Your Digital Footprint is Huge

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When it comes to any successful business, marketing is critical. You need to have a plan that draws consumers to your service or product. You need to leave a digital footprint. With Social Ease, we are a social media management company who will make that happen. The USA can count on us to provide all the best advice to get your business on top and out there in!


Take One Giant Step

You need your footprint to be huge. The bigger it is, the more business you get. This is important. Your ultimate goal is to improve your website traffic. How do you exactly do that, though? Don’t worry. We are here to help assist. Your success is our success. There are many factors that you must consider when aiming to improve your overall traffic. That is the goal. The first step is increasing the findability factor and drive to your website. If you have any questions, ask our social media management company today.


Steps to Leave a Digital Footprint

The following are musts that you must meet in order to achieve your goal. Stick with these ideas and you will be well on your way:

  • Comment on relevant blogs
    • This is a very important part of getting your stuff out there. Make this a habit. Writing is a secret weapon many companies do not take advantage of. This is the world’s easiest backlink.


  • Get an account
    • If you are not familiar with this website, it is a web page generator. It features a large collection of aesthetically pleasing templates. It is very easy to use, too. All you basically need to do in order to build a site worthwhile is fill in the blanks. In this site, you will be able to incorporate all the links that are directed toward your site, blogs, and social medias.


  • Microblog
    • Social media is everywhere. Every day is growing more and more relevant. It is not going anywhere anytime soon, so you mind as well jump on the bandwagon. Think of it as free advertisement. As your social media grows, so will your business. Here are the social media that you must start as soon as possible:
      • Twitter
      • Linkedin
      • Google+
      • Facebook
      • Be a picture publisher
    • You have a smartphone, and you use it to take pictures. Now publish them. Of course, you’ll want to use discretion. Only the photos you shoot that are relevant to your business or personal brand are the ones you’ll use as footprint fodder. Consider any or all of the below:
      • Pinterest
      • Instagram
      • Google+
      • Tumblr
      • Flickr


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In order to become a successful company, you need to get noticed. Our team will make that happen for you. When it comes to leaving a digital footprint, trust our social media agency. We know exactly what your company needs to get your results. Call Social Ease today for more information. In no time, you will be a successful company in the United States. Trust our social media management company.

Use Storytelling To Reach Your Target Market

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Who doesn’t love a good story? The power of storytelling is more effective than most give it credit for. Here is Social Ease we use content marketing and social media services to ensure the success of your company across the USA.


Think About It

Kleenex. Band-Aid. Chapstick. Aspirin. These are all brands whose names are synonymous with the product they sell. The public uses these names as generic terms in their daily conversation. When you tell someone to give you a q-tip, you automatically know they need a cotton swab. This is precisely why storytelling is such an essential aspect of any successful market strategy. Utilize our social media services to get your business out there.


Create The Perfect Narrative For Content Marketing

In order to convey the value of your business, and the benefits you can bring to potential customers, you need to be able to summarize it all in a narrative clearly. Think of this as a strategy statement. It is basically a tool that you can use to communicate with your target audience. Your narrative will tell both potential and existing customers who you are and what your business values are. It also shows what sets you apart from everyone else. This is when you need to think about what makes your business unique and set apart from everyone else.


Aim to create a narrative that is between 300-500 words in length. This may seem like a lot, but this will be a central document that will inform and influence everything from social posting to your paid advertising campaigns, to the copy on your website.


Nike is an example of an organization who have solidified their appeal with a strong narrative. In the 90s, when Michael Jordan was their spokesperson. They ran a television ad during which the basketball star outlined how his repetitive failures have helped him to succeed. The Nike brand is rooted in inspiration, innovation, and inclusion, and this brand message has been consistent since its inception.


Who is Your Target Audience

What demographics are you aiming to? Start by conducting a thorough analysis of your existing audience, and those of your main competitors. Clearly defined personas will help you to make the most of your storytelling capabilities, as you’ll be able to tell the right story to the right people at the right time and achieve your overall objectives in the process. We can help you determine what audiences are headed your way.


What About a Video?

85 percent of brands who employ a comprehensive video marketing strategy experience success. It makes sense. Think about it. A picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how many a video is worth. Videos are a format that can promote brand awareness, extend your reach, and tell your business story in an entertaining way.


