How Our Value Statement Creates Raving Clients

Always think outside the box! MyCity Social in Miami, FL is proud of the way clients are taken care of. We strive to please both the business owner and their customers. We accomplish a lot by keeping our marketing fresh and updated, and creating websites and social media accounts that we are proud to share. Giving ourselves creative freedom to meet the needs of each client in every way we can is very important to us. We value feedback and hearing from our clients about sites we have created and talking about things that may need to be changed or rearranged. We suggest allowing us to create and maintain your marketing to get the best results for your business.


Digital Marketing to the Rescue  


The strategy behind digital marketing is to create ways to take your business from where it currently stands to the next level so you can bring in more flows of traffic both online and into your business everyday. Marketing comes in all forms these days and it is impossible to know exactly the right path for your company. That is why marketing agencies in Miami, such as MyCity Social are here to help. Believing in your company and making a change is the first step. Once you have reached out for help, everything seems to be easy. The reality is that people spend twice as much time online than they used to. The first place they will look is online for a place to eat, shop to visit, or directions to get from point A to point B. It is constantly changing and evolving, so why not get involved now? There is a huge idea of digital marketing today and knowing what you need is hard to decide sometimes. SEO specialists work every day to figure out the best route for all clients.


Do You Place Value in Your Company?

Do you feel proud of what you have created and want to continue to better your business? Let the world see it today on the internet. Digital marketing agencies are here to help. Need a website? Maybe social media accounts to keep in touch with employees and customers? Well lucky you, because MyCity Social has the skills to create them for you. We believe that everything should be online and recognized for their successes. Trusting someone to help bring customers might seem iffy, however, digital marketing is the way to go. Everyone can see it, and most people know how to use the internet today. Allowing your business to create an online venue will only bring positivity to your company. Rather than relying on people to find the way there on their own, give them some guidelines with a website!


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Value is everything to a company. If we can not value what we have created, then what is the point? Ready to step up and give your company the boost it needs to succeed? Reach out to MyCity Social in Miami, FL today by phone 1-866-955-3287 to set up your start date. We will not let you down. Contact us today!

How Can Content Optimization Help My Business?

When it comes to content optimization, it seems like there is a never-ending list of things you can do to optimize your content. And why would someone want to optimize their content? Well if you have content on our site and add new content regularly, optimizing content to rank for keywords can gain potential traffic to your website. Search engines such as Google and Yahoo want to provide their users or searchers with the best content for any given search term or keyword.

How does keyword ranking and content optimization work?

By optimizing your content around search terms and keywords, it lets search engines know what your content is about and what helps your content rank in a search. If you rank one through five for a keyword that gets one hundred monthly searches, then you could potentially get a big piece of that traffic. It all sounds nice and easy but that is content optimization in a nutshell. To really succeed it takes one of two things. You can take the time to learn and practice all the thing you can do to optimize content or hire writing services that know how. I am an Orlando SEO expert and would love to write for you. But, I am also writing this to educate those wanting to learn about content optimization. I am going to put together a list of actions you can take to optimize your content to try and gain web traffic.


First, identify a keyword. You can do this by using google search and input keywords centered around your content. The titles of the results and suggested results at the bottom of a Google search page will provide you with some keywords. Second, you can learn on-page optimization. This is will require some web development knowledge. Once you have a keyword, make sure it’s included in your title and a few times throughout your content. You can also change your meta descriptions, images titles, image metadata, and SEO titles to include the keyword.

For example, If your keyword is “MyCity social” then you would include that in the title of your content.

How can I outrank my competitors with writing services?

When trying to rank for a keyword such as MyCity social, it can get competitive. One way to help your chances to outrank your competitors is by writing longer content than others. Search engines will rank longer pieces higher. Again, an Orlando SEO Expert is available to complete these tasks and optimize your content or create fresh, new optimized content. If you want to learn for yourself, there is a list of over two hundred ranking factors that Google’s search algorithm uses to try and find the best content. Though writing services are usually very cost effective. Even if you don’t create content to rank for keywords and gain traffic to your website, it’s still a good idea to optimize your content. It will help search engines know what your website is about, it will help your website domain authority, and you may get some extra traffic coming in.

