Digital Marketing News Sources That Are A Must Read!

When it comes to digital marketing, things are constantly changing. If you own a business, it is vital that you know what’s going on in the digital world on a daily basis. Your online presence is so important because everyone is looking for reviews these days and they are seeking the next best thing. Staying ahead of the curve will put you at an advantage over your competitors because quite honestly, not everyone is keeping up to date with the latest digital marketing techniques. If you are looking to know more about digital marketing, the gurus at MyCity Social can inform you on the best route to take for your business.

If you are currently running a business or plan to start one, you need to do your research. Sometimes you may not know where to look or what research to do. At this point, contacting a digital marketing expert to find out where you should be looking will narrow down your search. Some of the great online resources you can use to gather the latest news about digital marketing include:

  • Inside AdWords Blog- Here you will be provided with news about AdWords features and this blog is the news source for digital marketers who need to know what’s going on when it’s happening.
  • Search Engine Land- This publication hosts the Search Marketing Expo conference every year and is the go-to news source for breaking headlines and analysis. If you are not reading this, you must!
  • SEM Post- This is one of the first sources that will provide you with breaking news about the biggest things going on in the industry. They are constantly updating their Twitter and post several times a day so it would benefit you greatly to follow them.
  • SocialTimes- This site is operated by AdWeek and is a great place to look if you need an advertising-centric perspective.
  • Content Marketing News- Content marketing usually does not have a whole lot of news constantly. If there is something to report, you can find it here. The content is based around SEO rather than marketing as a whole. The last thing you want is to be reading a general page on digital marketing because you want to stay ahead of your competitors.
  • Optimizely- This is where you will find out what’s going on with CRO trends, what changes you can implement to optimize your content and other news about optimization or A/B testing.

If you own a business or you are just interested in digital marketing, you must read up on these news sources! You can learn a lot of information about staying on top in your industry, just by taking the time to read- which most people don’t do. When you are in need of the latest digital marketing news, view these websites and contact MyCity Social with any questions you may have. Call us at 866-955-3287 or visit our website! My We look forward to hearing from you and updating you in order to create more success for your business.

The Latest and Greatest Social Media Updates From May

Marketing is ever changing and evolving and our Miami Digital Marketing firm is always training and researching the latest trends in order to deliver the best service to our clients. Keep these social media updates in mind the next time you use them.


For all you Pintresters out there, get ready for the ‘Like’ button to go away. Pinterest has decided through thorough research that the ‘Like’ button has caused some confusion and that only having the ‘Save’ button makes the interface easier to understand and navigate. However, those past ‘likes’ can be saved to a new secret board only seen by you, or they can be divided up and moved to your personalized boards. By removing the choice to like an idea rather than saving it, Pinterest is able to narrow down even more what items pull up in your feed.


The social media update to LinkedIn’s Privacy Policy allows users to be more visible to third-parties. These third parties will view profiles in the efforts to connect their business with you and to offer opportunities to select individuals. LinkedIn will also look for accomplishments you may want to add to your profile, suggesting industry awards or professional accomplishments that may make you stand out above the crowd. You can also find members nearby through an app that allows you to meet up with them for meetings, lunch, etc. Productivity bots also help you break the ice and walk through simple conventional steps to make better connections with other professionals. If you’re uncomfortable with any of these options and/or the services they provide, or would like to return, you can always opt-in and out at any time.


You can now search twitter through emojis. This function allows users to see how different emojis or their combinations are being used. Emoji usability ranges from product brand loyalty to conventional societal expression through the use of picture icons.The advantage to this is being able to learn emoji language as to avoid communication misunderstandings. By searching how emojis are used in previous tweets, a user can decide whether they should used the new emoji they know nothing about or skip it to one they are more comfortable with.


Snapchat is adding a infinity timer and a new feature called Stories. The infinity timer allows your friends to watch your snap over and over until they’re finished with it. The Story function allows you to video wherever you are with the feature that your friends can add to the story as well. This feature is great whether you’re all out clubbing for the night, on a canoe trip, or at a birthday party. However, be advised that created Stories will disappear after 24 hours if someone does not add to it.