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Social Ease is here to provide you with the content marketing you need to make your business successful. Our social media services will ensure more consumers across the USA will become aware of your product. Call us today to get more information on how we can help you.

Grow Your Business With Social Media Marketing

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You are a smart business owner. There is a good chance that you have already considered using social media marketing to help spread the word about your business. At Social Ease we are a social media agency who will get your business on the right track to get you noticed across the USA.


Did You Know?

Are you aware that 82 percent of small business owners are using sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest to help make their business grow?  It makes sense. Social media is everywhere and everybody uses it. Most individuals can’t even spend a few hours without checking these sites. It has become a daily routine for them. Investing in a social media agency is the perfect choice to ensure the success of your business.


Reasons Why Social Media Marketing is Right For Your Business

  • It helps get the word out
    • Not only does social media give your company exposure, but it also provides you with the opportunity grow relationships with your target audience.


  • Social media is extremely popular
    • 65 percent of American adults use social networks. That means social media will touch almost all of the customers that walk through your door.


  • It is cost-effective
    • As more social networks add algorithms that filter what users see in their news feeds, your organic content may get lost in the shuffle. Take advantage of the low-cost advertising features offered by social networks to promote your content and special offers.


  • Social media reaches all ages and demographics
    • Between 2005 and 2015, usage among ages 30-49 has increased by 69 points from 8 percent to 77 percent. So, no matter the age your target audience may be, chances are most of them are already logging on and waiting for you to get started.


  • Encourages two-way communication
    • You get the power to learn more about your audience. You learn their interests and get to collect feedback.
  • The users are active
    • As previously stated, individuals routinely check their social media. Some sources even say that users check these networks 17 times a day. They may only visit your store once a week, but that does not mean they will not see your content multiple times during the week.


  • Let you share a lot about your business
    • Social media is quickly becoming the go-to place for consumers who want to learn more about a business. That is because these sites allow business to offer more updated information about anything from services, product, or upcoming events.


  • Perfect for customer service
    • The success of any business is good customer service. Because social media gives business the chance for two-way communication, it offers a unique opportunity to provide gratification to your target audience.


  • Makes the biggest difference for your email marketing
    • Because of social media, email marketing has completely changed. Sharing your email newsletter across your social network can open your content up to a whole new audience and generate the type of buzz you have been hoping for.


  • It is everywhere!
    • Today, more than half of all Americans are smartphone users and more and more businesses are offering mobile-friendly experiences. The benefit of the increased presence of mobile activity in our daily lives is huge for small businesses.


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Take advantage of social media marketing in order to help your business grow. Social Ease is here to assist. We will get your business on the minds of everyone in the USA. Call our social media agency today for more information on how!

Social Media Specialists Help Increase Brand Awareness

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Increasing your brand awareness is the only way to get new consumers through your front door: both virtually and physically. And with all the hassle that comes from owning your own business, who has the time to filter through Instagram hashtags and test out the best method to promote your Facebook Ads? Social Ease is a team of social media specialists that work to help with your brand’s social image to get consumers more interested in your product or service. We know the best tactics when it comes to tackling the beast that is social media so that you can focus on your business’ day-to-day while we increase your digital footprint.

Here are a few ways Social Ease can help to increase your brand’s online presence:

1. Create Quality Content

You may have heard that when it comes to content, it is all about quality, not quantity. And it’s true. If you were to rummage through your brand’s related competitor’s social media pages, you might notice a few accounts have a decent following with less than 1,000 posts. This is because their content is eye-catching, engaging, and pleasant to look at. Some companies believe that if they post at least once a day, they are guaranteed more followers (and more potential customers). However, this isn’t always the case if the social media posts are low quality. Our social media specialists do the research to see which tactics work the best in your niche in order to provide quality content for your brand.

2. Brand Awareness Through Social Sharing

Another way to increase your company awareness is through social sharing. This is a crucial step that shouldn’t be overlooked. Perhaps the best digital method for promotion is done through social sharing. You want highly accrued follower accounts that are well known in your industry to help share your work. For example, let’s say you own a bake shop and the Food Network picks up on your delicious creations. That is sure to bring you in more followers, and therefore, more local customers. If your brand is working as an influencer (model, actress, or artist of some kind) this tactic works wonders if you are shared by accounts focused on your niche.

But how do you get big name brands to share your content?

