How Do Social Media Can Help Nurses

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Are you in the medical field and been wondering what the best ways to use social media for nurses are? As technology advances the use of social media is inevitable, but you need to make sure you are still following the guidelines and laws of your job. Social Ease provides social media services across the United States and is here to provide you with the information you need to utilize social media in order to be effective, but at the same time make sure that you are upholding the responsibilities and duties that are required of you.


What Does Social Media For Nurses Look Like?

With all the advancements in technology social media is becoming a bigger part of our everyday lives, but for nurses this could mean that they end up sharing information that shouldn’t be if they aren’t careful when it comes to nurses and social media services they have to make sure that they are navigating the networking sites carefully. This includes blogs, chat room, public forums, Facebook, Instagram, or any other site. There is an extremely thin line between professional and personal online etiquette. When you work in the healthcare industry, you have to make sure you are maintaining patient confidentiality and privacy no matter where you are. You also want to make sure that you are representing yourself and your place of employment positively so patients feel they can trust and rely on you. If you are using social media inappropriately, even when it concerns your personal life, you could end up in trouble with your employer. If your actions are severe enough you could even jeopardize your career and license.


As a nurse, you need to make sure you are never violating HIPPA standards. Detailed information about a patient should only be shared when the patient has given informed consent. Breaches of this confidentiality or a patient’s privacy on social media include posting videos or photos of a patient, posting photos or videos that show a hospital room number or patient records, description of a patient/their medical conditions/treatments, and referring to a patient in a degrading or demeaning manner. It doesn’t matter if these things are done intentionally or inadvertently the consequences will be the same.


However, not all social media platforms will have a negative effect on nurses. There are definitely positive ways a nurse can utilize these sites to benefit yourself as well as patients around the country. Blogging about the job and industry they love will help demonstrate how committed you are to your work and can cause patients to trust you even more. It also is a great way to stay on top of trends and cutting edge treatment, which will give a great impression to your employer or future employer. Having a presence through a blog can also help you get ahead in your career, which could lead to a raise or even a promotion. Twitter is also a great way to use social media as a nurse. This platform is seen as one of the quickest and easiest ways to stay in contact with people especially in times of need and crises. As a nurse, you can use it to post health safety warning, explain any medicine recalls, or answer emergency questions. It is a great way to provide quick assistance and answers to the public. You can also use it to get a healthcare-related topic that you’re passionate about trending! Facebook gives you the ability to post messages (both publicly and privately) as well as upload videos and photos. For a nurse, this platform can allow you to connect with others on a variety of different levels. It can also give you a way to bridge the large gap between healthcare providers like doctors and nurses and the patients they see.


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Top Instagram Updates You Need To Know For February

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With its user engagement one of the fastest-growing out there, Instagram is a social media platform with more than 500 million active daily users who hit the “like” button an astounding 4.2 billion times every single day. Of course, Instagram is going to to continuously roll out new features and updates to keep users engaged and make sure that the platform stays on top. For the month of February, there are a few cool new updates that you can read about and utilize in your next social media marketing campaign. Social Ease is a top affordable social media agency in the United States dedicated to help with your social media marketing program. If you are interested in an Instagram account manager or any other social media services, contact Social Ease now!


Instagram Updates To Be Aware Of This Month


Firstly and most excitingly, IGTV Previews have been released by Instagram in its main feed. IGTV is a standalone app that allows its users to upload long-form, vertical video content which uses the full screen. Just like on traditional television,there are different user “channels,” and basically something is always playing while you surf from channel to channel. There is an integration with the main platform, though it remains a standalone app, and those who follow your Instagram account will be alerted if you share new content on IGTV. Recently,  a step further was taken in this integration and users were allowed to share previews of their IGTV videos through the main Instagram newsfeed, providing an effective way to drive more relevant traffic over to watch the rest of your content, as Instagram holds higher engagement and viewing rates. You’re able to share a one-minute preview of your IGTV video when you upload it, maximizing the visibility of your content as users will be prompted to “watch full video,” allowing them to be directed to the full content you shared.


