Use Storytelling To Reach Your Target Market

Who doesn’t love a good story? The power of storytelling is more effective than most give it credit for. Here is Social Ease we use content marketing and social media services to ensure the success of your company across the USA.


Think About It

Kleenex. Band-Aid. Chapstick. Aspirin. These are all brands whose names are synonymous with the product they sell. The public uses these names as generic terms in their daily conversation. When you tell someone to give you a q-tip, you automatically know they need a cotton swab. This is precisely why storytelling is such an essential aspect of any successful market strategy. Utilize our social media services to get your business out there.


Create The Perfect Narrative For Content Marketing

In order to convey the value of your business, and the benefits you can bring to potential customers, you need to be able to summarize it all in a narrative clearly. Think of this as a strategy statement. It is basically a tool that you can use to communicate with your target audience. Your narrative will tell both potential and existing customers who you are and what your business values are. It also shows what sets you apart from everyone else. This is when you need to think about what makes your business unique and set apart from everyone else.


Aim to create a narrative that is between 300-500 words in length. This may seem like a lot, but this will be a central document that will inform and influence everything from social posting to your paid advertising campaigns, to the copy on your website.


Nike is an example of an organization who have solidified their appeal with a strong narrative. In the 90s, when Michael Jordan was their spokesperson. They ran a television ad during which the basketball star outlined how his repetitive failures have helped him to succeed. The Nike brand is rooted in inspiration, innovation, and inclusion, and this brand message has been consistent since its inception.


Who is Your Target Audience

What demographics are you aiming to? Start by conducting a thorough analysis of your existing audience, and those of your main competitors. Clearly defined personas will help you to make the most of your storytelling capabilities, as you’ll be able to tell the right story to the right people at the right time and achieve your overall objectives in the process. We can help you determine what audiences are headed your way.


What About a Video?

85 percent of brands who employ a comprehensive video marketing strategy experience success. It makes sense. Think about it. A picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how many a video is worth. Videos are a format that can promote brand awareness, extend your reach, and tell your business story in an entertaining way.


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