Interview With The MyCity Social Finance Director, Nisha Baksh

This week we had the pleasure of interviewing Nisha Baksh, our finance director for MyCity Social. This spunky and hard working woman is a force to be reckoned with here at our company and is always making calls and ensuring our clients are taken care of with their billing. Read below to learn more about Nisha Baksh.



  • What Is Your Background? What Did You Do Before MyCity Social?


I went to Baruch College in New York and studies accounting. I Graduated with a Bachelors in Accounting and Finance. Upon graduating I worked at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. I worked there for nine years in the Accounting department. I found it fascinating because every day you learn about all the drugs, how they are processed and etc.. I started as an intern there and then I was hired full time. After Pfizer I began working for MyCity Eats and was there for 7 years (this was back when we were a magazine). I left because I needed to work at my son’s school to help him as part of Orange County Schools doing accounting. I was only there for 4 months though as the owners of MyCity Social kept calling me to come back because of my customer relation skills, organizational skills and ability to handle the stress of this job well.


  1. Why Did You End Up Coming Back to MyCity Social?

I came back to MyCity Social because of the relationship that I have with Andrew and Nick, and the desire to help them grow this company and succeed. I also feel more comfortable with knowing that being here, their books are handled accurately. There is only one person in finance doing all the accounts payable, receivable, collections, customer service….wearing many hats, which I enjoy doing.


  1. What Is Your Favorite Part About What You Do?

Being able to satisfy clients! Hearing their needs if it is a financial issue or dissatisfaction with any part of the work being performed is something I listen to daily. I like speaking to our clients, handling their issues and ensuring that they are satisfied.


  1. What is Your Most Difficult or Least Favorite Task?

The most frustrating part of my job is when finance issues arise that are out of my control.


  1. Describe a Typical Day At MyCity Social?

My typical day begins with checking my emails, looking for insufficient charges or charge backs, replying to those chargebacks and receiving all incoming customer calls. 70% of my day is customer service. 10% is accounts receivable, and the other 20% is making sure that all three offices run smoothly.


  1. What Is Next For You? Where Do You See Yourself In The Next 5 Years?
    I see myself becoming a partner with the owners, and efficiently and effectively running MyCity Social as we continue to grow as a top social media and search optimization company.
  2. List 5 Fun Things About You. Don’t Think…Go!
  • I love working out
  • I love to cook
  • I am the mother of two amazing boys
  • I am Buddhist and enjoy meditation
  • My dream car is a red BMW convertible


  1. You Clearly Like Accounting and Finance, What Draws You to This Line of Work?
    My dad retired from City Bank after 42 years as a financial banker, so number have always been a part of my family. Because accounting is a check and balances type of job and is very detail orientated, I love working with numbers and ensuring that my debits and credits balance out at the end of the day. I like being able to provide feedback to the owners about monthly totals, sales reports and accurately working with numbers.


We hope you enjoyed learning about our finacne director Nisha Baksh. If you are interested in learning more about MyCity Social and review our portfolio please click here: If you would like to read more about our SEO services read about it here, or if you are interested in our digital marketing package, please click here. We look forward to helping you grow your business.

An Orlando SEO Expert Explains: Keyword Research For Doctors

If you’re a doctor, you know that you need patients to keep your practice open. You probably even know that your website is one of the primary ways by which you are discovered. What you might not realize, and what an Orlando SEO expert who uses MyCity Social can tell you, is that the way you research keywords is going to have a huge impact on your practice’s profits.

How Keywords Work

It’s a good idea to start with a brief understanding of how keywords work. Keywords are, on a basic level, how a search engine connects people to websites. If you don’t already know the name of a site, you’ll search for something related to what it does. If you need to learn more about SEO, for example, you might search for ‘Medical SEO’, and Google might provide you with links to MyCity Social and a number of other sites. Your patients are probably doing something similar, searching ‘Orlando Doctor’ in order to find you.