Networking. Social Ease does this by contacting large, relevant accounts directly and we work on a long-term strategy that will lead to bigger results. On your end, you can always have your friends share your posts in order to gain traction. You never know when someone will share your work that will potentially lead to a viral thread.

3. Engagement

This step is the creme de la crème of inducing your awareness. Whatever your business is, your particular niche is surrounded by a community. Engaging in the community is the only way to show who you are as a brand. Social Ease has developed engagement tactics that have proven to build loyal customers on a daily basis. We don’t leave spam comments on Instagram posts, and we never share content that isn’t relevant. Instead, we engage your customers with thought provoking questions. We ask audiences what they want to see and we take polls to get their input. This among many other strategies is what will help to leave you mark on social media.

Contact Social Ease’s social media specialists to learn more about how we can increase your brand awareness!

We Manage the Best Social Media for Business!

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Social media is a major part of your business. Social Ease is a company for social media for business in Miami, and we can help you get the help that you need to have your business succeed. We know that it can be difficult for you to get to your social media when you have a million other things on your plate. Thankfully, you can get the help that you need to get your business’s social media presence up and running with the help of Social Ease. We want to make social media easy for businesses so that they can see the results that they know they can get from promoting their brand online. If you are interested in learning more about our services, contact us at Social Ease today.

Why Social Media Matters

Many businesses constantly underestimate the power that social media can have on helping them establish a customer base. There are businesses that have had the same customers for decades that could gain an entire wave of new customers just through social media alone. This is because much of the impact that you can have in the current consumer market is going to be through social media. That is where most people spend a good portion of their time, and it would be unwise to ignore these avenues in the hope that the people would naturally find your business. The fact is, if you do not have a social media presence, you are not going to get as many people through your door because there are simply not going to be enough people off the street who just automatically trust your business. A majority of people, even if they are physically standing in front of your business, will not purchase your product or service until they have checked your reviews online and seen your social media profiles. This confirms to them what you can offer them and the kind of care that you put into your social media presence.

Social Media for Business

If you want to start having more of a social media presence, you can do so with our help. We know the importance of social media, and we are experts in targeting your ideal audiences. We can do for you what you have always hoped. If you would like to learn more about who we are, call us or visit our website today.

Contact Us

Social Ease is a company for social media for a business located in Miami. We specialize in customer service, and we value our clients as well as their businesses. It is this commitment that makes us ideal for running your social media presence. We can do what you cannot in your limited time and give you that time to actually run your business while still seeing the results online that you have been wanting. If you are interested in learning more about our services and how we can help you with your social media, contact us at Social Ease today.

How to Calculate ROI from a Social Media Company

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ROI is important to any business venture that you engage in. Social Ease is a social media company in Tampa that can help understand your ROI and give you the ROI that you expect. It is easy enough to calculate the return on your investment when you are dealing with things that cost money but bring back actual revenue. However, social media can only do this for you indirectly. In order to understand what your ROI is and be able to tell whether or not you are getting the return that you are expecting, contact us at Social Ease today.

What is Your Social Media ROI?

Social media ROI is somewhat like normal ROI. With it, you calculate what you get back from all of the time that you spent working on it as well as of the effort that you put into it and the resources that you had to use. The easiest way to calculate this ROI is by using dollar amounts, as these are concrete numbers. However, many elements of social media do not have easy to calculate dollar amounts. In order to track ROI on these channels, you are going to have to shift your expectation of what your ROI would be. Two things to consider are the monetary investment that you are making in social media and the calculated dollar amounts that you assign to your social media goals.

Calculating Your Investment

To get an accurate estimate of how much money you spend on your social media, you must look at a couple of things. The first of these is your time spent working on the social media. The next thing that you must look at is what social media tools you are utilizing. For instance, if you are using a paid service to help you with your social media, you can include that in your total cost of tools. The final cost to consider how much you spent on advertising on these social media channels.

Once you have done this, you can just calculate the total cost spent on social media. With this information, you can then determine what your goals are for your social media. These are going to vary depending on what you are focusing on. After you have done this, you can then determine what your goal is worth. You can do this by estimating or you can form a calculation based on a variety of factors. With that information, you can then determine if what you spent was worth what you got.

Need a Social Media Company?

Social media can be difficult to take care of on your own. You may find that your ROI is better off when you have someone else take care of your social media for you. We know how to handle social media, and we can provide you with the service that you would not get elsewhere.