You can now make group payments through Messenger i.e. split the cost of delivery at the next frat party or ladies night in. With the success of Facebook Live, Messenger will continue to gain more functions as FB tests out new applications to make Messenger the go-to app as your digital planner, email, etc.


Instagram has added a new feature called Collections. Collections works very similarly to Pinterest but with your uploaded pictures. With Collections you can save your photos into different categories and organize your photos similar to Pinterest boards. Also, since “going live” has become such a big thing amongst all forms of social media, you can now save your live Instagram footage right to your phone. However, if you’re wanting to keep track of any likes, comments, and/or interactions, you’re probably better off still using FaceBook Live as only the video stream will be saved.

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Our Website Designer Talks About The Website Maintenance Plan

When was the last time you updated your website? For most small business owners, the last major update was made when they actually created their site. The reality is that a website is not a part of your business that you can ignore. It’s not a ‘set it and forget it’ deal as the web and your company is constantly evolving. There are several reasons why you need to maintain your website regularly and our Orlando digital marketing firm is here to help with out website maintenance plan!

Reasons Why A Website Maintenance Plan Is Necessary

Reason #1: A Well Maintained Website Establishes Credibility

Outdated designs and broken functionalities on your website hurt the credibility of your business. Many studies have shown that people judge a business by its website. Users also abandon websites that have a poor user experience. If you want to make an impression with online customers, you need a solid website maintenance plan.

Reason #2: Updates are Essential to Keeping Your Website Alive

You need to keep your website updated with new content to keep your audience coming back. People want to be engaged by businesses they follow and if you don’t provide them this value, they’ll eventually go somewhere else. In addition, the search engines reward websites that publish new content on a regular basis because it provides value to their users.

Reason #3: Website Standards Change Over Time

One of the things that you need to accept is the fact that website standards change over time. Much like technology, the old gets replaced by the new. People get tired of certain visual designs or templates, the search engines require changes to your site’s coding and structure, and the way that users browse the Internet evolve.

How MyCity Social’s Website Maintenance Plan Can Help

MyCity Social is a full service Orlando digital marketing firm. Our goal is to help you get more out of your website and digital marketing efforts. We’ve helped many businesses get their website up to speed and updated regularly so that they can focus on running and building their business. Here are some of the things that we cover with our website maintenance service.

Maintenance of Company Website’s Appearance

It’s great that you have a website up and running. However, the appearance of your site needs to be up to date. The visual design needs to appeal to your audience if you want to establish your business’ credibility. Sometimes, it’s not even the visual design. It’s the functionality, layout or a poor user experience design that’s hurting your website.

Keeping Website Updated with Changing Technology

We make sure that your website is updated with the latest plugins to ensure proper website functionality. We’ll then make sure that your theme is up to date and isn’t conflicting with an existing SEO campaign. We also focus on responsive design and can have your site be optimized to mobile users for the best browsing experience.

Creating and Posting New Content Regularly

It’s important to keep your content fresh for both your audience and the search engines. We keep your website updated with content on a regular basis. We make sure that the content is relevant and valuable to your audience while helping you to build your SEO or content marketing campaign.

Optimizing for the Search Engines

In order to succeed with SEO, you need to make sure that your website is properly optimized. We’ll make sure that your code and site structure is built for SEO. We’ll also fix problems that can deter your campaign such as broken links, long loading times, mobile incompatibility and general site functionality issues (scripts, plugins, etc.).

Contact Our Orlando Digital Marketing Firm

Let MyCity Social handle your website maintenance plan so that you can focus on your business. We’ll ensure that your website properly represents your business online and is set up for digital marketing success. For more information about our Orlando digital marketing firm and how we can help, call us today at 866-955-3287 or visit our website!

Newest Twitter Updates: Changes In Tweeting Restrictions

Even though it seems like tweeting is something everyone does these days, Twitter has actually seen a decrease in its use and has had to resort to laying off a small percent of its hired workforce. While this may seem odd with the amount of news coverage Twitter receives due to celebrity Tweet wars and its constant use by the president, users are stepping away due to character restrictions. To bring tweeters back Twitter updates have made tweeting a bit more user friendly.Read below to learn about the latest Twitter News MyCity Social digital marketing experts in Orlando have uncovered.