Need an Instagram Account Manager? Check Out Social Ease


There are other interesting tools that Instagram has rolled out. Social Ease, a top social media agency, notes that Instagram responded to February’s Black History Month with some new creative tools such as camera effects and stickers designed by black designers, in a promotion to highlight relevant black creators on their platform. Their efforts at diversity is not only progressive but also indicative of the way that Instagram could run their campaigns in the future. Such features could be repeated for various events, holidays, or social causes. Moreover, Instagram has also taken off all images that violate a set of new self-harm regulations they have put out, in an effort to shield vulnerable users from being affected by these triggers. While the majority of brands won’t be too affected by this move, there are certain edgier brands that should take note as they do toe the line on occasion. Moreover, if you are sharing an inspirational story, these guidelines do include your own photos of healed scars from self-harm or suicide, so you should be careful regarding sharing stories.


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As Instagram continuously updates its platform and the ways that users share information, they also are espousing new trends in social awareness as they become more aware of how their platform can impact users. As a business, it is highly likely you will need an Instagram account manager or digital marketing agency to aid your branding on social media. Social Ease is a top social media agency in the United States to help you build your brand. Contact us today for your social media needs!

The Differences Between Our Basic, Professional & Elite Packages

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You must take advantage of the different plans at Social Ease. They are sure to get your business on the market. We are the best social media posting service out there and are known as one of the best social media marketing companies. Why run your own social media when you don’t have to. Let us handle all the work. We are the pros.


A Taste of What We Provide

  • Posting to Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter (you can pick 3 of the 4) 6 days a week


  • We’ll curate fresh, unique and engaging content just for your business and post it to your social media accounts once a day, 6 days a week to deliver consistent engagement with your followers (and save you lots of time)


  • Personalized and industry-related content, including website news articles, images, and snappy post copy


  • We will curate and post an array of content uniquely compiled for your social presence, all of which help keep your name in front of potential customers and referral sources


  • Regular promotional posts to highlight your services and products


  • Over a decade of experience has our team the perfect mix of promotional style posts along with engaging content on social media. Driving traffic to your website doesn’t come from repetitive sales posts, put strategically placed promotional messaging mixed among helpful, interesting, and engaging content


  • Content curation and customization by a college-educated, highly trained, full-time, USA-based Content Manager who works right in our offices in Jupiter, Florida


  • Sleep easy at night knowing in the content we publish on your social profiles will be the highest caliber, and will match your business’ personality and voice


  • Social account enhancement to optimize your business’ reach and create additional search benefits


  • We’ll review your social accounts to make sure they’re entirely built out, and increase the likelihood that potential customers will find your social profiles easily


Check Our Our Plans for Social Media Posting Service

  • Basic
    • Annual plan
      • $33 a week *billed annually
    • Monthly plan
      • $39 a week
    • content and articles selected to engage your audience
    • weekly promotions/specials
    • Relevant hashtags
    • Social Media page organization
    • Monthly Reports
    • No Set-Up Fee


  • Professional
    • Annual plan
      • $58 a week *billed annually
    • Monthly Plan
      • $69 a week
    • Content posted five days per week to 2 SM channels
    • Content and articles selected for each SM channel
    • Weekly Promotions/special on each SM channel
    • Relevant hashtags
    • Social media page(s) optimization
    • Monthly Reports
    • Paid Campaign management(one ad per week)
    • No Set-Up Fee


  • Elite
    • Annual Plan
      • $58 a week *billed annually
    • Monthly Plan
      • $99 a week
    • Content and articles selected for each SM channel
    • Weekly Promotions/special on each SM channel
    • Relevant hashtags
    • Social media page(s) optimization
    • Monthly Reports
    • Unlimited paid campaign management
    • Create monthly newsletter or blog
    • No Set-up Fee


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In order to become a successful company, you need to get noticed. Our team will make that happen for you. When it comes to leaving a digital footprint, trust our social media agency. Check out our social media posting service. We know exactly what your company needs to get your results. Call Social Ease today for more information. In no time, you will be a successful company in the United States. Trust our social media management company.

