Our Orlando SEO Company Now Offers WIFI Routers

As many of you may have already noticed about the millennial market as business owners is that they are constantly engaged in technology. Whether they are checking their email, texting, playing a game or using the internet to research an item or service, technology is simply a part of every moment of their day. As the demand for more wifi hotspots has grown, MyCity Social continues to evolve and find ways to help small business owners tap into this market. Our Orlando SEO Company has decided to dive right in and offer WIFI routers to our clients!


What Do The MyCity WIFI Routers Look Like?


Our routers are quite sleek and contemporary looking compared to most other routers on the market. We wanted a design that would be easy to integrate into your establishment and look trendy. With this compact and thin design, the wifi router will be more aesthetically pleasing compared to bulky and older routers. There are color options as well if you would like to brand your router with the color of your business.


What Benefits Do Your Routers Offer Over All Others?


We take technology to the next level with our MyCity WIFI routers. These powerful gadgets will be able to take visitors to a branded portal where they can sign in and all their internet activity is tracked. The data gathered from their activity is used to figure out what your target market is interested in, what social media channels they like to visit, and most importantly, their contact information is compiled as well.


Knowledge is power, and with this important data you can fine tune your marketing efforts and store atmosphere to best suit their interests and needs.


Our marketers at our Orlando SEO Company will use the data to send out highly tailored newsletter blasts and other potent marketing tactics. The goal is to keep customers coming back from more!

How Much Do They Cost?

The wifi routers are very inexpensive at only $49.99. Imagine, for under $50.00 you can give visitors a WIFI hotspot that is branded to your business and is fast and reliable. You then obtain the gift of data to potentially grow your business exponentially.

I Am Not Good With Technology. Who Will Set This Up?

Not to worry if you are not great with technology, guess what…we are! Our MyCity team is happy to help you set these up at your place of business and begin harnessing the power of data and technology to attract more clients.

Will This Really Increase My ROI?

Yes! Millennials are more likely to sit down and stay longer at an establishment that offers WIFI compared to those that don’t. Just look inside any Starbucks and you will see how those innovators changed the entire game when it came to the coffee industry. You too can attract more clients and become a better provider to your customers needs with MyCity WIFI!


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A Digital Marketing Guru Talks About Instagram Ads

Instagram is a free mobile and internet-based application. It allows users to share pictures and videos. It was released in 2010 and has quickly risen in popularity over time. The popular application reportedly has over one million active monthly advertisers. If you’re confused about this software or just want a better understanding, this guide will help get you started.

When marketing through this popular software, it’s important to know who is using it. While it’s not specifically created for any particular gender, 68% of Instagram users are female while 32% are male. Mobile users are evenly split between Android and iPhone phones. It has 600 million active users, 90% of which are under the age of 35.

Instagram offers a clean and simple layout for its application. Photo adverts can be made in a landscape or square layout. It’s possible to adjust the image settings upon upload. The app’s filters have become quite well known amongst it users.

Videos should be kept from 3 to 60 seconds in length. This is more than enough time to convey a message to your target audience. Similar to photo adverts, you can harness square or landscape viewing modes. Over a period of six months, the time people spend watching video on Instagram has increased by more than 40%.

Instagram allows you to choose your targeted demographic. A variety of factors can be chosen such as gender or location outreach. You can also select the daily reach in order to stay within budget. The ability to reach users who follow certain pages is possible as well.

The cost of a digital marketing campaign through Instagram can vary. There are no fixed prices. It simply depends on how many people you want to reach and the length of the campaign.

You are required to have a Facebook Page prior to creating an ad. You are then able to create a business profile on Instagram. After that, you can create the advertisement and choose a target demographic. Statistics on possible audience outreach are available prior to the content being published. Paid advertisements on Instagram are powerful tools. If they seem to not be working, you can adjust the message.

