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For all small business owners, one major problem they have to contend with is the fact that there are only so many hours in  a single day. It’s practically impossible, if not disastrous, to try and cram business development, customer service, marketing, production, financials, and everything else on one to-do list. One great way to work against time limitations is through the automation by some of your processes- and marketing is one area ripe for automation. Small businesses need to find a tool that is able to automate many components of marketing at once, and today’s technology offers several platforms that are able to provide different approaches to automating marketing processes in order to make entrepreneurs’ lives easier. Automated marketing tools are an essential component to digital marketing today. Social Ease is a top social media agency in the United States. Call us today for a consultation and expand your online presence!


Products To Automate Your Marketing


There are many products out on the market today that can allow you a more hands-off approach towards marketing. ONTRAPORT is one such tool. ONTRAPORT boasts a mission statement of supporting “entrepreneurs in delivering their value to the world by removing the burden of technology.” What this tool provides is allowing companies to get a complete visualization of the customer journey. ONTRAPORT knows that many small business struggle to gain clear understanding of how their marketing efforts are paying, and thus helps them see how their customers respond to messages – via SMS, email, postcards, and landing pages. Compelling campaigns can then be made within the platform. Another great tool entrepreneurs are able to utilize is Delivra, a platform formed on the knowledge that automated email open rates are in fact 95 percent above regular email open rates. With this particular tidbit in mind, the company maximizes customer engagement by offering help with SMS and email drip campaigns, while assisting with direct mail and using A/B testing and alerts when purchase or engagement “tendencies” are recognized.


Automated Marketing Tools Help You Grow Your Business


If you’re looking for an automated marketing platform that provides account-based marketing, email, mobile, digital ads, social, webs, and marketing analytics, Marketo is the tool for you. Top social marketing platform Social Ease highly recommends this tool. Marketo allows business owners to drive engagement through many channels from a solo platform. The goal of this tool is to assist small businesses in building enduring relationships with customers and creating end-to-end engagement. Hundreds of millions of activities each day can be handled by its cloud-based infrastructure, meaning it can scale with its customers. Customized solutions for healthcare, technology, financial services, manufacturing, media, and higher education has been developed by Marketo, and the Engagement Hub of this program is able to gather data so that as it analyzes and adapts the businesses are able to personalize their interactions.


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As a small business owner, your time is of the utmost importance. The automated marketing tools that we suggest can help you free up your time while increasing your marketing potential. Social Ease is a top social media agency in the United States. Call us today for social media optimization services!

Reach Your Brand’s Target Demographic: Utilize Newsletter Marketing!

Newsletters are valuable tools in marketing. As an email marketing agency, we at MyCity Social in Miami know that newsletter can make a real difference in a business’s way of reaching their customers. If you are looking for a company with social media marketing Miami businesses trust, contact us at MyCity Social today.

Some Tips for Improving Your Newsletter

First impressions matter with newsletters. If your newsletter is not laid out properly or looks like it may have useless information. It is likely that your potential client or current client will unsubscribe as quickly as possible or even if they don’t. They will not take the time to read any subsequent emails that you may send. That is why it is so important to take the time to craft a solid newsletter.

  •       Know Your Audience: You may not always want to have one newsletter for every single person that deals with your business. For instance, a technology company may have several newsletters wherein one addresses those customers who do not have an intimate understanding of the technology while another newsletter addresses those who are savvier with the technology. The same can be done with any other industry as customizing your newsletter to different audiences allows you to build your business in various ways.


  •       Don’t Lengthen It: A lengthy newsletter is going to lose the attention of your reader. You want to make sure that you are covering topics in a succinct way so that your reader gets a taste of what you want to talk about. Try to find a balance in the number of topics you cover depending on your industry.


  •       Consider Your Layout: Your layout is also going to be dependent on your audience. You want to consider who will be reading this newsletter. For instance, if you are a lawyer, then you want to have a newsletter that will make your business look professional and organized with minimal pictures and clean elements. However, if you are a retailer or a restaurant that caters to a younger generation. You may want to consider using more pictures and an interesting font or color scheme.


  •       Don’t Forget Your Contact Info: Make sure that you include some form of a call-to-action somewhere in your newsletter. You do not have to make it obvious or obnoxious. But do make it easy for someone interested in learning more to find their way to your website, email, or phone number.

Are You Looking for an Email Marketing Agency?

If you are running a business, creating the perfect newsletter can be difficult on your own. That is what we at MyCity Social are here for. We can craft the right newsletter for you so that you can see a real difference in your client engagement. Trust the company with social media marketing Miami businesses recommend and contact us today.

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MyCity Social is more than just a company with social media marketing Miami businesses recommend. As an email marketing agency, we know firsthand the power of newsletters. To learn more about newsletters and how we can help you with yours, contact us today.

10 Ways to Obtain Email Addresses for Your Newsletter

Enhance Your Email Marketing Services

Have you been struggling with building the email list for your business in Miami? If yes, you need not to despair. In this article, MyCity Social, an email marketing services provider presents ten tips which you can implement to gain more quality subscribers for your newsletter. We have based our suggestions on our combined industry expertise gained in the field of digital marketing.