What is Social Media Management? Why Do I Need It?

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When you hear the terms: social listening, social analytics, and social engagement, what comes to mind? These common marketing terms are all part of social media management. At Social Ease, we are a social media management company that has all the expertise to get your business booming. You can trust us as one of the top social media marketing companies for small business.


What is Social Media Management?

Social Media Management is the act of monitoring and participating in social conversations across platforms. The easiest way to view social media management is to consider that it includes the three major social media disciplines we mentioned before: social listening, social analytics, and social engagement. Social listening is when you gather everything that is being said about your brand. Social analytics help you understand all the social media chatter and relate it to possible business changes. Social engagement is the act of interacting, usually 1-on-1 but occasionally at scale, with customers over social channels. Most businesses take on social engagement to close the loop with customers on their issues.


Companies often have multiple social media accounts on many different social platforms. They need to use social media management software and a social marketing team to stay on top of their social media presence. That is where we come in. Until recently, people tasked with social media management only focused on creating and executing plans to generate and post content. However, today’s consumers demand easy and non-disruptive customer support via social channels.


We Are One of The Top Social Media Marketing Companies for Small Business

Social media is too big, and also too important, to leave to chance. It is a critical channel for building brand awareness, generating leads and staying connected with customers. In 2016, 78% of Americans had a social media profile, and people increasingly use social channels to interact with brands. They also use social media to ask for recommendations, praise the products and services they love, and complain about bad customer experiences.

Your customers want you to respond to them when they reach out to you. They want a fast response and an accurate one. They also want to see your brand’s personality through your social media presence.

Combining social media management and social media engagement is the only way to stay aware of what is being said about your brand and fulfill your customers’ social expectations. It ensures your business is offering a state-of-the-art customer experience. And, perhaps most importantly, it reduces the overall cost of serving your customers. However, what if this is too much for you to handle? After all, you are a busy business professional. Luckily, we are exactly what you need. We will handle it all.


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In order to become a successful company, you need to get noticed. Our team will make that happen for you. When it comes to leaving a digital footprint, trust our social media agency. Social Ease is one of the top social media marketing companies for small business. We know exactly what your company needs to get your results. Call us today for more information. In no time, you will be a successful company in the United States. Trust our social media management company.

5 Signs that Your Social Media Accounts Need a Professional Touch

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Maintaining your personal and corporate social media accounts can seem like a  huge hassle. After all, it seems like you’re just sinking money in and getting little results. Unfortunately, many people and brands slings social posts out there without much of a strategy. But look at your peers- some authentic individuals and companies are able to reap substantial returns from investing time and money participating, peer-to-peer, in communities and via ads on social media. So what are some signs you need a social media marketing specialist to upgrade your social media endeavors? And how might they help to turn things around? Read on to learn more. Social Ease provides quality, affordable social media services across the United States to help you grow your brand. Contact us today for your social media marketing needs!


Signs That You Need A Social Media Professional


Oftentimes, people and businesses who are trying to build their brand are going about it the wrong way with their social media accounts, hurling content into the interwebs with little or no strategy or game plan. Social Ease, a top provider of social  media services, notes that it’s fairly simple to recognize signs of a company or individual with a social media game destined to fail. Firstly, they will not know how to get a monetary return on their social media investment, whether in terms of direct profits or sales. Basically, it’s a lack of knowledge. The social ads that they do put out don’t sell squat, and the company website also ends up not ranking high or not being on page-1 search engine results at all for brand keywords. Moreover, their company and personal social media connections are not going to yield leads or sales, and nobody at their company is reaching out via public or private social accounts. If you recognize these signs in your social media game, it’s important to stop now or change up how you’re doing things immediately.


Tips From a Social Marketing Specialist


There are certain things you should keep in mind when building your social media account and managing it in order to yield actual returns on your investment of time and money. Firstly, in order to receive attributable revenue from your social media account, you need to drive social media users into the conversion funnel. Common ways to do so are to post content on social profiles that link to your company website, and track on-site behavior, leads, and sales from inbound social traffic in order to continuously tailor your approach. Moreover, you should also use a Facebook post, Tweet, and/or LinkedIn Ad to retarget website visitors. Take advantage of how social sites are powerful person-to-person and person-to-business communication channels. Through staying in contact with entrepreneurs and potential investors through social media, you can create plenty of new opportunities for your business.