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If you are worried about your writing abilities, don’t worry. That’s why there are writing services available. Reach out to an Orlando SEO Expert and get the most out of your content.

What Are The Most Relevant Target Keywords?

It is the hope and dream of every website owner to have their site ranked on the first page of Google. Google and all the other search engines have specific criteria they use to determine which website is deserving of the coveted first page listing. As a keyword researcher working with a leading SEO Company in Tampa, FL, I will tell you upfront that ranking on the first page of Google is no mean feat. It takes a lot of expertise to get your site ranked on the first page of Google. Lucky for you, at MyCity Social we have the requisite expertise needed to accomplish this task with good success.



Step #1: Optimizing your web content with our keyword researcher 


We appreciate the fact that some of our clients come to us with websites that already have content. We do not recommend that you discard the content that is already on your website. What our experts will do is to use the content hosted on your site to create a list of keywords that we can later optimize for search engines.


Step #2: Checking if your web content covers all the core areas of your business


As a keyword researcher, I am bound to ensure that the content of your website covers all the core areas that your business deals in. To gauge this, I will look at the keyword list created in step one and match the keywords generated from the process with a list of the product and service offerings from your business. Your website is like a brochure which tells the visitors what you have in store or the services you offer. So, it is important that the content be complete and it should be all encompassing.


Step 3: Identifying long tail search terms


Based on the keyword list generated in step one above, in this step, the expert will create a long tail keyword list. By definition, long tail keywords are niche specific search terms that carry four or more words and have a much higher search volume as compared to single word keywords. These long tail keywords are what we call relevant target keywords.


Step #4: Further Keyword research


Having created a list of long tail keywords, our experts from Tampa SEO Company will then engage their expertise and come up with more long tail keywords that are related to the niche in which your business is invested.


Step #5: Content creation


Having come up with an additional list of keywords, our experts will then use our in-house content creation team or outsource the task of content creation to a reputable content creation company. Once the content has been written around the new list of long tail keywords, we will then upload the content on your site and publish it. Google will then take over and index all the updated or revised pages and the new pages and in time, your website will rank better than your competitors’.

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If you would like to occupy the coveted space on page one of Google, then you should consider hiring our Tampa SEO Company to aid with the process. When you use MyCity Social with the job, we will assign a dedicated keyword researcher to work on your website and give you the desired result. Contact us today for a free quotation.

What Our Internet Marketing Agency Is Like

Here at MyCity Social, our team takes pride in working together to create websites, blog posts, social media accounts and much more to help our clients get the word out about their business. Our offices are build for us to work as one, share ideas, and talk to clients in order to meet each and every need. The constant flow of activities never ends and there is always something to update, create or someone to talk to about what they would like to do next. It is important to us, as well as our clients, that the work gets done in a timely and professional manner to keep up with the high demand of clients we receive. We are true to our clients and take the time to create exactly what they are looking for and more. Having successful online traffic is just as important as bringing people through the front doors everyday.


Internet marketing agency


Marketing is an everyday field used to create, maintain and expand on ideas. It is important to use an agency’s help to get out the information for your business. Staying on top of today’s newest trends in SEO and web design ideas help to make it possible for marketing agencies to provide their clients with the best marketing services. The outcome from each client’s needs is different and working closely with each client to meet their needs to key. There are a number of ways to promote business and keep the traffic flowing at your everyday business; however, the internet is so helpful when it comes to reaching out to people not in the area, but from all over the world! Next thing you know, people will be stopping by because of something the read on your website or something you posted on Instagram or Facebook, just to give a few examples.


Give us a try, you will not regret it!

