Optimizing Your Google My Business Listing

google my business listing in miami

Creating a Google My Business listing the optimal way to get local customers to discover your business. This digital marketing strategy has leveraged massive amounts of success for brands over the years, which is why it is important to optimize this policy now. Social Ease is a team of social media specialists that can garner the right audience and traction to get your business flowing. We know the key ingredients to jump start your GMB listing so that you can start seeing new customers right away! For now, we are going to break down the bare bones of the GMB strategy so that you have a generally understand on the process. Then you can contact Social Ease to let the experts do the digital work for you!

The Basics

So, what is GMB , exactly?

GMB stands for Google My Business. It is a free tool provided by Google to help business owners manage their online presence across their search engine. This is an important instrument to have, though, it should never take the place on your actual website. This is because GMB simply works to promote your website by making it easier to find. It gives your business an actual location so that when someone searches for your relevant business “near me” they can find your phone number, address, and website right away. All of this information will appear in Google Search, Google Maps, and even on Google+.

Starting Your Google My Business Listing


The first thing we do at Social Ease when operating your social media strategy is to search for your business in Google’s search bar. If company does not already come up as a GMB Listing, then we know that we have work to do! However, if your name does show up, then all we need to do it claim your business.

We will need to fill out all of the information that Google asks for. The more information you put in, the easier it will be for Google to suggest your business for exploring customers. Keep in mind however, that anyone can “Suggest an Edit” or “Answer quick questions” about your business on your Google listing. This can potentially lower your Google ranking which is why it is important to keep track of this section in Google’s search. Which is exactly what Social Ease does for you!

The Details

Once we are signed into your Google My Business account, we need to fine tune the details to really optimize your business for top Google search results. In the “Manage location” card of your listing you can specify whether you serve customers at your physical address or if it is simply a contact method. Here you can also add in your phone number, menus, hours, and other easily clickable links that will redirect customers to your website.

The GMB Post section is also a great opportunity to endorse your business further. These can be looked at as mini-ads as they will appear directly underneath your listing. These posts can be creative by incorporating photos, video, and other pertinent information about your company.

Ready to get started? Contact Social Ease to set up your Google My Business listing today!

Why Our Blogging Services Are an Essential Part of Our SEO!

MyCity Social in Miami knows that your website is an extension of your physical location. All components of it—including blogging services—are critical in order to maintain your image and popularity online. When potential customers come to your website, they expect to see certain things: they want to see that you have easy ways to contact them and they want to see what services or products you offer. Beyond that, blogs are an important component of your website. If you would like to learn more about why blogs are important, read ahead or contact the SEO company Miami businesses trust, MyCity Social.

How Does Blogging Affect SEO?

Your blog is more than just a place where you can post about current events that are going on with your company or further explain the services and products that you offer; it is a place where you can offer expertise in your field of practice. If you are a doctor, your blog could be a place where you talk about the various conditions that may require the procedures that you offer. This expertise not only makes you an authority in the eyes of your site visitors, but it also makes you more of an authority to search engines.

Search engines perform something “crawling” where they are essentially reading your website. This helps them determine what it is that you do and whether you would be a good result for someone searching for the services that you offer. In order to help lead them in the right direction, many business owners will use a collection of keywords throughout their site. This, however, is not enough.

When a search engine crawls your site, they want to make sure that your site is not stagnant. That means that they want to see that you are active and constantly providing content. They also want to make sure that the content that you do provide is relevant to what people are searching for. That’s why it is so important to make sure that the content that you do provide is something that your potential customers would actually value.

Blogging has real benefits that affect the success of your business. In fact, according to Social Marketing Writing, 70% of your customers will learn about your business and what you do through your blog posts as opposed to advertisements. To supplement that, Experian says that a minimum of 80% of consumers in the United States utilize blogs as a way to gain more information about the products or services they are considering purchasing. Furthermore, blogging daily is said to generate 400% more leads than if you posted weekly, and this number does not even consider the fact that your blog posts could be shared on social media. (Source)

If you would like to see these numbers on your business’s website or you are ready to learn more about the benefits of blogging, contact us at MyCity Social today.

MyCity Social Miami blogging servicesBenefits of Blogging Services

Blogging services exist because businesses are frequently far too busy to run their own blogs. There is a lot that goes into writing a blog for your business. First, you must decide on a topic that showcases the services or products that you offer. You must also make sure that you have keywords that are geographically relevant as well as still near enough to what you offer that people do not feel deceived after having clicked on your page.

