Ways We Have Helped Retailers Obtain New Clients Consistently

If you are a struggling retail company and you need marketing right away, you need to contact MyCity Social for all of your digital marketing needs. Do not let your business go unnoticed; make sure you are marketing and spreading the word about your business in order to bring in more traffic. If you did not attend school for marketing or advertising and you own a business, it is crucial you hire our digital marketing company Miami client’s trust. We market for many companies and one industry we love to help is retail. When you are looking for retail store marketing, you must do initial research to figure out who your target market is so you know where to advertise. After you have gained an understanding of who your target market is, our marketing services make results happen! If you are having a hard time figuring out your target market, call us right away and our digital marketers and SEO specialist can help!

Top Marketing Trends For Retail Store Marketing Professionals

With any industry, there are marketing trends that are used to bring traffic into businesses. A few of the digital marketing trends for retail store marketing include:

Providing customers with what they need and want, when they need it or want it, and where.

Video content- Video content is extremely important because consumers want to receive information within seconds. They would rather watch a video than read because sometimes people don’t have the time to do their own research. They want it done for them and presented to them in the easiest way possible.

Knowing your audience- Define your target market and ask yourself; what do they need? How will you supply it and form a connection?

Providing a sense of urgency- You want to motivate consumers to buy your service or product and give them a call to action. One way to do so is to have promotions with time limits which tells customers that if they want a certain deal, they have to come to your store quickly before the promotion ends.

What Services Do We Offer That Can Help You?

At our digital marketing company Miami businesses rely on, we offer many services that can help drive your business including social media marketing, email campaigns, SEO, content writing, and web development. Our strategic team of digital marketing experts will help promote your small business when you just have too much on your plate. Our goal will always be to bring in more consumers to your company and help you become successful within your industry.

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When you’re looking for digital marketing services for retail store marketing, you must contact MyCity Social today. It can be hard enough to run a business with multiple tasks to handle at once, so let us take some of the weight off your shoulders. Allow a digital marketing company that Miami companies trust to help you promote your business. To find out more about MyCity Social and what we can do for you, call us today at 866-955-3287 or visit our website! mysocailease.com

How to Select The Best Orlando SEO Company in 2017

When you are looking for digital marketing services in Orlando, you must contact MyCity Social. The highly trained professionals that work at this advertising and technology company can provide you with all of the marketing services you may need. When you own a business, you already have so much on your plate, and if you do not specialize in advertising, you may not know exactly how to optimize your business in order to bring in more traffic. One area of digital marketing that plays a vital role in the success of your business is SEO. If you are looking for an SEO company near me, contact our Orlando SEO company (MyCity Social)!

Tips On Selecting An SEO Company

Owning a business is a huge responsibility with a lot of tasks at hand. Realistically, you cannot handle everything by yourself if you want your company to run smoothly. You will need marketing for your business and our Orlando SEO company can help! Here are a few tips for choosing an SEO company near me in Orlando:

  • Size- A good company should include different price points for business sizes. They should be able to effectively optimize websites with a large number of pages.
  • Page Rank- When you speak with the company, they should bring up and discuss ways of improving your website’s pagerank and search engine positioning. This will usually include a detailed site analysis.
  • Keyword optimization- Keywords are crucial for SEO. Using keywords will help Google identify your content and when Google reads it and someone searches for something using those same keywords, Google will rank your content on the search results page.
  • Communication- The company you choose should collect your information and you should collect theirs. This way you will be able to receive regular updates on your website.
  • Reporting- A serious SEO company should provide you with detailed reports in order to see your website’s performance. You should be able to visually see reports and not just hear about them verbally over the phone.

What Does MyCity Social Have To Offer?

Now that you know what is entailed in choosing the right SEO company, you must consider working with MyCity Social. This highly certified company can provide all of the SEO services available and more! It is important that your business has the right marketing team to promote your product or service. At our office in Orlando, we know how much your company means to you so we will always do everything we can to make sure it strives.

