Automated Marketing Tools To Try

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For all small business owners, one major problem they have to contend with is the fact that there are only so many hours in  a single day. It’s practically impossible, if not disastrous, to try and cram business development, customer service, marketing, production, financials, and everything else on one to-do list. One great way to work against time limitations is through the automation by some of your processes- and marketing is one area ripe for automation. Small businesses need to find a tool that is able to automate many components of marketing at once, and today’s technology offers several platforms that are able to provide different approaches to automating marketing processes in order to make entrepreneurs’ lives easier. Automated marketing tools are an essential component to digital marketing today. Social Ease is a top social media agency in the United States. Call us today for a consultation and expand your online presence!


Products To Automate Your Marketing


There are many products out on the market today that can allow you a more hands-off approach towards marketing. ONTRAPORT is one such tool. ONTRAPORT boasts a mission statement of supporting “entrepreneurs in delivering their value to the world by removing the burden of technology.” What this tool provides is allowing companies to get a complete visualization of the customer journey. ONTRAPORT knows that many small business struggle to gain clear understanding of how their marketing efforts are paying, and thus helps them see how their customers respond to messages – via SMS, email, postcards, and landing pages. Compelling campaigns can then be made within the platform. Another great tool entrepreneurs are able to utilize is Delivra, a platform formed on the knowledge that automated email open rates are in fact 95 percent above regular email open rates. With this particular tidbit in mind, the company maximizes customer engagement by offering help with SMS and email drip campaigns, while assisting with direct mail and using A/B testing and alerts when purchase or engagement “tendencies” are recognized.


Automated Marketing Tools Help You Grow Your Business


If you’re looking for an automated marketing platform that provides account-based marketing, email, mobile, digital ads, social, webs, and marketing analytics, Marketo is the tool for you. Top social marketing platform Social Ease highly recommends this tool. Marketo allows business owners to drive engagement through many channels from a solo platform. The goal of this tool is to assist small businesses in building enduring relationships with customers and creating end-to-end engagement. Hundreds of millions of activities each day can be handled by its cloud-based infrastructure, meaning it can scale with its customers. Customized solutions for healthcare, technology, financial services, manufacturing, media, and higher education has been developed by Marketo, and the Engagement Hub of this program is able to gather data so that as it analyzes and adapts the businesses are able to personalize their interactions.


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As a small business owner, your time is of the utmost importance. The automated marketing tools that we suggest can help you free up your time while increasing your marketing potential. Social Ease is a top social media agency in the United States. Call us today for social media optimization services!

Are Facebook Groups Dead?

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A question that may be simmering in the back of your mind when it comes to social media, is if Facebook groups are still relevant. Here at Social Ease, we are a social media agency that is dedicated to marketing and getting your company on the map.


Why a Facebook Group?

There are Groups on Facebook for everything. It is nothing new.  There are spaces for like-minded people to congregate and discuss specific subjects. They offer everything from hobbies to pets and celebrities. They date in one form or another to the platform’s earliest days. However, for a combination of technical and cultural reasons, Groups are suddenly having their moment.


In the past year alone, Facebook Group membership is up 40 percent, with 1.4 billion people. More than half of Facebook’s massive user base is now using Groups every month. Of those, 200 million people belong to so-called “meaningful Groups,” considered a vital part of users’ daily lives. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has said he’d like to see 1 billion users in “meaningful” Groups within five years. But is this goal realistic?


Our Answer is Yes To Facebook Groups

The growth is explained by Facebook’s personal algorithm shifts and platform tweaks. They prioritized engagement with friends, family, and groups, while downranking public content shared by business, brands, and media. Under the auspices of community building, we’re now seeing significantly more posts from Groups on our feeds and fewer posts from company Pages or media publishers.


Facebook has even tested a dedicated Groups tab inside its mobile app, so users can find all of their groups in one place, as well as discover new ones. Beefed up tools for scheduling posts and screening members have made it easier to build and scale Groups.


But truly understanding the growth and future evolution of Groups requires applying a broader cultural lens. 2018 represented a crisis year for social media and this was largely a crisis of trust. It is critical to remember that Facebook and other networks initially represented a sort of safe space: a refuge from the chaos and threats posed by the vast, anonymous Internet at large. Back in the day, most interactions on social media were with real people, many of them friends and family. Believe it or not, Facebook was a place to be yourself and let your guard down. Trust our social media agency.


The Future

So for companies and brands who rely on social media to reach customers, are Groups the heart for addressing dipping engagement and declining reach? More importantly, does the Group concept point to a way forward for social media in general as a means to recover the trust and authenticity that made Facebook and other platforms so revolutionary to begin with?


Brands finding success have learned to walk a fine line. They are creating a space where passionate users can express themselves while working hard behind the scenes to keep discussions vibrant and focused. Indoor cycling workout company Peloton boasts more than 100,000 members in its official closed group, which now registers upward of 300 posts and 5,000 comments a day. But this is no accident. Members are rigorously screened, and admins are quick to flag and remove content that violates community guidelines.


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When it comes to Facebook Groups, trust our social media agency. We know exactly what your company needs to get your results. Call Social Ease today for more information. In no time, you will be a successful company in the United States.