Contact Us

Social Ease is a social media company that is located in Tampa. If you need help with your social media, contact us today.

How do Reviews Affect Your Visibility?

Nothing is more important for a business’s online presence than a Google business review. One good review could be enough to get a business to rise higher in ranking, but one bad review can be enough to sink a business. Reviews can impact businesses in a variety of ways and it is important to understand the significance of reviews so that you can prepare your business to deal with reviews. An internet marketing company can assist you with reviews. If you are in the Miami area, contact MyCity Social for more information on reviews and how they can help you and your business.

How a Google business review impacts your business


Reviews are unbiased user generated content. This means that they are critical in helping businesses rank higher in search results. Reviews are used in helping Google’s algorithm deem which businesses are worthy of ranking higher and they help them confirm the location so that they can improve the accuracy of the Google listing. What this means is that a huge part of how your business appears to consumers depends on the reviews that you receive. In fact, consumers often say that they trust reviews that they read online as much as in-person testimonials.

Google draws its information from a variety of sources. Part of it is from third party sources like Facebook and Yelp and then part of it is taken from the actual business owner themselves by way of the Google My Business information provided. However, reviews have the power to override the information provided from these other sources. For instance, if a trusted reviewer says that your business is closed on a particular day, then Google may update your business information to reflect this. In other words, reviews work like a system of checks for the businesses they review.

How to optimize your business’s visibility


This may lead some businesses to believe that they have to go the extra mile to create fake positive reviews or to try to control bad reviews but those methods can be damaging. Not only is it technically illegal, but Google can punish those who use fake positive reviews to rise through the rankings. Additionally, trying to incentivize for a Google business review is also punishable.

However, there are ways to work with an unsatisfied customer to possibly get a bad review removed. Of course, there are also ways to encourage your customers to leave you a review that don’t require any incentives.

Ultimately when it comes to internet marketing, it comes down to establishing your reputation online so that your customers feel naturally inclined to leave you reviews and building that base so that you may receive more reviews.


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Reviews are important for your business’s online presence and visibility, but you don’t have to handle them alone. For more information on how your business can optimize for reviews, contact MyCity Social. They have locations in Tampa, Orlando, and Miami and they can provide you with information about their services and how they can assist you with Google business reviews. Trust our internet marketing to help your business!

7 Unique Features of The New Adwords Interface

A PPC company in the know


With all the changes to Adwords and its new interface, it can be easy to miss some things that may be useful for you and your business. Sorting through these changes and determining how they can be helpful for you can be stressful and there may be resources you can consult. MyCity Social, a PPC company offering services for SEO in Miami, can assist you in your advertising needs.


1 Call bid adjustments


One of Google’s latest additions to the new UI is call bid adjustments. These allow the user to get call extensions to show more or less often in mobile search campaigns. The range for bid adjustments is -90 to +900 percent and can be accessed from the new interface.


2 N-grams


Another relatively new feature is the n-gram view included in the search terms that have triggered ads in the campaign. This can be viewed by going to the Words tab under Searches and can help you gauge the impressions, clicks, and conversions of a search term. The words are sorted so that the darker the term is the more impressions it received.


3 Audiences page


In order to streamline audience management, a page has been introduced where you can access a single place to manage audience targeting and optimizations. The terminology for the audiences page has also been adjusted in the new interface. The term “Target and bid” has been changed to “Targeting.” “Bid only” has changed to “Observations.”


4 Household income targeting in search


Unlike the old interface, where location targeting was the only way to apply household income targets, the new interface allows you to use the Demographics tab for household income reporting and targeting for search campaigns. It also includes visual features such as a chart at the top of the Household Income page to see how your campaign performs along household income segments.

5 Promotion extensions


If your business is promoting a particular product or service at a discounted price, there is now a way to link that offer in your ads. Under Ads and Extensions, you can now show and link to a specific offer in text ads. The new promotion extension is available only on the new interface.


6 Custom in-market audiences


Under the new interface, in-market audiences are available for search campaigns. In addition, Google will also be offering custom in-market audiences. These can be customized based on the campaign performance, advertiser’s website, and the goals of the business.


7 Google attribution


In the new interface, Google attribution will be a free, integrated service which can take data from Google Analytics, AdWords, or DoubleClick Search to give the user a more comprehensive overview of conversion actions across various channels and devices for the purposes of attribution modeling and bidding information.