Use A Lead Magnet


A lead magnet is an irresistible offer presented to prospective customers promising them some form of value in exchange for their contact information. It is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies used to by business owners to add new subscribers to their mailing lists.

Offer Free Tutorials


If you offer services like coaching for entrepreneurs, perhaps you can create a mini-course which you can offer a freebie to the client who sign up for the mini-course. Upon signing up, your subscribers will provide you with their emails which you can use in your digital marketing campaigns.


Use Your Facebook Business Page


Facebook has made it possible for businesses to create a call to action buttons on their Facebook pages. Upon clicking this button, potential subscribers will be redirected to a page where they will key in their email addresses.


Newsletter Signup Form


You can design a newsletter signup form then create a link which you can then use to drive traffic from your website and other social media pages. By clicking on these links, potential subscribers will be directed to your newsletter signup form where they will get an opportunity to key in their email addresses.


Host Or Attend An Event


Events present an excellent opportunity for networking. You can host an event and ask attendees to subscribe to your newsletter or you can be part of an event and carry with you some newsletter email signup forms. You never know you might just land a few subscribers.


Incentivize Employees And Customers


You can incentivize your employees by promising them some financial rewards if they bring in new subscribers to your newsletter. You can also use offers and discounts to encourage your current customers to refer their friends to sign up for the newsletter.


Use YouTube


People love watching videos. Why don’t you create a funny or helpful video then include a link at the end directing people to join your mailing list?


Use Twitter


You can come up with a Twitter lead generation card which you can then use to market your products and services and encourage your followers to subscribe to your newsletter.


 Use Instagram


You can create a photo of an offer to give away. You can then post this on Instagram and include a link to your newsletter signup.


Use The Telephone


This might sound pretty obvious; however, not many people are doing it right. When a client calls about a certain service or product, you need to ask them if you can add them to your mailing list and outline the benefits that will accrue to them from the email marketing services you will be providing.


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If you are looking for quality email addresses for your newsletter, look no further. At MyCity Social, we pride ourselves in helping clients to grow their email lists using our professional email marketing services. Call us today and let us help you build your email list.

5 Way To Increase Your Newsletter Open Rate

Newsletter marketing still counts as one of the most effective ways to market your company or service. As such, how often people open emails from you has a big impact on your bottom line. If you find that your email open rate is a bit lackluster, you may want to take steps to correct that. Fortunately, we can help. At MyCity Social, we get asked a lot about the best practices in newsletter digital marketing, including newsletter open rates. Here are five of our best tips for getting people to open the emails that you send to them.

1. Start With a Fresh List

It’s tempting to buy names for your list. It’s also tempting to think that your old, tired list will never need revamping. However, if you want to inspire good open rates among your readers, then it’s beneficial to keep your list fresh.

Let’s start with a purchased list. Yes, people do buy lists and even have some luck with them. However, the best list you can have is the one you create yourself from people who know your work and who have purchased from you before.

After compiling a list of people who like your work, don’t stop compiling. Keep adding to it. A good unsubscribe rate is about .5% or so. Also, keep in mind that the people on your list may not formally unsubscribe. They may just decide to ignore your email. Pretty much the same effect.

2. Write a Good Subject Line

The subject line of your email should intrigue the people on your list. They should be so curious about what you’re sending them (based on the subject line) that they want to open the email. Get things started off on the right foot by grabbing their attention with a good subject line.

3. Make List Segments

People open emails that have relevance to them. That’s where a segmented email list can really improve your email open rate. When you’re working on a newsletter digital marketing campaign, it’s to your benefit to ask why people are on your list in the first place. The difference in your open rate could be large – 39% according to findings by Lyris (as reported by HubSpot.) And it wasn’t just the open rates that improved. People unsubscribed less frequently, too.

A number of ways exist to improve the segmenting of your list. Some MyCity Social favorites include segmenting by:

  • Demographics
  • Products purchased (Amazon’s great at this!)
  • Email frequency (Think: Send emails to people who want to read emails frequently and vice versa for those who don’t)
  • Where they are in the world
  • Who opens email

Your company might have a specialty or specialties that allow you to segment your lists even further. For example, say you offer sports coaching for basketball players and football players. It is feasible that you might develop eating, exercise, and recovery programs that are separate for each group. With this example, you see that you should segment your list according to what appeals to people.

4. Use Different Words

Some words that people automatically use in some types of newsletter digital marketing campaigns will trigger the spam response from email providers. HubSpot made a list of words that usually trigger the spam response from email providers. If you’re sending emails that feature these words – even innocently – the people on your list may never see your emails: They’ll go straight to spam.

Here are just some of the words that might trigger your readers’ spam filter (in no particular order):

  • Free
  • Discount
  • Income
  • Price
  • Buy
  • Clearance
  • Additional income
  • Earn per week
  • Potential earnings
  • Work from home

If you’re concerned about your emails triggering your readers’ spam filter, talk to your rep MyCity Social about it as you develop your marketing plan.

