The Importance of Integrating Your Social Media & SEO Strategy

Your social media and your SEO strategy may seem like two very separate things, but they are actually tightly intertwined. As a social media agency in Fort Lauderdale, MyCity Social knows how to make sure that these things are integrated successfully and that you understand why this is so important. We understand that marketing can have many components and that not all business owners are going to have the time nor the energy to follow through with all aspects of it if any. That is where we can come in. We can cater to your business’s needs with the same level of care that you would expect from an employee. If you are interested in learning more about our services as the SEO agency Fort Lauderdale businesses trust, contact us at MyCity Social.

How Does Social Media Play into SEO?

Your social media efforts and SEO are not isolated. You have to think of these two components as supporting each other instead of functioning on two separate stages. This means that anything that you do on your social media can be fed back into how well your website performs with SEO. It feeds back in the reverse as well: anything that you do to assist your SEO efforts will ultimately affect how many people know about your social media.

That is why it is important to make sure that you are utilizing both resources. To exclusively focus on social media may work for some businesses but it is a like an incomplete puzzle. You need the SEO specialist to supplement what you are missing and get you to the point you want to be. If you only focused on your SEO and did not bother to deal with social media in the slightest—not even making an effort to create a profile for your business—you end up missing out on a slew of potential customers and your SEO efforts will be for naught.

In a study performed by Hootsuite, they found that there was a positive correlation between social engagements and change in rank. This is because, while social media is not supposed to have a direct impact on ranking, the engagements that can take place on social media can help links, which do impact your ranking. (Source)

The right social media agency can make sure that you are doing the most to incorporate your social media into your SEO. If you are interested in seeing this happen, contact us at MyCity Social for more information.

What Can You Do to Incorporate Social Media with SEO?

One of the things that social media and SEO have in common is that they both utilize keywords. This means that, in order to get your posts in front of the right audience, you have to make sure that it is tagged accordingly. For SEO, this means doing research and finding out what search terms people are using when they search for the products or services that you provide. With this information, you can then write a blog post that addresses a topic pertinent to your industry. This blog will help the search engines understand that your website pertains to those keywords and help it to place higher up on search results.

For social media, the process is similar. You have to find out what things people are searching for when they type in hashtags. When you have that information, you can then create a post that is in accordance with that topic. You can then add hashtags that tie into its topic. Then, when people search for those hashtags, your post will end up in their results. In order to tie social media in with your SEO, you can utilize those hashtags to tie in with the keywords you have on your website and draw in more vested interest for your business.

The other thing that SEO and social media function well together on is links. Links are what make social media relevant to SEO, and it is through the links that you post on social media that you allow your website to gain more popularity and trustworthiness.

Think of it this way: your digital marketer posts a blog that your writer wrote on your social media. The post contains a link that directs back to the post itself on your website. When your digital marketer posts it, people see the post and click on the link. Once on your website, they may read the blog post, browse around your other pages, and even fill out a contact form. That is how social media makes a difference in your SEO.

Not all links, however, are created equal. Hootsuite writes, “Remember, it might only take one new backlink to significantly improve the search rank of a URL (depending on how competitive the keyword is and how authoritative the site is that links to your own). If you impress the right person enough to share your content on their website, you’ll see a boost in search rank and search visibility.”

Are you wondering how you can effectively integrate your social media into your SEO? Do you have further questions regarding how social media makes an impact on your website’s SEO? We at MyCity Social can help you.

Why Trust a Social Media Agency with Your Social Media & SEO?

Many businesses may try to tackle their SEO and their social media on their own. Indeed, there may be business owners that are able to do this because they have sufficient time. However, this is not the majority of business owners. In fact, many business owners hardly have the time to create a social media profile, to begin with. That is where a social media specialist can come in. They can help you to create a social media profile and provide consistent content on it so that you never have to worry if you will have the time or the creativity to maintain social media.

