Facebook Is Bringing VR Into News Feeds!

Facebook is rolling out virtual reality into your news feed. Facebook virtual reality is an exciting development in the field of social media marketing Miami patrons can enjoy and nationwide because it expands the possibilities for businesses to interact with their customers and it gives them an innovative way to draw in potential clients. However, to fully understand what this means, it is important to get an in-depth look at what exactly Facebook is doing and what this could mean for your business. MyCity Social, a business offering social media marketing Miami trusts, can assist you in your social media marketing needs.


Facebook virtual reality


Facebook’s new venture is virtual reality, with tests already underway for developers to produce VR experiences on Facebook’s News Feed. They are hoping that people will be able to interact with the VR via posts on the feed and the tests use Facebook’s React VR web development framework. With this, they are hoping to create an interactive experience that people would be able to access through web browser.


The way that the interactive VR will work is by presenting viewers with a 360-degree video wherein they can pan around and tap on objects in the space within the experience. This will be presented through a preview on the News Feed and, once tapped, will open to the full 360 video.


Oculus involvement


Facebook’s involvement with virtual reality does not come unprecedented. Facebook acquired Oculus, the VR company, in 2014 and has since been launching several projects to increase the awareness and usage of virtual reality. These projects include Facebook Spaces, 3D Posts, and now with the added enhancement of having developers be able to create 3D content, Facebook is really looking to transform their user experience in a significant way.


What this means for your business


This means an expansion of possibilities for the digital marketing realm. By utilizing virtual reality, businesses can create an entirely innovative experience for potential customers by providing virtual tours of their spaces, virtual experiences of their services, and many other options. The introduction of virtual reality means that there will be an added expectation for businesses to adapt to the new medium and it would be wise for businesses to at the very least familiarize themselves with the technology in order to better understand how to handle its impact.


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The development of Facebook virtual reality in the News Feed can mean a great deal. It is showing Facebook’s commitment toward the new and relatively unexplored medium and it means an expansion in the way that businesses and companies can interact with their consumer base. There are a number of components to look at and understand to understand how this change can impact you—and whether it will at all—but what is certain is that this means there are even more exciting developments to come. To stay up-to-date on all of these and how they can impact your business, contact MyCity Social, a business offering social media marketing Miami trusts, for information.

2015-2017 Timeline of Changes With Google My Business

Changes in the way that Google results come up can affect businesses by way of their Google My Business results. With the constant updates to Google’s algorithm, your business has to learn to adapt in order to stay highly ranked and relevant in the eyes and minds of consumers. This can be a challenging task to undergo alone. However, MyCity Social, a business offering SEO Services Tampa, Florida rely on, can help you manage your Google My Business listing and ensure that you stay up-to-date with the changes that are always happening.

RankBrain brings AI to your search results


The RankBrain update of 2015 brought artificial intelligence to search results on Google. The search engine utilized the software to learn how to process queries and results and rank web pages in a more accurate manner. It adapted to process complex sentences and phrases to decipher meaning and information from them, which drove up the need for higher quality content regarding the search topics. You could no longer trick the search engine into placing your results first. In order to have a higher ranked result, your business had to have relevant content.


Cutbacks on local pack of Google My Business results


Another update of 2015 was the cutback on local business results available when you typed in a search. They were brought down from seven results to three which limited the amount of businesses that would gain immediate notice from search results and increased the need for business to higher ranked locally. Though the mechanics of SEO were not much affected, the visibility of certain businesses were certainly limited.


Possum update affects local results


In 2016, Possum was updated in order to help businesses in adjoining communities. Before the update, the search results were often limited to a particular geographical area and would not include those that were not inside that area. This meant that if you were on the edge of a city and you searched for results inside of the city, you would only get those with an address in the city, but a business that was closer to you but was outside the city would not appear as highly ranked.


However, with the Possum update, your search results no longer relied exclusively on your search terms. Rather, the update allowed your search to include your location in order to find businesses that were both relevant to your query and that were nearby. The change was done as a result of mobile devices and their increasing importance in internet usage. By utilizing the location services of mobile device, you could receive more accurate results.

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Google My Business is an important way for your business to be seen by an entire consumer base. Knowing how to get your business listing in front of the eyes of consumers can be an important factor in how successful your business is. However, this can be a difficult thing to do in the constantly changing world of digital marketing. If you are looking for help in the Tampa area, try the SEO services Tampa trusts for assistance in getting your business’s listing updated. MyCity Social, a business offering SEO service Tampa business owners rely on, can get you the help you need for your business.