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When you are looking for digital marketing, you need to speak with the SEO specialist at MyCity Social today. We always work hard for clients and provide the best services possible to enhance the success rate of their companies. Whether you are a small start up or you are established and have multiple locations, our Orlando SEO company can do it all! You have enough to worry about while you’re running a business, let us help you gain more customers! When you are looking for an SEO company near me, call us today at 866-955-3287 or visit our website! mysocailease.com

What Is Influencer Marketing (Why Should I Care?)

When it comes to marketing, there is a lot one must know. It is not simply about posting once a week on Facebook trying to promote your business. There is a lot more entailed in a successful digital marketing plan than making a few posts a week. MyCity Social is a digital marketing company Tampa clients rely on who can provide you with outstanding advertising results. Our goal is to bring more traffic to your business and in order to do so, we have a team of people who work hard everyday to make sure you are being noticed by consumers. One form of marketing is influencer marketing.

What Is Influencer Marketing?

There are many divisions of marketing including SEO, content writing, digital marketing, and website developers who make it all possible to bring in more customers to your business. One form of marketing is called influencer marketing and it focuses on using key leaders in an industry to promote your brand and bring awareness to a larger population. As opposed to marketing directly, you can hire influencers to spread the word for you. This form of marketing usually runs hand-in-hand with social media marketing and content marketing. Most influencer campaigns have a social media component and influencers can promote the service or product on their own media streams.

6 Reasons Why Influencer Marketing Is Popular

Our digital marketing company Tampa businesses trust urge you to look into influencer marketing and here is why:

  • It’s powerful- There is an opportunity for brands to leverage the word of mouth through personalities that consumers already follow.
  • It’s social- The world has shifted greatly into social media and your business needs to be in the know and keeping up with social media. Do not just sell, entertain and inform consumers on your service or product.
  • Consumers are not phased anymore by paid ads- Americans are exposed to thousands of ads a day and because we see so many, that we unconsciously tune them out.
  • It’s native advertising- Native advertising places products and brands in organic content which in turn will create a more pleasurable experience for consumers and a powerful marketing solution.
  • You can target and track it- Every website visit, like, and picture posted online can be stored and analyzed. This data can turn into valuable insights informing you about your target market and advertising performance.
  • Helps your SEO- Influencer marketing can help with your search engine ranking. The more people mention your brand on social media, the more relevant you will be on Google.

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When you are looking for marketing services to increase your business’ popularity, you must first do your research and have a basic understanding of how you should be marketing your company. After you have learned a little bit about your target market, call MyCity Social for advice on influencer marketing. Our digital marketing company Tampa businesses rely on can do it all! Call us today at 866-955-3287 or visit our website! My SocialEase.com. We look forward to working with you and helping your business strive!


5 Ways to Create Blog Topic Ideas Fast!

When you own a business and you have an online presence, it is so important that you have plenty of information on your website. Building a website and the content inside of it costs money so you want to make sure you are utilizing all aspects of the website, including features, and most importantly blogs. You want people to be able to find information about your business online because odds are, you will find yourself pulling in more customers from digital marketing as opposed to old fashioned advertising. You must consider the competition and realize that if people cannot find what they are looking for quickly on your site, they will find another site to find information from. When you need blog post ideas for your website, talk with our Miami SEO specialist at MyCity Social.

5 Ways To Create Blog Topic Ideas

Coming up with blog topic ideas can be difficult, especially if you already have so many blogs on your website. The question begs; “How do I come up with blog post ideas that haven’t been exhausted?” Our Miami SEO specialist explains a few ways you can create new ideas:

  • Breathe new life into older content- If you have been blogging for your website for quite some time, you probably have information that needs to be refreshed. Giving old content a reboot will provide a new perspective and your content will flourish. Change parts of old blogs that can be improved with more recent information.
  • Scan industry websites, blogs, and news trends- The internet is filled with content about your industry. Do a search and see what others are writing about. Even just scanning headlines in the search results can help put your mind on right track for coming up with new topic ideas.
  • Write a personal introspective post- One of the most important things to do is build trust with your clients and one of the best ways to do so is to show then that you are human by writing a more personal blog.
  • Read print publications- Although some may think so, print media is not dead. There are plenty of magazines that are full of information related to your industry.
  • Write a roundup post or series- A roundup post is a list of other posts that people might find useful or interesting.