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In today’s market, social media is an indispensable part of your marketing toolkit. If you feel like your social media investments are not paying off like you want them to, it  may be time to reconsider your approach and hire a social media marketing specialist to get you back on track. Social Ease provides quality, affordable social media services across the United States. Contact us today for your social media needs and expand your brand!

Social Marketing Apps Make Life Easier

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With the help of social media, it is easier than ever before for smaller businesses to get on the radar. All it takes is some patience and effort. The professionals at Social Ease will help your business get on the track it needs to get the results you are aiming for. We have all the knowledge when it comes to social marketing apps. You can trust us as one of the best social media marketing companies in the USA.


Just Think About It

Imagine every time you needed to make a phone call you only had a landline. What is this? The stone age? We are in 2019, after all. Although that scenario is a feverish thought, it is basically the marketer’s equivalent of not having the right apps and tools on their mobile device.


The right combination of apps will make your life a lot easier and will not force you to be tethered to your desk. That is why we have compiled a list of some of our favorite mobile tools for doing social on the go. Your success is our success.  If you are looking for a list of the best social media apps, we have got you covered on that front too. Ask social media marketing companies today.


The Best Social Marketing Apps Out There

  • Hootsuite Mobile
    • Best for: Managing social networks
    • Hootsuite Mobile gives you the flexibility to manage your social projects and collaborate with your team while on the go.
    • Whether you need to make a last-minute edit to a social post or monitor customer conversations away from your desk, Hootsuite Mobile can help. Schedule content, publish posts to all major social networks, connect with customers, and approve posts from your team–all from a single app.


  • Evernote
    • Best for: Note sharing, tagging projects
    • Evernote is a simple and intuitive note-taking app. If you’re drafting copy for social posts, writing notes for an upcoming campaign, or adding a team work back schedule—you’ll want to use Evernote.
    • Evernote has some other handy features that allow you to share documents, tag projects by date or campaign type, and add links to other documents like decks or calendars. It’s great for personal use and team sharing, which makes it an ideal app for marketers.


  • Hootsuite Enhance
    • Best for: Image editing and effects
    • Hootsuite Enhance is a photo editing app for iOS that allows you to edit and share photos on social. You can resize, crop, add filters or text to create the perfect visual.
    • Enhance also takes the guesswork out of image sizing, with templates that meet the spec requirements for each social network.
    • When your images are ready, share them directly from Enhance across your social networks, or schedule them for publishing later through Hootsuite.


  • Canva
    • Best for: Image editing and design templates
    • Canva has a photo editing app for iOS that allows you to edit photos, add text, stickers, frames, and effects to your social media photos. Canva benefits from a huge collection of free and paid photos so you can find images quickly depending on theme or style.
    • Canva also offers pre-designed templates so if you’re in a rush, you don’t have to worry about choosing fonts or designs for image overlay. You can share photos directly to social or through a social media management tool.


  • TouchRetouch
    • Best for: Basic photo retouching
    • TouchRetouch is a retouching tool that allows you to remove unwanted content from your photos. It’s quick and easy to use, allowing you to take out anything from power lines to stop lights in just a few taps.
    • If you post a lot of branded content on Instagram, this may become your go-to app, allowing you to turn any photo into an Instagram-ready post.


  • Adobe Premiere Clip
    • Best for: Editing social videos
    • Adobe Premiere Clip is a video editing app that allows you to create, edit, and share social videos. You can easily edit clips, add titles, transitions, slow-motion effects, and audio to develop a high-quality social video on the go.
    • With Adobe Premiere Clip you can sync your videos across all your devices and upload content directly to social. The app has more simplified features than the desktop version, but you have the option to send it to Premiere Pro on your desktop to make changes or do final touch-ups before posting.