The other thing that you have to remember is that SEO is a much more complicated process than social media. Adapting your website to SEO practices and trying to keep up with the changing rules of search engines requires constant attention that many businesses simply do not have the time for. That, however, is where we at MyCity Social can come in. We have experts in SEO who can take care of your website for you so that you do not have to take valuable time out of your day simply trying to keep up with everything online.

At MyCity Social, in particular, we make sure that our SEO team works in conjunction with the digital marketing team so that your marketing materials and everything else that you may bring to the table is all cohesive.

We know that your business is important to you, and we understand that dealing with social media may not be something that you want to do, but that is why we are here. We can make sure that you have your social media needs to be attended to so that you never have to worry about the content that is posted in your name. We only provide the highest quality with your brand in mind. Whether you are a restaurant or a law office, we know exactly how to market for your target audience and deliver beautiful results.

social media agency Fort Lauderdale MyCity SocialOne great way of tying together social media and SEO is to provide content for the digital marketer to post on your social media. This can be in the form of blogs. Thankfully, MyCity Social has an on-staff writer who takes care of these blogs for you so that you do not need to write them yourself. When these posts are written, your digital marketer can then step in and post them to social media where they will be shared and viewed, drawing people back to your website and ultimately your business.

The other thing that you must worry about when this comes into play is the user experience of people who visit your website. There is no point in leading people back to your website if they will not stay there once they arrive. In order to mitigate this and ensure that you get conversions from people’s interest in your blog posts, you must make sure that your website is just as impressive.

At MyCity Social, we provide all these services for you. This way, you not only have an SEO specialist that can provide you with real help, but you also have a team of digital marketers, writers, and web developers that will do their best to make your business a success online. We are committed to helping small businesses through our services, and that is what makes us the SEO agency Fort Lauderdale businesses recommend.

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MyCity Social is an SEO agency Fort Lauderdale businesses prefer, and we provide an assortment of services so that you can always benefit. We understand how closely social media and SEO correlate and that is why we make sure to offer services in both departments so that you can get the comprehensive service that you need to see your business become a success. With our help, you will begin to see real change in how your social media impacts your SEO.

This is because social media is a critical part of expanding your scope of reach. Through social media, you are able to reach those audiences who would share your content. Through this simple act, you are able to garner interest in your website and translate those social media followers into real leads.

Conversely, SEO allows your social media to gain attention because it makes your business more prevalent. When your website starts to gain more traction and interest, it rises to the top of the search results and, from there, more people will have an interest in your social media.

It is because of this that social media and SEO should always be done in conjunction with each other. That is why we at MyCity Social make sure to offer both services and various sub-services beneath each of these categories. This way, you can get full services and feel confident that the return in your investment will be substantial.

Are you interested in learning more about the company? Do you have further questions about social media and SEO? Are you ready to begin the journey of developing your online presence? We can all your questions and more. Simply visit our website for detailed information about our services or contact us at MyCity Social directly to speak to a digital marketer about what your goals are for your business’s online presence. We can ensure that those dreams become a reality.

An Orlando SEO Expert Talks About Keyword Strength

If you have hired an SEO company in Orlando before, the term keywords have probably come up in several conversations. While many blogs discuss what these are and their importance, today we are going to delve into a different angle with our Orlando SEO expert and cover the subject of keyword strength.


No matter how many keywords you have, each keyword carries one unique and inherent quality that is important to the expectations of success for that keyword. Using our very refined software, our Orlando SEO expert can see just how strong the competition is for a given keyword. For example, say you are the owner of a Mexican Restaurant and your SEO specialist is researching which keywords to begin with (assume your plan must begin with 2 keywords).


The specialist finds strong demand for 5 keywords in your area that clients are typing in and 2 of the best ones (have the most demand and are highly localized) have the same amount of demand per month. In this example, let’s say 1,000 people type in the keyword phrase “Mexican restaurant in Orlando, FL” and “Mexican Food near me”. Also in this list of 5 keywords the SEO professional compiled, there is another keyword with 500 inquiries per month, let’s say it is “Mexican food in Orlando”.