Using Keywords In Your Content

It is vital that you are using keywords in your blogs because keywords are how search engines know what you are all about and who they should send to your blog. Keywords allow for you to pop up on a Google listing when people are looking for something specific to what you discuss in your blogs. For instance, if you are writing a blog about a restaurant, you must create a keyword to use a few times throughout your blog that Google can recognize. You want to think like a consumer when you are coming up with keywords because keywords are what people search for in Google. For your restaurant, people will most likely be searching for “restaurants near me” so if that is your keywords, your blog will come up in a Google search.

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When you are looking for blog post ideas, follow these tips and talk with a Miami SEO specialist in Tampa who can help further guide you in your search for great topics. To find out more about creating blog posts, call MyCity Social at 866-955-3287 or visit our website! mysocailease.com

Benefits of listing an Address in Google My Business

If you own a business or are just starting one, there are a lot of things you must consider if you want to run a successful company. You have to think about marketing strategies and how you are going to bring traffic into your business. Company owners risk a lot to run their business and if you are spending tons of money, you want to see a return on it. Do not start a company to then only put in minimum effort to keep it afloat. You have to be ready to put forth 100% of your time and energy if you want to be successful. Our internet marketing team in Tampa at MyCity Social wants you to bring in plenty of customers and one way to do this is to update your Google My Business locations.

Benefits Of Listing Your Address

There are many resources you can use to spread the word about your business and they are all at your fingertips. Technology is evolving so rapidly and the changes are extremely beneficial to people who run businesses. A few of these benefits include:

  • Customers can find you easily- Anyone in your area using keywords that relate to your business will be able to find you. Also, they will instantly have access to your business name, contact information, hours of operation, driving directions, etc. They can also find your Google My Business locations.
  • Consumers can use various platforms- Whether consumers are using a computer, tablet, or mobile device, they will be able to pull up and access your company’s information quickly.
  • You can include a lot of pertinent information- You are free to add or delete any information you want on your Google listing. Keep in mind, the more details you add, the higher your ranking will be.
  • You can quickly and easily update your business information- Updating your business information is all in one central location.You do not have to log onto different pages to change information; everything is under one page.
  • Include images and virtual tours of your business- Your Google+ page will allow you to provide consumers with the ability to look at great photos of your business and they can also take a virtual tour.

How Long Does It Take To Rank?

Our internet marketing team in Tampa wants to clarify Google rankings. People are under the misconception that you can rank high after a week of SEO but this is not true! It takes time to rank in Google and you have to be patient. You will not start seeing results until about 3 to 6 months after you have started your digital marketing services with MyCity Social.

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When you are looking to optimize your business, make sure you are updating your Google My Business locations.  You are making a huge investment by starting your own business; keep up with it. If you are looking for the best digital marketing in Tampa, contact our internet marketing team at MyCity Social at 866-955-3287 or visit our website! mysocailease.com

5 things You Didn’t Know About Gmail

Mostly everyone who has access to the internet has an email account. Among one of the most popular email services used is Gmail as it is used by 1.2 billion people. Whether you use email for work or personal reasons, millions of Americans rely on email as a form of communication. It is especially vital to have an email account if you run a business. MyCity Social can vouch for the vitality of email. Just like with anything else, there are secrets and features that you probably didn’t know existed in Gmail. Our digital marketing company in Orlando discusses some Gmail features you may not be familiar with.

5 Things To Know About Gmail

Unless you are doing constant research on your email search engine, you will most likely miss out on some cool features that can benefit you when using Gmail. Some of these Gmail features that you may not know about are:

  • Have an infinite number of alternative Email addresses- If you add a dot or a + and change capitalization, you can configure one Gmail account into many addresses. This is useful if you are looking to pre-filter messages.
  • Gmail themes- Rather than opening your Email and seeing the same boring background every day, spice things up with Gmail themes. Some themes even change during the day and they are so much fun!
  • Use Gmail for driving directions- If someone sends you an invitation with an address, Google will automatically detect the addresses in messages and create a link to the right of your message asking if you would like to map it. From there, you click yes and it brings you to maps.
  • Use Gmail offline on Chrome- Gmail can be used offline on Chrome with the Offline Gmail Google Chrome app. If you send a message offline, your message will be sent when you reconnect.
  • Send and receive video hangouts- Gmail is integrated with Google Hangouts and will let you send instant messages with your contacts. You also have access to voice and video Hangout calls.