After this is done, you must then write the blog and make sure that it is elegant yet approachable, thoughtful yet readable. You must then take the time to post it, finding a relevant image and making sure to follow all the steps to tag it with a meta title and metadata. Those two components are what make the blog findable for search engines.

That is what blogging services can offer you. Blog writing companies learn your business and the services that you offer and create a blog utilizing all that information. They then take the time to post it directly to your website. This means that you can get all the benefits of having a blog without actually having to write and post it yourself.

The other Benefit that you get from having a blogging service is that you get someone to post more consistently on your blog than you could do yourself. While you may have to miss several days’ worth of blog posts because you were too busy running your business or tending to other matters, your blog poster would be able to post without fail. This would guarantee that you always had fresh content on your website and that you were always drawing in new customers.

Having a dedicated blog writer and poster also allows you to be able to share your blog posts on different social media platforms. This way, you can get even more engagement on your blog than you already do and you still do not have to do any work in order to make it happen.

ThriveHive says of blogs, “Through a business blog, you can present your content in a more casual and personal way, and actually have conversations with your readers in the comments section. Ideas can be exchanged, you can understand your readers’ points of view, and your readers get a chance to be heard.” If you would like to learn more about how blogs can help your business, contact us at MyCity Social. (Source)

Learn More About Our Blogging Services

Our blogging services are unique from many others. This is because we offer a number of different things that many other blogging services cannot offer you.

  •    In-House Work: There are many blog services that will be working with people in a number of locations and, as such, things take forever to move along, and your blogs never get posted. That is not the case with us; we do all of our writing and posting right here in our office so that we can control the level of quality that we provide you with.


  •    Uniquely Written Content: There are companies out there who will offer the same content to a variety of businesses in the same industry in order to save themselves time. We take a different approach. We make sure that each blog that we provide you with was uniquely written for your company so that you never see duplicate content out on the internet.


  •    Digital Marketing Services to Supplement: One of the best things that you can do for your blog is to share it on social media. This way, it gets a wider reach and much more engagement than it would get otherwise. However, this cannot be accomplished if you do not have a talented social media marketer to promote these posts. That is what we can offer you.

You may wonder if you should leave your business’s blog with someone outside of your company, but the truth is that the rewards that you reap far exceed any concerns that you may have. Not having to deal with your blog daily means that you can focus on your actual daily business issues. If you do have concerns about the topics of the blogs or the content of the blogs themselves, we are happy to allow our clients more intimate involvement in the creation of blogs.

Many businesses will try to take a shortcut and use blog writing services that they find online, but this can be detrimental in the long run. Frequently, these services do not take the time to research the business, and all that they offer is only surface content that does not really provide anything valuable to the reader. The last thing that you want is for someone to take the time to read the blogs that you provide only to find that they are poorly written and unknowledgeable.

We can be your alternative. With our expertise in the field of blog writing and with our genuine interest in your business, we can make your blogs the best they can possibly be. We can also make sure that you are receiving fresh and interesting content each time.

blogging services MyCity Social MiamiBlogs are not the only component that goes into SEO, though they are important. There are a number of other things that must be taken into account in order to make your website successful with your search engine optimization efforts. In addition to having quality blogs, you also want to make sure that your SEO specialist is knowledgeable about SEO efforts. This way, you can optimize all parts of your site and make it rank better on search engines.

Thankfully, we at MyCity Social—the SEO company Miami businesses recommend—offer both services so that you can get the full scope of benefits. We make sure that you get everything you need from your website to really impress potential customers and we also give you the custom blogs that will keep your website current in the minds of those who are interested in your industry.

Are You Interested in SEO Services?

MyCity Social is an SEO company Miami businesses prefer, and we have been working with business in the Miami area for years. That is what makes us so capable of handling all sorts of industries and making sure that each of our clients has the advantage they need to get more customers through the door. We know what it takes to get each client optimized for search engines so you can trust us to give you the help you need.

If you are ready to make the leap into SEO and get help with your blog, we are the resource to turn to. Blogs on your website will have a variety of benefits, including turning you into an authority in your field, expanding on the products and services that you offer, and giving you more interested traffic on your website. All of this thereby turns into more leads and, ultimately, more customers purchasing what you have to sell.