5. Quality Content

If you write content that people want to read and want to share, your email open rates will go up. This relates to segmenting your market. If you know what people want to read, then writing that content should be simple.

Here’s an example. You run a golf lessons website. Your emails should, therefore, deal with topics like “how to better your swing,” “What each club does,” and “The best golf courses in America (or wherever).” If you don’t write content related to golfing, then it’s unlikely that people will open the email.


If you would like to have a professional digital marketer create enticing and attractive newsletters to improve customer retention and conversion, please contact MyCity Social today.

What Email Marketing Will Look Like in 2016?

The New Year has already started and the holiday season is finished. It is quite logical to expect some changes in the field of Internet marketing this year and it seems that email marketing won’t be different. Even though there are some people who believe that email marketing today is practically useless, the fact is that the rise of social media and other forms of communication have not affected email marketing at least not drastically.

Email marketing is changing and evolving and people who have experience in this area can easily recognize these patterns of change. Sometimes these changes are related to the general changes that we are witnessing on the Internet, like the growth of mobile internet users while in other cases, we must look for the innovations introduced by successful companies that rely on email marketing. There are many ways in which you can determine these changes. Of course, most of these changes must be conducted by true professionals, but there are certain things that every website owner can do without any help.

Now let’s highlight the expected changes for this 2016.

  1. Increased use of mobile device

Email marketing smartphone

This may sound like old news, but keep in mind that we are talking about receiving and sending emails via mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). According to official stats, more than 50% of Internet users that own mobile devices, open their email messages with the help of their smartphone or tablet. This number is expected to increase not only in 2016 but in the near future too. So, how can we take advantage of this information? First of all, you need to use email messages with a mobile friendly layout. Next, you must test the display on different mobile devices before you start the email marketing campaign. Finally, shorter emails with simple and big letters and emails that include clickable images instead of textual hyperlinks work better.

  1. Users will get more emails

This is another proof that email marketing is not dying. According to some statistics, an average internet user will get about 5% more emails in 2016. However, this increase might not be good news for people who are planning to use email marketing because this means fiercer competition. So, in order to create successful email marketing campaigns, users must use their creativity. The basic goal is to make the receiver open the email in the first place. Of course, the simplest way to do this is to provide useful content. In addition, popular email services will tend to redirect newsletters in the spam folder in case users don’t open them at all.

  1. Using social media and email marketing

We should not forget that social media are not incompatible with email marketing. As a matter of fact, they represent one of the fastest ways to build a powerful email list. The Call To Actions elements that you present on social media can lead to your email address and vice versa, your emails can contain links to your social media profiles.

These are only some of the trends that we can expect in 2016. Remember to stay active and read about the latest news and trends in the world of email marketing from time to time.

Why you should ditch your newsletter and start a blog.

Newsletter’s, were previously, a thriving way to market. But the world is changing, the market is changing and demands are shifting. Based on research, only 20% of emails are actually opened. You know what that means? 80% of them are trashed without a thought. That’s because consumers don’t want your spam mail. Think of all the emails you get that you’d rather not. It’s unnecessary and there’s a better way!

I know there are a select few thinking, “20% is still a market that you are reaching,” and you are correct! If you have the money and enough organic emails to make it worth your while, do it! As for the small businesses that are still growing, on their hustle and trying to find ways to enable their business while saving money, this is the way to go.

Not only that, think of all the time and work it takes to build a significant database of emails. Depending on how many you were able to accumulate at any point in time, you’re limiting the possible reach you could have, if you had a blog.

Buying emails. Let’s not pretend it doesn’t happen. We’re all adults, here. There are times and purposes for this, sure! Launch parties, huge reveals and special occasions are some of them. Buying emails so you now have a reason to blast your audience on a weekly or monthly basis, is not. Now, the name of your business will be associated with that annoying intruder that’s made it’s way into my inbox. That’s not the kind of feedback you’re looking for, is it?

“Why a blog,” you ask? A blog is essentially providing you exactly what you’re trying to achieve with a newsletter and then some! It’s bringing people to your site to click, read and interact with your brand. It also increases your SEO. Guess what that means? When you mention certain topics, keywords, trends or people in your article, you’re tapping into a whole other network of people, following the same topic, keyword, trend or person. If your blog is good, and it should be, you’re no longer begging them. They don’t have to go out on a limb and open an unknown email and click through to get to you.

Consumers to come to your site when you give them a reason to. They’ll be clicking down the screens to read your latest post. The greatest gift you could give to your consumers is genuine content. This is content that has been loved and taken care of. Hire a badass writer and make a freelancer writer’s dream come true. They’ll be sharing their voice with you as you share your platform with them. There are so many writers out there, just looking for someone to pick them up. Focus on the abundance that surrounds you. Ask a friend to refer you. Find someone you vibe with, who also believes in your product and you’ll get the results you’re looking for.

Krystal Ariel, Contributor.
Storyteller/Yoga Enthusiast/Music Junkie