Why You Need a Reputation Management Company to Respond to Your Reviews

As a reputation management company, MyCity Social in Orlando understands the importance of having reputation management.  This is especially the case when you are talking about dealing with company reviews. Reviews are an important part of running a business as they are a badge of trustworthiness from real customers. That said, you may not have time as a business owner to respond to all of these reviews. That is where a reputation management company can step in. Because they have ample experience in responding to reviews, they can be a prime resource for you. To learn more about this and our Orlando SEO company, contact us today.

Why is Responding to Reviews Important?

Customers do not like to feel as though they are shouting into a void. When they take the time to leave you a review, they want to make sure that you are reading it. This is true of both positive and negative reviews. When someone feels strongly about a positive experience they had with a business, they will want to know that the business really received their praise. They will want to hear back from the business that their appreciation was well received and that the business was grateful.

The other side of the token is equally important. When a customer is unhappy, they will want the business they are upset with to rectify the situation. If you simply ignore their complaints—regardless of what they may be—you appear as though you do not care about the customer’s needs. In these instances, it can be especially important to respond quickly, as this demonstrates to the customer that you are responsive and aware of what they are searching for.

What Does a Reputation Management Company Do?

The job of a reputation management company is to take over where you need extra help. That is, when you are struggling to stay on top of all of your reviews because you are too busy running your actual business, you can trust your reputation management company to do it for you. They will be able to answer all of the reviews, positive or negative, and make sure that you gain a reputation of being polite and attentive.

The other component that makes a reputation management company beneficial is that they are the ones that have had experience doing what they do. This means that they are well equipped to respond to any sort of reviews that come their way. This makes your job much easier as you do not have to worry about what you say and how you say it.

Are you interested in learning more? We at MyCity Social are an experienced and talented Orlando SEO company, and we can help you stay on top of your reputation to give you the best results.

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MyCity Social is an Orlando SEO company with experience in reputation management. We know what it takes to stay on top of your reputation online. If you are interested in learning more about our services, contact us at MyCity Social.

Localized SEO Experts Can Help You Now More Than Ever, Here’s How

SEO experts can serve your business and its online presence in a number of ways. As an expert in local SEO Orlando businesses trust. MyCity Social knows what it takes to make sure that your business has everything it needs in its online presence to succeess. Our SEO experts can talk you through the intricate process of optimizing your website and digital presence. If you are interested in learning more about the SEO services company Orlando businesses recommend, contact us at MyCity Social today.

What Does an SEO Expert Do?

An SEO expert knows the intricacies of SEO. They can be the ones to tell you that how SEO is not a series of tricks. The practical way to figure out what features on your website and what types of content need to draw in users. This methodology provides organic, well-intentioned improvements to your website rather than “hacks” or “tricks.”

They can also be the ones to inform you about how keyword ranking works in the overall composition of the SEO. While keyword ranking is important, there are dozens of other metrics. The key performance indicators that gauge the success of your campaign which is why having a healthy budget is so crucial. When you only opt for a low budget, you get amateur-style work and minimal strategic execution.

SEO experts also know that while there are many aspects of SEO that are learnable to the unacquainted. It is still a fast-paced and complex field. It requires a significant amount of active devotion to learning the different changes that occur all the time. That is why the SEO process is never quite the same even from client to client as different strategies will work for different businesses.

Another thing that your SEO expert can do is ease your mind about technical aspects of SEO such as Google penalties and link building. Many people think that Google penalties are something to be constantly worried about but this is actually not the case. Many times, as long as the practices you follow are not purposefully harmful. You will receive temporary ranking drops but nothing as severe as a penalty. Additionally, link building is not actually spamming as long as it execute properly in such a way that it is natural and adding informative value to the internet.

Are You Looking for Local SEO Orlando Businesses Trust?

If you are looking for the SEO services company Orlando businesses truly recommend, MyCity Social is here to serve you. We have expertise in SEO so that your company does not have to worry.

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MyCity Social is an agency for local SEO Orlando businesses truly trust. We have the experience in SEO to make sure that your business has the best possible advantage in your industry. To learn more about the best SEO services company Orlando has to offer, contact us at MyCity Social or visit our website today.