How Twitter Is Getting Its Tweeters Back

The maximum amount of characters a tweet can have is 140. Before the new roll out of what’s no longer considered a part of character content, tweeters were getting frustrated with not being able to list their thoughts in entirety if including certain symbols, usernames, and attachments. Seeing the decrease in its use lit a fire under the apps feathery behinds and stirred up some changes inside the nest.

One of the changes comes from when using the ‘@’ sign in replies. ‘@’ will no longer count towards character length and is being rolled out across the web, iOS, and Android. However, users beware: links are still categorized as a part of the 140 character count and so listing an email, even though it has the ‘@’ sign, is not eliminated from character counts. A quick recap of changes Twitter has made in this area is the discontinuation of character count from attached photos, GIFs, quoted tweets, polls, and videos. Because these attachments have been eliminated from the 140, Twitter handles are no longer included. What does this mean? The next time you reply to a tweet look for a greyed-out line reading ‘replying to (insert username)’ towards the top. But that isn’t all when it comes to changes to ‘@’.  Instead of using ‘.@’ to reply to a new tweet, the user’s username will display in your timeline the same as all of your other followers. This eliminates the need to use the ‘@’ to signify who and the ‘.’ as a new threaded response. Who will see the tweets then? Just you, the person you tweeted to, and the people that follow you.

Other Twitter Updates

Also, the interface of tweet replies is changing as well. Instead of replies being seen within a tweet, replies will now be seen much like a text message, being listed above the tweeted text. In order to make changes to the reply to list, you can select the replying to section and change the contact. To verify that you’ve selected the new contact appropriately and that the old contact will no longer be a part of the conversation, you must immediately uncheck the mini-checkbox(es) in the pop-up after the replying to selection. This new feature was meant to to allow twitter readers to read tweets more fluently rather than look at user identification first.

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Creating Powerful Blog Topics For Your Business

If you are a business owner, blogging is a popular and effective medium in which to not only share about your company online but to build brand awareness and an identity. As a Search Engine Optimization Specialist in Orlando, FL, I am always writing posts for my clients to help them obtain traffic to their website while offering meaningful and useful information to visitors. All too often, I see where busy business owners or their assistants are not writing powerful blog topics that convey a message or fail to help the public. For this reason, I wanted to focus today’s topic around what it means to write effective blogs and how to achieve this goal.


How To Write Powerful Blog Topics


Focus On Your Goal


Before writing anything, it is important to think about what the goal of your blogs will be. Here are just 5 of the most popular post goals:


  1. Attract a Niche Audience: Writing for everyone is not recommended. You want to
  2. Rank Well In the Search Engines: The idea is to have your blog found and read online. Without the application of SEO from an expert, your blog will simply sink into the abyss online (unless you are a popular brand).
  3. Provoke Your Audience To Take Action: Some blogs are educational, some are thought provoking, others are created to make it easy for readers to click a button, fill a form, download something or simply take action.
  4. Inspire or Gain Loyalty from Readers: Show your natural charismatic charm online, and make your posts all about being a leader in your industry and a role model.
  5. Prompt a conversation: Some blogs are all about asking thoughtful questions or touch upon controversial subjects that create a dialogue with your audience.


Ask Your Audience


In order to cater to your market, you need to do a little research to find out what they would truly benefit from. A few simple ways to achieve this is by conducting surveys, conducting interviews, have informal conversations at an industry event or social settings and finally, have an SEO Specialist conduct keyword research.

Once the data has been collected it is now the perfect moment to begin formulating your topics. We want them to stick to your goal and highlight what makes you different in each.


How To Come Up With Strong Topics


  1. Using your data, come up with blogs that answer a question or need that you found to be true in the research.


  1. Create a Relatable Topic. One that shares an experience most people could sympathize or relate to. People love reading about others who have been in situations similar to theirs!