Why Do I Need To Brand My Email Account?

Here are a few reasons our digital marketing company in Orlando suggests you have branding on your email:

  • Give the right first impression- A branded email will show people that you are established and professional. A generic email is impersonal and lacks experience.
  • Build credibility- There are a lot of scammers out there and people may not feel comfortable emailing information to a random email account. Your branded email address will provide a sense of security and reassurance to customers that your business is legit.
  • Promote brand awareness- When you send out an Email on a branded address, you are promoting your business. It is a cost effective way to market your company without spending tons of money.

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A digital marketing company in Orlando urges you to use a professional Email address which can benefit you highly. There are Gmail features that you may not recognize but you definitely need to do your research on! To find out more about the helpful secrets of Gmail. Contact MyCity Social at 866-955-3287 or visit our website! mysocailease.com

Pinterest Now Offers Promoted Videos (Finally!)

Social media streams have changed the way we think and what we do forever. Whether you realize it or not, social media is one of our biggest influencers. People are always online and even the simplest scroll through Facebook can leave you hooked. For example, watching quick videos on food is very popular. If you do this frequently or even use the recipes from the videos, then you are being influenced by social media. You may never even recognize how much of an impact Facebook, Instagram, and even Pinterest has on your life, but if you have an online presence, you are most likely visiting some, if not all, of these sites on a daily basis. Media streams are always changing and becoming more efficient and our Miami social media marketing strategist at MyCity Social talks about the Pinterest marketing agency.

What Are Promoted Videos?

There are always changes being implemented digitally to make life easier for consumers. One of the main functions of social media and search engines is to make things so simple that it only takes 5 seconds to find what you are looking for. People do not have time to sit and do research when they are seeking something quickly. Consumers want large amounts of information in concise formatting and within seconds of a search. Luckily, we are becoming even more digitized which means more metrics are being watched, and they are being looked at more carefully in order to obtain the most optimization for data. Over 150 million people globally use Pinterest every month to discover new ideas. A great way to bring these ideas to life is to provide video content. We are coming out of the age of reading content and easing our way into visual content. Think about how popular newspapers used to be. Where are they now? Everyone uses the internet to find information and people would rather watch a colorful video and listen to information instead of reading black and white on a website or in a paper. In the last year alone, video content on Pinterest has increased 60% featuring videos from workout routines to home improvement projects and even hair tutorials.

How Do They Benefit Consumers And Businesses?

The Pinterest marketing agency has come up with the brilliant idea to add video content, but how does this benefit the consumers as well as businesses? Our Miami social media marketing strategist says video content will benefit consumers because they can watch information instead of having to focus on reading it. Having visual content will also keep the attention of consumers which will provide benefits to companies because people are actually intrigued by what they are watching and this will allow them to absorb more information. The more information that a consumer absorbs, the more they will know about a certain product or service which will help them determine whether or not to purchase it.

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When you are looking for video content, the Pinterest marketing agency provides visual content globally and people are loving it! To find out more about the importance of video content, talk with our Miami social media marketing expert today at MyCity Social. Call us at 866-955-3287 or visit our website mysocailease.com.

Meet Michael Shannon, Director of Finance at MyCity Social

They say there is no “I” in team and this couldn’t be a truer statement at MyCity Social. Teamwork makes the dream work and the team that has been gradually built up at our Orlando office all work together in a friendly and healthy environment. You will not find this kind of atmosphere anywhere else and the owners Andrew and Nick are committed to making sure that not only the clients are happy, but that the employees are genuinely excited about their jobs. They provide an environment that has employees jumping out of bed in the morning to prepare for the work day. There are multiple departments that make up the company’s success including the finance department. When it comes to internet marketing, our finance director, Michael Shannon, contributes great assets to the team.

