Why Social Media Marketing Companies Suggest SEO

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Social media marketing is an essential part of growing your brand and staying competitive in today’s internet-driven market. Social media marketing and SEO strategy are two different branches of the same plant, and they work the best when utilized as a union. In order to have a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, it is crucial to integrate SEO into social media marketing so that your brand and business can expand your reach and optimize the amount of revenue that you bring in. While social media marketing is different from SEO, and the job of a social media manager still differs from that of somebody who specializes in SEO, these days the two are growing more and more intertwined. SEO and social media management are not that different, and top national social media marketing companies such as Social Ease not only recommend utilizing SEO but often incorporate it into our social media strategy so that we can grow the audience for your brand. Contact Social Ease today for premium social media services to grow your business!


Social Media Managers Learn From SEO


Social media specialists and professional marketers who work with social media promotion can and often do take a couple pages from the SEO field in order to increase the impact of their work. One of the aspects of SEO that social media specialists can utilizei s keyword research, a basic but highly effective way to multiply their social marketing efforts. After all, websites are not the only online medium that relies on keywords. Social media marketing campaigns can benefit from this tactic as well. How SEO functions is that major search engines will rank pages higher if they feature valuable and informative content as well as based on the popularity of the content. The same concept functions for social media channels, through two working strategies. Social media specialists can utilize traditional keywords that they should research and include in titles and texts for the business, and they can also utilize keywords in hashtags that reach a broader audience of fans and make the content easier for potential clients and customers to discover by people who are looking for the keyword(s). Social Ease, a top provider of social media services, utilizes keyword research in order to optimize the social media pages we work with and use all the tools at our disposal to grow your brand and clientele.


Social Media Marketing Companies Should Use Keyword Research


There are different types of keywords that can be utilized in your social marketing campaign. The first of these are traditional keywords, which as the short phrases which inform the reader what exactly the post will be about. In social media content, the traditional keywords will be used in a similar manner as in a blog post, with main keywords found in the title of the post and the accompanying text found in that area as well. Hashtags are another keyword tool that is especially useful on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, two of the most popular social media networks. Branded hashtags allow your social media marketing campaigns to strengthen its branding, whereas general hashtags will bring potential customers/clients who are interested in the general subject to discover your business.


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More and more national social media marketing companies such as Social Ease are combining social media campaigns with SEO tactics in order to optimize the brands they work with. Contact Social Ease today for premium social media services to grow your brand!

Optimizing Your Google My Business Listing

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Creating a Google My Business listing the optimal way to get local customers to discover your business. This digital marketing strategy has leveraged massive amounts of success for brands over the years, which is why it is important to optimize this policy now. Social Ease is a team of social media specialists that can garner the right audience and traction to get your business flowing. We know the key ingredients to jump start your GMB listing so that you can start seeing new customers right away! For now, we are going to break down the bare bones of the GMB strategy so that you have a generally understand on the process. Then you can contact Social Ease to let the experts do the digital work for you!

The Basics

So, what is GMB , exactly?

GMB stands for Google My Business. It is a free tool provided by Google to help business owners manage their online presence across their search engine. This is an important instrument to have, though, it should never take the place on your actual website. This is because GMB simply works to promote your website by making it easier to find. It gives your business an actual location so that when someone searches for your relevant business “near me” they can find your phone number, address, and website right away. All of this information will appear in Google Search, Google Maps, and even on Google+.

Starting Your Google My Business Listing


The first thing we do at Social Ease when operating your social media strategy is to search for your business in Google’s search bar. If company does not already come up as a GMB Listing, then we know that we have work to do! However, if your name does show up, then all we need to do it claim your business.

We will need to fill out all of the information that Google asks for. The more information you put in, the easier it will be for Google to suggest your business for exploring customers. Keep in mind however, that anyone can “Suggest an Edit” or “Answer quick questions” about your business on your Google listing. This can potentially lower your Google ranking which is why it is important to keep track of this section in Google’s search. Which is exactly what Social Ease does for you!

The Details

Once we are signed into your Google My Business account, we need to fine tune the details to really optimize your business for top Google search results. In the “Manage location” card of your listing you can specify whether you serve customers at your physical address or if it is simply a contact method. Here you can also add in your phone number, menus, hours, and other easily clickable links that will redirect customers to your website.

The GMB Post section is also a great opportunity to endorse your business further. These can be looked at as mini-ads as they will appear directly underneath your listing. These posts can be creative by incorporating photos, video, and other pertinent information about your company.

