5 Ways To Create A Stronger Password

Passwords are a critical component of any person using the internet. However, they are especially important for those who run a company or business. Having someone hack into your accounts can not only ruin the work you’ve done but can put your customers at risk of having their information stolen as well. For this reason, your password has to be strong enough to evade hacking and enhance your cyber security. As an SEO company Miami, MyCity Social always recommends their clients to do the most they can to keep their accounts safe.


1 Use numbers in place of letters

You can take numbers or symbols to substitute letters in a particular word. For instance, you can use the numeral for the number five to substitute the letter S and in this way you can complicate the word a little further. In the same way that you use numbers, you can also substitute with symbols. For instance, you can substitute the letter A with the @ symbol.


2 Use numbers to form sentences

Numbers can also be used as a substitute for entire words. For example, you can use the numeral for the number four for the word “for.” Then you can form a sentence using the word “for” but replacing it with the number. An example of this is “Ask4me.” This can be especially helpful with shorter sentences, however, there is a different method for longer sentences.


3 Use letters and numbers to shorten phrases

For longer sentences, you can use letters and numbers to shorten the sentence. For instance, you can take the first letter of each word of a sentence and then create a password from those letters. One example of this is “cwmfc” which is “Charlie was my first cat.” Make sure to make the sentences personal to you so that you can remember them more easily. You can also use numbers where you can to substitute the letters as in the example “IL24NH” which is “I love to shop for new hats.”


4 Use detailed personal facts for enhanced cyber security

While most people gravitate toward easy things like the name of their first pet or their maiden name, more complicated, difficult to figure out facts will make it all that much harder for people to hack into your accounts. For instance, though it is easy for people to figure out the name of the city that you were born in, it is not easy for them to figure out the year and model of your first car or the year and location of your first family trip. These things are much more personal and have both numerical elements as well as actual letters.


5 Make a pattern using your keyboard

One of the most creative ways to come up with an easy-to-remember yet complicated password is by making a pattern using your keyboard. For instance, if you make a V in the center of your keyboard it creates the pattern “4rgbhu8.” Similarly, you can do this same pattern in all caps and create the pattern “$RGBHU*.”


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MyCity Social, an SEO company Miami, always recommends that you do whatever you can to enhance your password to prevent hacking. For more information about cyber security and how to better your password to prevent hacking to your accounts and website, contact MyCity Social, the SEO company Miami trusts.

5 Holiday Marketing Tips For Businesses

The holidays are an important time for businesses. They are a crucial time in gaining new customers and getting loyal customers excited about the offers available. There are a few ways that businesses can optimize their marketing strategies for the holiday season. For more information on this, contact MyCity Social, an internet marketing agency in Tampa. They can give provide you with more detailed advice for your business to prepare for this upcoming holiday season.


1) “Treat yourself” marketing strategies


People shop for themselves 70% of the time during the holiday season. This means that typically, when they look online or in a store, their eyes will wander to things they like rather than the actual things they may be searching for. Account for this by marketing those products and services that are popular with self-gifters with “treat yourself” campaigns.


2) Countdown ads

The build up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday are when people begin to search for their holiday deals. This means that you want to get in front of as much of your audience as possible and let them know what kinds of sales and offers are coming. To do this, try using countdown ads to build up expectation for your deals and get your shoppers excited about what is coming.


3) Know when your audience is looking and buying


Certain audiences will look for their items at a certain time but purchase at a totally different time. For instance, with hobby shoppers, they begin their search early on in the season but they don’t shop until the Saturday after Black Friday. This means that you will have to start your marketing earlier on but make sure to have your actual sales and offers available on that Saturday. Other audiences will follow different patterns so make sure to research when your shoppers are looking and when they are actually shopping.


4) Don’t forget the early birds

While Black Friday and Cyber Monday are important days of business, don’t forget that a good number of people shop for their holiday gifts early on in the season. This means that you should be prepared target those customers as well as your Black Friday and Cyber Monday customers.


5) Post-Black Friday shopping is important

Shoppers don’t just stop shopping after Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Quite a number of shoppers will shop in the weeks leading up to Christmas and it is important to continue your holiday marketing strategies during this time so that you remain in the eyes of shoppers even after the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales have ended.


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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are important days for most businesses. However, there is also the rest of the holiday season to consider. The marketing strategies you employ during the entirety of the holiday season can be definitive to your success. Contact MyCity Social, an internet marketing agency in Tampa, for more information on how your internet marketing strategy can be tailored and adapted for the upcoming holiday season.