Who Is Michael Shannon?

Michael Shannon loves working within our internet marketing company. He is currently obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in accounting at Valencia College. He found his love of finance while he was involved in the banking industry where he worked for 4 years. Here he learned that accounting just made sense to him. Performing tasks with numbers such as accounts payable and accounts receivable was a natural skill for Michael, and it became second nature to him very quickly.


The question lingers; what is involved in a finance director’s position? Michael was kind enough to share his thoughts stating that he manages and oversees payment processes, new contracts, and client issues with contract terms while handling customer service and understanding cancellations. Michael works frequently with account audits and is always looking for ways to improve the flow of the department as well as ways in which we can enhance the efficiency of the project tasks performed at MyCity Social. When Michael was asked why he chose this field and why he decided to take a job with MyCity Social, he had nothing but great things to say. Michael felt that he was not being challenged enough at his previous company and really wanted to step out of his comfort zone. His position as a finance director allowed for him to elevate his career and utilize skill sets he would have otherwise missed out on. There are always characteristics that are implemented within small businesses to improve customer satisfaction, and at MyCity Social, flexibility is a huge one.


Michael is very patient with clients and will speak with them until they are comfortable with their payments. He is always available for questions when clients need help regarding their account. Patience is a virtue, and Michael is a prime example of how our clientele reacts positively to this acquired skill.

Who Works Alongside Michael?

It is understood throughout the company that teamwork is vital for the success of our business and also the success of marketing other small businesses. Michael is not in this alone and has been working alongside his partner in the finance department, Gina Minardi. Gina started working with collections at the age of 18 and has always been involved in finance. Michael is very impressed with her work and is proud to say that she “hit the ground running” when she started with MyCity Social. Gina has ran multiple businesses and has always dealt with customer service through her collections positions which makes her a vital asset to our team.


Gina applied for a position with MyCity Social because it was different than what she was used to and it intrigued her. She loved the work environment at the Orlando office and felt that everything clicked into place when she interviewed with our Director of Marketing, Nickie Ellis, and our Finance Director, Michael Shannon, as they both provided a safe and welcoming atmosphere as soon as she walked in the door. Gina would like to emphasize that there are always bumps in the road and clients experience issues, so you must be kind and patient. She provides a high level of client support and understands that sometimes you must sympathize with the clients when they are struggling with internet marketing concerns. Gina Minardi loves her job at MyCity Social and enjoys working with the owners along with the rest of the Orlando team.

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Michael Shannon (with the help of Gina Minardi), makes sure the finance department runs smoothly and that all of our clients are satisfied with our work. Both contain skill sets that are not easy to find and we are extremely lucky to have both of them working so closely with our Orlando internet marketing team. To find out more about our finance department or if you have any questions pertaining to digital marketing contracts, call MyCity Social today at 866-955-3287 or visit our website! mysocailease.com

All About Voice Search And It’s Effect on SEO

Everyone is always looking for the next big thing that can benefit them and make their lives simpler. People are always on the go and don’t necessarily have the time to do research when they are looking for something fast. We all want everything at our disposal, and with the ever changing digital world, we are gaining more and more access to the simple life. Just a few decades ago, we didn’t have mobile phones, and now we can obtain information by voice activation. Say you are in the kitchen cooking dinner and you need to text your friend back; now you can cook and also send messages to your friends or call them without even having to touch your phone. Technology has changed the way we think and act, and the voice search from Google has made life alot easier. MyCity Social offers SEO services Tampa companies love and can rely on, learn more about the voice search trend below.

What Do You Need To Know About Voice Search?

Voice search is when you speak to your phone’s robot, whether it is Siri or another system, and you request their function to maybe make a call or send a text. People love these voice activation robots because they provide convenience and can tailor your experience. For example, when you set up your voice search, it will ask you what you want to be called, so that everytime you make a request and call out Siri’s name, she calls back to you. This tool has become extremely popular because people are always looking for more efficient ways to do things. This does not mean they are lazy, but rather they are utilizing the technology that is at their fingertips. Although some may find this tool to be just another advancement in technology we don’t need, it can actually be a safer way of communicating. Say you are walking around a large city; texting and walking can lead to you bumping into people and even being hit by a car. If you are able to use the voice search, then you don’t have to worry about not paying attention.