The Importance of Reviewing Your Monthly Reports

We are your SEO checker

SEO is important for the digital success of your business. Understanding the ins and outs of how your business is benefitting from SEO can be a difficult task if you undergo it alone. However, with the monthly report provided to you from your SEO specialist, you can understand exactly what is being done for your business in a manner that is understandable for you. There are a variety of benefits of the monthly report, which is why it is such an important document for you to review when you receive it. At MyCity Social, they provide you with a detailed monthly overview and are your SEO checker with experience, which makes them the Orlando SEO expert to consult.

Custom created reports

The reports provided to you are custom created for your business and provide in-depth information for what has changed, increased, decreased, and improved about the SEO services your business paid for. They are carefully crafted for your viewing and they are meant for your utilization so that you may see how SEO is affecting your site’s traffic.

Proof of the work done

The report that is provided for you goes over everything that has been done for your business and it is proof of the work that you are paying for. If you have any questions about how exactly your business is benefitting from SEO, you can refer to your monthly report for the exact statistics. It can be used as a reference for understanding how much value SEO is worth and for budgeting in the future.

The chance for you to speak with your specialist

Your report is a unique chance for you to speak with your SEO specialist. You can review the report together and discuss what changes you can make moving forward and what has been working so far. It gives you an opportunity to go over these things with someone who is not only intimately familiarized with the SEO of your business, but can decipher all of those things for you, so that you too can understand what it means.

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There are a number of reasons why your monthly report is important. It is not only a document especially made for you and your business, but it is proof of the effectiveness of the work that is being done and can give you an understanding of all the things can be changed or improved about your SEO services. You can also utilize it to see what is working and what you need to continue doing. Additionally, it gives you an opportunity to speak with your SEO specialist who functions as your SEO checker and explains your report for you to understand and review. With them, you can decide what your plans will be for your SEO moving forward. If you are in need of SEO services, an Orlando SEO expert can assist you. Contact MyCity Social, the Orlando SEO expert, for more information.

The Three Types of HTTPS Services

HTTPS SEO experts in Tampa


HTTPS implementation is becoming more and more pertinent for site owners. While HTTPS was only a concern for sites that collected user information, Google’s initiative to secure the web has made it now a concern for all sites. Sites that do not make the change over to HTTPS will be displayed to users as “Not Secure” and it is crucial to understand how you can make the migration in order to make sure that you do what is best for your site. If you have questions about how your site can make the shift or have questions about HTTPS SEO, contact MyCity Social, a business offering SEO services in Tampa, for information.


1 Traditional


Traditional HTTPS implementation is a self-reliant method of taking the steps to switching your site to HTTPS. You purchase an SSL certificate from a trusted provider, you get your certificate verified from the provider you purchased it from, then you implement it across your site. The steps, while relatively simple to follow on paper, can be complex in practice. Implementing the certificate across your site can take time and it can be a tedious process that can affect the traffic of your site. It can also be a costly option if you require advanced security features, as these additional features can add up to thousands of dollars. However, this option guarantees total security and is customizable for your specific purposes.


2 Let’s Encrypt


Let’s Encrypt is a free option for HTTPS implementation. It follows similar steps to traditional HTTPS implementation in that you must get an SSL certificate, get it validated, and then implement it across your site. One of the benefits of this option is that, like traditional HTTPS implementation, it provides total security to your site. It is also a much simpler option than traditional HTTPS implementation in its ease of implementation.


As with the traditional HTTPS implementation, there are downsides. There are certain platforms that are incompatible with Let’s Encrypt and the SSL certificates granted through Let’s Encrypt are only good for 90 days, instead of the typical year that is granted through traditional HTTPS implementation. This means that if you forget to renew your site’s certificate you may be opening up yourself to security issues. Finally, unlike traditional HTTPS implementation, there is limited customization.


3 Cloudflare


Cloudflare is another free option for HTTPS implementation. Like Let’s Encrypt, it allows for easier implementation. Unlike Let’s Encrypt and traditional HTTPS implementation, all that’s required of you is to create an account on Cloudflare and update your DNS records. They take care of the rest, making it virtually no work on your part. The SSL implementation is done through their own servers.


Like both other options, it is by no means an infallible process. Cloudflare does provide protection to your site’s visitors, the connection between your site and your server is left defenseless so it can still be compromised. You can opt for full SSL implementation but it is not included in their free service. In addition to the lack of security on this front, Cloudflare was also hacked earlier this year. While they have since upgraded their security, it is important to keep this information in mind when deciding your method for HTTPS implementation.