Internet marketing is the new cool thing. Getting your name out there, telling people why you are so good at what you do and showing your success for everyone to see are such important things to know are possible. Allow yourself to step outside the box, and trust MyCity Social in Tampa, FL to change the traffic of people coming into your business today. Put your company out there and believe that you need the internet to bring in business. You will forever be pleased with our services and internet marketing agency if you make the phone call and start now! Want your business to grow, stand out and be as successful as ever? Well, that’s what we are here to do.


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Internet marketing agencies are important in today’s world more than ever. Getting the word out about your business on social media or a new website can be the first step to the next best thing for your business. Reach out to us today in Tampa, FL by phone 866-955-3287 or check out our website!

How Will An Orlando SEO Expert Help My Flower Shop?

How Will An Orlando SEO Expert Help With Small Business Marketing ?

People buy flowers for different occasions. It is possible to have customers looking for flowers for their weddings and other big events. Granted, flowers can also be ordered to accompany a “get well soon card”. Today, shoppers in Orlando, FL and beyond do their shopping online. With this in mind, it is of paramount importance that you seek the services of a firm MyCity Social like who are specialized in implementing small business marketing. Businesses of all sizes stand to benefit immensely from SEO.


Why should you invest in Orlando SEO?


Search engine optimization (SEO) offers a number of benefits to small business owners such as yourself:


  1. Creating a more responsive website– When you hire an SEO expert firm to handle your small business marketing campaign, the expert from the firm will advise you on how to come up with better and more interactive website for your flower business. The expert will advise you on how to harness and leverage the combined power of on-page and off-page SEO which will not only increase your website rank but also improve the navigability of your website.


  1. Attracting new customers– One of the key objectives why businesses have websites is to help them to increase their customer base. In fact, businesses that have a website experience faster growth than those that do not have a website. The SEO expert will use his or her skills to optimize the content of your website so that it ranks on the first page and be found easily with more customers.


iii. Exploring new markets– Being a florist, your interest should be to connect with a wide market. There are markets that are outside your physical location. Through the web you can connect with these new markets and find customers who might be interested in the products that you sell at your shop. The SEO expert will help you connect with this market.


  1. Building and growing your brand– The fact that your business is small today does not mean that it will forever remain small. You should be focused on growing from being a small business to a reputable brand that your customers can connect and identify with. Every major brand that you can think of today was once a small business. A reputable SEO firm will help you come up with a strategy that will help you grow your business from a small business into a brand of good repute.


  1. Staying in contact with your customers– An aggressive Orlando SEO strategy looks at how you can keep engaging with your customers. Newsletters and RSS feeds can help in achieving this goal. You can use these two tools to announce the offers and promotions you are running at your shop and by so doing increase your web traffic which can potentially convert into sales.


  1. Keeping your business open 24/7– Having an interactive website is not enough, you should consider having an online store or an e-store embedded within the site to enable shoppers to buy your products online.


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The list above is not conclusive, talk to us and we will help you design a tailored small business marketing campaign for your flower shop. At MyCity Social, we have a team of experts that are qualified in handling jobs that require an in-depth knowledge of Orlando SEO. Talk to us today.

Why You NEED Negative Keywords in PPC

Need help deciding? MyCity Social is here to help


We have all had times of uncertainty with where to start or where to go next with marketing. MyCity Social in Miami, FL has the solution you have been looking for. PPC keywords can be tricky and finding the right balance between negative and positive words is where we lend a helping hand. Lucky for you, our SEO Company  can lead you in the right direction and make sure your PPC keywords are spot on. You will not be disappointed because our staff works hard to create the right avenues to gain internet traffic for all clients. Finding the right words to use, images to place and people to get in touch with is half the battle of marketing. Good thing we all work together because things tend to get mixed up from time to time. There is always someone who knows what to do next. When all else fails, ask for help right? Believe in our skill and trust that we want the best outcome for your company’s online content.


When in doubt, Trust Google advertising


Google it! Google advertising can:


Attract more customers (new and old). This will help website visitors, get the phones ringing and increase brand awareness.