5 Ways To Measure ROI From Social Media

Digital marketing can be very beneficial for your business, but how do you determine how successful your campaign is? How can you be certain of the return on your investment? For assistance in getting a better understanding of your ROI, contact MyCity Social, a social media marketing agency in Orlando, for information.

1) Know your KPIs, or Key Performance Indicators

The first thing to do is to know what your target goal is for your social media marketing. If you are looking to increase your overall revenue, then you could measure your performance according to a dollar value. If what matters to you is getting more people aware of your brand, then you can measure it that way. The key here is that you must be specific in the way that you measure your progress. The better and more definitive an understanding you have of how you’re progressing, the more you are going to be able to measure your ROI.

2) Match the goals of your social media campaign with those of your business

This is the part of the process where you get very specific. In order to have a successful digital marketing campaign, you have to set smaller goals for yourself to accomplish your overarching goals. For the example of revenue, you might track product purchases, signups to a service, or free trials for a subscription. If you were more invested in brand awareness, your goals could be mentions of your brand or more followers on social media.

3) Use Google Analytics to track conversions

You can utilize Google Analytics to keep track of your goals for you. All you have to do is configure your goals into the system and it will track your audience’s behavior for you. This will help you to determine how best you can retain and convert your audience.


4) Give your KPIs value

Knowing the different values of the goals you have gives you a better understanding of what they mean for your bottom line. Some of these values can be lifetime value of your individual customer, lifetime value multiplied by conversion rate, average sale, and PPC valuation. For lifetime value of your customer, this can mean how much you earn from each customer on average while the lifetime value multiplied by conversion rate is how much each potential visit is worth to your business depending on the percentage that converts. The average sale is how much an average purchase is through your particular site and the PPC valuation is how much you would pay if you were to use ads to achieve the same results that you do through social media.


5) Compare what you and your social media marketing agency are doing against your competitors

Finally, compare what you are doing to your competitors. Learn what they are doing that works and determine which platforms are being utilized that successfully reach your target audience. If your results are not the same as your competitors, that is normal, but it is important to know what is out there in order to figure out where you want to go.


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MyCity Social is a social media marketing agency in Orlando that can assist you in determining your ROI for your digital marketing. Contact them for more information on how they can help.

What Do You Need to Rank?

Website ranking can be incredibly important to help your website and business. The factors that impact the ranking of your website are constantly changing and it is important to stay up-to-date with these changes in order to ensure that you continue to rank highly for whatever it is that you want to be known for online. If you would like more information on ranking and the factors that impact your placement, contact MyCity Social, a social media marketing Miami servicing company. They can help you in figuring out your websites place among Google search results.


Website security


Though this is not one of the most important factors, having good website security does affect your ranking. You can begin securing your website by simply converting your HTTPs to HTTPSs. This not only helps you to build a secure site and therefore improve your positioning, but it also instills trust in your business from your visitors.


Content length


Content length is generally considered to have an impact on ranking. Longer content is typically found in websites that rank in the top three and while it is not recommended that you simply write longer content for the sake of ranking, it is recommended that you research what is being done by competitors in order to write content just long enough to rank.




The way that keywords affect ranking is changing. Now, keywords in the title do not matter as much as they used to and it has been found that using the keyword in the page title is not nearly as important anymore in getting a high rank. Additionally, it has been found that very few links have a keyword in the actual anchor text. This may indicate that this is also not a very important factor in getting your website to rank.


These things are important in letting you know what to avoid when getting your website to rank. While you may be tempted to follow these practices because you adhered to them in the past, know that the landscape is changing and you should be prepared to change with it.


Website traffic


The number of visits to your site does matter in ranking. A site that appears highly in search results will typically have more direct visits than lower ranked sites, although search traffic does not impact ranking.


How to help your website ranking

If you are interested in optimizing your site to get a better position in google, contact MyCity Social in Miami, Florida. They are a business offering SEO and social media marketing Miami locals recommend, and they have the expertise necessary to help you adapt to the changes in website ranking.

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To keep your website ranking high, don’t let yourself be confused by the constant changes and updates that Google makes. Contact a specialist who can help you work through the updates and make sure that you can continue ranking. MyCity Social, a business offering SEO and social media marketing Miami business owners trust, can assist you in getting your business and website optimized to gain traction online and keep you constantly updated.

