How Can I Avoid Google Penalties with Search Engine Marketing?

Any SEO services expert can tell you that if you do not perform search engine marketing properly. You can incur penalties from Google. MyCity Social, the search engine marketing expert in Tampa. You can help to ensure that you have your website optimized for Google and that you avoid any penalties which may come as a result of algorithm changes. If you are interested in learning more or you have questions about SEO in general, feel free to contact us and see how we can help your business and your website.

What are Google Penalties?

Google penalties are things that are done on your website if it violates the guidelines that Google holds. There are two types of violations that can result in a penalty. These are algorithm-based, which are automatic, and manual which are granted as a result of a direct and purposeful action. Google does not refer to these things as penalties but the result is the same. Your website will suffer as a result of the Google’s new classification.

There are ways for you to avoid these penalties that will save you the trouble of having to raise your ranking after your website penalize. These three rules are:

  •       Do Not Buy Links: Those links that add SEO value to your site should look as natural as possible. If you do have paid links. You make sure that they have a “nofollow” attribute placed on them and avoid link schemes entirely.
  •       Use Your Keywords Sparingly: If you stuff your content with exact repetitions of a particular key phrase, that can hurt your rankings. Keywords are still important but you have to make sure that your keywords are worked into your content in a natural way.
  •       Make Your Content Original: You cannot rank if your content is not unique. Having an interesting and original content is half the battle when it comes to making sure that you actually rank with your content.

There are several different penalties that can affect your website depending on what you do. For instance, the Google Panda Penalty penalizes you if you provide poor quality content. If the algorithm thinks that your website is low-quality, it will make it more difficult for your pages to rank. This is especially the case when your website has product pages with manufacturer descriptions and duplicate content.

Do You Need an SEO Services Expert?

The Panda Penalty is not the only one that exists. There are several others which require you to make sure that your site is always performing at its best. To get help with your website, contact MyCity Social, the SEO services expert. We can assist you with any number of search engine marketing problems.

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MyCity Social has convenient locations in Tampa, Orlando, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale. If you are having trouble getting your website to rank, make sure to contact us at MyCity Social to get the help that you need to avoid penalties from Google. Contact us today to learn more.

How Does Google Rank My Site In Regards To Backlinks?

Backlinks can make a significant difference in how a website ranks, but which backlinks cause no change and which are SEO backlinks that will really improve ranking? MyCity Social, a Tampa SEO agency, understands the importance of backlinks. We want our clients to gain an understanding of them as well so that they can give their business the advantage that it needs. To learn more about how we could help you, contact us at MyCity Social today or visit our website.

What are SEO Backlinks?

Backlinks are links from a third-party website that reference back to your webpage. They function as a way for Google to verify that your content is relevant and valuable. When a website that is trustworthy and optimizes links its visitors back to your website, that tells Google that you are a respectable website. These links can be located in a variety of places throughout the website. The location and the way that it is presented both affect how it will be received by Google. That is why it is important to know the various rules that dictate how backlinks are interpreted by Google. So that you may utilize them properly to enhance your website’s ranking.

How Do They Help Your Ranking?

Not all backlinks are made equal. Some backlinks are going to grant you a better ranking than others depending on several different factors. For instance, SEO backlinks are going to come from a variety of sources rather than one singular website. Multiple backlinks from one website will appear as spam to Google. Additionally, the website linking to you must be trustworthy and high-quality. If a low-quality website provides a backlink to your site, it will likely do very little for your ranking. That said, do not assume that a website has to be the big publisher in order to be considered high-quality. Rather, as long as the quality of the content is pertinent. And, well done, then that will still be considered high-quality.

Understanding backlinks and how they can affect your ranking may still seem like an overwhelming task especially if you have a business to run. That is why a digital marketing agency can help you sort through all of these different ranking factors. Make sure that you are optimized to rank highly in your location and industry.

In Tampa, MyCity Social is the Tampa SEO agency with the experience and expertise to help you get your website optimize and ranking. If you would like to learn more about our services, call us or visit our website today.

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As a Tampa SEO agency, MyCity Social understands that backlinks can make a real difference in how a business’s website ranks but only if they are done properly. If you would like to learn about how you could optimize your ranking with backlinks or you would like real assistance with your website, contact us at MyCity Social today.