Many companies have found success when utilizing Instagram advertising capabilities. The Walt Disney Company France used the service to promote the local release of Finding Dory. They created a variety of engaging 15-second video clips. They also showcased exclusive movie photos in an image carousel. The campaign led to a seven-point increase in “intent to view” across all targets and a 17-point increase in ad recall.

If this seems time consuming or difficult, there are professional companies that can help. Instagram has a partnership program to help you buy and target your marketing. Not only that, they can help you understand analytic data. Digital marketing agencies like MyCity Social are also an excellent option. It manages social media accounts with great success. Their client base includes everyone from attorneys to home repair companies. MyCity Social offers many different plans, including full service and self service programs.

Instagram is a powerful digital marketing tool. While seemingly simple, it offers many features. Through it, you have the power to market to a wide audience. When used correctly, you can connect with the world.

When discussing Instagram Ads, call the professionals at MyCity Social. You can contact us at 866-955-3287 or visit our website mysocailease.com.

Our SEO Company Miami Team Provides Daily Backups

Website Backup Scenario From Our SEO Company Miami Team


Imagine this scenario….you have just spent hundreds, if not thousands on a brand new website. The images are sharp, the site is built well and everything is quick and easy to find. A week or so later your email becomes compromised because you clicked on something you shouldn’t have, or perhaps an employee accidentally didn’t update your website. In the span of just a few minutes, your website has been hacked and all of your website goes down with all the time and money spent with it. This is where website backups come in…


What Are Website Backups?


Here at MyCity Social, we are pretty serious about website backups. This term simply means the creation of a copy of your website at a given time. A duplicate if you will, that is stored and readily available should you need it. By having a copy of your website, even if your website was to go down tomorrow, an exact copy of it would be put up quickly o ensure minimal downtime. With businesses, time is money, and so is your website. For every second your website is down, you could be losing a potential customer. Backups allow this to not be a problem and can keep your online presence running smoothly in case of any accidents or hacks.


How Much Will This Cost?

Our SEO Company Miami plans all come standard with backups. Depending on the package you choose, you will have copies of your website made at certain intervals. In the world we live in, it is ideal to have backups made often and consistently.


What Happens If I Don’t Listen & Don’t Use Backups?


If you decide not to have our SEO Company Miami team create backups, then you will lose part or all of your website easily if any hacks occur or if your website is not being properly maintained.


What Are My Website Backup Options?


If you sign up for our basic SEO package, you can expect one backup of your website to be made per month. With our Master Plan and Elite Packages backups move to weekly and daily! This is a considerable value as if your website has been compromised, you want the freshest backup possible in order to not lose any updates, changes or content you may have placed in your website recently. If your backup is a month old, the site version from 30 days prior is what you will have to use when installed.


Contact Our SEO Company Miami Locals Trust Today!


Do not make the mistake of not having our professional team on your side. We include website backups in all of our plans for a reason. We are passionate about all of the work we do to help small business owners make a statement on the web. Contact us today if you have any questions or would like to learn more about our SEO packages.

Our SEO Tampa Expert Shares How to Create Visuals That Wow

Getting visitors to stick around is the main goal of any website owner. To get them to stick around, you must get them to pay attention first, and visualizing your website is the solution. Nowadays, there are countless ways to incorporate pictures, videos and computer graphics into a site. There is no reason not to consider using the visual services of MyCity Social to maintain your online audiences. Visuals are not required, but their inclusion is recommended to anyone who wants to run a successful website.

Our SEO Tmapa Expert Shares 4 Visual Tips


Looking for generic stock photos is better than not looking and including no images on your webpages. Use imagery to enhance the words of an informative article or blog post without distracting the reader. Break up paragraphs that would otherwise appear as long blocks of text.

When you describe an item or service, people understand better when they are able to visualize it. If you are describing a difficult technical subject, it helps to include visuals, such as charts and diagrams.


You have the option of choosing experienced SEO graphic designers. They provide visual marketing services for online businesses, and many of them specialize in Web banners.