Other SEO companies will only offer you website services and basic blogs, but we go the extra mile. We provide unique content for each of your blogs that are written in-house by professional writers. We can also offer you a way to promote those blogs through digital marketing services wherein your digital marketer shares those same blog posts on social media. This way, you get the most that you can out of your blog posts. Are you interested in learning more about what we can offer you? Do you have more questions about blog posts and their relevancy to SEO? If you would like these questions answered and more, contact us at MyCity Social today.

What is Best: A Local SEO Company or a Highly Rated One Out of State?

As a local SEO Miami company, MyCity Social understands the benefits of having a local SEO company, but can one out of state be equally beneficial? In order to get the best advantage over your competitors, you need to be aware of what consequences each of those choices will have.

A local SEO company can give you personalized service but one out of state may be able to get you more perks and services. To learn more about the benefits of each and what an SEO Miami company can do for you, contact us at MyCity Social.

What Are the Benefits for Each?

When you are entrusting your business’s online presence to another company, you are entrusting not just your outward appearance to your customers. But your future profits to this company. This agency will be responsible for crafting an image for you. Your brand online and it is critical for them to have a key understanding of who you are and what your goals are for your business.

A local SEO company will be able to attend to your needs in a more immediate fashion. With a local company, you are dealing with people who are physically close to you.  Therefore, respond to whatever it is that you need more quickly. They also can get to know your business more intimately because they have a proximity to your business that allows them to know the area. Your competitors, and the reputation of your business.

A highly rated company out of state may be able to get you high-quality products and materials. But it will be at a cost to your business’s individuality. You will also find that your digital marketer may not be able to accurately gauge your business’s focus and needs. Because they are not local and therefore do not understand what the environment is like that your business has to compete in.

Are You Looking for a Local SEO Miami Company?

You are ultimately the one who can decide what is right for your business. But it would be prudent for your business to select an SEO company that you can readily access. So that if you have any concerns or issues, you can contact them immediately. Additionally, having that local knowledge is going to give you an advantage over your competitors.

As a local SEO Miami company, MyCity Social understands how critical it can be to have that local expert who can be there for you when you need them. If you are interested in learning more about how we can help you. Contact us at MyCity Social and see what we can do to improve your business’s online presence.


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When you select your SEO company, you are entrusting your company’s presence and presentation. That is why it is important for you to find one that is best suited to your needs and desires for your business. Contact us at MyCity Social in Miami to learn more.

What Should You Be Focusing on Besides Ranking Factors

SEO ranking is not always the most important thing for your bottom line and for the success of your business. There are a number of things that MyCity Social, an agency offering SEO Miami and Fort Lauderdale businesses trust, recommends to help your website and business do better. If you are interested in learning more about how we could help you, contact us at MyCity Social or visit our website.


The Actual Design of Your Website


This may seem like common sense to some, but it is critical that your website design be as good as your content or you are not going to be able to turn your visitors into customers. This is because most people that visit your website are going to judge the quality of your product by the quality of the site that they see. If what you present to them is not optimized or looks outdated, then you are going to have a hard time getting actual conversions.

If your website is difficult to follow or is simply not as modern as it should be, contact an expert to get it to where it needs to be. A website designer can transform all of your content and all of your research into something that will actually bring in customers by making your website appealing to an audience.


Researching Your Audience is Not Just Researching Your Keywords


Your audience is just as important as your keywords. If you fail to put yourself in your audience’s shoes, you are going to miss out on a clear picture what their mentality is. Because of this, you may end failing to sell your product or services. There are a few questions you can ask yourself to test that you are serving your audience as best as you can. One of these questions is, “what would I actually search if I didn’t know anything about my industry?” and the other is, “how would I change my search to be more specific to what I’m looking for?”


Quality Content Instead of SEO Ranking


Your content is not just filler for your website. You want to make sure that the content that you are offering is actually relevant and interesting. Only then will you be able to make visitors to your site want to buy your products or services. If the content that you offer is not giving you the conversions you’re looking for, then you need to work on rewriting it and making it more relevant to visitors. The quality of your content is ultimately going to matter more than simply having content. That is why working to make better content rather than working to make more is going to ultimately help your website more.


