Facebook Management Company Explains the Benefits of FB Groups

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Making yourself known with Facebook management has a plethora of benefits according to our experts at Social Ease. A few years ago, Facebook introduced Facebook groups. These groups are great for interaction with people who have similar interests. Facebook groups are similar to forums except you have to really search hard sometimes to find the forum you are looking for. Facebook makes it easy to create groups and these groups have been proven very successful for business since their inception.


  • Listening


Managing a Facebook group gives your customers a voice. If you ask about their likes and dislikes, and if your customers are all in agreement with dislikes, then it is an opportunity for you to change their dislike into a like. If you change what everyone dislikes, everyone becomes happy. If your customers see that a change is made from their disagreements, this is one of the best things you can do as a business. You will definitely have repeat customers because you show that you understand their wishes.


  • Facebook Management with Personal Flair


As a business, you get to know your audience and they get to know you on a personal level. Your audience becomes personal with each other as well sharing ideas and wants as well as giving each other ideas on how to make things better for you and your audience. Getting to know them shows you care about what matters to them.


  • Customer Interaction


How often do you go to a grocery store and see the entire customer base interact at the same time? Sure, people interact, but mostly go in and get what they need and go home. Managing Facebook keeps your customers interacting around the clock and all of them get notified when someone posts something. Also, during customer interaction, people learn from each other and obtain ideas. These ideas can, in turn, help you as a business owner. You get free ideas at your fingertips to help your business grow.


  • You’re in Charge


When creating a Facebook group, during your initial setup, you have the option to choose who you want in your Facebook group. Your potential customers tell why they want to be in your group. This is like a screening process as this eliminates any type of unwanted spam. Also to prevent spam or certain actions, you can have a Facebook moderator to keep conversations on topic and under control.


  • Feedback and ROI


As mentioned above, being personal and listening will give you great feedback. An enormous amount of internet audience relies on reviews. Getting good reviews equals good feedback which equals an awesome return on investment. Also, if you have good feedback, not only will your audience share inside your group, they will also share outside your group helping you obtain more leads and more customers.

If you are still unsure about creating a Facebook group because you are not sure how facebook management works or have a little fear of not knowing what to do,  go join one. Help your business now by creating a group and broaden your brand and audience. Our representatives are waiting for your call at 866-955-3287 or you can send us contact Social Ease online right now.

Social Media Monitoring: What You Need to Know About ROI

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Social media return on investment (ROI) is a metric tool that measures the value you generated with your social media marketing investment. Since ROI’s are based on your personal objectives and values (like comments, re-tweets, shares and newsletter sign-ups) its success depends upon your goals. It’s important for every business to conduct some form of social media monitoring to determine if they’re over or underspending for a marketing resource. This is where Social Ease can be a great help.

How Do You Calculate Social Media ROI?

The general formula used to calculate ROI is “Profit / Investment X 100 = Social Media ROI,” with profit meaning any money you’ve earned from your marketing campaign and investments being the total cost of your social media marketing attempts. Things gets a bit more complicated when your marketing investments garner intangible results like shares, e-book downloads, and viral re-tweets.

There are a few deeper steps you can pursue in order to really understand your ROI marketing funnel— such as adding special coding to your landing page to track where consumers are coming from, or measuring your Cost-per-click (CPC), click-through-rate (CTR), and conversions (downloads, installs, purchases) with media monitoring so you can instantly see where the majority of your foot traffic originates. With this new-found knowledge, you can determine what outlets are worth investing in and where you can cut future costs.

What is Social Media Monitoring?

Basically, media monitoring is the process (or tool) you use to gather key user insights (about your product) in one place so you can easily analyze the data. Listening apps could be considered as the flip side of a media monitoring coin— since they gather information from users and feed it back to your monitoring tool for analysis. This data is crucial business knowledge that will influence your business decisions if you utilize social media listening.

Before you create a media monitoring project, decide what you want to monitor and how you intend to apply the data you gather. Do you want to service customers, generate leads, improve your reputation, or build a social media following? The key to measuring your success is deciding what outcome you desire.

To generate leads, you might set a goal to engage media monitoring reports with similar products— such as, if you’re a fertilizing company, engage farmers who post pictures of their crops and suggest they try your product. If you’re goal is to improve your reputation (after noticing negative social media content around your brand), you might set a goal to improve public perception by sharing a gentler side. Or, if your goal is customer service, you might utilize hashtags to engage with complaints and comments about your product or company

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Indubitably, you couldn’t calculate your marketing ROI without utilizing social media monitoring to gather the necessary data needed to make business decisions in this ever-changing technological landscape. If you’re still unsure of how to set goals for your company or need an expert consultation to explore your options, contact us at 866-955-3287 or admin@mysocailease.com.