Upon first glance, you might say, let’s start off with the two keywords “Mexican restaurant in Orlando, FL” and “Mexican Food near me”. Luckily for you, your SEO specialists will stop you there are show you the data on the keyword strength, or in other words, how much your competitors are competing with you for this search term.


The phrase ““Mexican restaurant in Orlando, FL”  shows a keyword strength of 30 which is considered to be low. This is good news as not many of your competitors have been savvy enough to go after this keyword phrase online and use SEO to capture all of the queries from customers for this term.


The phrase “Mexican food near me”, shows a keyword strength of 80, which is very high and extremely competitive. While this should not be a complete deterrent, extremely high competition like this means that your mom and pop restaurant is competing with the big budget of a larger restaurant chain that has been conducting SEO for years with this keyword, so it would take a very long time and much work to catch up and hopefully surpass them. The process can easily take over a year.


The 3 keyword “Mexican food in Orlando” shows a keyword strength of 40. This would be considered medium competition, and through the services of a highly skilled Orlando SEO specialist, you could see results with keyword in no more than 6 months to a year top. While the search queries per month were lower than the others, it would take half the time for that keyword to rank than the previous one and 500 queries per month is still considered high in the SEO world, making this a great choice.


As you can see, not only do the keyword phrases matter but how strong the competition is for the search term is equally as important. It is important to contain a varied list of keywords so that your specialist is consistently working on easy, medium, and hard keyword competition terms. It is important that you employ the services of an Orlando SEO expert who does not shy away from difficult keywords, and who will not only target low competition keywords. The purpose of SEO is to optimize for the keywords that will drive the most visitors over to your website.


If you would like to obtain SEO services for your business, contact MyCity Social today to get started.

Design Your Theme Park Website in Style!

If you’re starting a theme park, or already have an established theme park in Tampa, you’ll need to run an SEO campaign for your website. These Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaigns let website visitors know that your site exists, and therefore, that your theme park exists. It’s an easy way to get the word out about your park, so that people in the Tampa area can start coming out this spring and summer to enjoy everything that you have to offer.


When it comes to SEO Tampa, it’s tough to go wrong with a company like MyCity Social. Skilled SEO providers will work with you each step of the way, ensuring that you’re happy with the way that the SEO keywords are laid out on your website itself, on your promotional articles, and more. Their job is to make your brand shine through, so that you can always focus on growing your business presence, instead of worrying about your online advertising.


Whether you’re a technical person or not, MyCity Social can help make sure that your website has just what you need. Whether you want to run a social networking campaign, a dynamic website with coupons, guest commenting and more, or a simple website that does nothing more than show the days that you’re open, how to find you, and what attractions you offer, an SEO Tampa company can get you up and running in a flash. You’ll be able to run precisely the web campaign you want to, instead of spending time convincing a stubborn designer with a “vision” that you want something different than what he or she has in mind.


The entire purpose of an SEO campaign is making sure that your site gets seen on the internet. Otherwise, you’re just throwing words and photos up on a domain, hoping that someone sees them and finds their way to your business, and that’s hardly the best ROI. If you want to receive the best possible bang for your buck when it comes to your internet advertising dollars, you’ll want to run a focused, dedicated internet advertising campaign, and you’ll want to run it with a skilled company who knows which trends are currently working, which trends are currently changing, and what search engines are up to behind the scenes. These types of skilled professionals can help guarantee that your site gets top results for important keywords, so that people who are looking for theme parks in your area find you first, and visit you more frequently.


When you’re ready to take your theme park online, you’ll need an excellent SEO campaign to make sure your site is well designed from the ground up. Let a skilled website designer that focuses on SEO Tampa work with you to ensure that you get precisely what you need, so that your site is one of the best in your industry. Theme parks are all about fun, so allow a company that works with some of the most fun sites around take your website to the next level, and help you get the online traffic that you want, need, and deserve. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.