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As an agency offering SEO Miami and Fort Lauderdale businesses recommend, we know that there is more to getting a successful website than simply SEO ranking. That is why we work with businesses to get their sites optimized and turn visitors into real conversions. Contact MyCity Social, an agency offering SEO Miami and Fort Lauderdale businesses rave about, to learn more.

Twitter Expanded Its Character Count. Now What?

Twitter has recently expanded their character count from 140 characters to 280 characters. This change has major impacts on how marketers will utilize Twitter. If you are uncertain how to use the new character count, contact MyCity Social in Miami. They are a business offering social media marketing Miami residents recommend and they can help you get the right Twitter marketing strategy. Their expertise and experience make them number one in sorting through social media changes so they are equipped to handle these Twitter changes. If you would like to learn more about their services, contact them today.


Make a better Twitter marketing strategy

Twitter marketing is always going to be necessarily different than any other type of marketing. You have a smaller space to work with which means you have to get out your thoughts more concisely. Twitter marketing is all about how well you can communicate your product or service as well as your contact information within a short message.

Being able to utilize twice the number of characters than before will allow marketers to produce better copy for their advertising and marketing campaigns. Not only does it allow you to fully flesh out your thoughts but it also gives you the benefit of not having to make the decision between shortening your words or sentences in order to fit into one tweet and breaking up your message to multiple tweets.

There is also speculation that the increase in size will draw in more users. People who had once felt limited by the number of characters will now feel like there is adequate room for them to express themselves. This new flock of people means that there will be a whole new audience for your tweets. People you had previously been unable to target will now more readily access your marketing.


Get help

If you are planning out your Twitter marketing strategy and you need help optimizing it, contact MyCity Social in Miami. They are a company offering social media marketing Miami residents trust. With their help, you can really utilize the new character count on Twitter to succeed with your online marketing strategy.

Sorting through your social media marketing can be a time-consuming task for an already busy business. It requires constant maintenance in order to stay fresh and to keep up with the changing trends of the internet. Rather than spending much needed time on digital marketing, let a business who is dedicated to that task do it for you instead. They can do all the difficult work of getting your business’s online presence optimized and allow you to run your business.


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Adapting to social media changes can often be confusing and difficult for businesses who already have so much on their plate. For this reason, MyCity Social is ready to serve you. They are a business that offers social media marketing Miami trusts and they can assist you in utilizing the new Twitter changes for your Twitter marketing strategy.

4 Ways to Build Your Brand Online to Pave the Way for SEO

SEO is critical for your business and its success online. By implementing some digital branding strategies, you can create the base you need to introduce SEO and optimize your business’s online presence. These strategies are simple but they may be difficult to execute on your own, especially if your primary focus is running your business. For this, MyCity Social is available. They are an SEO company Miami trusts to introduce a dynamic digital strategy to their local businesses. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about their services, contact MyCity Social today.

Digital branding strategies


  • Improve your product: It doesn’t matter how much you like your site if your customers don’t like it. You should always test your site to make sure that it is both easy to use and that it loads well. If your site cannot hold up against your competitors or if your customers prefer using their site to yours, that could affect your sale and business overall. Integrate testing into any development that you do on your online content to ensure that you are taking care of these concerns before they affect your traffic.
  • Give your customers resources: If you can provide your customers with a unique resource that they can only access from your site, you are driving traffic to you. For instance, you could make a calculator that solves a problem or an interview with an industry expert. Even something as simple as a tutorial could be helpful. The important aspect of this is that your content needs to be unique so as to be difficult to replicate.
  • Encourage repeat visitors: Implement strategies to get your customers to come back. The only way that you can build a real online presence is if you have customers continually go back to your content. You can do this by giving your customers incentives to return to your content.
  • Stay innovative: Your content should never be half-hearted and boring. While most people assume that having content is enough, your content should be engaging and interesting. The more you entertain people or challenge their perceptions, the more value you are adding to your content.

How to find help


If the prospect of tackling digital branding is intimidating or outside of your scope of understanding, contact an SEO company Miami trusts. MyCity Social in Miami has the expertise to help you build your brand online. Digital branding means constantly staying on top of your digital content which may not be an option for busy business owners. With an SEO company Miami raves about, you can get the help you need to optimize your website and get the best content possible.


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Don’t wait until it’s too late to begin working on your digital branding. Building your brand online can have lasting impacts on your business’s success. Contact MyCity Social to learn how what strategies will work best for you and how to implement those changes.