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HTTPS implementation does not have to be a complicated process for you and your site. If you’re in Florida, you can consult SEO services in Tampa for assistance with making the switch over to HTTPS. Contact MyCity Social, a business offering SEO services in Tampa, for information about HTTPS SEO.

7 Unique Features of The New Adwords Interface

A PPC company in the know


With all the changes to Adwords and its new interface, it can be easy to miss some things that may be useful for you and your business. Sorting through these changes and determining how they can be helpful for you can be stressful and there may be resources you can consult. MyCity Social, a PPC company offering services for SEO in Miami, can assist you in your advertising needs.


1 Call bid adjustments


One of Google’s latest additions to the new UI is call bid adjustments. These allow the user to get call extensions to show more or less often in mobile search campaigns. The range for bid adjustments is -90 to +900 percent and can be accessed from the new interface.


2 N-grams


Another relatively new feature is the n-gram view included in the search terms that have triggered ads in the campaign. This can be viewed by going to the Words tab under Searches and can help you gauge the impressions, clicks, and conversions of a search term. The words are sorted so that the darker the term is the more impressions it received.


3 Audiences page


In order to streamline audience management, a page has been introduced where you can access a single place to manage audience targeting and optimizations. The terminology for the audiences page has also been adjusted in the new interface. The term “Target and bid” has been changed to “Targeting.” “Bid only” has changed to “Observations.”


4 Household income targeting in search


Unlike the old interface, where location targeting was the only way to apply household income targets, the new interface allows you to use the Demographics tab for household income reporting and targeting for search campaigns. It also includes visual features such as a chart at the top of the Household Income page to see how your campaign performs along household income segments.

5 Promotion extensions


If your business is promoting a particular product or service at a discounted price, there is now a way to link that offer in your ads. Under Ads and Extensions, you can now show and link to a specific offer in text ads. The new promotion extension is available only on the new interface.


6 Custom in-market audiences


Under the new interface, in-market audiences are available for search campaigns. In addition, Google will also be offering custom in-market audiences. These can be customized based on the campaign performance, advertiser’s website, and the goals of the business.


7 Google attribution


In the new interface, Google attribution will be a free, integrated service which can take data from Google Analytics, AdWords, or DoubleClick Search to give the user a more comprehensive overview of conversion actions across various channels and devices for the purposes of attribution modeling and bidding information.


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The new changes to Adwords are exciting and will surely enhance your user experience. However, sorting through these changes and adapting to ever changing market can difficult. If you’re looking for assistance with SEO in Miami, contact MyCity Social, a PPC company offering a variety of services to help you in your digital marketing needs.

MyCity Gives Back! Read About Our Scholarship

While businesses in every industry, including internet marketing, can often get wrapped up in making their business a success and forget their local community, some businesses know that giving back not only makes a difference to the clients that engage with them but to the community as a whole. MyCity Social, a business offering small business marketing Orlando recognizes, acknowledges the importance of giving back to its community and makes an active effort to positively impact the lives of others.


Small business marketing Orlando that cares


MyCity Social’s effort to give back to their community can be seen in their scholarship. The company asks employees to submit a piece on someone in their lives that they feel could possibly benefit from financial assistance to help them through a particular struggle. In order to maximize the number of people helped, this takes place every six months and it can make a great difference in someone’s life.

Past success and future giving


For the first iteration of the scholarship, Jennifer Waczewski wrote a thoughtful, moving piece about her friend, Tania Torres, whose daughter was diagnosed with a very rare condition that degenerates the muscles over time. While most children with the disease do not survive past two years of age, her daughter made it to six years old with much perseverance and determination; however, she required surgery to rectify her spinal deformities and constant application of experimental medicines meant to help her regain her mobility. Tania was struggling financially to make ends meet and Jennifer felt that her and her daughter could use some help as their van had recently broken down and her daughter’s wheelchair ramp no longer functioned. The owners of MyCity Social decided to name her the winner of the scholarship.


The company decided to give Tania a grand surprise. The staff pretended to be giving free marketing seminars and Jennifer convinced her friend to come gain some valuable insight—since Tania is also an aspiring artist. When Tania arrived, the staff greeted her and they began chatting away about her art. They then decided to play a funny prank on Tania. The owner walked in with a horribly drawn sketch to signify the branding for a “company they were going to be helping with in their launch.” Then the owner flipped the drawing over and announced her scholarship win. She was moved to tears and used the money to help pay off some of the medical bills and obtain food for her and her daughter.

The monumental difference that they made in Tania’s life is a continual inspiration for all those at MyCity Social to renew their commitment to giving.