Which Types of Images Prompt the Most Engagement on Websites?

Selecting the right conversion images can make a difference between a lost sale and an engaged visitor. MyCity Social, a business offering SEO Tampa businesses recommend, always advises its clients to learn more about how to make the most of the visual elements of the website to continue to draw in visitors. These types of elements can make a real difference in how well the business does in terms of drawing in more conversions and can bolster success. Contact us at MyCity Social in Tampa to learn more about how to prompt engagement or visit our website to learn more about our services.


Do Not Use Stock Images


Stock images are not going to convince potential customers to purchase your products or services. Using stock images does not give your site an edge. Your viewers will sense how generic they are even if they cannot readily place the images. The best alternative is to hire a photographer to take quality pictures that pertain more specifically to your business. This way your site visitors see things that actually relate to your business. Whether it be your staff, your products, or services.


What are Hero Images?


Hero images are large headers presented on the front and center of a page in order to draw attention to a particular product, service, or staff. These are typically accompanied by a line of text with a call-to-action that engages the viewer. And gives them a bold first impression of your site and business. When you select a hero image, you want to ensure that you are using a high-resolution image and that you have a prominent font for the line of text that goes with it.


Want to Learn More About Conversion Images?


If you would like to learn more about how to select the best images for your website. Make sure to seek out the expertise of someone with experience in the industry. A digital marketing agency can get you started by selecting the right conversion images that will actually turn your site visitors into real sales. They can also put you in contact with a photographer to take care of your photos. And, ensure that you do not have any generic images on your site.

In Tampa, MyCity Social can be your resource for SEO Tampa businesses trust. We have ample experience with optimizing a website for actual engagement by selecting the best images for that business. If you would like to learn more about how we can assist you and what services we can offer you and your business. Contact us at MyCity Social today or visit our website.


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MyCity Social understands how crucial it is to optimize the visual aspects of your website. That is why we offer services to get your website to where you would like for it to be. To learn more and see how you could benefit, contact us at MyCity Social, a business offering SEO Tampa businesses recommend, or visit our website.

Using ROAS to Show the Effectiveness of Ad Campaigns

Getting a good return on marketing investment is an important part of ad campaigns. MyCity Social is an agency that offers SEO services Tampa businesses trust. We help our clients understand how to get the most out of an ad campaign. The first step is to check out your ROAS and make sure that you are getting real clientele from your ad campaigns. If you would like to learn more about this and see how you could improve your ad campaigns, contact MyCity Social in Tampa.

ROAS, or return on ad spending, is a critical part of your marketing analysis. While most people look at their clicks and leads. Your ROAS can make a real difference in understanding how effective your marketing campaign is. Really effective campaigns are going to have a good return on your ad spending. While you may have a difficult time getting a campaign to have a good amount of leads, that does not matter nearly as much as the actual ROAS. This is because having lots of leads does not necessarily translate into lots of sales. If you look at your sales rate and your cost per sale, you can get a better understanding of what will work for your business.

Depending on the actual amount that you get a return on your ad spending, that can make a difference in how effective each individual campaign is. If you make at least three times your return on ad spending, you are typically making some money. The higher you go from there, the more money you are making and the more effective your campaign has been.

How Can You Get the Most Out of Your Return on Marketing Investment?

In order to get the most out of your campaigns, you have to look at your ROAS. That is the only way to truly make sure that you are not spending money on simply getting leads, but that you are actually bringing in customers. You want to ensure that you are always checking your ROAS. Because that will determine how much money you have spent on each individual customer. And, whether you are making money on each sale or not.

Thankfully, you do not have to go through these processes alone. With the help of MyCity Social, an agency offering SEO services Tampa businesses trust, you can get the assistance you need in figuring out how to get the most from your marketing campaigns and make sure that your return on marketing investment is what you need it to be. Contact us to learn more about how we could help you and your business succeed.

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MyCity Social is an agency offering SEO services Tampa businesses recommend and we are committed to making sure our clients understand why their ROAS is important and how it can shape their decisions on marketing campaigns. Contact us to learn more about how we could help you.