What is The Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager has been around since 2012 but there is still a lot of misconception surrounding it that make people wary of using it. However, Google Tag Manager can be incredibly helpful for you and your business and it is important to take a look at how it works and what it does for your site. If you are interested in learning more about Google Tag Manager and you are located in the Tampa area, contact MyCity Social, a Tampa SEO company, for more information and a free consultation.


How Google Tag Manager changed website management


Google Tag Manager is an incredibly important tool for making website management more understandable and accessible for everyone. It is a free tool which means that anyone can utilize it and it removes the need to have a deep and complex understanding of JavaScript. Once you set up Google Tag Manager with the custom-generated tracking code, anyone with user permissions can add, change, and debug tags for your site.


Prior to this addition, in order to make changes to your tracking you had to deal with the coding through JavaScript. This typically made things complicated for most businesses and forced them to deal with developers in order to handle any minor changes that they wanted to make to their tracking. With Google Tag Manager, you do not have to add any additional code to your site just to change or add a tag.


There is a common misunderstanding that Google Tag Manager is the same or very similar to Google Analytics but they are actually two very separate tools. They can work well together but they can also be used separately. If you are already using Google Analytics, it does not take much to adapt your site to also incorporate Google Tag Manager. Additionally, Google Tag Manager can simplify some problems or confusions with Google Analytics.


Where you can find more help?


If you would like to better understand how to utilize Google Tag Manager and how it can help your business, contact an SEO company to assist you in adapting your site to use Google Tag Manager. In Tampa, you can consult MyCity Social, a Tampa SEO company, for more information about Google Tag Manager and other Google products that can be beneficial to you and your business. They can also provide you with the assistance you need in order to migrate your site over to Google Tag Manager and incorporate Google Analytics as well.


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Google Tag Manager can be a very beneficial tool for your business and your website in a variety of ways. While there is significant confusion as to its usefulness and how it differs from other tools on the market—such as Google Analytics—there are ways to learn more about it and how it can work for you. For more information about Google Tag Manager and how it can help your business, contact MyCity Social, a Tampa SEO company, for more information and consultation.

Snapchat Introduces Conversion Tracking (Finally)!

Snapchat is one of the foremost social media apps for marketers. It can make a huge difference in sales. Snapchat views may be incredibly helpful in understanding how successful your marketing campaign is, but how do you track your ad views if your audience doesn’t actually interact with the ad? Snapchat is introducing a tool which now allows you to keep track of how your ads direct people to your site even if they don’t engage with the ad itself. If you would like to know more about this tool and how it can help you and your business in Orlando, contact MyCity Social, an Orlando SEO expert, and social media marketing agency for more information.


Snapchat views on your ads


With their new addition, Snapchat is now allowing marketers a way to see if customers visit their sites after seeing their ads on Snapchat, even if they don’t actually engage with the ad in order to access the actual site. They call this new tool the Snap Pixel and it is conversion-tracking tool that essentially measures how ads on Snapchat may impact traffic on a particular marketer’s site. This tool only works with vertical video Snap Ads and not the Sponsored Lens or Geofilter. As of the beginning of November, the tool is in its testing phase, but Snapchat has said that they will be rolling it out to all advertisers in the coming weeks. Those brands and marketers that wish to have access currently will need to contact Snapchat’s sales team directly.

Why is this important?


Snapchat’s new tool is an attempt to measure the amount of traffic that is driven to a particular website from the app. It is meant to help credit the app so that they can get a larger chunk of that brand’s budget. This is especially important for Snapchat currently because they are trying to target direct-response advertisers.


Right now, Snap Pixel is only able to track conversions. However, the aim for this addition is to be able to help marketers retarget the people visiting their sites based on the pages they visit. This means that brands can create “lookalike” audiences of people whose characteristics are similar to those same site visitors and aim their future ads at that new audience.


How can your business utilize this?


While this new tool is beneficial for Snapchat’s sake, it can also be very helpful for you and your business. This allows you to see how successful your ads are on Snapchat in driving traffic to your website. This means that you can adjust your campaign or decide whether or not to keep advertising on Snapchat depending on your numbers. When you are planning out your budget, this can be especially helpful.


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If you are in Orlando, an Orlando SEO expert and digital marketing team can help you sort through the confusion of handling the new Snapchat updates. MyCity Social, an Orlando SEO expert and digital marketing company, can help you and your business utilize the new Snap Pixel to better understand your Snapchat views and increase your site traffic.