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If you’re searching for an internet marketing company that cares about its community, contact MyCity Social. Their specialty is offering small business marketing Orlando residents can count on. Not only are they an agency that can assist you in your business’s internet marketing needs, they are trusted members of the Orlando community committed to giving.

10 Ways to Obtain Email Addresses for Your Newsletter

Enhance Your Email Marketing Services

Have you been struggling with building the email list for your business in Miami? If yes, you need not to despair. In this article, MyCity Social, an email marketing services provider presents ten tips which you can implement to gain more quality subscribers for your newsletter. We have based our suggestions on our combined industry expertise gained in the field of digital marketing.


Use A Lead Magnet


A lead magnet is an irresistible offer presented to prospective customers promising them some form of value in exchange for their contact information. It is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies used to by business owners to add new subscribers to their mailing lists.

Offer Free Tutorials


If you offer services like coaching for entrepreneurs, perhaps you can create a mini-course which you can offer a freebie to the client who sign up for the mini-course. Upon signing up, your subscribers will provide you with their emails which you can use in your digital marketing campaigns.


Use Your Facebook Business Page


Facebook has made it possible for businesses to create a call to action buttons on their Facebook pages. Upon clicking this button, potential subscribers will be redirected to a page where they will key in their email addresses.


Newsletter Signup Form


You can design a newsletter signup form then create a link which you can then use to drive traffic from your website and other social media pages. By clicking on these links, potential subscribers will be directed to your newsletter signup form where they will get an opportunity to key in their email addresses.


Host Or Attend An Event


Events present an excellent opportunity for networking. You can host an event and ask attendees to subscribe to your newsletter or you can be part of an event and carry with you some newsletter email signup forms. You never know you might just land a few subscribers.


Incentivize Employees And Customers


You can incentivize your employees by promising them some financial rewards if they bring in new subscribers to your newsletter. You can also use offers and discounts to encourage your current customers to refer their friends to sign up for the newsletter.


Use YouTube


People love watching videos. Why don’t you create a funny or helpful video then include a link at the end directing people to join your mailing list?


Use Twitter


You can come up with a Twitter lead generation card which you can then use to market your products and services and encourage your followers to subscribe to your newsletter.


 Use Instagram


You can create a photo of an offer to give away. You can then post this on Instagram and include a link to your newsletter signup.


Use The Telephone


This might sound pretty obvious; however, not many people are doing it right. When a client calls about a certain service or product, you need to ask them if you can add them to your mailing list and outline the benefits that will accrue to them from the email marketing services you will be providing.


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If you are looking for quality email addresses for your newsletter, look no further. At MyCity Social, we pride ourselves in helping clients to grow their email lists using our professional email marketing services. Call us today and let us help you build your email list.

How To Incorporate Your Brand Into A Website In 2017

There are a variety of ways to engage customers with your brand on your website. Many things are important to keep in mind when doing so. This includes color scheme, logo, tone, consistency and unique website branding. By ensuring that you address each of these aspects in your website brand planning, you can create an experience for your visitors that is sure to make a lasting impression. MyCity Social in Tampa can assist you in your website branding needs and advise you in the best ways to display your brand to your customers.


Color Scheme And Logo


The visual aspects of your site are going to be the first ones your customers engage with. They’re the ones that are going to immediately convey to your visitors what your brand is. By using a color scheme throughout your site that relates directly back to your brand, you allow the viewer to create an association to your brand.


Color can also affect how you display your logo on your site. Having a bold and memorable logo can help to give your business a lasting impression with your customers. Cultivating that association can be done by displaying the logo in a conspicuous and consistent location, such as the top left-hand corner of the page. Alongside your color scheme, your logo can help give your website branding memorability in the minds of your customers.


Tone And Consistency


The tone of your website is equally important in engaging your visitors with your brand in digital marketing. While the visual aspects may be the first thing they engage with, if the tone of your website is jarring or does not match the visual aspects of it, it can turn off your customers or confuse them about your brand. In order to maintain a memorable brand, the tone of your website should match the visual aspects and create one cohesive experience for the site visitor.


This leads into the most important aspect: consistency. In order for your brand to effectively be incorporated into your website, it must be done consistently. Maintaining the color scheme throughout the site as well as the logo and ensuring that the tone is the same in all written parts of the site will allow the visitor to have a comprehensive understanding of your brand.