Graphic designers create banners to grab the attention of your site’s visitors. Web banners are more interactive and allow for more creativity than regular banners. Use standard templates or customize your own using photos, sounds and flashy animation.


Any good SEO Tampa provider knows how important it is to follow trends, especially on social media. Videos are seen everywhere on personal blogs, ecommerce websites and social media sites. Video marketers know that some people rather get their knowledge from videos than articles. SEO Tampa experts study the popularity of videos and know how useful they are for businesses.

People online are more interested in watching concise videos than reading long articles. On many websites, videos appear as supplements to articles or blog posts. Target your viewership with specific SEO keywords written in the video titles, tags and descriptions.


Settle for infographics to cut down on pictures that take up too much space and don’t provide enough knowledge. Combine the attractive appeal of pictures with the practical need for information about a certain subject. The infographic is an important business tool that gets more people interested in a new product or service. Schools, governments and nonprofit organizations use infographics to provide information that is concise, in depth and visually appealing.

Like flyers and posters, use infographics in a mass advertising campaign to reach hundreds or thousands of people at once. If you run an online campaign, the work is easier since no printouts are required. Place infographics in the right spots within your blogs or in marketing emails.

You are not required to place visuals onto your website, but know that more people visit image-oriented sites. Being an HTML expert is not recommended either when you have a SEO Tampa company that specializes in multimedia. Review the different services that you have with the digital marketers of MyCity Social.
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Recent Instagram Updates

New features are a necessity for any app to remain relevant and interesting and Instagram is no exception to the rule. Some applications choose to do infrequent updates, but this isn’t the case as time goes on with Instagram. Instagram continues to grow in the online community with social media marketing updates including MyCity Social and April did not disappoint. It was a month full of useful updates for new experiences for individuals and businesses alike.

Disappearing Messages


Jumping right on board with services that allow content to disappear after the day is over such as SnapChat and Facebook. This past month they introduced the feature of private messaging which places messages, shared posts and those that disappear all in the same thread for seamless integration. Simply swipe to the right to view your direct messages. Located directly to the left of the box that states “write a message” is the blue Instagram icon. Tap it to send a disappearing image or video, but if you don’t want them to disappear use the image icon located on the right. This gives Instagram another step on Snapchat that might lead to more users abandoning the platform. The content gives users more control over what they share and their intended purposes for photos and videos.

Easier Shopping


Instagram announced in October and November that they were adding features to make shopping possible, but they didn’t start making an appearance until just now. Certain providers of jewelry, apparel and beauty products can add a feature similar to tagging that allows users to tap the item to view the product information and price without clicking an outside link. If the user wants to purchase the product, they can tap on the link to go directly to the product’s page for a quick shopping experience.

Instagram Live


Live broadcasts are excellent ways to get an interactive forum going as you could reach out to expand through social media marketing, but the primary pitfall was that once the content was over it was gone for good. It would be a waste to announce a new product, explain an upcoming promotion or conduct an interview and then have the footage be gone for good. That is no longer the case because now you can save the video after the broadcast is over.

Now you have the option to save your broadcast to your camera roll when it is complete. Then you can either upload it like you would with any other video. If the video is too long for Instagram, you can utilize Facebook instead.

Ensure that your app is up-to-date if you aren’t seeing these nifty new features yet. Instagram continues to expand by introducing new features more often than similar apps. This alone helps keep it at the forefront of the social media platform competition. It leaves you wondering what else they will be introducing in the upcoming months. The future looks promising for social media marketing updates and firms that benefit from it, such as MyCity Social.

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Massage Therapists Can Greatly Benefit From Our SEO Miami

Seo Miami Therapists Can’t Live Without!

