Do You Own a Wedding Venue? Let Us Help You Market It To Brides

Planning a wedding can be stressful. Any help you have is tremendous. Once you find a wedding venue, you may have found the answer to your woes. If you own a wedding venue, you need to market, market, market. Brides often begin with the venue of the wedding as the basis for all other plans. MyCity Social, with locations in Orlando, Tampa, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale, can market your venue in the most effective ways. Getting your business to the forefront of a bride’s search. Many times, the business marketing you will need will begin on the internet. Contact them today to get started.

Smart Marketing

Business marketing is the make or break factor in becoming a profitable business. No matter what sector your business, if you do not get the word out that you exist and are great at what you do or produce. Your business can fail or worse struggle along for years barely staying afloat and causing you stress. MyCity Social will market your business on the internet with SEO services Tampa businesses have come to trust, which is their specialty. Any viable business will benefit from marketing on the internet. Business marketing professionals which can bring the local public to your business are worth their weight in gold. All successful businesses which rely on internet traffic. It is hard to name one which does not, contract with a business marketing firm which know SEO. Many make this claim, but this is not a simple or uncomplicate service.

SEO Services

SEO services Tampa savvy business owners use are a service which will advertise your business by using the words that will attract the consumers who are buying your type of service. In various ways on your own website or in ads strategically place on their website. Professional SEO services know which the most search words for any given product or service are and have many tools at their disposal to not only incorporate those words but to monitor the effectiveness. Marketing over the internet is a specialty that the most successful businesses know is best handled by a professional. Think back to the last time you need something of which you may have been a first-time purchaser. If you are as most people, you turn to the internet to do some research on what was available, how close it was to you, the specifications of that item, and possibly the cost.

The Service of Choice

MyCity Social is professional in their SEO services. These services offering by many large national companies, however, dealing with a local area service can be most rewarding. The familiarity of the area and the general community can only enhance the marketing efforts. SEO services Tampa locals trust are the answer to attracting people to your business. This service will present your business in the best possible way to entice further interest so that you can showcase your service to the prospective customer.

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As to the bride and the stresses which come with planning a wedding. Having a great venue can give the plans an anchor which can then be utilized to contact other services the couple needs. If you have a wedding venue and have contact MyCity Social for their SEO services, you can capture this customer and her dreams to help them come true. Reach out today.

Facebook Launches New Tools For Mother’s Day

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms in the world, so it’s no surprise that Mother’s Day played a big part on social media when millions of Facebook users used it to show their appreciation on Mother’s Day. In fact, there were about 65 million posts last year in the United States alone. As usual, Facebook started off with showing options in advance on what users could use for Mother’s Day. Let MyCity Social show you better Mother’s Day marketing ideas for you to stay ahead of the marketing curve by listing your options to your customers in advance. Contact us at MyCity Social to learn more.


Themed frames on Facebook Messenger are a simple, yet stylish way for users to inform each other of a special event without announcing it word for word. After all, a picture says a thousand words. For Messenger Kids, there are also stickers available.


Facebook Group Visibility


Increase Facebook Group visibility around Mother’s Day with Mother associated groups. If you are looking to utilize upcoming Facebook marketing tools, an Orlando SEO expert at MyCity Social can help you so you don’t have to take on the week of Mother’s Day alone. Raise awareness and use this as an opportunity to take advantage of these Mother’s Day marketing ideas.


Wish your mom a happy Mother’s Day with a swipe just by using the FB Messenger Camera, Cards, photo frames, or a simple post. Use photo stickers to illustrate how much you care. These delightful tools are a fun and creative way to share Mother’s Day posts with friends and family.




Share cards with local and distant relatives alike. Also, you can share cards with friends with the help of an Orlando SEO Expert. With many styles to choose from, you will automatically have Mother’s Day marketing ideas without even trying!




Help build your own Orlando Facebook groups that are targeted towards mothers. Change your Facebook page photo frames and promote your page using cards. Not only can mother-oriented groups benefit from this, but parent-oriented groups can too. Spread the word using the camera feature and decorate your videos to bring more attention to them. Don’t just express your gratitude, show it. You can even use Facebook to help garner ideas on what to get your grandmother, mother, and fellow mothers for Mother’s Day by browsing through their Facebook timeline. We don’t encourage stalking, but your relatives who are near and dear to your heart will forgive you for it once they see their gift that you brought them!


Although we don’t encourage you to do this every day, Pinterest and Instagram might have ideas. Food, chocolates, fruit, plush toys, gift cards, DIY crafts, shopping or gift cards, or everything else in between, are great choices for Mother’s Day decor and post inspiration.


Looking For the Best Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas


Don’t be afraid to use marketing this Mother’s Day to your advantage, it can come in use as a handy tool for Father’s Day as well. So go ahead and pat yourself on the back for being ahead of not only Mother’s Day ideas, and let MyCity Social refer you to their Orlando SEO expert to bring your marketing ideas to life in the digital world, so you can focus more on the heart of real life.