Our Orlando SEO Expert Explains Google Mobile Indexing

Towards the end of last year, Google announced that it had begun testing its mobile-first index which would essentially look at the mobile version of a website first for ranking and fall back on the desktop site if no mobile site existed. As an Orlando SEO Expert, I knew the change was coming, but most business owners have no idea how this update affects them. Here is what Google wrote last year:

To make our results more useful, we’ve begun experiments to make our index mobile-first. Although our search index will continue to be a single index of websites and apps, our algorithms will eventually primarily use the mobile version of a site’s content to rank pages from that site, to understand structured data, and to show snippets from those pages in our results. Of course, while our index will be built from mobile documents, we’re going to continue to build a great search experience for all users, whether they come from mobile or desktop devices.”


What does this mean for developers and business owners?

If you weren’t paying attention to your desktop and mobile presence before, you will get hit very hard come end of year 2017. Many developers use what is called a responsive website (one that conforms to the size of the device it is pulled up on) in order to kill two birds with one stone. Not only do clients receive a beautifully designed website, they also automatically obtain a mobile website version with these templates.


Users are using their telephones more than ever to search online, and the trend will continue to increase. If you do not have an Orlando SEO expert on your side to keep your website and mobile site up healthy and updated with the latest Google algorithm changes in mind, you need to jump on the horse or suffer serious consequences.


There is a gold mine of opportunity online, and the only way to compete is to obtain the services of an Orlando SEO mastermind to help you beat the competition and obtain major website visibility.


Things To Look Out For:


If the mobile version of your website is different than the desktop version, you will need to address a few potential issues. Make sure to check the following:


  1. If the mobile version of your website has less content than the desktop version, fix that right away!
  2. Is your content organized in tabs or accordions, with Mobile that is perfectly fine. On desktop websites, the content within these used to be weighted less. On mobile this is simply not the case. Accordion and tab away!

How Greatly Will This Affect My Rankings?

While Google has said that these will not affect ranking greatly initially, the way mobile trends are going, we here at MyCity Social expect the effect to grow in importance in the near future. Mobile search numbers are beating desktop usage numbers substantially in many industries and it is only a matter of time before we move to an all mobile user experience.


If you are interested in Orlando SEO Expert services for your Central Florida based business, give us a call today ______. We have provided amazing results for our clients and look forward to helping you grow your business!

Tell Your Brand Story W/ Instagram Carousel Ads

Instagram’s growing user-base and status as the 2nd most engaged with social network (2nd to Facebook) make it a clear favorite among advertisers looking to market to a tech-savvy millennial audience. The platform offers a variety of ad formats and targeting criteria that allow for brands to deliver timely, relevant, and image-based ads right to their target market’s news feeds – all managed seamlessly through Facebook Business Manager. As internet marketing continues to evolve, MyCity Social seeks to explore and report on the most cutting edge digital advertising techniques. Today’s focus: Instagram Carousel Ads.

Instagram Image Carousel Ads

Two years ago, Instagram introduced Carousel Ads as “a new way for brands to share more images with people interested in their posts”. Carousel ads initially appear as sponsored images in users’ Instagram feeds, but allow users to scroll through 3-5 images that are all part of the same post. Brands usually include clever calls to action within the post’s caption, and the posts can include links to a third-party website.

Carousel ad delivery through Instagram lets brands tell stories in a progressive fashion, showcase multiple products, and drive consumer action in ways that a single image cannot. About a year ago, the Instagram Business Blog showcased some ways that big brands used the carousel ads shortly after they were rolled out in its blog. There are seemingly endless applications for Instagram Carousel Ads that are limited only by the brand team’s creativity and content marketing abilities. Obviously, advertisers should follow Instagram ad best practices when creating & deploying carousel ad campaigns to ensure the highest ROI possible.