  1. Provide unique topics. Write about a topic that the data showed to be a need, and go very in-depth by providing unique interview with an industry or niche leader, offer an insider scoop on a topic, or be the first to share breaking news or insight into an industry-first service or product!


There are many other methods in creating compelling topics, but hopefully this blog gave you a great primer in how to formulate your blogs so that they make a commotion online rather than taking up space on the web.


Contact MyCity Social For Blog Writing


We realize most business owners are not professional writers or SEO Specialists, this is where MyCity Social caa help you not only save time, but to grow your bottom line by attracting more visitors online. Contact us now to learn more about our blog writing and SEO packages.

What is the Hashtag Sticker on Instagram?

For seven years, the iconic video sharing social media platform known as Instagram has been providing and delighting its users with a wide variety of proprietary features that are designed to help users connect with people around the planet. One of the most useful of these Instagram features is known as the hashtag sticker. This specialized feature has the ability to make it easier than ever to connect with others who post similar content. In addition to that, hashtag stickers can be a boon to businesses that are looking to quickly raise their profiles with their target demographics.


That being said, there will doubtless be many readers who know very little about the hashtag sticker feature. This article will help to educate such prospective or active Instagram users about this feature, how to use it, and what some of its major benefits are.


So, Just What are Instagram Stickers?


While Instagram includes the hashtag feature in its filter options, hashtags aren’t unique to Instagram and have been in use for some time. Hashtags stickers are basically an easy way for members of social media platforms like Instagram to find media that falls under similar topics. An example of this would be an Instagram search for #HouseofCards. Such a search would quickly and easily generate a large number of postings about the popular show House of Card, including images or text.


How Easy is it to Use Hashtag Stickers?


One of the most popular features of Instagram is its relative ease of use, and this ease of use extends to creating hashtag stickers. In order to create your very own unique hashtag sticker, simply follow these directions. These directions assume that you already have an active Instagram account.


  1. Either create or upload the video or image that you would like to share.


  1. Select the add a filter function, after which you should type the # symbol immediately followed by the text-or emoji-of your choice under the Caption field.


Once these steps have been taken, you should click the hashtag you’ve created to see any pages that have similar content.


What are Some of the Major Benefits of Instagram Stickers?


Creating Sales OpportunitiesIdentify Trends

  • Creating Sales Opportunities. Instagram is well-known for allowing its users to create videos and images that are of potentially very high quality. Hashtag stickers allow you to use these high-quality videos to connect you with potential customers for products that you may have for sale. For example, if you sell vitamin fruit chews, you could search for #fruitchews or related tags such as #healthysnacks. Once you find pages that fit the bill, you can easily begin to create posts that will catch the attention of people who visit these pages and thus begin reaching out to potential customers.
  • Identify Trends. Instagram now has literally hundreds of millions of active users, and many of these users are willing to take a look at products that interest them. By identifying popular posters, you can quickly get a good idea of what may be selling at any given moment.


As you can see, the Instagram stickers feature can provide you with many unique benefits. The Orlando, Florida area is a dynamic region that can provide hard working people like you with a host of digital marketing Orlando business possibilities, and MyCity Social stands ready to help you along at every stage of the process.

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MyCity Social Is Now Offering Snapchat Filter Creation

There are so many social media platforms out there,  and when it comes to digital marketing, there are many different techniques we can use to enhance and promote businesses. When you are making a post on Facebook or Snapchat, posting is just scratching the surface. Each media stream entails a lot of work on the back end to make sure the posts are seen and people are talking. One service that we are now offering is Snapchat filter creation! MyCity Social in Miami, Tampa and Orlando will work on Snapchat the same way we work on Facebook or Instagram. Our new Snapchat filter creation will give your company more attention.


Snapchat Filter Creation


It is vital if you own a business to know how you are going to market yourself. Although MyCity Social will do all of your digital marketing successfully, you should still have a basic understanding of what media streams your target market uses on a daily basis in order to obtain the most business from your customers. With Snapchat geofilters you can customize your own filters based on your desired location. There are some guidelines for these filters that must be followed. Your location should be between 20,000 and 5 million square feet and they can’t be active for more than a month (30 days). Keep in mind that a geo filter for personal use and for business use have different requirements so make sure you do your research specific to business. As a business. You have to include your business name to let consumers know that your business created the geofilter. These filters are somewhat flexible and allow for you to use branding, business marks, business logos, and other promotions.