A Customized SEO Marketing Plan Is The Way To Go

The best SEO strategy is not one that is generalized and has no solid focus. In order to be successful with your SEO strategy, you have to make sure that you are zeroing in on problems and showing your customers how you solve them. If you need help with this or you unsure where to start, contact MyCity Social in Orlando. They are a digital marketing agency who understand how to succeed with an SEO strategy.


Helps you avoid common mistakes

A mistake that businesses can often make is that they do not create content that is actually useful and relevant. The best thing you can do for your website is giving each page purpose. If there are pages on your website that don’t serve a purpose and help your customers solve a problem, then your website may be marked as poor quality.

That is why it is important for you to make sure that each of your pages solves a problem for your customers and has a definitive purpose. When you customize your SEO strategy, you look over all the different problems that your business can solve for your customers so that you can anticipate what your potential customers will be searching for.

Lets you adjust to Google’s algorithm

Anticipating a user’s needs also allows you to be prepared for Google’s algorithms. For instance, a user may be searching for a restaurant near them but they may be searching on their phone. If the restaurant’s website is not mobile friendly, that may be enough to stop them from considering that restaurant in their search. On the other hand, the restaurant’s website may be mobile friendly but their links may be broken or they may not have a convenient way to contact the restaurant readily visible.

All of these are deterrents for potential customers. The more of these you anticipate ahead of time, the better you can adapt to Google’s algorithm and the better your SEO strategy and the more return on your digital marketing efforts.

Enables you to define your competition for the best SEO strategy

By knowing what your problems are that you are trying to solve, you can see which of the people in your same industry are also providing those solutions and are your competition. For instance, again, if your restaurant has a mobile page but another restaurant serving the same cuisine has a mobile page that allows users to make a reservation with the press of a button, you know that they are your competition and you need to provide a solution that is equal to or better than theirs. When you begin to craft the best SEO strategy, make sure to take a look at people in your industry to get a better idea of what your competition is doing.


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If you are looking for assistance in creating the best SEO strategy, contact MyCity Social. They are a digital marketing agency with three convenient locations throughout Florida in Tampa, Orlando, and Miami.

A SWOT Analysis Can Help Your Business’s SEO

A SWOT analysis make a serious difference in the way that businesses tackle their SEO strategy, but most people are left asking “What is SWOT analysis?” Thankfully, Orlando SEO company MyCity Social is there to help you. They can walk through a SWOT analysis with you and get your business’s SEO to where you want it to be.

What is SWOT analysis?

A SWOT analysis looks at four key areas: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. You can visualize them by imagining or drawing a four-quadrant grid. In one column you have things that are helpful to achieving your objective as a company with your SEO and in the other column you have things that are harmful to that end. In the first row, you have things that are internal in origin—that is, things that you do as an organization—and in the second row, you have things that are external in origin—which are things in your environment that affect your cause. Your strengths lie in the upper left-hand corner of your quadrant where things are helpful and internal. Your weaknesses are in the upper right where harmful and internal lie. Opportunities are external and helpful in the lower left-hand corner, and threats are external and harmful in the lower right.


These are things that your company is doing well. For instance, if you have years of expertise in your industry, that is a strength. Additionally, if you have a blog and you are publishing relevant, unique, and high-quality content, that is a strength in your favor. Think of the things that your company does well and place that in the strengths quadrant of the SWOT chart.


Your weaknesses are the things that your company needs to work on. For instance, if your company is not ranking on the first page of results because you are not optimizing your blog then that would be a weakness. Additionally, simple things like not having a way to track your conversions can be considered a weakness.


Your opportunities are the things that you could do that would change your circumstances for the better. For instance, if you have a blog you could continue to publish the same quality content. If you need to improve your ranking, you could optimize your website and install a tracking for your conversions and a plugin for your SEO.


Threats are going to be the things that you cannot control that you must battle against. This would be if, for instance, you had a growing number of competitors who were doing better in organic results than your business. Take note of all the different things that could be considered threats to your business’s success and place them in the lower right quadrant.

Action plan

With this information in place, you can decide how to proceed. Sometimes the hardest part for businesses to succeed with SEO is knowing where to turn and focus their efforts. With a SWOT analysis, you can better determine where your business is lacking and how to fix it. Should you decide you need an Orlando SEO company, MyCity Social is available to help you optimize your business’s online presence.

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If you still have questions remaining and would like to ask “What is SWOT analysis?” to an expert directly, contact MyCity Social, an Orlando SEO company, for more information.