Instagram Video Carousel Ads

Internet marketing trends evolve at a breakneck pace, so it comes as no surprise that shortly after Instagram rolled out image-based carousel ads, that video carousels would follow. After Instagram noticed the superior effectiveness of carousel ads to single image ads, the platform added the ability for advertisers to incorporate videos into their ad carousels. With the addition of video to ad carousels, brands can share up to 5 photos or videos in any combination through Instagram advertising.

The integration of videos into Instagram Carousel Ads allows for increased engagement (videos engage consumers for longer periods of time & more often than photos), creative flexibility, and deeper storytelling. For example, Macy’s chose to use the integrated Instagram Carousel Ad to deliver a carousel containing a video featured as the first piece of content, followed by up-close images of the clothing worn in the video. The various options for different call to action buttons (examples: “Learn More”, “Visit Website”, “Shop Now”, etc.) that can be applied on carousel ads can inspire immediate action and in some case purchases.

The ability to choose the order in which photo & video content is displayed in Instagram carousel ads also allows for more attention grabbing content, progressive advertising experiences, and A/B testing to help advertisers determine optimal ad formats.

“Brands are excited about this because it gives marketers better creative flexibility,” said James Quarles, global head of business and brand development at Instagram. “The hardest thing to do is to capture people’s imaginations, and carousel can help advertisers better achieve that with five pieces of content. As we see people watch more video, we think this helps business bring messages to life more.” – Ad Age

Feeling overwhelmed by all of the Digital Advertising options available? MyCity Social can help your brand prioritize and execute its Internet Marketing needs. Contact Us today!

6 Ways to Get Leads from Facebook with Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has brought many amazing advancements to the table for businesses of all kinds. From the self-owned business to the corporate business, social media has given these companies a platform by which they can build their following. Social media is at the forefront of society nowadays, and through these sites, businesses can reach more consumers than ever before.

Facebook, one of the most widely used forms of social media, is one of the better choices when it comes to business leads. With the opportunity to create specific pages for your business where consumers can communicate with the company and other consumers, the opportunities for advertisement are endless.

Start a Page

Facebook has an amazing feature that allows businesses to create pages customized specifically for their business. These pages allow consumers to “like” the page, and on this page, they can interact with the company and other consumers of the company. For customers, these pages are amazing because they often give consumers important information regarding the business. For businesses, the Facebook page gives them the opportunity to reach out to consumers to see what works and what doesn’t work. If you want to have leads on Facebook, a specific business page is a necessity.

Get Those Likes

Once the page is created, you will need your consumers to “like” your page. Without their likes, they cannot interact with your business. At this point, you can choose different options to advertise your page on the Facebook site in general. By paying a small fee, your page can be seen on different people’s pages as well. These likes are another great way to advertise your business. Once you have several likes, it’s time to move to the next step in gaining more leads.

Contact the “Likers”

Now that you have ample “likes” on your Facebook page, you can contact these likers and possible consumers to welcome them to your business page. When contacting the likers it is also a great time to give them a little information about your business, a phone number, email address, and offer to answer any questions they may have. By making contact personal, the lead will feel at home. They will also be more likely to look up your business for further information.

Have Contests

One way to spruce up the interactions on your page is to hold contests and giveaways. Consumers love thinking they might win something for free. By posting your giveaway or contest on your page, you will get your consumers to interact with you and other consumers. The more interaction you get, the more likely people will notice your business and what you have to offer. Contests are a great way to get consumers more involved in your page.

Make Exciting Posts

Facebook often brings up more popular posts to the surface of your followers’ timeline. With social media marketing, it is more efficient to make sure your posts as exciting. You want to draw attention to your page and your business, and by making exciting posts, consumers will be drawn to your content. MyCity Social is a website that helps control and manage what your put on your Facebook page. With MyCity Social, you can even view statistics to help grow your social media presence. It is a great way to help grow your business through social media marketing.