A Matter of Time…

Keyword research is the process of figuring out which keywords your potential clients are using and then adjusting your web presence so that Google’s algorithms send users of those keywords to your site. As you might expect, no one has the time or ability to target every keyword. As a doctor, your time is limited enough as it is, and trying to hit too many keywords will waste what little time you have. A best case scenario would lead to an inadequate attempt to dominate too many keywords, while the worst case might see you missing out on those terms that actually matter.

…and Money

Keyword research also costs you money. If you’re working with an orlando seo expert, you’re going to be paying for SEO – and your rate is going to go up the more you need them to work. If you waste the expert’s time with tedious keyword research, you can surely expect your total costs to rise. Even if you are taking care of the search in-house, you’re looking at wasted man-hours for which you are either going to have to pay or put off seeing patients. If you don’t do your keyword research correctly, the failure is going to hit your bottom line.

Precision Matters

Perhaps the most important reason to research keywords is because you care not just if your website gets visits, but who those visitors might be. Every potential patient has a specific set of terms he or she will use to find a doctor’s office, but you’re not just looking for every potential patient. You’re specifically looking for patients who have a need that your practice can fulfill. You can take a scattershot approach to keyword usage, but you’ll end up attracting the visitors you don’t want while crowding out those who can make you money.

If you’re going to work with SEO, make sure to do it correctly. Take keyword research seriously and make sure to narrow the field down to words and phrases that will help you make money. With effort, you’ll learn that some keywords are primed to help you grow your practice.

What Is Certificate Transparency? Why Is My Site Labeled “Untrusted”?

Orlando SEO CompanyIt is 2017, and if you have noticed that while visiting some of your favorite websites, a browser presents a warning when saying that “the site’s Certificate Authority is untrusted”. In fact,  you may find that your own website is presenting this warning to visitors! What can you do to stop this, and why is this happening? Not to worry, your favorite Orlando SEO Company, MyCity Social, is here to help!


What is HTTPS?

When you visit a website, and have the capability to log in and manage an account, it is extremely important for the safety of your private payment information and identity that those details remain private between you and the service provider holding those delicate details.

Sometimes you will notice as you surf the web, that a small lock icon will appear right next to the url of the page you are on. This is where “Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure or HTTPS comes in. What HTTPS does, is that it indicates that a website has taken the extra step to keep your data safe by having data sent between you and the site encrypted, so that your private information is kept that way and not accessed by hackers.

What is an SSL Certificate?

This provides privacy, internet security, and protection of the website owner and the user sensitive information that is passed along in the website. When you purchase an SSL certificate, it encrypts the data that passes from your website to the server. It is important to understand that data you insert onto a website must travel from computer to computer until it reaches its’ final destination, the server. All the computers it passes through can see sensitive data such as credit card numbers in the process. With an SSL certificate, this data becomes encrypted/unreadable to anyone except the server you are sending the information to.

In addition to encryption, the SSL certificate is important as it provides authentication. How do you know if the data arrived at the right server and not a fake one trying to steal people’s identities? This is truly the magic behind SSL certificates.

In order to obtain an SSL certificate, website owners must pass through several layers or authentication and identity checks to ensure that someone is indeed the website owner and not a spammer or hacker.

With so many scams online, fake website, and other hacking methods, online security is now more important than ever. So much so that Google and other browser are rolling out strong initiatives to motivating website owners to purchase an SSL certificate

What Is Google Transparency?

For years, Google has been talking about how in 2017 it would begin to make moves to make HTTPS compliance a must-do for website owners. Through the use of a lock icon symbol, and most recently the warning pop-ups that are appearing on non-secured websites that say “The Sites Security Certificate is not trusted”. When a user lands on your website and sees a warning message like that, it makes them feel a sense of insecurity on your website and will lead to many clicks away. This is currently showing on Google Chrome only, but may be adopted by other browsers in the  future as well.

Google Transparency is the name for this movement, and other browsers have jumped on the bandwagon.

How much does a SSL Certificate cost?

Costs vary depending on just how in-depth you want your security to reach, but in general you can find prices ranging from free (for minimal level of security service) to thousands of dollars for large scale corporations needing many layers of security checks.

We hope you found this blog helpful. To learn more about our Orlando SEO Company, MyCity Social, visit our ABOUT page, or contact us today!