2019 Social Media Marketing Predictions

Social media is a many-headed monster that is constantly evolving. From new platforms, changing consumption habits, to new social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, marketers are always coming up with innovative features or affordances to refine every dimension of their platforms. Users not only end up engaging in a number of different ways with their favorite brands due to these changes, but they also allow marketers new ways to captivate their audiences through a range of tools and tactics. It’s essential for social media marketers to stay ahead of the game and keep themselves updated regarding the latest marketing trends, as well as predict those coming in the future, so that they are able to deliver the best marketing efforts to their clients. Here, top social media agency Social Ease updates you on the top 2019 social media trends impacting the market. Contact us today for a consultation about affordable social media marketing!


Social Media Marketing Trends This Year


There are several crucial, big-picture shifts in social media this year that marketers should keep an eye out for as well as incorporate into their marketing plans. Firstly, the game has changed from a text-first draw to a visual-first draw. In 2019, it’s all about the visuals. In addition to graphics and photos, video content in general (such as live video) is a key area that needs to be focused on. Video continues to dominate social media trends in 2019. YouTube continues to be a powerhouse platform, giving an arena for more and more YouTubers to create original content for their viewers. Marketers are able to really benefit by making their presence felt across these video platforms and engaging their audience. Brands should focus on shifting from a text-first approach to a visual-first mentality when connecting with consumers, in order to continue to be heard by the audience they are marketing towards. Part of this video content is the trend of live video. This format has been around quite a while on YouTube, but now its popularity across platforms such as Instagram and Facebook  has not made it a key opportunity marketers need to jump on in 2019. Live video is a powerful tool for marketers to directly engage their audience and strengthen the relationship between a brand and its followers due to its interactivity. Moreover, the authenticity factor helps to build trust and loyalty with a brand.


Top 2019 Social Media Trends


Top affordable social media agency Social Ease notes that the key for 2019 is not pre-packaged content, but rather in the moment consumption. Prior to social media, audience reception was primarily a passive process. Today’s audience, the audience of the internet, wants to be involved, interact, react, and co-create. And the brands that are successful in the delivery of active content is more likely to be more successful in their usage of social media in marketing. In 2018, the story feature and rise of ephemeral content throughout multiple social networks is a key development, with Instagram and Facebook stories hijacking Snapchat stories. 200 million Instagram users use Instagram Stories each month, according to Entrepreneur, and millions of daily views accumulate on Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram.


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