How to Enhance Your Google My Business Listing For Restaurants

Google My Business is important for any business looking to expand their customer base. However, for restaurant marketing in particular, Google My Business listings are typically the first place their customers will reference to determine if they are worth the additional time investment. Since people who are searching for restaurants usually want to make a decision quickly, it is important to have the resource ready for them to reference. For more information on this, contact MyCity Social, a business in Miami offering social media marketing.

Google My Business has a variety of tools that allow you to display your business to potential customers. It allows smaller restaurants to display their menus, it allows you to upload pictures to show off your food to potential visitors, it allows you to create Google Posts to promote events or new menu items you may have, and it gives your customers a quick overview of your business with reviews, hours, and location information. It is also typically where your customers will find your contact information in the event that they want to place an order or a reservation. Because it is such a hub of information—and customers expect it to be—it is critical for restaurants to have their Google My Business listing optimized for customers to reference all their information in one place.

Restaurant marketing through Google My Business

One of the easiest things you can do to make sure that your listing is optimized is making sure that you have accurate, specific listing categories for your restaurant. The more precise you are in selecting a category, the better results you will have because broader categories will likely place you in broader competition with other restaurants.

Another successful tactic for helping you optimize your listing is to promote and respond to reviews. Reviews vet your business in the eyes of people searching. People are more likely to be drawn to a business with plenty of reviews than one with no reviews. Even if you receive negative reviews, this can be an opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to customer service by responding to the negative comments and addressing their concerns. This way you can hopefully get that customer back and show others reading their review that you are receptive to criticism.

However, don’t neglect the visual aspect of your Google My Business listing. Customers often shop with their eyes and the visual appeal of both your food and the interior of your restaurant is going to have an impact on how they perceive your business. For restaurant marketing especially, it is important to have references for customers to look at online before they visit your location. Make sure that you add pictures to your listing to show off your products and space.

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If you would like more information on how to optimize your Google My Business listing for your restaurant and how to take advantage of other forms of social media marketing, contact MyCity Social in Miami, Tampa, or Orlando. They are a business offering social media marketing and they can help you take control of your Google My Business listing to bring in more customers.

5 Ways To Create A Stronger Password

Passwords are a critical component of any person using the internet. However, they are especially important for those who run a company or business. Having someone hack into your accounts can not only ruin the work you’ve done but can put your customers at risk of having their information stolen as well. For this reason, your password has to be strong enough to evade hacking and enhance your cyber security. As an SEO company Miami, MyCity Social always recommends their clients to do the most they can to keep their accounts safe.


1 Use numbers in place of letters

You can take numbers or symbols to substitute letters in a particular word. For instance, you can use the numeral for the number five to substitute the letter S and in this way you can complicate the word a little further. In the same way that you use numbers, you can also substitute with symbols. For instance, you can substitute the letter A with the @ symbol.


2 Use numbers to form sentences

Numbers can also be used as a substitute for entire words. For example, you can use the numeral for the number four for the word “for.” Then you can form a sentence using the word “for” but replacing it with the number. An example of this is “Ask4me.” This can be especially helpful with shorter sentences, however, there is a different method for longer sentences.


3 Use letters and numbers to shorten phrases

For longer sentences, you can use letters and numbers to shorten the sentence. For instance, you can take the first letter of each word of a sentence and then create a password from those letters. One example of this is “cwmfc” which is “Charlie was my first cat.” Make sure to make the sentences personal to you so that you can remember them more easily. You can also use numbers where you can to substitute the letters as in the example “IL24NH” which is “I love to shop for new hats.”


4 Use detailed personal facts for enhanced cyber security

While most people gravitate toward easy things like the name of their first pet or their maiden name, more complicated, difficult to figure out facts will make it all that much harder for people to hack into your accounts. For instance, though it is easy for people to figure out the name of the city that you were born in, it is not easy for them to figure out the year and model of your first car or the year and location of your first family trip. These things are much more personal and have both numerical elements as well as actual letters.


5 Make a pattern using your keyboard

One of the most creative ways to come up with an easy-to-remember yet complicated password is by making a pattern using your keyboard. For instance, if you make a V in the center of your keyboard it creates the pattern “4rgbhu8.” Similarly, you can do this same pattern in all caps and create the pattern “$RGBHU*.”