Preserving Your SEO Efforts After a Website Redesign

If you are thinking of updating your website design, MyCity Social can give you the resources that you have been looking for and make sure that all of your SEO efforts are preserved in the process. As an agency that offers SEO Tampa businesses trust, we understand that a website redesign is not always a straightforward process and there are things that can go wrong. We have the tools to make sure that your website redesign transitions smoothly. Contact us to learn more about how we could help you and your business.

Are You Updating Your Website Design?

When you begin to update your website design, you are putting yourself at risk of losing all the SEO efforts that you have made over time. This happens when people engage in a redesign without taking the necessary precautions. For instance, some people change over to HTTPS, change their domain, and completely revamp their website design all at once. This change can be disastrous for your SEO.

There are many issues that can crop up with your website redesign, but being aware of these at the outset will allow you to plan accordingly and be on alert for whatever may occur. Some of the issues that may come up are:

• New technical issues

• New content could be added

• Old content could be deleted

• Domain may change

• Internal link structure could change

• URLs may change

Tips for Preserving Your SEO Efforts

Thankfully, there are several things that you can do to assure that your SEO efforts will not be wasted. These things may take extra time in your redesign, but they will make certain that you do not lose critical information during the redesign.

• Keep Your Old Site Live: Keep your old site so that if you run into any issues with the new site, you have your old site for reference. Make sure that your old site cannot be crawled.

• Save Your Crawl Data: Save an old crawl of the site even if only on a temporary URL. You can even load up the old site crawl if you have to perform an analysis.

• Content: If you already have great content, then you probably do not want to adjust it to begin with. Keep from changing the content until after it has been indexed and is ranking normally.

• Technical Site Audit: A technical site audit tool can give you proactive information on technical issues. These types of tools can assist you in identifying and resolving any technical SEO issues that come up.

To get the perfect website redesign, MyCity Social can help you. We are a company that offers SEO Tampa businesses trust.

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If you are interested in learning more about how MyCity Social could help you, contact us today or visit our website. We can give you the assistance you need to make sure that your website redesign happens exactly as you planned. Contact us or visit our website to learn more about our services for your business.


Why is SEO the Best Online Marketing Strategy?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is crucial to your business’s digital marketing strategy, but why? As a Tampa SEO company, MyCity Social wants its clients to understand the difference SEO can make in their online marketing strategy. With their abundant experience in SEO, MyCity Social can help you optimize your website and get the results you want from your SEO investment. Contact MyCity Social for more information about their services and see how they could help you and your business.


Why is SEO Important?


SEO is what defines your business’s online presence. A business that has an effective SEO strategy is more likely to have more customers and be better recognized in their area. This is because SEO helps them increase their ranking on Google and it gives them more leads on their site.

Think about it this way: if you want more people to buy from you or use your services, more people have to know that your business exists. In order to do this, you can try traditional marketing strategies but you can only reach so far before you hit a limit. With the internet, you can target an even larger audience. However, this audience is only going to know about you if you come up on their searches. If you don’t, you are nonexistent.

That is where SEO steps in. By figuring out the different strategies you need to rank, you can get your business’s name in front of more interested customers.


Incorporating SEO into Your Digital Marketing Strategy


SEO can be integrated into your digital marketing strategy in many ways. The first step is always to investigate what changes have been made to SEO in order to determine what the rules that you must follow are to get your website to rank. SEO changes frequently and not keeping up with the trends can result in penalization from Google and losing customers.

The next step is to either tackle those changes yourself or get help from a professional who has experience in the area. This can be in the form of an SEO specialist from a digital marketing agency. They can tell you how to incorporate SEO into your digital marketing strategy and get the best ROI.

If you are interested in learning more about SEO and how it can help your business’s digital marketing strategy, contact MyCity Social, a Tampa SEO company with plenty of experience in digital marketing. They can help you build a plan of action for your business and improve your online strategy to the best it can be with SEO.


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SEO can make a difference in your digital marketing strategy. It can get your more leads and ultimately more customers and expands the scope that your business reaches. If you are interested in investing in SEO and enhancing your business’s online presence, contact MyCity Social in Tampa. They are a Tampa SEO company that has the tools and resources to help you and get your business to where you want it to be.