Ready to get started? Contact Social Ease to set up your Google My Business listing today!

July 2018 is Your Last Chance! Buy an SSL ASAP

To buy SSL certificate is a critical move for your business’s success. This certificate guarantees that your website will be secure for visitors and MyCity Social, the SEO company Miami businesses rave about, recommends that its clients purchase it as soon as possible to avoid being penalized. To learn more, contact us at MyCity Social in Miami.


What is an SSL Certificate?


An SSL certificate can also be referred to as a secure sockets layer certificate. Its purpose is to help verify the security of your website. When customers see that your website has an SSL certificate, they know that their information will be secure and they feel more confident entering your site. In the past, websites simply existed without an SSL certificate as HTTP and Google had no penalization system for it in place.

However, Google is now moving to encourage safe websites for a better customer experience. In this effort, is planning on marking all non-HTTPS websites with a “not secure” warning in the search bar. In order to effectively implement the change. Google has said that they will make a small ranking boost for those websites that switch to HTTPS.


Why Buy SSL Certificate


An SSL certificate is not something optional if you want your business to succeed. For many site visitors, simply seeing the message that the site is not secure is going to be enough to make them turn back. Even if they do continue on the site. They will probably feel less comfortable purchasing anything from your site if there is no guarantee their information is safe.

Making sure that you buy SSL certificate may not make your business distinguishable or give you a noticeable boost. But it will ensure that your business is not penalized as a result of not having purchased the SSL certificate. This way, you will not only have more visitors to your site. But more overall conversions as visitors will feel comfortable knowing their information is safe if they decide to purchase your product or service.

MyCity Social, the SEO company Miami businesses trust, wants to ensure that we help our clients in any way we can. Because quite a few significant changes are coming to Google. We want to inform our clients, and the public, of how they could be impacted by the shifts to the algorithm. Making an effort to encourage the purchase of SSL certificates for those clients who do not have them.

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The migration from HTTP to HTTPS can be a difficult one, however, for larger websites. That is why we at MyCity Social, the SEO company Miami businesses recommend. The additional services ready to help clients not only get their SSL certificates but make the necessary changes to their websites. Contact us to learn more about how we could help you and your business make the change over with your SSL certificate.

5 Ways to Distribute Content

Creating valuable content for SEO is important for your online presence, but the way that you distribute this content is equally important. MyCity Social, an SEO company Miami businesses trust, has tips for you to effectively distribute your content and get more eyes on what you are publishing. Knowing how to distribute your content well can make the difference between a well viewed post and a post that gets lost in sea of other blog posts. Contact MyCity Social to learn more about content distribution and how it can help you rank better.


1) Make an eBook


An eBook is a great way to get your content compiled in one location as a helpful resource for potential visitors. With the quality and number of eBook software available today, you are sure to find something with which you could make an eBook for your blog posts. Make sure to have a landing page for your eBook and to optimize it for all the keywords that your book pertains to.


2) Utilize Video Content for SEO


Taking your blog posts and turning them into videos can give your business a competitive edge and gives you positive feedback from Google. There are a number of tools that exist to convert your written content into visual content. Because Google includes videos as part of their search results, you are certain to be competing with fewer spots for the video content and you can get more eyes on your content.


3) Create Infographics


Infographics are a great way to promote your content in a visually-appealing away. You can create long-form blog posts with infographics. This can make your posts more shareable and more appealing. Additionally, because you are creating an image, you also have the opportunity to rank for your image if you optimize it properly.


4) Use Content-Sharing Sites


Content-sharing sites like Reddit can help you promote your content and it also shows search engines that you are active online. Make sure to choose locations for your content where it is relevant so that you reach the largest, most interested audience.


5) Don’t Forget Email


Email is always important despite what many people may say. Make sure that you are gathering emails to create a distribution list for your business. Use this distribution list to share your content when it is published. If the list is small, you can reach out to other businesses or services in your industry or in related industries to see if they would be willing to mention your content in their newsletters. This can make a serious difference in the traffic that you get on your posts.


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If you would like to learn how you can distribute your content for SEO more effectively, contact MyCity Social, an SEO company Miami businesses rave about. With their four convenient locations in Miami, Tampa, Orlando, and Fort Lauderdale, you can trust them to understand the market that your business exists in more intimately and provide you with quality service.