Advertise business locally and globally, expanding the chances of reaching out to those customers both near and far from your business location.


Reaching the right customers at the right time is key. This allows for them to search specifically and find your business name among others right at the top of the list. Start today, Google knows best. Negativity is ok when using keywords for PPC because of the idea behind it all. Making sure you know what you want from customers and the best way to reach them makes all the difference.


PPC advice


It is all about the keywords. Pay-per-click can become a very competitive concept, so keeping a logical, organized structure will help with overall maintenance. Just like any other online site, PPC can get complicated and time consuming very quickly. It is important to stay on top of your business and bring in customers in every way possible. So if negative keywords can help, why not give it a try? People tend to look for good and bad reviews of places before making a decision. If your company shows up in both categories, it will draw in attention that you did not know you wanted. It is important to know what point you want to get across to your customers, how they view the business and what they would search first when thinking about the company. However, you may not be 100% right. Finding your audience and attracting the right type of customers or clients is what counts.


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Marketing can be an easy task or something complicated, depending on who is handling the situation. Just starting out and looking for some guidance? MyCity Social is here to put the worries to rest and find keywords that will bring in lots of business for your company. Give us a call  1-866-955-3287 today to begin your journey to success. Contact us right away.

Meet Nickie Ellis: Orlando’s MyCity Social Marketing Director

As a rapidly growing digital marketing agency in Orlando, Tampa, and Miami, MyCity Social relies heavily on their leadership team of directors to ensure that clients receive top quality digital marketing services. One of our outstanding Directors is Nichole (A.KA “Nickie”) Ellis. She has helped the company triple in size and provides a fun work environment for her staff. Learn more about our fearless leader below…


Q: Tell Me About What You Did Before Joining Our Digital Marketing Agency?


A: I was working with another marketing agency that specialized in medical marketing. My job title was social media manager and SEO specialist.


Q: What Did You Study in School?


A: I studied communication at the University of Central Florida. I was in retail sales for 8 years and I loved sales and increasing numbers and educating customers on products. After 8 years, I became tired of the physical demand of sales. I wanted to settle down into a career that still had a sales element to it but had a more balanced work day.


I didn’t know what digital marketing was at the time, but then I took marketing and advertising classes at UCF and fell in love! Those classes were my favorite. I fell into some luck as I knew someone that was part of the Pre-professional Medical Society at UCF and I ended up joining as well. With that, I was able to manage the Facebook page for them. Due to this experience, I became interested in marketing.


Membership in this organization led to my first internship. UCF holds an internship fair each year, and because of my background with PPMS, I interviewed with the Orlando Orthopedic Center and I landed that internship opportunity.


Working for Orlando Orthopedic Center introduced me to website work and how to make web page edits and stuff like that. This internship then led me to my next internship at Florida Hospital. I interned there for the HR marketing department. My job was to look at landing pages, optimize text and help nurses find how to apply for open positions online. I also created infographics for social media posts to try and engage visitors and have them learn about the events made for bringing in new graduates to come and work for Florida Hospital.


After interning at Florida Hospital for some time, I landed my very job in digital marketing. Upon leaving that first job, I then learned about MyCity Social, and the rest is history.


Q: What is Your Favorite Part About Working for MyCity Social?


A: My favorite part about working at MyCity Social is that our work is local. Working for national agencies ad corporations is very different than working with local businesses. There is more camaraderie with the clients and a more personal touch can be added because of the relationships built with the clients.


Q: What is Your Least Favorite Part About Your Job?


A: Working with budgets.


Q: Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years?


A: I am planning on going back to get my MBA. In five years I hope to be on the path of helping businesses run properly. The one thing that I truly enjoy about MyCity Social (working with local businesses) is that it has opened up a new opportunity to help them not only with their digital presence, but to help them with how they function as a whole.


In five years I also hope to have a family. I would like to open up a consulting agency and help other businesses run effectively.


