain Starbucks in favor of Jamba Juice. For certain types of companies, they can expand their potential consumer base and revenue stream significantly through social media branding. Top social media agency Social Ease notes that one of the best ways to market on Instagram is to do it like a beauty brand, through creating beautiful, structured content with specific visual layouts and color schemes. Instagram is built on aesthetics, which is why consistent color schemes and specific grid photo formats are important. IG profiles are the only place on this social media platform where you are able to add hyperlinks, and constitutes prime real estate for users to revisit.


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There are many tips and tricks that can be used in a social media marketing campaign on Instagram in order to attract a following and grow your brand. However, this also can take quite a lot of time, consistency, and expertise, and it is effort that you can be using to run your business. Social Ease is a top national social media agency who can take care of the hassle and stress of social media marketing to grow your brand. Contact us today for premium Instagram marketing services!


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