Why Website Optimization for Social Media is Important

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When it comes to SEO, we all know the importance of optimizing your web page in order to be found first on search engines, increase brand exposure, and reel in more clients. In today’s market, website optimization is essential to being competitive. Social media is an important component of SEO, and website optimization for social media is one of the major parts of general digital marketing to promote your brand. SEO is how you can be found in Google by potential customers and clients. In order to connect with these potential consumers, you will need to establish a social media presence. Using social media and SEO together is a killer combo that you should start establishing right away in order to get your pageviews up and start connecting with consumers. Social Ease in Miami is a top social media marketing firm who can help your business establish a social media presence and maximize exposure while reaching out to consumers. Call us today to build your social media brand!


Why Social Media SEO is important


The most glaring benefit to utilizing social media SEO is the ability to directly promote your content to followers. If your current ranking is not especially high, or your SEO strategy is still in the works, your keyword-optimized content will be broadcast to your followers on several platforms with minimal effort or expense on your part. Although inbound links do not have as big of an effect as high-quality backlinks, they still can help your bounce rate and improve your website analytics. After all, if people are lead to your link from social media, they probably want to read it. By marrying your content to social media through images or videos with quotes or snippets from your blog articles and sharing them simultaneously with your link, you can appeal to the visual side of potential consumers, as human beings are highly visual people.


Website Optimization for Social Media Improves Your SEO Through Brand Awareness


Through building your social media branding, you are able to directly affect your SEO advantage. By consistently posting relevant content to your followers across multiple platforms, you will increase exposure of your product to those who are searching for this product or service. Moreover, it also encourages Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms to serve up more of your product content to its newsfeed, leaking to higher term links. Increased awareness leads to more brand name searches on Google for your webpage, earning you a backlink or two. This is why it’s important to create your profile with keyword rich descriptions to optimize your website backlinks as well as connecting your social media profiles to your website. Social media posts also rank on Google, so you will have more Google real estate when your company name is searched. When you search for a company on Google, one or more of their profiles will probably pop up on the first page, since Google treats social media platforms such as Facebook just like any other web page.


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Social Media is an essential component to website optimization, and vice versa towards building a great social media brand. Call Social Ease in Miami today to expand your company’s social media presence!

8 Website Terms You NEED To Know (Learn The Lingo!)

If you own a business, you need to know about marketing. Marketing used to be online and offline but now it’s mostly digital. Digital marketing, itself, is very broad, and many departments and specialized roles fit under the umbrella. Whether you like the way marketing is done these days or not, you have to know about digital marketing if you want to run a successful business. At MyCity Social, we focus on all aspects of digital marketing including SEO, website design, and much, much more. A Tampa SEO company businesses rely on urges you to learn website terms.

8 Website Terms To Know

There are tons of website terms besides these 8 that are useful to know but these are some of the basics:

  • Header- The rectangular shape that runs across the top of the web design of the screen. It appears on every website you visit. The header promotes your company, making it recognizable right away to consumers. This is one of the most valuable aspects of a website.


  • Footer- Similar to a footer on a Word document and contains information that is listed at the bottom of the website. It is also like its own part of the web page, separated from the header and is coded in HTML and CSS.


  • Left Sidebar- Gains the most attention and the content in this sidebar will be seen before the main website content. These sidebars are used for navigation and basic user functionality and include details such as titles that will lead directly to other pages of the website.


  • Right Sidebar- A standard for secondary content. For a smaller screen, this sidebar may be cut off because there may not be enough room for both. Since the main content is most important, the right sidebar is usually cut.


  • Module- A pre-programmed software inserted into your website and composed of templates for building your website. This is something you should know about but not necessarily know how to do. Our Tampa SEO company can build your website for you.  


  • Domain- The registered URL you purchase through companies such as GoDaddy or HostGator. You want an appealing domain name that makes sense for your company.


  • Content- Content on a website is everything! When it comes to website terms, you need to know this one. Content is the information that is written on your website. Your “about us” page, “blogs” page, “contact us” page, services pages, etc. is all content.


  • Blocks- Blocking can also be referred to as denying access to a web page. This usually happens if you are on a web page filled with viruses or anything that can harm your computer.


Why Learn These Terms?

You need to learn these terms if you are going to run a business. You should know what information is being put out there and what it means. If a consumer calls you and asks questions about your website, it will be helpful to know the basics.  

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When you are looking to learn more website terms, talk to our Tampa SEO company. We can further explain these website terms and much more. Contact MyCity Social today for all of your digital marketing needs. Call us at 866-955-3287 or visit our website at mysocailease.com.

Our Website Designer Talks About The Website Maintenance Plan

When was the last time you updated your website? For most small business owners, the last major update was made when they actually created their site. The reality is that a website is not a part of your business that you can ignore. It’s not a ‘set it and forget it’ deal as the web and your company is constantly evolving. There are several reasons why you need to maintain your website regularly and our Orlando digital marketing firm is here to help with out website maintenance plan!

Reasons Why A Website Maintenance Plan Is Necessary

Reason #1: A Well Maintained Website Establishes Credibility

Outdated designs and broken functionalities on your website hurt the credibility of your business. Many studies have shown that people judge a business by its website. Users also abandon websites that have a poor user experience. If you want to make an impression with online customers, you need a solid website maintenance plan.

Reason #2: Updates are Essential to Keeping Your Website Alive

You need to keep your website updated with new content to keep your audience coming back. People want to be engaged by businesses they follow and if you don’t provide them this value, they’ll eventually go somewhere else. In addition, the search engines reward websites that publish new content on a regular basis because it provides value to their users.

Reason #3: Website Standards Change Over Time

One of the things that you need to accept is the fact that website standards change over time. Much like technology, the old gets replaced by the new. People get tired of certain visual designs or templates, the search engines require changes to your site’s coding and structure, and the way that users browse the Internet evolve.

How MyCity Social’s Website Maintenance Plan Can Help

MyCity Social is a full service Orlando digital marketing firm. Our goal is to help you get more out of your website and digital marketing efforts. We’ve helped many businesses get their website up to speed and updated regularly so that they can focus on running and building their business. Here are some of the things that we cover with our website maintenance service.

Maintenance of Company Website’s Appearance

It’s great that you have a website up and running. However, the appearance of your site needs to be up to date. The visual design needs to appeal to your audience if you want to establish your business’ credibility. Sometimes, it’s not even the visual design. It’s the functionality, layout or a poor user experience design that’s hurting your website.

Keeping Website Updated with Changing Technology

We make sure that your website is updated with the latest plugins to ensure proper website functionality. We’ll then make sure that your theme is up to date and isn’t conflicting with an existing SEO campaign. We also focus on responsive design and can have your site be optimized to mobile users for the best browsing experience.

Creating and Posting New Content Regularly

It’s important to keep your content fresh for both your audience and the search engines. We keep your website updated with content on a regular basis. We make sure that the content is relevant and valuable to your audience while helping you to build your SEO or content marketing campaign.

Optimizing for the Search Engines

In order to succeed with SEO, you need to make sure that your website is properly optimized. We’ll make sure that your code and site structure is built for SEO. We’ll also fix problems that can deter your campaign such as broken links, long loading times, mobile incompatibility and general site functionality issues (scripts, plugins, etc.).

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Let MyCity Social handle your website maintenance plan so that you can focus on your business. We’ll ensure that your website properly represents your business online and is set up for digital marketing success. For more information about our Orlando digital marketing firm and how we can help, call us today at 866-955-3287 or visit our website! mysocailease.com.