Share 5 Quirky Facts About You. GO!

  • I am a 1ST-degree black belt
  • I am a VERY light sleeper
  • I am pretty handy with electrical and etc. Anything that breaks in my house, I can fix.
  • I hate fast food (grosses me out)
  • I have 3 parents


Contact Us 

At MyCity Social we are proud of our devoted and successful employees that make up our digital marketing agency. Internet marketing is a passion for directors such as Nickie Ellis and our clients can feel that too. To learn more about our digital marketing programs for small businesses please contact us at  MyCity Social right away.


Have You Tried the New Q & A Feature on Google Maps?

If you’re a local business owner, you know the power of online reviews. Therefore, it’s important to be vigilant in preserving and presenting your best image to prospective customers online. Google Maps Marketing is a great way to get local traffic to your business establishment. Since Google provides location-based suggestions, the more active you are within Google’s location services, the more likely you are to be at the top of Google search results. As a Tampa SEO Company, MyCity Social has lots of experience in Google Maps Marketing in the Tampa, Florida area. And we’d like to share the importance of our digital marketers using the new Q & A feature for Google Maps Marketing.


What is the New Q & A Feature on Google Maps Marketing?

Similar to Amazon’s Q & A, Google’s new feature allows people to ask questions of a business owner and local community of experts. By enabling this feature on your Google My Business Location page, you can provide current and future customers with an opportunity to ask questions before arriving at your business. For example, if you own a restaurant, an example of a user-generated question might be something like, “Is your restaurant child-friendly?” or “Does your restaurant have vegan options?” This gives you the opportunity to share this information about your restaurant, so that people know what to expect when dining at your establishment.


What Are Some Q & A Best Practices?

It’s important that you have an experienced digital marketer to manage your digital reputation professionally. Online and in real life, there’s always the possibility that someone has something negative to say. Keep your responses polite and factual, and do not engage in any arguments with customers. Allow other customers to see the level of professionalism your business has through handling conflicts swiftly and satisfactorily. Consider hiring a Tampa SEO Company like MyCity Social to manage your online presence. This way, your customers obtain the benefits of transparency and accessibility online, and you get to focus on what you do best: running your business. Think of us as your online assistant.


What Happens If I Don’t Like Some of the Q & A’s Being Shown Online?

As a Tampa SEO Company, it’s our job to ensure that the search engine results your business receives are serving you and your business positively. While we cannot guarantee the absence of negative questions, we can guarantee that we will do everything we can to ensure your company is depicted in its best, most accurate light online. Sometimes, negative comments online are actually a blessing in disguise. If you find your company is repeatedly the target of similar negative reviews, view that as an opportunity to evaluate your services or offerings, and adapt to serve your customers best. When you make a change for the positive, the Q & A platform provides you with an immediately way to reach out and share the news with customers. You’ll be able to say, “We want to serve you, we listened to you, and here’s how we’ve fixed the issue.” Customers love a company that puts them first. Contact MyCity Social today to obtain help with your YouTube and digital marketing presence online.

How Youtube Live Helps To Connect You With Your Target Market

Reaching Your Audience Via YouTube


YouTube is a great social platform to connect with an audience on, but it is not as though it is the easiest thing in the world to do. Great images in the video, as well as a good script and a story to tell, are all key elements to master when it comes to effective digital marketing on YouTube like Youtube Live Stream. That is all just the start.


Objective Of Your YouTube Channel


A lot of companies open up a YouTube channel without a real vision about what they want to do with it. They often feel the need to have a YouTube channel, but they do not know why or what they are supposed to do with it. It is better to think ahead of time about what exactly this channel is supposed to be about.


Some of the things that one should want to accomplish with their channel is to increase the awareness of their brand by the public. Every company YouTube channel should also convert to more sales of products or services. If the channel is not doing that, then it is more of a liability and waste of time than anything else.