How to Minimize Traffic Loss from a Site Migration

To migrate WordPress site or a site from another platform means a lot of work and can mean traffic loss. It is because of this that you have to be certain that you need a migration before you move forward with one so that you can be certain not to have any negative outcomes. For more information on site migrations and how you can perform one without losing traffic, contact MyCity Social, an Orlando SEO company.

What happens when you migrate WordPress site

Choosing to migrate a site on WordPress or any other hosting platform can be a huge move. It can give you the opportunity to rebrand yourself and your business or, in certain cases, you can switch over to HTTPS. However, there are some things to keep in mind if you are considering migrating. After all, it is not necessary and it does not always benefit you.

When you migrate your site, it will take Google some time to process the change and update its index. This can result in traffic loss and can have a significant impact on the number of potential customers that view your site.

Migrating also doesn’t really have any impact on your SEO. Unless you are making the switch over to HTTPS, the process of migrating your site can actually be more harmful than helpful if not done properly.

How to minimize traffic loss

In order to minimize the loss of traffic, you must first make sure that the migration is absolutely necessary. If you are making the switch because you need to change to HTTPS or because you are rebranding completely, then a migration is necessary.

If this is the case then there are a few steps you can take to make sure that your migration does not affect your traffic completely. One easy thing to do is to perform the migration when your site is already expecting slow business. While the ideal is to not have traffic affected at all, if it is affected, select a time that already has lower number of visitors on your site.

You can also crawl your site before a migration to see all of your URLs and save them for later. Also, be sure to keep a spreadsheet of all these URLs and all the new URLs that those old ones match up with so that you can assure yourself that you are not missing any pages.

When you are certain you’ve completed the migration, make sure that you test out the site before you make it live so that you are positive that everything was transferred properly.

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A migration is a significant undertaking that can result in traffic loss but it does not have to if you take the right precautions. To learn more about how to properly perform site migration and migrate WordPress site and sites on other platforms, contact MyCity Social. They are an Orlando SEO company with locations in Orlando, Tampa, and Miami ready to help your business with its website questions and digital marketing.

Google Product Knowledge Panels Get an Update on Mobile

Google is constantly updating and constantly searching for ways to enhance the user experience, especially in such a busy time as the holidays. Recently, there has been a Google search update to the mobile platform that changes the way that viewers see knowledge panels for products. This update is not just exciting for consumers but for businesses as well. To learn more about how this could help your business, contact MyCity Social, an Orlando SEO expert, for more information.

Mobile Google search update for the holidays


The new update to the Google search mobile platform is specifically tailored at assisting shoppers during this upcoming holiday season. It features a variety of additions to the knowledge panels for products. Thus, if a shopper were to search for a specific product—such as a laptop—pictures of the product would come up alongside a Google Shopping ad and other reviews from third party sources. It can also include videos of the product and an optional “Details” tab that goes more in depth with the product.

Depending on the particular product, the listing will feature more or less information. For instance, in some examples a product will have multiple pictures available but no Shopping ads to purchase directly on Google. However, sometimes products will have no “Details” tab but will have videos demonstrating the use of the product. The results of the reviews as well are pulled from the Google algorithm, so two tech products will not necessarily feature reviews from the same tech site on their knowledge panel.

The new additions are meant to help Google compete with Amazon for product searches in this upcoming season. With people turning to Amazon to do their holiday shopping, Google needed something to draw visitors back to the search engine. This Google search update makes it much easier for shoppers to receive all their information about a product in one location and it also makes it a prime-time for businesses.

How can this help your business?


A focus on displaying all aspects of the product buying process in one location means that it is a good time for businesses to perhaps invest in a Shopping ads campaign. By being accessible to consumers via the Shopping ads that come up when you search for a product, they have a higher chance of landing their business in front of more viewers.

It may also be time to ask your SEO expert how you can draw more people to your business through these product panels, whether it be through a video that could be featured or another method. Your SEO specialist will be able to guide you to utilizing this new Google addition to the benefit of your business. If you are in Orlando and searching for an Orlando SEO expert, contact MyCity Social to see how they can help you.


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The new update to the product panels on Google can be very beneficial to your business, so don’t hesitate to reach out to your Orlando SEO expert, MyCity Social. If you are in Tampa, Orlando, or Miami, they can provide you with more information about to get the most out of this update.