Facebook Stories. Should Your Company Use It?

Facebook marketing can be a wise strategy for businesses to take in order to increase their presence and relevance in the eyes of their consumers. Facebook stories, a new Snapchat-like addition to Facebook, can be utilized by businesses in a number of ways. However, is this type of marketing useful for you? Should you engage in it? If you want more information about how to utilize this type of social media marketing Orlando company MyCity Social can help you learn whether your business would benefit from it. They can provide you with the guidance and confidence you need to sort out your social media marketing.


How your business can use Facebook Stories


You can use Facebook stories in a variety of ways for your business. It is a creative way to share content, especially if your business wants to target a younger audience. The Facebook stories can be used as a behind-the-scenes video for either viewing your staff at work or seeing the process behind the products that you offer. It can draw in your customers by making them feel more involved and knowledgeable about the services and products you offer.


You can also use the videos to provide exclusive offers to viewers. In much the same way that some businesses offer certain promotions through snapchat—either by providing a code or instructing customers to reply—you can utilize Facebook stories for the same purpose without having to open another social media account.


Facebook stories can also be used to lead the viewer to engage with longer content. While Facebook stories are meant to be shorter, you can use them as a lead-in for longer videos located on your page. By directing viewers of your story to the longer content, you provide them a snippet of what they can expect and allow them to be led to your Facebook page.


Finally, Facebook stories can be used to receive feedback from customers. You can include a call to action in your video and ask viewers for replies about a particular product or service. This way you can gain insight into what your consumers are interested in and you can ensure that you portray yourself as approachable in their eyes.


Should you commit to this kind of Facebook marketing?


Only you can decide whether your business would benefit from Facebook stories. However, Facebook stories can add a personal touch to your business’s social media presence and it can be an innovative way to incorporate Facebook marketing.


If you have questions about how Facebook stories can work with your digital presence and whether this type of social media marketing Orlando companies and nationwide companies use can work, contact MyCity Social in Orlando for guidance and assistance.


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When it comes to social media marketing, Orlando companies need to remain up-to-date with the current trends. Facebook stories can be used by businesses to increase their presence online and expand their Facebook marketing. However, if you are uncertain about whether this would be a wise move for you and your business, contact MyCity Social in Orlando.

Google Searches Now Depend on Your Location Instead of A Domain!

Google is constantly updating their algorithm and it is important to keep up with these changes in order to ensure that your business stays relevant and ranks in search results. Recently, a new Google algorithm update was introduced that made it so that the search results people receive are based on their location and not on the domain they type in. This means that being able to select the country results you want is no longer an option. Because this change can be difficult for some businesses to handle, it is important to contact a specialist to assist you with your digital presence. MyCity Social, a business offering SEO services Tampa business owners rely on, can help you make the necessary adjustments to your business’s SEO.


Location based Google algorithm update


The new algorithm update makes it so users are automatically receiving results for the country in which they are currently located. This means that you can no longer type in “goole.co.uk” and receive results from the UK version of Google. Rather, in order to make your results be the results that you would find in that UK version, you have to manually change your country settings. You will automatically only be given the results for the country that you are currently in. This means that if your home settings are for the US but you travel to Brazil, you will use the Brazil version of Google whilst in Brazil but return to the US version when you are back in the US.


This new update is meant to provide users with more accurate and relevant results to their current location. However, if there are specific results that are only available in a certain country’s version of Google, this does give you a few more steps to go through in order to find these results.


What does this mean for your business?


This means that any businesses that functions on an international level or is looking to get customers from other countries have to reconfigure how they target those international audiences. This also means that Google is showing a much more obvious commitment to location based results. According to Google, more searches now have to do with location and they are likely to continue adjusting their algorithms to better suit these needs.


Businesses should be prepared to pay greater attention to location in their SEO dealings. If you are looking for SEO services in the Bay area, contact MyCity Social, a business offering SEO services Tampa locals rely on, for information about how to tailor your online presence to this new Google algorithm update.


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Your business should be prepared to make changes when Google updates their algorithm. This can mean that you have to adjust and adapt your business’s SEO in order to remain ranking in searching results. When dealing with all of those changes, it can be difficult to understand where to begin. For help, contact MyCity Social, a business offering SEO services Tampa residents rely on, for information.

