5 Must-Do Marketing Items To Do in December

December is here, which means holiday cheer and a ton of shopping! It is the perfect time for businesses large and small to take advantage of all of the joy being spread. People are naturally inclined to buy more products and spend more money during this time of the year, and if you’re smart, your company will find ways to capitalize on the situation. Companies are aware that certain marketing gimmicks work particularly well during certain seasons and with the holidays here these December marketing ideas are bound to get customers through your doors and buying your products or services! SocialEase is one of many social media marketing companies within the USA that can help your business grow its business by utilizing some of these ideas!


December Marketing Ideas: It’s Time to Deck the Halls!

There are a few things that we know will come at this time a year every single year Christmas decorations will go up, we will hear Christmas music probably before Thanksgiving is over, and people will be shopping. Another thing we can count on is the minute the season is over; I’m taking December 26th there will be a report on how certain retailers and businesses did during the holiday season. As technology becomes more and more advanced and more business is being done online, these reports have started including online sales as well. This is where social media marketing companies come in handy. They have a specific set of skills and knowledge that allow them to assist you in boosting your online presence and business properly. During the holiday season, it’s important to play into the cheer of the consumers, regardless of the marketing avenue your company decides to take. Utilizing some of the ideas below can help you stand out among all the other businesses this December.

  • Add Christmas to Your Branding: This is something Starbucks does exceptionally well. People wait every year to see what the new holiday “red cup” will look like. It has become a holiday tradition in its own right. This could mean something as simple as updating your social media accounts to show some holiday flair or even adjusting your branding/logo slightly for a month to draw more attention.


  • The Best Way to Spread Holiday Cheer is Online: Throughout the season share holiday inspired updates on your social media accounts, whether it’s a blog post or just a picture, customers will see this a feel connected to your business. A general rule to follow for content marketing is 80% should add value to your customers’ lives, and only 20% should be about promoting your business.


  • Helpful, Holiday Content: Sharing videos that provide useful holiday content is a great way to capture customers’ attention and make them return to your site or page for advice.


  • Launch Holiday Inspired Email Marketing Campaigns: The holidays are a great time to revamp your email marketing strategies. Use this opportunity to highlight specific products and offers that are relevant to the season. An excellent idea for this is a campaign inspired by the “12 Days of Christmas.” Although this may seem a bit cliche, it creates a sense of urgency and makes customers feel they need to act fast.


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