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If you are looking for Mother’s Day marketing ideas, then MyCity Social has the knowledge and experience to guide you. Contact us today to learn more.

How Can Business Owners Find Out Where Their Leads are Coming From?

For the majority of businesses, your key goal for hiring lead generation companies to conduct digital marketing campaigns on your behalf is to get more clients and leads. However, it is good to make sure that you have a fully paid, and organic website plan in place to assist you to attain your goals. But do you know where the marketing leads come from? MyCity Social, the leading Tampa SEO Company, uses effective marketing tactics that will help you get actual leads and clients.

With the help of lead generation companies and lead analytics software such as Google Analytics. You can have the capability to trace the leads from every source. Note that inbound leads have numerous sources that come as phone calls or website visits. To start analyzing your lead sources accurately, you need to attach codes to the leads so that you can attribute the lead once it arrives. This is important as it will allow you to keep a well-organized data of your promotional. The Public relation acts since an increase in leads can be linked to more than one event occurring at the same time. Contact MyCity Social to learn more.

Lead Generation Companies Help Monitor Your Online Leads

Managing online sales leads is one of the easiest tasks that comes with numerous automated techniques to choose from. It generates the data based on lead sources. So, you can incorporate some meaningful changes by the detailed stats on the people who visit your website like page views, your actual location. And, translation data to design your website and create more room to help you generate more leads for your brand.

Path to Purchase

The Tampa SEO company MyCity Social will help you measure path to purchase via keyword analysis to allow you see which particular terms clients search for in a certain period of time before they buy something. Most customers will start searching for the product using generic terms that will become more refined as they learn how to get pertinent results. Examine your available options from all your marketing data so that you can scrutinize the keyword report. You can use it to appeal a wider range of audience. As MyCity Social, a trusted Tampa SEO company, gets new keywords for you so that you can grab the attention of your audience before your competitors get to them.


Page and Click Tracking


The majority of lead generation companies recommend this technique since it lets you trace all the keywords searched for. Or which traffic sources have led to the action being carried out on your site. However, you need to place a code on the confirmation page to be able to use this method.

Once you ensure that the page you are tracking is only accessible after performing some valuable actions on your website. Like filling an inquiry form or paying for a service online, you can include a monetary value to the action to determine your cost per acquisition. Note that Google Analytics Acquisition Reports that can be obtained with the help of MyCity Social. We will assist you in order to determine your valuable channels and keywords.


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If you are looking for a top lead generation companies, then MyCity Social is the best in business. Call us today to learn more.

Is Your Website Having Indexing Issues?

There are many pieces to the web development puzzle. If your website is having issues getting recognized by the Google Index, consider enlisting the help of the experts at MyCity Social, the SEO Agency Fort Lauderdale locals trust. Google is an 800 lb gorilla in a world of 50 lb chimps. Once this search engine is set up and recognize your site, the rest of the pieces will fall into place.

Google Indexing is the process of adding web pages into the Google universe. No other part of optimizing your site can be more frustrating. Getting your pages into the make or break Google Index requires foundational knowledge of your site.

The SEO Puzzle

The search giant uses a small piece of software to search for your website. GoogleBot crawls billions of websites in cyberspace, on a schedule. The following building blocks are most likely the cause if your site is not found. Sign up for a Google webmaster tools account before going any further.

Critical Files
1. The robots.txt and .htaccess files are two foundational files. You should have complete familiarity with these files if you plan to be your own webmaster. The robots.txt file locates in the roots folder of your website. The Robots file passes along instructions to Googlebot on whether to index the site or not. The Google webmasters tool will tell you what this file says if you ask it. The .htaccess file is another of the foundational tools need to run your site. This file configures the wrong way can also lead to Google not seeing your site as well. These are two critical files that must be looked at. The marketing experts at MyCity Social, an SEO Agency Fort Lauderdale trusts, the equip with knowledge of the mission-critical SEO strategies critical to the success of your business.

Your Sitemap
2. The sitemap is an indexing and functional file, critical to a website’s success. A sitemap is a daily, weekly, or monthly indexing of your sites individual pages. The service or software will then submit these pages to Google and the other search engines. Once the Google Index has your sitemap, the website becomes searchable. A properly format and frequently submit sitemap will get your website index quicker than any other tool.

Other Issues to Look For

3. Be aware of Meta-Tags, DNS, and other issues affecting your indexing by Google. Sometimes a descriptive meta-tag locate in the root files of your website has the wrong information such as CONTENT=NOINDEX,NOFOLLOW. DNS settings can be another culprit, preventing your site from becoming the index. In this instance, the site may move without the settings having been updated. Make sure your site does not inherit issues, such as being tied to a link-farm.

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Scraped content is a very important issue with Google. The search giant looks for original web content that adds value to the index. Developing a sound SEO strategy begins with foundational blocks need to get your site recognize by Google. MyCity Social, an SEO Agency Fort Lauderdale businesses have come to trust, provides market-beating results. Contact us today to talk to an expert about solving your website’s indexing issues.