5 Ways To Measure ROI From Social Media

Digital marketing can be very beneficial for your business, but how do you determine how successful your campaign is? How can you be certain of the return on your investment? For assistance in getting a better understanding of your ROI, contact MyCity Social, a social media marketing agency in Orlando, for information.

1) Know your KPIs, or Key Performance Indicators

The first thing to do is to know what your target goal is for your social media marketing. If you are looking to increase your overall revenue, then you could measure your performance according to a dollar value. If what matters to you is getting more people aware of your brand, then you can measure it that way. The key here is that you must be specific in the way that you measure your progress. The better and more definitive an understanding you have of how you’re progressing, the more you are going to be able to measure your ROI.

2) Match the goals of your social media campaign with those of your business

This is the part of the process where you get very specific. In order to have a successful digital marketing campaign, you have to set smaller goals for yourself to accomplish your overarching goals. For the example of revenue, you might track product purchases, signups to a service, or free trials for a subscription. If you were more invested in brand awareness, your goals could be mentions of your brand or more followers on social media.

3) Use Google Analytics to track conversions

You can utilize Google Analytics to keep track of your goals for you. All you have to do is configure your goals into the system and it will track your audience’s behavior for you. This will help you to determine how best you can retain and convert your audience.


4) Give your KPIs value

Knowing the different values of the goals you have gives you a better understanding of what they mean for your bottom line. Some of these values can be lifetime value of your individual customer, lifetime value multiplied by conversion rate, average sale, and PPC valuation. For lifetime value of your customer, this can mean how much you earn from each customer on average while the lifetime value multiplied by conversion rate is how much each potential visit is worth to your business depending on the percentage that converts. The average sale is how much an average purchase is through your particular site and the PPC valuation is how much you would pay if you were to use ads to achieve the same results that you do through social media.


5) Compare what you and your social media marketing agency are doing against your competitors

Finally, compare what you are doing to your competitors. Learn what they are doing that works and determine which platforms are being utilized that successfully reach your target audience. If your results are not the same as your competitors, that is normal, but it is important to know what is out there in order to figure out where you want to go.


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MyCity Social is a social media marketing agency in Orlando that can assist you in determining your ROI for your digital marketing. Contact them for more information on how they can help.

Snapchat Introduces Conversion Tracking (Finally)!

Snapchat is one of the foremost social media apps for marketers. It can make a huge difference in sales. Snapchat views may be incredibly helpful in understanding how successful your marketing campaign is, but how do you track your ad views if your audience doesn’t actually interact with the ad? Snapchat is introducing a tool which now allows you to keep track of how your ads direct people to your site even if they don’t engage with the ad itself. If you would like to know more about this tool and how it can help you and your business in Orlando, contact MyCity Social, an Orlando SEO expert, and social media marketing agency for more information.


Snapchat views on your ads


With their new addition, Snapchat is now allowing marketers a way to see if customers visit their sites after seeing their ads on Snapchat, even if they don’t actually engage with the ad in order to access the actual site. They call this new tool the Snap Pixel and it is conversion-tracking tool that essentially measures how ads on Snapchat may impact traffic on a particular marketer’s site. This tool only works with vertical video Snap Ads and not the Sponsored Lens or Geofilter. As of the beginning of November, the tool is in its testing phase, but Snapchat has said that they will be rolling it out to all advertisers in the coming weeks. Those brands and marketers that wish to have access currently will need to contact Snapchat’s sales team directly.

Why is this important?


Snapchat’s new tool is an attempt to measure the amount of traffic that is driven to a particular website from the app. It is meant to help credit the app so that they can get a larger chunk of that brand’s budget. This is especially important for Snapchat currently because they are trying to target direct-response advertisers.


Right now, Snap Pixel is only able to track conversions. However, the aim for this addition is to be able to help marketers retarget the people visiting their sites based on the pages they visit. This means that brands can create “lookalike” audiences of people whose characteristics are similar to those same site visitors and aim their future ads at that new audience.


How can your business utilize this?


While this new tool is beneficial for Snapchat’s sake, it can also be very helpful for you and your business. This allows you to see how successful your ads are on Snapchat in driving traffic to your website. This means that you can adjust your campaign or decide whether or not to keep advertising on Snapchat depending on your numbers. When you are planning out your budget, this can be especially helpful.