Why Should I Invest In Snapchat Filter Creation?


There are plenty of benefits to using the Snapchat filter creation service at MyCity Social in Miami, Tampa and Orlando. The information you have to provide may seem overwhelming at first but thankfully our digital marketing gurus can execute the geofilters perfectly. They know exactly what to do and how to do it in order to benefit your business. We are excited to offer this new service because it is so important that we are using all of our resources and social media streams to reach your client base. With our new Snapchat service, anytime someone is in range of the geofilter, they can see your company on Snapchat when they are taking pictures or videos. People are always using geofilters which means they are scrolling through to find the perfect one for their picture. Adding this service to your package will put you at an advantage because most businesses do not have the Snapchat filter creation option.


It is vital for your business to stay relevant and use as many social media channels within your target market as possible to reach consumers. Keeping up with all of these streams and services can be difficult but the digital marketing experts at MyCity Social MyCity Social in Miami, Tampa and Orlando will keep track of your online presence including Snapchat. All you have to do in order to stay ahead of your competitors and keep your consumers coming in, is purchase the service and we will take care of the rest! To learn more about Snapchat filter creation contact MyCity Social at 866-955-3287 or visit our website

The Core Differences Between Facebook and Snapchat filters

Facebook’s war on Snapchat is entering a new stage with a full roll out-of effects and direct tools. The two social media rival platforms are working on testing new filter apps for their users.

Facebook Vs. Snapchat

Facebook first began experimenting with a new camera app. This app enables you to open your Facebook camera and use the reality-like filter to paint a country’s flag on your cheeks. Snapchat on the other hand is augmenting its venture in creating a more advanced competition against their rival. Their users are sharing their apps every day. The latest announcement by snapchat was the camera-equipped eyeglasses. This is a kind of low-key Google Glass that has received a touted view of over 1 billion. Below are some features differentiating Snapchat filters from Facebook filters. 

1) While Facebook only allows you to add stickers after a photo or video has been taken, Snapchat lets you swipe up or down and choose your favorite filter while taking your picture or video.

2) Some effects like crying rainbow are a Snapchat filter that seems very unique to Facebook.

3) Another evident difference about filters from these platforms is that in Snapchat, you have a lot more filters to choose from like adding texts and scribbles but in Facebook, these features are rarely available while taking a photo or a video.

4) Facebook lets you roll a video for up to to 20 seconds while Snapchat will only give you 15 seconds.

5) Snapchat filters can be used to mark the occasion and companies are capitalizing in investing on sponsored filters to promote their brand. On the other hand, no one has heard of anybody bragging about a Facebook filter that led to his stuff going viral. Facebook has only made their filter static to facial features for recreational purposes.

6) Snapchat has also created a few twists on their app’s stories. Facebook has made it basic and everybody can access the original content of their apps.

7) For those going for celebrity and fame hunt, choosing Facebook filters for your photo improvisation would be your best move. The company is huge and many people all over the world will see what you post. The company manages an astounding 250 million users every month. On the other hand, not many people know about Snapchat and so your designed filter will not reach so many people.

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In conclusion, making a selling photo or video using filters can be very daunting. It may be a good idea to engage in the service of a professional such as MyCity Social which allows you to blend Facebook Social and Snapchat Filters to create your own unique blend. MyCity Social can create a filter that will sell more for your newly started or progressing business. All you have to do is reach out to them and explain the improvisation work that needs to be done. It is their domain of expertise to provide you with professional snapchat filters and custom digital marketing. High quality work and satisfaction is virtually guaranteed. Contact us today at 866-955-3287 or visit our website

Features And Benefits Of Live Location in Facebook Messenger

Applications have significantly evolved since they were first introduced to the mobile world and Facebook Messenger is no exception. Apps need to change if they want to keep up with the competition by improving current features and adding new and useful ones to create a better user experience. One of these new features MyCity Social in Tampa feels is worth taking an extra look at is the live location in Facebook.