Being Relevant To The Present Day: Youtube Live Stream


One of the worst things that a YouTube channel can do for the company that sets it up is to languish in the past. Not keeping the channel up to date is something that makes people start to ignore it. Who would want to watch videos about things that are “yesterday’s news” so to speak?


Instead, a company with their own new YouTube channel should look to do a YouTube live stream from time to time. A live stream is a way to broadcast about something that is happening at this very moment. People can literally log in to the YouTube live stream to see what the company is talking about, or they can view the video at a later time when it works better for them to do so. Either way, a YouTube live stream provides viewers with information that they desire in a timely fashion.


Make Videos Relatable And Shareable


One of the best things that one can do for their digital marketing campaign on YouTube is to make their videos relatable and highly shareable. MyCity Social is a digital marketing company that can help others work on their efforts in this particular area. What MyCity Social does is try to help a company come up with a great type of video that could help them get it spread out among a diverse community of people throughout the Internet.


It is not easy to come up with the type of videos that people will want to share throughout the Internet, but that is exactly why one brings in the professionals to make this happen. A video that goes viral can make a company move from unknown to highly recognizable.

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YouTube has a great reach and cultural impact. It is not to be ignored by anyone who considers themselves to be a good marketer. Speak to professionals from myCity Social who know how to help a company use YouTube to reach out to the largest audience that they possibly can. Contact them today!

All You Need To Know About Data


When it comes to owning a business, one of the most integral things in modern times is data. Things are more complicated and increasing in magnitude every day. Numerous amounts of data are becoming required. MyCity Social is a digital marketing company Tampa businesses know will help bestow them with the data they need. Read on to learn more about the different types of data and their imporance.


What Is Data?

The term data is the plural form of the word datum. Datum refers to a “single piece of information, as a fact, statistic, or code; an item of data.” In modern day language, data, on the average, refers to the computing definition of the quantities, characters, or symbols on which operations are performed by a computer. The first reference to data as transmittable and storable as computer information was first done in 1946.


The encoding of information by using bits was used in the year 1732. Later, in the year 1804, it would be developed by Joseph Marie Jacquard. This technique was used by computer pioneers and early computer manufacturers.


Types of Data?

MyCity Social, as a digital marketing company Tampa businesses trust, believes knowing about the types of data is integral. These are the types of data.


Bit – The foundation of the types of data began with the bit. The bit is the basic unit used in computing. It is expressed as a 0 or 1 in binary notation.


Byte – The next step up is the byte. The byte is comprised of 8 bits. It is one of the smallest units in terms of memory size.


Kilobyte – A kilobyte is a unit of information equal to 1024 bytes.


Megabyte – A megabyte is a unit of information equal to 1024 kilobytes or one million bytes.


Gigabyte – A gigabyte is a unit of information equal to 1024 megabytes or one billion bytes.


Terabyte – A terabyte is a unit of information equal to 1024 gigabytes or one million million bytes.

The terabyte is the modern consumers base amount of storage.


Petabyte – A petabyte is a unit of information equal to 1024 terabytes or a million gigabytes. The largest data storage array is 120 petabytes.


Exabyte – An exabyte is a unit of information equal to 1024 petabytes, one quintillion bytes or one billion gigabytes.


Zettabyte – A zettabyte is a unit of information equal to 1024 exabytes or one sextillion bytes.


Yottabyte – A yottabyte is a unit of information equal to 1024 zettabytes or one septillion bytes.


Data As Statistics

As a digital marketing company Tampa businesses can rely on us for all their data needs. We use statistics and information for your SEO needs. A great company can use data for marketing and bringing in more traffic. We want to help you in your endeavors. Our SEO methods enable you to be free from worrying about these things.


Why You Need To Know Data

In modern times it is integral for your business to have plenty of data. The amount of data businesses are studying, generating and need is growing at an immense rate. Software for businesses is increasing in magnitude as time goes on. A forward thinking business like yours will recognize that the need for more data is integral to the future of your business. Contact MCity Social today to begin helping you with your website and business needs.