Local SEO For Service Area Businesses

Servicing multiple cities when your business only has one physical location or multiple locations but not in the cities that you service can be hard to manage. Because you do not have a physical location in the city that you service, you may not come up in the local search results for that address. In order to fix this, you must adjust the way that you handle your digital presence in order to optimize your business for a specific location. While this may seem complicated, there are ways to do so without creating too much work for yourself. If you are looking to find out more about how local SEO services can assist you and your business, contact MyCity Social, a business offering SEO Miami business owners rely on, for more information.

Getting your business ranked


Service area businesses often want to know how they can make their business rank higher for locations that are not inside their service area. That is, businesses want to know how they can come up in someone’s results for Kissimmee if they are located in Orlando. Google has made this much harder for businesses over the years.


Google picks the “local pack” or the three businesses that show up when someone searches a set of keywords, by looking at three factors: relevance, prominence, and proximity. For businesses that are looking to rank outside of their physical location, they have to fight against businesses that have all three factors covered while they only have two. This means they have to be very, very prominent in order to rank.


In order to make sure that you rank for the cities that you service but don’t have a physical location in, you have to do a couple of things to ensure success. For instance, you could invest in making sure that you get reviews from customers in the cities you service and make sure that they mention the location in their reviews. This can be a difficult and slow process, but it can pay off in helping you rank.


Another strategy is optimizing your digital presence to enhance your ranking. This can include creating a landing page for each of the cities you service and making sure that you take any reviews that you are receiving and placing them on the relevant pages on your site.


Local SEO services


Figuring out how to navigate the world of SEO can be a complicated and confusing process. If you would like more information on how to deal with getting your business ranked in a city you don’t service, contact a business that offers local SEO services to help get your business the presence it needs. If you are looking for SEO Miami business owners trust, contact MyCity Social for assistance in optimizing your online presence to get your business where it needs to be in the eyes of your consumers.


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If you are looking for an SEO Miami company, MyCity Social is THE business to contact. They can tell you how to optimize your site for places that your business does not have physical locations in but still services.

How to Handle Duplicate Content

Duplicate content can be harmful for your site. However, what is a duplicate content SEO problem? How does it affect your site? There are a number of ways that you can accidentally create duplicate content and it can have negative impacts on the success of your site. To avoid this issue and to enhance your site, contact MyCity Social, an SEO company Miami based, for information.

What is a duplicate content SEO problem?

Content is important for your webpage. It makes your site more visible for potential customers so it is crucial for you to have content to keep viewers engaged. However, coming up with new content can be difficult and it can be easy to fall back on the method of copying and pasting old content. This, however, is punished by Google and it is important that you try your best not to allow it on your site. On the other hand, what happens when you post duplicate content on accident? Is there are a way to keep your site from being punished? Can you rectify it?


In order to better understand how to avoid duplicate content, it is important to first look at what duplicate content really is. There are three kinds of duplicate content: exact, near, and cross-domain duplicates. The exact duplicates are what they sound like—they are content that exactly copies one another. Near duplicates have small but insignificant differentiators. Cross-domain duplicates are exact or near duplicate content that exists on more than one domain.

What are the consequences?

Duplicate content, when done intentionally to be deceptive and to manipulate search results, can be punished by Google in a variety of ways. Some of these are wasted crawls, wasted link equity, or wrong listing in search engine result pages. A wasted crawl means that when the search bot comes to your site, it has a particular budget of pages that it can index and if you have a lot of duplicate content, it will spend its budget on the duplicate pages rather than on your unique, good pages. This means those unique pages will not get indexed. Wasted link equity means while your duplicate pages can gain link authority, Google will not rank those duplicate pages so you waste whatever link authority you get from those pages. Finally, a wrong listing in search engine page results means that while you may have duplicate information on your site, you do not get to choose which version of that information gets posted in search results. This can mean that the page that you want to show up will not show up.


How do you avoid it?

There are ways to correct the duplicate content in order to ensure that your site does not get punished by Google. You can use redirects from the duplicate content to the proper URL so that users and search bots know where to find the real content. You can also code the duplicate page so that search bots know which one of the pages is your duplicate content and which one is the page you want them to crawl. This option can be used if you plan to leave your duplicate content up. If you are uncertain of how to go about fixing your duplicate content, contact MyCity Social, an SEO company Miami trusts.


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To find out more about how to optimize your site and avoid a duplicate content SEO problem, contact MyCity Social, an SEO company Miami based, for more information.