Messenger recently introduced a feature called live location in Facebook that allows users to share their current location with friends, family members and acquaintances. The feature is currently available on both the Android and iOs operating systems. This is a rather helpful feature that helps coordinate plans with others to let them know how close or far you are from the destination and can potentially be a source of Internet marketing in Tampa.

Sharing Your Location

The process of sharing your location is rather simple and can be useful for Internet marketing in Tampa and potentially connect with MyCity social destinations. If you’re using either an Apple device with iOS or an Android device, touch the location icon or choose the “more” icon and choose location. You’ll be able to see a where you’re currently located and have the choice to share yours as well. Choosing to share your location is not a permanent feature. Those who you choose to share your location with can only see it for an hour. If you want to continue to share your location, you’ll need to repeat the process.

The person you’re sharing your location with also shows where they are and you are given an ETA of how long it’s going to take you to get to where they currently are assuming you are driving there. It’s easy to shop sharing your location at any time by tapping on “stop sharing” if you no longer want people to see where you are. Another convenient feature is a tiny clock in the bottom corner letting you know how much longer your location is actively shared for. The live location in Facebook feature is completely voluntary and does not have to impact you as an individual if you choose not to use the service.

More Features

Another convenient feature is that you can show a specific point on a map if you need to pinpoint a very specific point. Instead of selecting “share live location” under the “more” option, tap on the red pin located in the top right corner. You can either drag and drop the pin to the place on the map you want to share or search for a destination shared by MyCity Social if it isn’t visible on your map.

The new feature is very convenient and completely optional. You can choose to use it frequently, only a bit or not at all if you don’t feel comfortable telling people exactly where you are at any given point in time. Its functionality can make coordinating plans simpler and give you a more specific estimate of how long it is going to take you to get to your destination compared to those that you’re meeting up with.

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Want To Become a MyCity Social Influencer?

As the social media space becomes more competitive among businesses, the demand for social influencers increases. Businesses are having to turn to paid social media marketing and social influencers in order to obtain better results from social media.

At MyCity Social, you can sign up as a social media influencer to easily find work. We help connect business owners with influencers, so that they can market their businesses better. And influencers are able to find companies that are willing to pay for their services. If you’re interested in becoming a social media influencer at MyCity Social, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to be successful:

Focus on One Social Media Site or Industry

It’s difficult to master all of the social media networks. Pick one social media site and master it to become an influencer. Only once you have become an expert in one social media site can you consider trying another. You could also focus on a particular social media industry instead of a network if you prefer.

Become an Expert on a Specific Topic

One of the most important things to do is make sure you master a specific topic within your niche. Businesses look for experts to help promote their products. You’ll also have an easier time building a following when you narrow your focus instead of trying to cover everything.

Keep Up with The Latest Platform Updates

To be a social media influencer, you need to keep up with latest platform updates. Just like Google, social media sites update their algorithms and make changes. Stay on top of these changes in order to maintain your status as an expert on that platform.

Write Blog Posts

Although this task isn’t mandatory to be a social influencer, it’s helpful to regularly write blog posts on your website. It can help give business owners more confidence that you know what you’re doing. Social media marketing is a form of content marketing, after all. You should also be able to obtain a high number of social media shares on your platform of choice from your own blog posts. This serves as proof to clients that you’re an expert in social media marketing.

Share the Best Articles from Others in Your Industry

Social media marketing isn’t all about the self. It’s important to post content from others that would be helpful for your audience. If you only update about yourself and your own content, fewer people will follow you. Remember to not share just anything. Only share the best content to establish yourself as an influencer.

You can become a social influencer by growing your following and establishing yourself as an expert on a certain topic. Also choose to either become an expert on one social media network or an area of the social media marketing industry. Once you’ve picked a social media site to master, stay on top of new updates and research it well to learn how it works. You can then join our network to offer your services to businesses that are searching for social influencers.

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