What to Do If There is Too Much SEO Competition

Your SEO strategy is critical to your success in gathering potential customers online. However, what happens when you have a lot of competition? How do you come out ahead when there are dozens of others doing the same thing? There are a couple of tips you can take into consideration to better your SEO strategy, but if you have any doubts or you would like additional assistance, contact MyCity Social. They are a business offering SEO Tampa trusts.


Specify your SEO strategy

The best thing that you can do for your business is focusing your target. If you are in the business of selling furniture, chances are good that you have a lot of competition regardless of your location. However, if you are in the business of making handcrafted reclaimed wood furniture, your competition is much smaller. Though you may be afraid that you will have fewer people visiting your site if you target your audience like this, the reality is that you’ll have more visitors to your site if you specialize.

The other thing you must do in order to get the advantage is to get local. Even if your business has multiple physical locations, you must make sure that you are targeting your audience in all of those locations. This is because it will be far easier for you to rank locally than nationally. By targeting yourself for a physical location, you make sure that you can get on the “local pack,” what Google calls the top three results for a local search. The local pack comes up first in a local search and therefore receive more business.


Check your competition

Your competition is going to be your best indicator of what you can do. Whatever it is that they are doing is probably what is helping them rank, invest in a tool that allows you to see their links and content. Then match that as best as you can. Being able to provide similar content is going to allow you to get the leg up that you want and will give you a starting point for you to go further.

The next logical step, of course, is to offer something better. This means having more relevant content, building better links, and appreciating your followers more. Ultimately, this may be costlier. However, this will give you the advantage with your competition and make you more appealing to potential customers. This step is obviously going to require the most work on your part both creatively and financially; thankfully, you don’t have to do it alone. With the help an SEO Tampa company, you will be able to tackle the difficult market of SEO and come out on top. MyCity Social is a business offering SEO Tampa residents recommend.


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Following through with all of these strategies can seem difficult. For those who still want assistance with their SEO strategy, contact MyCity Social in Tampa. As an agency that offers SEO Tampa trusts, they understand the importance of having a successful strategy and they can help you reach the point you want for your business.

8 Ways Your Blog Can Improve Your SEO

If you a business owner with an online presence, chances are good that you have a blog. However, there are a number of business owners who are not capitalizing on their blog to its fullest potential. Blogging for SEO results is a valid strategy for business owners to use to improve their ranking. If you would like to learn more about this, contact MyCity Social, a Tampa SEO company, for more information.

1) Have a distinct & relevant blog title

Simply titling your blog “Blog” makes you miss out on the opportunity to use the title to draw in more visitors. Make your blog title relevant and appealing and people will be more compelled to read it. This is especially true if the title is what they see as a result in their search.

2) Always keep your audience in mind when blogging for SEO

Rather than being general when writing your blogs in order to cater to every member of your audience, it is far more effective to compartmentalize and target a smaller portion of your audience at a time. For instance, if you are a mortgage broker, your audience is home buyers. However, for a particular blog, you could write with first time home buyers in mind rather than all home buyers and it would give you better results.

3) Shorten the URLs

Some blog titles can get lengthy. If your URL is simply the blog title and the blog title is already long, you are going to have quite a lengthy URL that is going to be difficult to read. Keep it short and relevant, remembering to leave out conjunctions.

4) Optimize already published content

Going into older content and ensuring that it is optimized is just as important as optimizing current content. For instance, you could add in links to other relevant content on the site or optimize the images or add in new ones if there aren’t any present.

5) Identify and target content gaps

If there is an SEO phrase that you are struggling to rank for and your website lacks content relating to that phrase, that would be a great topic for a blog. This way you can fill in that gap and make sure that you begin to rank for that phrase.

6) Add optimized videos and pictures

You should always include images in your blog posts. Make sure that you use descriptive alt tags to optimize them. Pictures and videos not only engage your reader but they also provide you additional opportunities to get traffic to your post.

7) Don’t forget your data markup

Data markup clarifies the content on your page and classifies it which may change the way that search engine result pages interpret the content. This means that your data markup can help you control the way that your content is interpreted in search.

8) Utilize social media

Sharing your blog posts increases traffic to your content. Social signals are included in the algorithm for search results and improves your overall SEO if you can get traffic to your posts through social media sharing.