These days, many massage therapists are looking for strategies that will empower them to expand their companies. If this is the case for you, it’s important to note that the professionals of MyCity Social SEO can assist you with the growth process. Some of the benefits our company can provide your massage firm include:


  1. Comprehensive Services.


When you start searching for the ideal SEO Miami company, it’s important to locate a team of industry experts who can offer comprehensive services. This step is important because it ensures that you’ll be able to attain all of the digital marketing services you need from one company. This will prevent you from having to go through multiple advertising firms to attain all of the marketing products and services you need. MyCity Social is pleased to offer all of the following services:


  • Google local SEO
  • Blog creation
  • Social media management
  • Newsletter services
  • Video session


  1. Goal-Oriented Approach.


In addition to offering comprehensive services, the professionals of SEO Miami maintain a goal-oriented approach to the work they do. In recognizing that the keys to business growth in the online sector are visibility and conversion, the techies of the company work with diligence and determination to implement all of the strategies necessary to engender the desired outcome.


  1. Excellent Customer Service.


Another great benefit that you’ll obtain from working with the professionals of our SEO Miami company is excellent customer service. This benefit is important because every business owner deserves to be treated with respect and courtesy when they sign up for digital marketing services. Also note that obtaining great customer service ensures that your opinions and ideas are always integral to the development and execution of your personalized internet marketing campaign.


  1. Self-Service Platform.


If you’re serious about understanding how to make the most of the digital marketing services you obtain, be sure to focus in on attaining assistance from a group of industry experts who can provide you with a self-service platform. Self-service software is empowering because it enables the business owner to drag and drop content into a program that will enable self-scheduling for posts that previously received a great degree of engagement and activity. The professionals of our company are pleased to provide clients with this self-service software as well as a guru who will help them work through any complications they experience on the platform.


Don’t Delay: Call Us Today!


If you’re serious about ensuring that your massage firm becomes as successful as possible, it’s important to note that obtaining excellent digital advertising services can empower you to realize the goal. The professionals of MyCity Social are pleased to offer clients a wide range of brand-building products and services that will empower them to connect and convert prospects in the online realm. Some of the great benefits that you’ll attain from partnering with us include comprehensive services, our goal-oriented approach, excellent customer service, and a self-service platform. Contact us immediately so we can provide you with the dynamic, detail-oriented services that will take your company into a new dimension of power and productivity!

The Various Image Compression Tactics Used For Internet Marketing

One of the secrets behind a fast page load speed at MyCity Social is image compression. MyCity Social compresses their images and knows when to use jpg vs png. Image compression is decreasing the byte size of a graphics file while maintaining image quality. Developing the habit of compressing your images is a simply way to improve your Internet marketing. Your images will change size yet contain similar quality. It’s merely the data comprising the image that is compressed.

How to Compress Images & Improve Your Internet Marketing

Common methods of compressing images are saving them as JPEG and GIF files. JPEG is used for photographs whereas line art and images with simple geometric shapes are formatted as GIF. Fractals and wavelets are two other methods of image compression but aren’t widely used. They have higher compression ratios than JPEG and GIF, so in the future fractals and wavelets may be more popular for compressing images. Saving images as PNG files is another way of compressing. There are also image optimizers and compressors you can use to decrease a file’s size.

Why Should You Compress Images?

MyCity Social suggests you compress your images. Many web hosting service providers only allow a certain amount of space for files on your website. Your computer itself has limited space. Although many modern computers allow for 1 TB of space, web hosts haven’t caught up to such abundant space yet. Moreover, why take up more space than necessary? It adds up over time.

Compressing your images is important for saving bandwidth and hard drive space. Another benefit of compressing graphics files is it shortens the time it takes to transmit them over the Internet. Download time of the image is decreased too. Uncompressed image files can slow down your device. By compressing graphics files, you can keep your devices running faster.


JPG files are more compressed than BMP and PNG. However, they are not as high quality as PNG formats. The JPG format is a lossy compression file that’s most suitable for photographs. A small amount of quality loss can occur in JPG files, but it’s usually not noticeable unless you zoom in and examine the picture closely.