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If you are in Orlando, an Orlando SEO expert and digital marketing team can help you sort through the confusion of handling the new Snapchat updates. MyCity Social, an Orlando SEO expert and digital marketing company, can help you and your business utilize the new Snap Pixel to better understand your Snapchat views and increase your site traffic.

The Importance of Reviewing Your Monthly Reports

We are your SEO checker

SEO is important for the digital success of your business. Understanding the ins and outs of how your business is benefitting from SEO can be a difficult task if you undergo it alone. However, with the monthly report provided to you from your SEO specialist, you can understand exactly what is being done for your business in a manner that is understandable for you. There are a variety of benefits of the monthly report, which is why it is such an important document for you to review when you receive it. At MyCity Social, they provide you with a detailed monthly overview and are your SEO checker with experience, which makes them the Orlando SEO expert to consult.

Custom created reports

The reports provided to you are custom created for your business and provide in-depth information for what has changed, increased, decreased, and improved about the SEO services your business paid for. They are carefully crafted for your viewing and they are meant for your utilization so that you may see how SEO is affecting your site’s traffic.

Proof of the work done

The report that is provided for you goes over everything that has been done for your business and it is proof of the work that you are paying for. If you have any questions about how exactly your business is benefitting from SEO, you can refer to your monthly report for the exact statistics. It can be used as a reference for understanding how much value SEO is worth and for budgeting in the future.

The chance for you to speak with your specialist

Your report is a unique chance for you to speak with your SEO specialist. You can review the report together and discuss what changes you can make moving forward and what has been working so far. It gives you an opportunity to go over these things with someone who is not only intimately familiarized with the SEO of your business, but can decipher all of those things for you, so that you too can understand what it means.

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There are a number of reasons why your monthly report is important. It is not only a document especially made for you and your business, but it is proof of the effectiveness of the work that is being done and can give you an understanding of all the things can be changed or improved about your SEO services. You can also utilize it to see what is working and what you need to continue doing. Additionally, it gives you an opportunity to speak with your SEO specialist who functions as your SEO checker and explains your report for you to understand and review. With them, you can decide what your plans will be for your SEO moving forward. If you are in need of SEO services, an Orlando SEO expert can assist you. Contact MyCity Social, the Orlando SEO expert, for more information.

How Can Content Optimization Help My Business?

When it comes to content optimization, it seems like there is a never-ending list of things you can do to optimize your content. And why would someone want to optimize their content? Well if you have content on our site and add new content regularly, optimizing content to rank for keywords can gain potential traffic to your website. Search engines such as Google and Yahoo want to provide their users or searchers with the best content for any given search term or keyword.

How does keyword ranking and content optimization work?

By optimizing your content around search terms and keywords, it lets search engines know what your content is about and what helps your content rank in a search. If you rank one through five for a keyword that gets one hundred monthly searches, then you could potentially get a big piece of that traffic. It all sounds nice and easy but that is content optimization in a nutshell. To really succeed it takes one of two things. You can take the time to learn and practice all the thing you can do to optimize content or hire writing services that know how. I am an Orlando SEO expert and would love to write for you. But, I am also writing this to educate those wanting to learn about content optimization. I am going to put together a list of actions you can take to optimize your content to try and gain web traffic.


First, identify a keyword. You can do this by using google search and input keywords centered around your content. The titles of the results and suggested results at the bottom of a Google search page will provide you with some keywords. Second, you can learn on-page optimization. This is will require some web development knowledge. Once you have a keyword, make sure it’s included in your title and a few times throughout your content. You can also change your meta descriptions, images titles, image metadata, and SEO titles to include the keyword.

For example, If your keyword is “MyCity social” then you would include that in the title of your content.

How can I outrank my competitors with writing services?

When trying to rank for a keyword such as MyCity social, it can get competitive. One way to help your chances to outrank your competitors is by writing longer content than others. Search engines will rank longer pieces higher. Again, an Orlando SEO Expert is available to complete these tasks and optimize your content or create fresh, new optimized content. If you want to learn for yourself, there is a list of over two hundred ranking factors that Google’s search algorithm uses to try and find the best content. Though writing services are usually very cost effective. Even if you don’t create content to rank for keywords and gain traffic to your website, it’s still a good idea to optimize your content. It will help search engines know what your website is about, it will help your website domain authority, and you may get some extra traffic coming in.

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If you are worried about your writing abilities, don’t worry. That’s why there are writing services available. Reach out to an Orlando SEO Expert and get the most out of your content.