Add Facebook to the Website

Facebook has widgets and add-ons that can be embedded into your website or business emails. These are all little buttons that your consumers can click on, and the button links to your Facebook page. From here, consumers can like your page and look around. This widget is a great tool to help boost your Facebook page’s views and likes.

Social media is a great tool for businesses in today’s world. Where you once had to go door-to-door to attract consumers to your place of business, now you can simply create a page and wait for the likes to roll in. Facebook is, by far, one of the greater social media platforms used for business leads. With the ability to personally contact consumers, business owners can take advantage and reach out to their customers. These pages are great for customers as well because it gives them the opportunity to reach out the businesses. Social media gives businesses many more chances to grow their business, and the marketing through social media is expanding every day.

To obtain information about our comprehensive social media marketing plans, contact us today.

Meet Your Digital Marketing Guru Kimberly Mas!

If you have Kim as your digital marketing guru, you know that this dedicated and hilarious guru is extremely dedicated to her work. Learn a little bit about Kimberly Mas in this blog and what led her into digital marketing in Orlando.


What Did You Do Before MyCity Social?


Before coming to the United States, I had been studying Tourism Management for 2 years when I lived in Peru. When I moved here, I began studying Film Production Technology in Valencia College. I graduated with my Associates in Science and obtained a technical certification.


Workwise, I was working in television for Telemundo in Miami and Orlando upon moving. I was working there for 2 years and was heavily involved with everything that had to do with the music awards and various soap opera programs. Some of the notable award shows I worked in were Premios Tu Mundo, The Latin Billboard Awards, and the Latin American Music Awards, just to name a few. For the award shows I began as a talent escort and I finished my time there with the title of  Travel Assistant.  I also worked on La Voz Kids during season 2 and season 3. I started there as an Audience Coordinator and ended as a Talent Assistant.


During this time I also began teaching myself about digital marketing in Orlando, and really delving into the study of digital marketing. I started working for a small digital marketing company to further my skills.


How Did You End Up at MyCity Social


I came to MyCity Social because television work is seasonal and I needed something full time. I had the opportunity to earn a steady income if I joined MyCity Social and the company allows me to do the work that I enjoy (digital marketing in Orlando).


What Is Your Favorite Part About Your Job Or Your Favorite Task?

I love graphic design! This is my favorite part of my job. I like to create, and each day is different when you are able to do this. I do not like to do the same thing every day, so this gives me creative freedom.


What Is Your Least Favorite Task or Part of Your Job?


I don’t really have anything that I do not like. It is all the same to me as I really enjoy what I do.


What is a Typical Day Like Kim?


I enter the office, and I eat breakfast while I review all of my emails. After that, I open up Asana and begin looking through my tasks for the day and I select the easiest one’s to tackle first.


Once those are finished, I delve into the harder, more tedious items. Upon completion of my daily tasks, I organize and prepare my area and duties for the next day.  


I really enjoy listening to music and watching videos as I work ( as a creative mind I cannot focus on just one thing at a time). I have to be doing may things to stay sharp. I need constant stimulation so that I never become bored.


Where Do You Plan to Be in 5 Years?


I see myself traveling around the world, helping people and animals. I love to rescue animals and I would like to open a shelter for them. I also enjoying volunteering my time to help the extremely poor in this country.


5 Fun Facts About You…GO!


  1. Yesterday I began making illustrations
  2. I play guitar
  3. I love dancing
  4. I am not a serious person at all. I love to make people laugh all day.
  5. I have always had good grades (I never studied and I always had the highest grades)


Have Kim as your guru? Interested in obtaining digital marketing for your business? Contact MyCity Social (the fastest growing digital marketing company in the United States) today! We can’t wait to show you how our caring and talented guru’s can help you grow your business!

What Is The Difference Between Social Media And Search Engine Optimization?