In contrast to JPG files, the PNG format is a lossless compression file. This means that data cannot be lost while compressing the image. PNG formatting works best for text, line drawings, and iconic graphics. Screenshots, illustrations, and images with text are usually best saved as PNG images. Infographics, an effective Internet marketing tactic, are best as PNGs too. Regular photographs can be saved as JPGs with no noticeable differences in quality.

Image compression tactics used for Internet marketing involve saving graphics files as the correct format, using fractals or wavelets, or using image compression tools. It doesn’t take any extra time to save an image as a PNG or JPG. Thus, there is no reason why a business owner shouldn’t optimize their image files. Compressed images allow for a faster website, computer, smartphone, and download times. You will also save bandwidth on your website by compressing images. As a general rule of thumb for choosing file formats, you should use JPG for photographs and PNG for images with text. Line drawings and iconic images should also be PNGs.

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Our Internet Marketing Tampa Guru’s Share How Twitter is Improving Safety

internet marketing in Tampa twitter safety

Twitter Safety For Internet Marketing in Tampa

Social media is a great way to connect with friends, family, acquaintances, and customers. Business that use social media for Internet marketing, however, should limit their social media use to interactions with their customers. Holding personal conversations on your business account isn’t professional, after all.

Although the potential threats that come with the Internet and social media have been stressed for over a decade, many people still don’t take it seriously. Too much information is revealed on social media accounts, which criminals can use to either find where you live or steal your identity.

Some social media sites have been criticized for not taking their users’ safety more seriously. Twitter, on the other hand, is taking safety precautions for its users. At MyCity Social, we take your privacy and safety seriously too when offering our services for internet marketing in Tampa.

Possible Safety Concerns on the Internet

Some of the problems that can occur on the Internet that threaten someone’s safety are cyberbullying, identity theft, stalking, and burglary. If you reveal too much information about yourself in your social posts, a criminal can piece the information together to determine your typical daily schedule. They could rob your home while you’re away or attack you. A common mistake people make is posting vacation pictures while on traveling. This shows thieves that you’re far away from home.

Kim Kardashian said she thinks one reason she was robbed was because she posted pictures of her new jewelry often. Concerned for her safety, she is now being more careful about her social media usage. She’s a celebrity example, but similar events happen to the average person too.

What Twitter is Doing to Improve Safety for Its Users

Twitter promised in January 2017 that they would ramp up efforts to make the site a safer place for users. Examples of features Twitter offers to improve your safety are hiding potentially abusive content, temporarily restricting offending accounts, and implementing “time-outs”. You also now have the ability to mute certain keywords from your timeline. This can help you stop abusive tweets from flooding your notifications.

Get a lot of spam or troll accounts in your notifications? You can curb this problem by filtering out notifications from people who have the default avatar (egg image) or who haven’t verified their email accounts. By reporting a tweet that’s abusive, Twitter may choose to temporarily restrict their account or give them a “time-out” in which their tweets are only seen by their followers for a certain time period.

While the Internet is a great tool for connecting with people around the world and marketing businesses, you must take some safety precautions. Criminals can sometimes find out where you live or gain access to your accounts through the information you leak on your social media accounts. There’s also the problem of cyberbullying that can be hard to ignore.

Fortunately, Twitter has implemented several features that allow you to literally tune out trolls, hateful tweets, and other abuse. Their mute feature enables you to mute certain words, phrases, and usernames from your notifications and/or timeline. Whether you use Twitter for internet marketing in Tampa or personal use, it’s important to keep yourself safe. Remember to not share too much information about your personal life. If you don’t want to handle your social media accounts on your own, you can hire a reputable company like MyCity Social that understands how the top social media sites work down to the safety features. You can contact us today at 866-955-3287 or visit our website at mysocailease.com.

Why Our Miami SEO Contracts are a Year Long

Miami SEO contracts last a year longOne question that I often receive when attending initial meetings with clients is , “Why are SEO contracts a year long?”. While this may seem like a long time from the onset, our Miami SEO expert is here to explain why this length of time is necessary and the terms that fall under the time clause of our contracts.