How To Use Instagram Marketing to Boost Business

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Social media has a major impact on bringing in business for a brand and generating revenue. That is, if it is properly managed. In today’s technology-obsessed world, everybody is very reliant upon their social profiles for real human interaction and there is no way that we will give up our social media profiles any time soon, according to Pew Research Center’s 2018 Social Media Use Survey. As human beings, we are highly social creatures and social networking sites tap into our human nature, as we crave interaction with fellow humans and tend to trust the recommendations of our friends and family. These recommendations can extend to those we know solely through social media, and eventually also influence our spending dollars significantly. One of the most popular social media platforms is Instagram, and Instagram marketing is now a cornerstone if today’s social media marketing field. Social Ease is a top national social media agency. Contact us today to boost your business!


Why Social Marketing and Instagram is Important


When you have a product or service you’re trying to sell to a group of people, in 2018 it’s essential to proactively utilize social networks to promote and expand your brand. More than one-third of adults in the U.S. have used Instagram in 2018, which is a significant increase from 28% in 2016 with no signs of slowing down. This is the greatest social media platform growth reported by Pew Research Center in the last two years, and the only networking platforms more popular are Facebook and YouTube. When it comes to marketing on Instagram, it is much easier for your brands’ posts to show up in a users’ Instagram feed rather than their Facebook feeds, as Facebook prioritizes the family, friend, and groups of their users. Instagram, however, continuously updates it algorithm to favor newer posts rather than restrict accounts in the feed of your potential audience.


Instagram Marketing Creates Branding


The companies that are the most successful are the ones who have built powerful brand identities with which consumers can relate to. We become loyal to our brand products, and it becomes part of the consumer’s identity. For example, some people might describe themselves as a “MAC girl” or disdain Starbucks in favor of Jamba Juice. For certain types of companies, they can expand their potential consumer base and revenue stream significantly through social media branding. Top social media agency Social Ease notes that one of the best ways to market on Instagram is to do it like a beauty brand, through creating beautiful, structured content with specific visual layouts and color schemes. Instagram is built on aesthetics, which is why consistent color schemes and specific grid photo formats are important. IG profiles are the only place on this social media platform where you are able to add hyperlinks, and constitutes prime real estate for users to revisit.


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There are many tips and tricks that can be used in a social media marketing campaign on Instagram in order to attract a following and grow your brand. However, this also can take quite a lot of time, consistency, and expertise, and it is effort that you can be using to run your business. Social Ease is a top national social media agency who can take care of the hassle and stress of social media marketing to grow your brand. Contact us today for premium Instagram marketing services!

Why Social Media Marketing Companies Suggest SEO

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Social media marketing is an essential part of growing your brand and staying competitive in today’s internet-driven market. Social media marketing and SEO strategy are two different branches of the same plant, and they work the best when utilized as a union. In order to have a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, it is crucial to integrate SEO into social media marketing so that your brand and business can expand your reach and optimize the amount of revenue that you bring in. While social media marketing is different from SEO, and the job of a social media manager still differs from that of somebody who specializes in SEO, these days the two are growing more and more intertwined. SEO and social media management are not that different, and top national social media marketing companies such as Social Ease not only recommend utilizing SEO but often incorporate it into our social media strategy so that we can grow the audience for your brand. Contact Social Ease today for premium social media services to grow your business!


Social Media Managers Learn From SEO


Social media specialists and professional marketers who work with social media promotion can and often do take a couple pages from the SEO field in order to increase the impact of their work. One of the aspects of SEO that social media specialists can utilizei s keyword research, a basic but highly effective way to multiply their social marketing efforts. After all, websites are not the only online medium that relies on keywords. Social media marketing campaigns can benefit from this tactic as well. How SEO functions is that major search engines will rank pages higher if they feature valuable and informative content as well as based on the popularity of the content. The same concept functions for social media channels, through two working strategies. Social media specialists can utilize traditional keywords that they should research and include in titles and texts for the business, and they can also utilize keywords in hashtags that reach a broader audience of fans and make the content easier for potential clients and customers to discover by people who are looking for the keyword(s). Social Ease, a top provider of social media services, utilizes keyword research in order to optimize the social media pages we work with and use all the tools at our disposal to grow your brand and clientele.


Social Media Marketing Companies Should Use Keyword Research


There are different types of keywords that can be utilized in your social marketing campaign. The first of these are traditional keywords, which as the short phrases which inform the reader what exactly the post will be about. In social media content, the traditional keywords will be used in a similar manner as in a blog post, with main keywords found in the title of the post and the accompanying text found in that area as well. Hashtags are another keyword tool that is especially useful on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, two of the most popular social media networks. Branded hashtags allow your social media marketing campaigns to strengthen its branding, whereas general hashtags will bring potential customers/clients who are interested in the general subject to discover your business.


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More and more national social media marketing companies such as Social Ease are combining social media campaigns with SEO tactics in order to optimize the brands they work with. Contact Social Ease today for premium social media services to grow your brand!