In the world of online marketing, both social media and search engine optimization are the two most common ways of performing inbound content marketing. Both center around creating content, promoting the content and measuring the results, but the similarities end there. Read below for an in-depth look into the difference between social media and SEO according to MyCity Social experts.


Results Timeframe


When our clients are debating over which package to select for their business (the digital marketing package or the SEO package), one of the main topics of discussion is the speed in which they can expect to see results.


Social media by its’ very nature works quickly and clicks/actions can happen within a few minutes. With Social Media, the marketer can create a carefully designed post, and using a set budget, promote it to their the pages following and their friends. Gaining a following in the first place is what takes a good length of time (typically, 4-6 months). On the downside, as soon as the promoted post or social media activities stop, no more results are produced. In essence, efforts must be ongoing, or else no results will be seen.


Search engine optimization is quite the opposite. The search engine optimization specialist will spend months optimizing the website using a wide variety of techniques so that all the content can be easily read by the search engines and indexed quickly. Extensive work is also done so that the website is brought to a high level of health and crawlability. A massive amount of keyword research is implemented, and once everything comes together in the eye of the search engine, results can begin to be seen typically within 3-6 months for most industries.


Once the website is ranking highly, the results last for a nice amount of time (months), and it is only a matter of upkeep and ranking other keywords highly in addition to the initial ones.


In summary, social media results can be seen very rapidly but the results will only last as long as the promotion or social media upkeep is done. SEO takes time to build, but once the content ranks, results can be seen for a good length of time.


Audience and Conversion


Social media marketing focuses on targeting visitors based on their profile information such as sports they play, groups they below to, age, demographic, location and etc… It is all about drawing them in with an emotional post that caters to who they are as a person.


By nature, social media users are simply browsing through the feed, not in search of anything to buy. It is all about building community and trust in social media.


On the other hand, SEO is all about writing content that resolves a problem or provides the answer to the needs/questions a user has. In general, online searchers are conducting research and often searching with the intent to purchase something to resolve their query. Because of this, online searchers are more likely to buy compared to social media users.


Search engine optimization focuses on what a person may be thinking in order to find what they need. Content that is detailed (550-1000 words), rich in information and aimed at helping the reader find what they need easily, do very well and lead to conversion.
While there is much more to discuss on the difference between social media and SEO, we sincerely hope here at MyCity Social that the points discussed in this blog helped to explain the main differentiators and make it all a little more clear. To learn more about MyCity Social and their Digital Marketing or Search Engine Optimization packages, please visit: www.

Interview With The MyCity Social Finance Director, Nisha Baksh

This week we had the pleasure of interviewing Nisha Baksh, our finance director for MyCity Social. This spunky and hard working woman is a force to be reckoned with here at our company and is always making calls and ensuring our clients are taken care of with their billing. Read below to learn more about Nisha Baksh.



  • What Is Your Background? What Did You Do Before MyCity Social?


I went to Baruch College in New York and studies accounting. I Graduated with a Bachelors in Accounting and Finance. Upon graduating I worked at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. I worked there for nine years in the Accounting department. I found it fascinating because every day you learn about all the drugs, how they are processed and etc.. I started as an intern there and then I was hired full time. After Pfizer I began working for MyCity Eats and was there for 7 years (this was back when we were a magazine). I left because I needed to work at my son’s school to help him as part of Orange County Schools doing accounting. I was only there for 4 months though as the owners of MyCity Social kept calling me to come back because of my customer relation skills, organizational skills and ability to handle the stress of this job well.


  1. Why Did You End Up Coming Back to MyCity Social?

I came back to MyCity Social because of the relationship that I have with Andrew and Nick, and the desire to help them grow this company and succeed. I also feel more comfortable with knowing that being here, their books are handled accurately. There is only one person in finance doing all the accounts payable, receivable, collections, customer service….wearing many hats, which I enjoy doing.


