Are Facebook Groups Dead?

A question that may be simmering in the back of your mind when it comes to social media, is if Facebook groups are still relevant. Here at Social Ease, we are a social media agency that is dedicated to marketing and getting your company on the map.


Why a Facebook Group?

There are Groups on Facebook for everything. It is nothing new.  There are spaces for like-minded people to congregate and discuss specific subjects. They offer everything from hobbies to pets and celebrities. They date in one form or another to the platform’s earliest days. However, for a combination of technical and cultural reasons, Groups are suddenly having their moment.


In the past year alone, Facebook Group membership is up 40 percent, with 1.4 billion people. More than half of Facebook’s massive user base is now using Groups every month. Of those, 200 million people belong to so-called “meaningful Groups,” considered a vital part of users’ daily lives. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has said he’d like to see 1 billion users in “meaningful” Groups within five years. But is this goal realistic?


Our Answer is Yes To Facebook Groups

The growth is explained by Facebook’s personal algorithm shifts and platform tweaks. They prioritized engagement with friends, family, and groups, while downranking public content shared by business, brands, and media. Under the auspices of community building, we’re now seeing significantly more posts from Groups on our feeds and fewer posts from company Pages or media publishers.


Facebook has even tested a dedicated Groups tab inside its mobile app, so users can find all of their groups in one place, as well as discover new ones. Beefed up tools for scheduling posts and screening members have made it easier to build and scale Groups.


But truly understanding the growth and future evolution of Groups requires applying a broader cultural lens. 2018 represented a crisis year for social media and this was largely a crisis of trust. It is critical to remember that Facebook and other networks initially represented a sort of safe space: a refuge from the chaos and threats posed by the vast, anonymous Internet at large. Back in the day, most interactions on social media were with real people, many of them friends and family. Believe it or not, Facebook was a place to be yourself and let your guard down. Trust our social media agency.


The Future

So for companies and brands who rely on social media to reach customers, are Groups the heart for addressing dipping engagement and declining reach? More importantly, does the Group concept point to a way forward for social media in general as a means to recover the trust and authenticity that made Facebook and other platforms so revolutionary to begin with?


Brands finding success have learned to walk a fine line. They are creating a space where passionate users can express themselves while working hard behind the scenes to keep discussions vibrant and focused. Indoor cycling workout company Peloton boasts more than 100,000 members in its official closed group, which now registers upward of 300 posts and 5,000 comments a day. But this is no accident. Members are rigorously screened, and admins are quick to flag and remove content that violates community guidelines.


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