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The new changes to Adwords are exciting and will surely enhance your user experience. However, sorting through these changes and adapting to ever changing market can difficult. If you’re looking for assistance with SEO in Miami, contact MyCity Social, a PPC company offering a variety of services to help you in your digital marketing needs.

What Our Internet Marketing Agency Is Like

Here at MyCity Social, our team takes pride in working together to create websites, blog posts, social media accounts and much more to help our clients get the word out about their business. Our offices are build for us to work as one, share ideas, and talk to clients in order to meet each and every need. The constant flow of activities never ends and there is always something to update, create or someone to talk to about what they would like to do next. It is important to us, as well as our clients, that the work gets done in a timely and professional manner to keep up with the high demand of clients we receive. We are true to our clients and take the time to create exactly what they are looking for and more. Having successful online traffic is just as important as bringing people through the front doors everyday.


Internet marketing agency


Marketing is an everyday field used to create, maintain and expand on ideas. It is important to use an agency’s help to get out the information for your business. Staying on top of today’s newest trends in SEO and web design ideas help to make it possible for marketing agencies to provide their clients with the best marketing services. The outcome from each client’s needs is different and working closely with each client to meet their needs to key. There are a number of ways to promote business and keep the traffic flowing at your everyday business; however, the internet is so helpful when it comes to reaching out to people not in the area, but from all over the world! Next thing you know, people will be stopping by because of something the read on your website or something you posted on Instagram or Facebook, just to give a few examples.


Give us a try, you will not regret it!

Internet marketing is the new cool thing. Getting your name out there, telling people why you are so good at what you do and showing your success for everyone to see are such important things to know are possible. Allow yourself to step outside the box, and trust MyCity Social in Tampa, FL to change the traffic of people coming into your business today. Put your company out there and believe that you need the internet to bring in business. You will forever be pleased with our services and internet marketing agency if you make the phone call and start now! Want your business to grow, stand out and be as successful as ever? Well, that’s what we are here to do.


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Internet marketing agencies are important in today’s world more than ever. Getting the word out about your business on social media or a new website can be the first step to the next best thing for your business. Reach out to us today in Tampa, FL by phone 866-955-3287 or check out our website!

How Youtube Live Helps To Connect You With Your Target Market

Reaching Your Audience Via YouTube


YouTube is a great social platform to connect with an audience on, but it is not as though it is the easiest thing in the world to do. Great images in the video, as well as a good script and a story to tell, are all key elements to master when it comes to effective digital marketing on YouTube like Youtube Live Stream. That is all just the start.


Objective Of Your YouTube Channel


A lot of companies open up a YouTube channel without a real vision about what they want to do with it. They often feel the need to have a YouTube channel, but they do not know why or what they are supposed to do with it. It is better to think ahead of time about what exactly this channel is supposed to be about.


Some of the things that one should want to accomplish with their channel is to increase the awareness of their brand by the public. Every company YouTube channel should also convert to more sales of products or services. If the channel is not doing that, then it is more of a liability and waste of time than anything else.


Being Relevant To The Present Day: Youtube Live Stream


One of the worst things that a YouTube channel can do for the company that sets it up is to languish in the past. Not keeping the channel up to date is something that makes people start to ignore it. Who would want to watch videos about things that are “yesterday’s news” so to speak?


Instead, a company with their own new YouTube channel should look to do a YouTube live stream from time to time. A live stream is a way to broadcast about something that is happening at this very moment. People can literally log in to the YouTube live stream to see what the company is talking about, or they can view the video at a later time when it works better for them to do so. Either way, a YouTube live stream provides viewers with information that they desire in a timely fashion.


Make Videos Relatable And Shareable


One of the best things that one can do for their digital marketing campaign on YouTube is to make their videos relatable and highly shareable. MyCity Social is a digital marketing company that can help others work on their efforts in this particular area. What MyCity Social does is try to help a company come up with a great type of video that could help them get it spread out among a diverse community of people throughout the Internet.


It is not easy to come up with the type of videos that people will want to share throughout the Internet, but that is exactly why one brings in the professionals to make this happen. A video that goes viral can make a company move from unknown to highly recognizable.

Contact Us Today!

YouTube has a great reach and cultural impact. It is not to be ignored by anyone who considers themselves to be a good marketer. Speak to professionals from myCity Social who know how to help a company use YouTube to reach out to the largest audience that they possibly can. Contact them today!