  1. What Is Your Favorite Part About What You Do?

Being able to satisfy clients! Hearing their needs if it is a financial issue or dissatisfaction with any part of the work being performed is something I listen to daily. I like speaking to our clients, handling their issues and ensuring that they are satisfied.


  1. What is Your Most Difficult or Least Favorite Task?

The most frustrating part of my job is when finance issues arise that are out of my control.


  1. Describe a Typical Day At MyCity Social?

My typical day begins with checking my emails, looking for insufficient charges or charge backs, replying to those chargebacks and receiving all incoming customer calls. 70% of my day is customer service. 10% is accounts receivable, and the other 20% is making sure that all three offices run smoothly.


  1. What Is Next For You? Where Do You See Yourself In The Next 5 Years?
    I see myself becoming a partner with the owners, and efficiently and effectively running MyCity Social as we continue to grow as a top social media and search optimization company.
  2. List 5 Fun Things About You. Don’t Think…Go!
  • I love working out
  • I love to cook
  • I am the mother of two amazing boys
  • I am Buddhist and enjoy meditation
  • My dream car is a red BMW convertible


  1. You Clearly Like Accounting and Finance, What Draws You to This Line of Work?
    My dad retired from City Bank after 42 years as a financial banker, so number have always been a part of my family. Because accounting is a check and balances type of job and is very detail orientated, I love working with numbers and ensuring that my debits and credits balance out at the end of the day. I like being able to provide feedback to the owners about monthly totals, sales reports and accurately working with numbers.


We hope you enjoyed learning about our finacne director Nisha Baksh. If you are interested in learning more about MyCity Social and review our portfolio please click here: If you would like to read more about our SEO services read about it here, or if you are interested in our digital marketing package, please click here. We look forward to helping you grow your business.

Our SEO Tampa Team Explains The Website Maintenance Plan

With the exception of major corporations that have in-house website professionals, most small to mid-size companies have a tendency to short themselves in terms of website maintenance. They typically believe that just creating a website and uploading a few pictures along with writing some content about the products they offer is good enough to earn a lot of business. However, what they do not realize is that website maintenance is just as important as the appearance of their physical business, as an outdated site looks just as bad as an office building that has not seen fresh paint in over a decade. Now, we will take a look at some of the vital benefits associated with what our SEO Tampa experts offer here at MyCity Social.


Maintain Site’s Appearance

While having a website for your business is a great start, there are always updates that need to be done to ensure that everything is in working order. Think about it, how many times have you attempted to visit a company’s website to discover that it fails to load, or that a link to their contact form fails to work. These issues are a guaranteed loss of business from that customer today, and it is highly likely the customer will also fail to return in the future.


Monitor Website Security

Every day, people are attempting to hack websites, and the scary thing is that corporate websites are not the only ones being targeted. In fact, some experts have stated that many cyber criminals have a tendency to attack the easiest targets, which are smaller businesses that do not know how to monitor the loopholes in their website’s security. Regardless of how big or small your company is, hackers who gain access to your customers’ personal information can be financially devastating to you, and your business’ reputation will be permanently damaged.


Search-Engine Optimization

With a quick search, you will find hundreds of companies selling cheap website templates that claim to give your company an online presence starting tonight. The only problem is that simply purchasing a domain name and a template for your business are far from enough to earn the first click from a potential customer. Instead, you need to utilize SEO techniques, such as posting regular content and getting reputable sites to link to your site.


Services We Offer

-Search-engine optimization

-Website security monitoring

-Monitoring for broken links and contact forms

-Content updates

-Website statistics

While any website maintenance company would be lying if they promised a certain conversion rate, we can guarantee that our SEO Tampa professionals here at MyCity Social will ensure that your site represents your business in the most professional manner. Sure, you may temporarily hesitate when it comes to committing to us as you likely view it as an added expense, but the reality is that you are going to quickly fall behind your competition if you fail to build and maintain a web presence for your business. For more information regarding how our company can help boost yours, do not hesitate to call us today.