  • Quik
    • Best for: Editing live-action or GoPro videos
    • If you take a lot of live action videos for your brand, then Quik for mobile is a great video editing tool. Created by GoPro, it allows you to quickly and easily edit your GoPro videos from a phone or other device.
    • Quik also has a unique audio feature. You can choose from almost 100 free songs and Quik will automatically sync your transitions to the beat of the music.


  • Clips
    • Best for: Editing short social videos
    • Created by Apple, Clips is a handy tool for creating and editing square video. It’s best for capturing short videos on your iPhone and doing basic edits before uploading to social media.
    • All videos in Clips are synced with the iCloud, so you can edit your videos across all your devices.


  • Slack
    • Best for: Team communication
    • Messaging app Slack is super useful for cross-team collaboration. If you’re working on a social campaign and need to share documents, get feedback, or come to a group decision quickly, you should use Slack.
    • Slack has lots of useful features that allow you to set up working groups, tag campaigns, and search for old projects or campaigns in your conversation archives.


  • Asana
    • Best for: Team collaboration and productivity
    • When you’re working on a social campaign with multiple team members, it’s important to assign roles and responsibilities to make sure projects get done. The Asana app lets you organize and track your team projects from start to finish.
    • With the Asana app you can create tasks, add documents and due dates, assign roles, and have conversations around the project. Asana works best if your team uses the G suite.


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All About Facebook Chat Bots and Messaging

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You may be thinking about getting a chatbot for your company website, and wondering what the pros and cons are. While chatbots have been slowly popping up all over the favorite websites that we regularly browse, there’s still quite a bit that we don’t know about them- how exactly they function, and how it is that we are able to benefit from them. Still, chatbot technology seems like it is here to stay, and is beginning to become a crucial part of how business is conducted. By 2020, in a report by Gartner, 85% of our engagement with businesses will be done without actual human interaction- instead, we’ll be utilizing chatbots and self-service options. According to a survey done by Oracle, 80% of businesses note that they currently use or are planning to use chatbots by 2020. Chatbots can often prove to be incredibly useful front-line agents, fielding inquiries for the business and refer interested prospective consumers to a scheduling system. Basically, chatbots are able to simplify the purchasing process by doing much of the preliminary work and answering questions that customer service reps would have traditionally done. Read on to learn more about what a facebook chat bot can do for your company. Social Ease is a top social media management company servicing the USA. Contact us today for a consultation to grow your business!


What Do Chatbots Do?


So what exactly is a chatbot, and what does it do? A chatbot is a chat program that engages with website visitors to answer questions, provide information, recommend products, and assist customers on their purchasing journey. Currently, there are over 300,000 active chatbots on Facebook’s Messenger, and on a natural language platform for developers, there are over 150,000 registered accounts. Chatbots are poised to take off in a big way, with these figures. Over 59% of millennials and 60% of Gen Xers in the United States have talked with chatbots, on the consumer side.More than half of customers, according to a survey done by Facebook, say that they’re more likely to shop with a business that they are able to connect with via chat. Chatbots help businesses improve customer service and increase sales, and we can see this in  the examples of Sephora and Tommy Hilfiger. Sephora’s reservation assistant upped the average user spend to $50, while the chatbot on Tommy Hilfiger’s Facebook page resulted in an 87% rate of customers returning.


Tips For Your Facebook Chat Bot


Chatbots can be a powerful tool in your business arsenal. There are just a few things you should keep in mind. Firstly, chatbots are generally built around a target audience, and it’s important to remember that you need to keep their needs at the  top of the list during the creation process. If you want to create a chatbot for your company, you will want to track down your audience in order to figure out which chat platforms your target audience is the most active on, and then from there you can find the right chatbot program that will pair with your platform of choice. Secondly, you need to figure out what type of role your chatbot will play. There are many choices- generating leads, providing information, facilitating a transaction, and engaging and entertaining your audience. Just having a chatbot isn’t enough- you’ll need to tailor it to your audience. It may be that you will want to hire an outside social media management company such as Social Ease in order to take the hassle of all of the planning out of your hands so that you can focus on growing your business, and Social Ease can help expand your online presence and bring you more clients.