The Benefits Of User Generated Content

user generated content in the us

Why is user generated content (UGC) so effective in marketing? It is compelling for both brands and consumers. There are three reasons why your business needs to incorporate this strategy. Here at Social Ease, we are here to show you how. We are a social media management company in the United States that knows the exact measures to take to get your name on the map.


Story Time

In 2009 the clothing brand Burberry brought high-end fashion to the masses with its campaign, “Art of the Trench.”  In order to celebrate its iconic trench coat, the brand invited the public to upload pictures of people fonning the best-selling item. All the company had to do was curate the best submissions on the site and facebook page. From there, users were able to browse by category, and they could comment on or share the images with their friends. Because of this campaign, Burberry’s Facebook follower count grew to more than 1 million, That is the largest fan base in the luxury sector at the time Their e-commerce also jumped 50 %. The campaign was so successful that it was relaunched in 20124 to generate more buzz. With this simple and singular idea, Burberry was able to drive traffic to its platforms and generate awareness among new audiences. Trust our social media management company.


Three Reasons Why User Generated Content Produces Results

  • Embraces Authenticity
    • While it’s easy to get hung up on creating high-quality content, it’s important to remember that sometimes a shaky YouTube video can actually convert better than a million-dollar ad campaign. That’s because, for today’s consumers, authenticity is much more important than looking professional. With user-generated content, your customers can take note of how people use your products and share their passion for the brand. Take the Burberry example above. While the photos do look quite sleek, users know they’re not just being fed a corporate product catalog, and they can appreciate that the images are taken by everyday customers just like themselves.


  • Cost-Effective
    • Sometimes it’s cheaper to create hundreds of pieces of user-generated content than it is to create one piece of content in-house. With user-generated content, your customers are creating the assets for you and bringing in their own audiences as a result.


  • Easy To Track
    • Since user-generated content is not created on owned media properties, it can seem daunting to track and measure. If you don’t have the right tools in place to understand the effectiveness of your program, your budget may suffer because you will not know how much money to invest in the initiative. This is especially useful for brands working with multiple partners promoting across various channels. Through trackable links, they can see not only which influencer drives the best results, but also which of their channels drives the best results and how much engagement is generated from each. The images below show how one brand collaborated with influencers to promote app downloads and then used to track the results.


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User generated content is the way to get your business to grow and prosper. Take advantage of our social media management company in order to help your business grow. Social Ease is here to assist. We will get your business on the minds of everyone in the United States. Call our social media agency today for more information on how!

Reach The Target Customer With Targeted Social Media Analytics

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You want to make your business thrive. What is a great way to do so? Targeting the right customers through social media. Here are Social Ease, we are a social media agency who specializes in social media analytics. Located across the United States, we are professionals who will ensure your company gets traffic across multiple platforms.


How Does Social Media Help Your Business?

Social media is everywhere. It seems like almost every single person who owns a cellular device, checks the various apps and sites that are available to them, at least once a day. We are in the digital age. This means there is little to no debate over the value of social media. Think of websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. Did you know that Facebook users spend an average of 50 minutes a day on their properties? This is the same for other social media, too. They are not that far behind.


Thanks to video, there is a new chapter that seemed to arise in digital space. Video through social media has led to the expansion of social capabilities like Facebook Love, Snapchat Stories, and InstaStories. Current events and political influence are inseparable from the platforms that promote them. Social media today is more impactful than it has ever been before.


With daily media usage, social media is taking center stage. This is the same with behavior shifts. Advertisers are not far behind, either. Social media spending will top $19 billion this year. That means ad spending is expected to see a 26 percent increase from last year. Social media gives us the chance to reach target audiences with a level of sophistication that we have never had access to before. Users proactively weave a narrative of their behaviors, interests, and intentions by the simple act of using social media platforms, which enables targeted online advertising to be that much more customized and precise. Still confused? Ur social media agency will help clear the air.


Social Media Analytics

Due to the influence of social in targeted markets, a big concern for business in which social networks they should be on. Each platform has its own voice and particular audience that use them differently. It is very important to understand each one in order to build a particular media marketing strategy. We are here to help. Here is a break down of the top 3:

  • Facebook
    • Hands down the most popular social media in the world. There are over 1.5 billion users. Users go on this platform to connect with content and the content of what facebook hosts, is very encompassing. Facebook offers a wide range of marketing objectives and creative options that apply to every stage of the consumer journey, allowing businesses to test and optimize against numerous campaign initiatives.


  • Instagram
    • The perfect destination or engaging pictures and videos for personal contacts and public figures and brands. This platform is seeing the fastest growth reaching 600 million members in 2016. Across Instagram, audiences have consistently demonstrated higher-than-average brand recall and spend on average $65 per referred sale, which beats out both Twitter and Facebook.


  • Twitter
    • The most specific of all the social media. This is users go-to source for any real-time events. Many brands have gained favor with well-timed jokes or alignment with current events. Twitter has leveraged their position in the space and extended it to their targeting


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Take advantage of social media marketing and social media analytics in order to help your business grow. Social Ease is here to assist. We will get your business on the minds of everyone in the United States. Call our social media agency today for more information on how!