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MyCity Social, an SEO company Miami, always recommends that you do whatever you can to enhance your password to prevent hacking. For more information about cyber security and how to better your password to prevent hacking to your accounts and website, contact MyCity Social, the SEO company Miami trusts.

What Do You Need to Rank?

Website ranking can be incredibly important to help your website and business. The factors that impact the ranking of your website are constantly changing and it is important to stay up-to-date with these changes in order to ensure that you continue to rank highly for whatever it is that you want to be known for online. If you would like more information on ranking and the factors that impact your placement, contact MyCity Social, a social media marketing Miami servicing company. They can help you in figuring out your websites place among Google search results.


Website security


Though this is not one of the most important factors, having good website security does affect your ranking. You can begin securing your website by simply converting your HTTPs to HTTPSs. This not only helps you to build a secure site and therefore improve your positioning, but it also instills trust in your business from your visitors.


Content length


Content length is generally considered to have an impact on ranking. Longer content is typically found in websites that rank in the top three and while it is not recommended that you simply write longer content for the sake of ranking, it is recommended that you research what is being done by competitors in order to write content just long enough to rank.




The way that keywords affect ranking is changing. Now, keywords in the title do not matter as much as they used to and it has been found that using the keyword in the page title is not nearly as important anymore in getting a high rank. Additionally, it has been found that very few links have a keyword in the actual anchor text. This may indicate that this is also not a very important factor in getting your website to rank.


These things are important in letting you know what to avoid when getting your website to rank. While you may be tempted to follow these practices because you adhered to them in the past, know that the landscape is changing and you should be prepared to change with it.


Website traffic


The number of visits to your site does matter in ranking. A site that appears highly in search results will typically have more direct visits than lower ranked sites, although search traffic does not impact ranking.


How to help your website ranking

If you are interested in optimizing your site to get a better position in google, contact MyCity Social in Miami, Florida. They are a business offering SEO and social media marketing Miami locals recommend, and they have the expertise necessary to help you adapt to the changes in website ranking.

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To keep your website ranking high, don’t let yourself be confused by the constant changes and updates that Google makes. Contact a specialist who can help you work through the updates and make sure that you can continue ranking. MyCity Social, a business offering SEO and social media marketing Miami business owners trust, can assist you in getting your business and website optimized to gain traction online and keep you constantly updated.

Local SEO For Service Area Businesses

Servicing multiple cities when your business only has one physical location or multiple locations but not in the cities that you service can be hard to manage. Because you do not have a physical location in the city that you service, you may not come up in the local search results for that address. In order to fix this, you must adjust the way that you handle your digital presence in order to optimize your business for a specific location. While this may seem complicated, there are ways to do so without creating too much work for yourself. If you are looking to find out more about how local SEO services can assist you and your business, contact MyCity Social, a business offering SEO Miami business owners rely on, for more information.

Getting your business ranked


Service area businesses often want to know how they can make their business rank higher for locations that are not inside their service area. That is, businesses want to know how they can come up in someone’s results for Kissimmee if they are located in Orlando. Google has made this much harder for businesses over the years.


Google picks the “local pack” or the three businesses that show up when someone searches a set of keywords, by looking at three factors: relevance, prominence, and proximity. For businesses that are looking to rank outside of their physical location, they have to fight against businesses that have all three factors covered while they only have two. This means they have to be very, very prominent in order to rank.


In order to make sure that you rank for the cities that you service but don’t have a physical location in, you have to do a couple of things to ensure success. For instance, you could invest in making sure that you get reviews from customers in the cities you service and make sure that they mention the location in their reviews. This can be a difficult and slow process, but it can pay off in helping you rank.


Another strategy is optimizing your digital presence to enhance your ranking. This can include creating a landing page for each of the cities you service and making sure that you take any reviews that you are receiving and placing them on the relevant pages on your site.


Local SEO services


Figuring out how to navigate the world of SEO can be a complicated and confusing process. If you would like more information on how to deal with getting your business ranked in a city you don’t service, contact a business that offers local SEO services to help get your business the presence it needs. If you are looking for SEO Miami business owners trust, contact MyCity Social for assistance in optimizing your online presence to get your business where it needs to be in the eyes of your consumers.


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If you are looking for an SEO Miami company, MyCity Social is THE business to contact. They can tell you how to optimize your site for places that your business does not have physical locations in but still services.