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Ready for your Facebook chatbot? Contact top social media management company Social Ease from anywhere in the USA for digital marketing services!

How Can Gym Marketing Companies Benefit From Social Media Services?

Gym Marketing Companies in the us

Social media accounts are not just for personal business anymore. Many companies large and small have outsourced social media services in order to boost their customer base and outreach. Why should fitness centers and gyms be any different? A lot of people have the viewpoint that when it comes to a gym membership that the people who are serious about working out are going to be a member and those who aren’t really interested aren’t going to buy into the idea no matter what. So it seems like a waste for them to utilize gym marketing companies because social media is not getting them to the gym. Well, it’s time people realized this is not the truth. In the USA, social media plays a huge role in the way people live their lives including what they eat, drink, read, wear, and yes how they work out. There are endless fitness pages on Instagram and not to mention countless blogs about the best way to get “beach body ready.” Which leaves the question, why aren’t fitness centers and gym taking full advantage of the social world and the answer is easy, they don’t know how to properly handle or manage a social media account, which is why Social Ease is here to help.


The Ideas Behind Gym Marketing Companies

Running a social media account seems like a no brainer. Let’s face it almost everyone on the planet has a personal social media account, and they’re all doing just fine. On the other hand, the goal of a personal account is much different than that of a business one. When it comes to your personal profile you aren’t trying to gain more customers or grow your profits, you’re simply sharing your life journey and if people “like” and “follow” along than that’s great, but if they don’t it doesn’t make or break your life. This isn’t the case with a business page. Everything has to be done strategically and to a plan because one wrong move could not only mean you haven’t gained customers, but it could mean you’ve actually lost some along the way. It is for this reason that many companies, including gyms, have opted for hiring individuals or agencies for social media services. Running a business account requires extreme attention and allowing people with a specific skill set to do that is usually the best choice.


There are a few components that go into managing a successful social media account for a gym. You can find more information on them below:

Inspire, Motivate, Inform: Any good social media account will do these three things especially when it is representing a business, but for a fitness club these are even more essential. In order for fitness to be effective at all, it needs to inspire and motivate the participants to make them feel like continuing on even when they don’t want to. Putting these reminders up on social media can serve as constant reminders to members even when they are outside of the gym walls. Also, new or potential members can see everything your center has to offer before they even step foot inside the building. Also, current members can look at any classes or events being held.

-Post motivational memes or quotes

-Show transformation pictures of personal training clients

-Post weekly class schedules of special events

Build relationships: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have become a way of life. In order to be a relevant business, it is imperative that you become a part of that life as well. Most people are taking gym selfies or Instagramming their diet foods interact with members and potential members on these sites is a great way to become recognized and build up a relationship by showing you’re invested in their journey.


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Socialease is providing social media services across the USA. Gym marketing companies are trying to find a way to make fitness centers relevant in the online space and Socialease can be the digital assistant to help businesses do that. Call or visit us today to find out how we can help!

Are Facebook Groups Dead?

Facebook Groups in the us

A question that may be simmering in the back of your mind when it comes to social media, is if Facebook groups are still relevant. Here at Social Ease, we are a social media agency that is dedicated to marketing and getting your company on the map.


Why a Facebook Group?

There are Groups on Facebook for everything. It is nothing new.  There are spaces for like-minded people to congregate and discuss specific subjects. They offer everything from hobbies to pets and celebrities. They date in one form or another to the platform’s earliest days. However, for a combination of technical and cultural reasons, Groups are suddenly having their moment.


In the past year alone, Facebook Group membership is up 40 percent, with 1.4 billion people. More than half of Facebook’s massive user base is now using Groups every month. Of those, 200 million people belong to so-called “meaningful Groups,” considered a vital part of users’ daily lives. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has said he’d like to see 1 billion users in “meaningful” Groups within five years. But is this goal realistic?