5 Ways Voice Search Affects SEO

So what does this mean for SEO? Our SEO services Tampa clients depend on discuss the ways voice search affects SEO.

  • The expansion of mobile- Almost all voice queries come from smartphones and over half of search queries globally come from a mobile device.
  • A different type of keyword- People do not search the same way with their voice that they do when they are typing into Google. They use natural sounding phrases instead of the query language. Your SEO specialist will use this knowledge to search for voice queries to use as a keyword term.
  • Conversational content- For SEO purposes, we need to rethink content. The first step is understanding the customer’s conversational speech. Remember that voice searchers usually have urgent needs in mind so make sure you research the questions your consumers are asking and offer quick solutions on your blog.
  • Location- Location plays a role in 80% of all searches but voice searches are more location focused than typed queries. This means that setting up your site correctly for local search is crucial.
  • Preparing to embrace change- Believe it or not, the possibilities of these voice search robots are endless and can already complete tasks such as setting alarms and taking notes.

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Voice search is becoming more and more popular with time and also more detail-oriented. Technology is always evolving and you need to be on the lookout for the next big change and aware of all minor updates that are made to the voice search. Our SEO services Tampa businesses trust urges you to stay up to date in order to stay relevant. To find out more about voice search, call MyCity Social today at 866-955-3287 or visit our website! mysocailease.com

The Most Effective Types of Content for Your SEO in 2017

When you run a business, you need to have an online presence. We live in the digital age, so even if you don’t personally use social media, your business needs to be advertised online through Google Ads, social media streams, and other search engines. The one thing that all of the streams you use have in common is content! If you do not flood your marketing streams with content, no one will be able to find you online and read about your company. It is important that you always have information about what you offer online and how it will benefit your consumers. You must provide a call to action in order to bring in more traffic. Content marketing at an SEO company Miami businesses rely on is vital for your business. Talk with the professionals at MyCity Social today about what you should focus on to run a successful company.

Why Is Content Important?

With so many contributing factors to the success of your business, how do you know which ones are the most important to focus on? One vital aspect of running your business is to be informative. In order to do this, you must provide content for your consumers. Make sure your content is informative, but to the point and includes a call to action. You don’t just want readers to be informed on what services and products you provide, but you want them to take that extra step to call you or come into your store. If you do not have much information on your business easily accessible online, your customer base will be small. People like data to be at their fingertips. Potential customers are not going to want to read about your business if you have content topics that are discussed in pages and pages of information. Keep it short and call for action.

The Most Effective Types Of Content

When it comes to content marketing, an SEO company Miami businesses trust discusses the most effective types of content:

  • Blogs- Blogs are vital for your business, especially if you have a website. A blog will provide information and tons of content for your business that people can find by doing a Google search. Blogs also include keywords in order for the robot to read it and rank the content. The more SEO you have involved in your blogs, the better.
  • E-books- E-books will enhance your credibility. People who download E-books are actively seeking information and E-books are an effective structure and execution for your message.
  • Video- Videos can be a very effective marketing strategy because it gives people the visual representation they love. People don’t have time to sit around and read pages among pages of information, so adding a video aspect to your strategy will allow visual learners to comprehend your ads in a sufficient amount of time.
  • Other- Press releases and other online pieces from business’ websites would be considered “other” content that is important when you are promoting your business and bringing in traffic.
  • Webinars- A webinar is convenient and will provide credibility to your content. There is a lot of useful information involved in webinars. A webinar can create and increase brand awareness while broadening your audience and building up your contact list.

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Content marketing is extremely important if you want people to be informed about your business. Make sure you always provide a call to action to bring in more traffic and take advantage of all the wonderful content marketing tools you have at your disposal. To find out more about content, contact an SEO company Miami businesses trust. Call MyCity Social at 866-955-3287 or visit our website! mysocailease.com.