How Can Gym Marketing Companies Benefit From Social Media Services?

Social media accounts are not just for personal business anymore. Many companies large and small have outsourced social media services in order to boost their customer base and outreach. Why should fitness centers and gyms be any different? A lot of people have the viewpoint that when it comes to a gym membership that the people who are serious about working out are going to be a member and those who aren’t really interested aren’t going to buy into the idea no matter what. So it seems like a waste for them to utilize gym marketing companies because social media is not getting them to the gym. Well, it’s time people realized this is not the truth. In the USA, social media plays a huge role in the way people live their lives including what they eat, drink, read, wear, and yes how they work out. There are endless fitness pages on Instagram and not to mention countless blogs about the best way to get “beach body ready.” Which leaves the question, why aren’t fitness centers and gym taking full advantage of the social world and the answer is easy, they don’t know how to properly handle or manage a social media account, which is why Social Ease is here to help.


The Ideas Behind Gym Marketing Companies

Running a social media account seems like a no brainer. Let’s face it almost everyone on the planet has a personal social media account, and they’re all doing just fine. On the other hand, the goal of a personal account is much different than that of a business one. When it comes to your personal profile you aren’t trying to gain more customers or grow your profits, you’re simply sharing your life journey and if people “like” and “follow” along than that’s great, but if they don’t it doesn’t make or break your life. This isn’t the case with a business page. Everything has to be done strategically and to a plan because one wrong move could not only mean you haven’t gained customers, but it could mean you’ve actually lost some along the way. It is for this reason that many companies, including gyms, have opted for hiring individuals or agencies for social media services. Running a business account requires extreme attention and allowing people with a specific skill set to do that is usually the best choice.


There are a few components that go into managing a successful social media account for a gym. You can find more information on them below:

Inspire, Motivate, Inform: Any good social media account will do these three things especially when it is representing a business, but for a fitness club these are even more essential. In order for fitness to be effective at all, it needs to inspire and motivate the participants to make them feel like continuing on even when they don’t want to. Putting these reminders up on social media can serve as constant reminders to members even when they are outside of the gym walls. Also, new or potential members can see everything your center has to offer before they even step foot inside the building. Also, current members can look at any classes or events being held.

-Post motivational memes or quotes

-Show transformation pictures of personal training clients

-Post weekly class schedules of special events

Build relationships: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have become a way of life. In order to be a relevant business, it is imperative that you become a part of that life as well. Most people are taking gym selfies or Instagramming their diet foods interact with members and potential members on these sites is a great way to become recognized and build up a relationship by showing you’re invested in their journey.


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