Our Answer is Yes To Facebook Groups

The growth is explained by Facebook’s personal algorithm shifts and platform tweaks. They prioritized engagement with friends, family, and groups, while downranking public content shared by business, brands, and media. Under the auspices of community building, we’re now seeing significantly more posts from Groups on our feeds and fewer posts from company Pages or media publishers.


Facebook has even tested a dedicated Groups tab inside its mobile app, so users can find all of their groups in one place, as well as discover new ones. Beefed up tools for scheduling posts and screening members have made it easier to build and scale Groups.


But truly understanding the growth and future evolution of Groups requires applying a broader cultural lens. 2018 represented a crisis year for social media and this was largely a crisis of trust. It is critical to remember that Facebook and other networks initially represented a sort of safe space: a refuge from the chaos and threats posed by the vast, anonymous Internet at large. Back in the day, most interactions on social media were with real people, many of them friends and family. Believe it or not, Facebook was a place to be yourself and let your guard down. Trust our social media agency.


The Future

So for companies and brands who rely on social media to reach customers, are Groups the heart for addressing dipping engagement and declining reach? More importantly, does the Group concept point to a way forward for social media in general as a means to recover the trust and authenticity that made Facebook and other platforms so revolutionary to begin with?


Brands finding success have learned to walk a fine line. They are creating a space where passionate users can express themselves while working hard behind the scenes to keep discussions vibrant and focused. Indoor cycling workout company Peloton boasts more than 100,000 members in its official closed group, which now registers upward of 300 posts and 5,000 comments a day. But this is no accident. Members are rigorously screened, and admins are quick to flag and remove content that violates community guidelines.


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Reach The Target Customer With Targeted Social Media Analytics

social media analytics in the usa

You want to make your business thrive. What is a great way to do so? Targeting the right customers through social media. Here are Social Ease, we are a social media agency who specializes in social media analytics. Located across the United States, we are professionals who will ensure your company gets traffic across multiple platforms.


How Does Social Media Help Your Business?

Social media is everywhere. It seems like almost every single person who owns a cellular device, checks the various apps and sites that are available to them, at least once a day. We are in the digital age. This means there is little to no debate over the value of social media. Think of websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. Did you know that Facebook users spend an average of 50 minutes a day on their properties? This is the same for other social media, too. They are not that far behind.


Thanks to video, there is a new chapter that seemed to arise in digital space. Video through social media has led to the expansion of social capabilities like Facebook Love, Snapchat Stories, and InstaStories. Current events and political influence are inseparable from the platforms that promote them. Social media today is more impactful than it has ever been before.


With daily media usage, social media is taking center stage. This is the same with behavior shifts. Advertisers are not far behind, either. Social media spending will top $19 billion this year. That means ad spending is expected to see a 26 percent increase from last year. Social media gives us the chance to reach target audiences with a level of sophistication that we have never had access to before. Users proactively weave a narrative of their behaviors, interests, and intentions by the simple act of using social media platforms, which enables targeted online advertising to be that much more customized and precise. Still confused? Ur social media agency will help clear the air.


Social Media Analytics

Due to the influence of social in targeted markets, a big concern for business in which social networks they should be on. Each platform has its own voice and particular audience that use them differently. It is very important to understand each one in order to build a particular media marketing strategy. We are here to help. Here is a break down of the top 3:

  • Facebook
    • Hands down the most popular social media in the world. There are over 1.5 billion users. Users go on this platform to connect with content and the content of what facebook hosts, is very encompassing. Facebook offers a wide range of marketing objectives and creative options that apply to every stage of the consumer journey, allowing businesses to test and optimize against numerous campaign initiatives.


  • Instagram
    • The perfect destination or engaging pictures and videos for personal contacts and public figures and brands. This platform is seeing the fastest growth reaching 600 million members in 2016. Across Instagram, audiences have consistently demonstrated higher-than-average brand recall and spend on average $65 per referred sale, which beats out both Twitter and Facebook.


  • Twitter
    • The most specific of all the social media. This is users go-to source for any real-time events. Many brands have gained favor with well-timed jokes or alignment with current events. Twitter has leveraged their position in the space and extended it to their targeting


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