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A Tampa SEO company can help you learn how to utilize blogging for SEO effectively. Contact MyCity Social, a leading Tampa SEO company, for information on how you can optimize your business’s blog.

Problems That May Arise With PPC With a Website Redesign

When you decide to change your website design to update it and make it more usable, you are benefitting your business. However, minor issues can come up as a result of the redesign. Your PPC can take a real hit if you do not keep an eye on the coding of your website, but you do not have to do this alone. Contact MyCity Social, a business offering SEO Tampa trusts, for more information about website redesign.

Website design problems

When you redesign your website, you are taking a step forward for your business and this can be a very positive thing. However, there are issues that can arise when you redesign your website and it is important to be aware of these before you attempt a redesign so that when you go into it you are aware of what you need to look for. These issues can often be small and easy to overlook but they can make a serious impact in the way that customers view your site and business.

One of these issues is the display of your business’s phone number. If you have your business’s phone number on every page for customers to reach you easily, you may find that after a website redesign it is missing. This is significant because customers won’t always be entering your site on its landing page. This means that they won’t always have immediate access to your contact information.

Another minor issue of this kind is a problem with trust signals. Things like testimonials, certification badges, and affiliations can be lost from certain pages in website redesigns and, as a result, your customers will not always see these badges when they visit certain pages of your site. This means that some of your customers who reach your site through other pages that aren’t your landing page may not see the trust signal you want them to and may not end up trusting your business.

Why it matters

Your website design is not just a visual representation of your business for your customers. It is also a way for customers to gather information about the services and products you offer in a way that is user friendly. If your website is missing things from its coding that are critical not only for the aesthetics but for the accessibility of your business, this can result in a loss of business and customers. To learn more about this in Tampa and how you can keep your website design from causing detriment to your PPC program, contact MyCity Social, a business offering SEO Tampa trusts.

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If you are looking to learn more about what problems can result when you perform a website redesign, contact MyCity Social in Tampa, Miami, or Orlando. They have the tools and expertise to talk you through making sure your PPC is not affected as a result of a redesign and they are the SEO Tampa business you need to go through with your website redesign smoothly.

7 Ways to Get the Most from Your Google Shopping Ad Campaigns

Google Shopping ad campaigns are even more important now that the holidays are approaching and it is important for businesses to optimize their listings on Google to cater all of these busy shoppers. If you would like more information on Google Shopping ads and how you can optimize them for consumers, contact MyCity Social, a business offering SEO services Tampa.

1) Communicate

Nothing that you do for your Shopping ads campaign is going to matter if you have the wrong information on your page. That is why it is critical for you to stay in constant communication with your digital marketer and your SEO specialist so that they know of any changes that you choose to make and anything else that needs to be added.

2) Focus on product data

It is easy for people to fall into the traditional paid search ad mentality when handling their Shopping ads but your focus should not be on keywords the way it would be for a traditional ad. Rather, the focus should be on the product data itself. Trying to replicate the traditional type of ad with keywords in your product listing could actually be more work for you and not give you the results you desire.

3) Don’t leave any products out

Some businesses will choose to leave out certain products from their submission to Merchant Center because they believe those items will not be profitable but more the more listings you have, the more likely you are to get in front of consumers.

4) Get query-level bidding with Smart Bidding

Smart Bidding is the only way to set bidding at the query level, which you gives you the most precise data product-by-product. Utilizing this, you can assure that each of your products is optimized in Shopping ads.

5) Showcase Google Shopping ads help

Showcase Google Shopping ads are more likely to show up when people search general terms—such as “backpack” for instance—and therefore work in two ways: one, they allow you to display your brand to potential consumers and two, they give you a chance to get in front of these very same consumers early into their shopping journey.

6) Don’t only focus on last-click attribution

Shopping ads can help you take advantage of your data on AdWords beyond simply the last click. With this, you can see which clicks make a difference toward conversions.

7) Take advantage of local inventory ads

If you have a physical location and want to display the products that you have in stock, you can utilize local inventory ads. These make consumers more likely to shop in store once having seen your stock first online.

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In the hands of the adept business owner, a Google Shopping ad can mean a huge boom in business. If you are in the Tampa, Orlando, or Miami area, contact SEO services Tampa specialist, MyCity Social. They are the SEO services Tampa, Orlando, and Miami trust.