Unique Website Branding


All of that does not do nearly as much for your brand as uniqueness. For your customers to not only understand your brand, your brand must be uniquely displayed on your website. There is an abundance of digital marketing tools available and the expectation of customers to engage with a beautiful and unique site. It is important to exceed customer expectations by creating a unique digital experience to engage them with your brand.


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Digital marketing is an important tool for conveying your brand to customers. It is important to create a website that engages them with your brand in a consistent and memorable way. There are a variety of factors to keep in mind when doing so. A digital marketing agency such as MyCity Social in Tampa can assist you in making the right decisions for your website and brand.

Should I Use A Social Media Management Software?

Social media marketing is an incredibly important tool for every business and for a social media company. It draws in customers on platforms that people engage with every day and consumers look for business engagement on social media to determine if companies are responsive and customer-friendly. Consumers are drawn to businesses that utilize social media effectively.


Social media management can be time-consuming and stressful when dealing with a full-time business. Social media management software can be a time-saving tool to assist you in your consumer engagement. Is it worth it for your business? MyCity Social, a social media company in Miami, can be a resource in answering this difficult question.


Allows You To Engage With Multiple Accounts At Once And Saves Time


Social media marketing tools can compile multiple accounts across various platforms so that you can view your messages in one location and update from one single platform. This can be especially helpful for businesses that engage with customers on a variety of platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. This includes businesses that create multiple pages on one platform for different purposes. By having all accounts in one place, it saves you the time of logging into multiple accounts and addressing customers individually on each platform.


All of that time spent logging into different platforms and trying to keep track of all those different messages and timelines on various accounts can drain your day. A huge convenience of having all of your social media marketing located in one place is that you can save all of that time spent trying to juggle multiple accounts.


Allows Team Collaboration On Customer Engagement


Using one social media management software tool also allows multiple team members to participate in client engagement. Keeping track of all messages and interactions in one location allows more than one person to participate in interacting with customers and also gives the whole team access to those client interactions in the event that someone else needs to address a concern or question. Being able to collaborate in client engagement ensures that the social media can multiple team members’ responsibility and alleviates the stress of managing various platforms from one person.


A Social Media Company In Miami May Be A Better Option


If the prospect of social media management is still overwhelming or takes too much time away from your business, a social media management company may be the best solution. Rather than spend all of that time trying to actively engage with your customers yourself while also running your business, having a business who specializes in that can save you that time and ensure that the social media aspect of your marketing is done accurately.


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Social media management can be difficult and time-consuming, but a social media management software may be the solution your business needs. To find out more about social media management tools and whether that is right for your business, contact MyCity Social for information.

Ideas For Background Videos On Your Website

Background Videos in Orlando Web Design


Background videos, when used properly, can be an effective internet marketing tool in helping to introduce your customers to your business in an innovative way. Playing video on your website allows the visitor to engage with your product or business in a way that gives you ultimate control. This is not just only in how they see it, but how they interact with it. MyCity Social, an Orlando web design business, can help to create your site with the background video suited for your needs.


Promote a physical product or a digital product


Allowing the visitors to your site to see the product itself is an effective internet marketing tool, but playing a video that shows the product being used especially when it is staged in such a way that it promotes a particular lifestyle can be all the more effective. The video engages the viewer in the user experience of the product and makes the consumer understand more efficiently how the product works and will benefit their life.


Display a location such as a store, hotel, or restaurant or experience such as a tour or event


Displaying a location through video is also incredibly engaging in internet marketing. By allowing the viewer to take part in a visual tour of the location, they can engage more readily with the environment and envision themselves in that space. It allows the visitor a preview of what it will be like to visit that hotel, store, restaurant, etc.


In this same vein, utilizing the video as a visual tour can also be effective for experiences such as tours or events. By giving the site visitor a taste of what the actual tour or event will be like, it gives them incentive for wanting to attend the real thing. Using the video as a presentation of all the best features of the event or tour can help to generate excitement in the viewer and anticipation for the actual thing.


Engage the viewer with a business, organization, or agency


Showcasing your business with a video background can be an effective tool in giving your site visitors a visual representation of what they can expect from you and your services. You can use the video to show how your customers benefit from your business. Additionally, you can utilize the video to display your own staff in the act of helping a client. An Orlando web design business could use video to show their customers the process of creating a website and a charitable organization could use it to show people in the act of donating their time to volunteer for their charity.


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Video backgrounds can be a useful marketing tool for your website. With the ability to tailor the video to your specific purposes, you can introduce your customers with your business in a more engaging and immediate manner. If you’re uncertain about the process of adding a video to your website or you want to know how your business could benefit from a background video, contact MyCity Social. We can answer your questions about your website needs.