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You may be thinking about getting a chatbot for your company website, and wondering what the pros and cons are. While chatbots have been slowly popping up all over the favorite websites that we regularly browse, there’s still quite a bit that we don’t know about them- how exactly they function, and how it is that we are able to benefit from them. Still, chatbot technology seems like it is here to stay, and is beginning to become a crucial part of how business is conducted. By 2020, in a report by Gartner, 85% of our engagement with businesses will be done without actual human interaction- instead, we’ll be utilizing chatbots and self-service options. According to a survey done by Oracle, 80% of businesses note that they currently use or are planning to use chatbots by 2020. Chatbots can often prove to be incredibly useful front-line agents, fielding inquiries for the business and refer interested prospective consumers to a scheduling system. Basically, chatbots are able to simplify the purchasing process by doing much of the preliminary work and answering questions that customer service reps would have traditionally done. Read on to learn more about what a facebook chat bot can do for your company. Social Ease is a top social media management company servicing the USA. Contact us today for a consultation to grow your business!


What Do Chatbots Do?


So what exactly is a chatbot, and what does it do? A chatbot is a chat program that engages with website visitors to answer questions, provide information, recommend products, and assist customers on their purchasing journey. Currently, there are over 300,000 active chatbots on Facebook’s Messenger, and on a natural language platform for developers, there are over 150,000 registered accounts. Chatbots are poised to take off in a big way, with these figures. Over 59% of millennials and 60% of Gen Xers in the United States have talked with chatbots, on the consumer side.More than half of customers, according to a survey done by Facebook, say that they’re more likely to shop with a business that they are able to connect with via chat. Chatbots help businesses improve customer service and increase sales, and we can see this in  the examples of Sephora and Tommy Hilfiger. Sephora’s reservation assistant upped the average user spend to $50, while the chatbot on Tommy Hilfiger’s Facebook page resulted in an 87% rate of customers returning.


Tips For Your Facebook Chat Bot


Chatbots can be a powerful tool in your business arsenal. There are just a few things you should keep in mind. Firstly, chatbots are generally built around a target audience, and it’s important to remember that you need to keep their needs at the  top of the list during the creation process. If you want to create a chatbot for your company, you will want to track down your audience in order to figure out which chat platforms your target audience is the most active on, and then from there you can find the right chatbot program that will pair with your platform of choice. Secondly, you need to figure out what type of role your chatbot will play. There are many choices- generating leads, providing information, facilitating a transaction, and engaging and entertaining your audience. Just having a chatbot isn’t enough- you’ll need to tailor it to your audience. It may be that you will want to hire an outside social media management company such as Social Ease in order to take the hassle of all of the planning out of your hands so that you can focus on growing your business, and Social Ease can help expand your online presence and bring you more clients.


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