Miami SEO Is Highly Competitive

When it comes to Miami SEO, simply put, it is quite competitive to rank! Miami is a bustling, busy, and thriving community full of businesses just like yours that are trying to obtain their piece of the market share pie. Often times, many of the industry players have already started and SEO and catching you up to them, and then surpassing them is a monumental task.

By its very nature, SEO takes time to implement. Why? Every line of code, every word, every image….everything, must be optimized and made clear to the robots that scan your website. As you can imagine this is quite a tedious job, and takes months to do. Once that first part of SEO is completed, then it is a matter of using more advanced tactics to continue to boost your rankings in the search engine results page.

What I have found in my years of performing SEO for hundreds of companies is that it takes 3-6 months to begin ranking well online for a small business (mom and pops style). It takes roughly 6 months- to a year to begin ranking for a competitive industry such as medical practices, attorneys, and car companies. In fact, when competition is very high (many companies in your given field in one are), it can take 12-16 months to rank well for malls, attorney in a high density area, and surgeons for example.

Why do I share this? Because these are the realistic expectations of how long it will take to sift through every piece of your website and convince Google that your business should be the top choice when clients are searching online for your services.

I Get It, But What If I Want My SEO Contract to Last 3 Months as a Trial?

Based upon what I just wrote above, in 3 months you cannot expect to see the full fledge or results. You need to give SEO the adequate amount of time to propagate and show up. Think of this in terms of a cut. You can place a bandage over it, and wait 7 days until it fully heals and experience great results, or you can take the bandage off after only 3 days and possibly infect the wound or even obtain a scar. With SEO you need to wait the full period of time recommended, in order to see the results.

Once the results start to show in the SERP (Search engine results page), it is magic from there and continual upkeep. The idea is to outrank your competition by so much where we make it difficult for them to catch up.

Can You negotiate a shorter contract term, sure, but you are simply going to do yourself a disservice as if no one explains it to you, you won’t know that you need to wait more than 3 months for Google to digest all the SEO work that has been building up for the first 3 months.

Serious About Getting Results?

If you are serious about having your products and service being found online, you need to allow the correct amount of time to pass for the engine to start rolling when it comes to SEO. After reading this blog, it should be clear why a year is our minimum contract term. We aren’t like other companies that make empty promises. We want you to see real results and know the strategies and time estimations because of our vast expertise in this arena. You can read more about our SEO program here: http://www.mysocailease.com/home/seo-services-3/ and if you have any more questions, feel free to call us today: 1-866-955-3287

Our Tampa SEO Company Helps JetSki Companies Rank Online

you actually click past page one and look at the results on page two? If you’re like most people, you probably said “not often.” There are only 10 spots on that first page, and in order to attract customers to your business, you need to occupy one of them. The process of getting your site to one of those top ten slots, and of staying there, is what SEO is all about, and that’s what a Tampa SEO company can provide.


This is particularly important if you’re in a business that wouldn’t necessarily get a lot of foot traffic or word of mouth recommendations. Take the jetski industry, for example. It’s likely that people who are in the market to purchase a jetski will search for a term like “jetski retailer near me” or “best price on jetskis” — so it stands to reason that you want your company showing up for those keyword searches. The higher up in the rankings, the more likely that potential customers will visit your website and/or your brick and mortar store, where you can close the sale.


Now you know why SEO is important, so you might be ready to start doing it yourself. After all, how hard can it be? Not so fast. Turns out, effective search engine optimization is very hard, not least because Google’s algorithms and updates change the rules of the game fairly frequently.


Do you have time to learn the fundamentals of SEO, run keyword analysis, track and analyze the results, or regularly create and post fresh, relevant content that will satisfy both the search engines and the consumer? Nope. After all, you have a business to run — employees to manage, books to keep, inventory to track, customers to satisfy. So why not let a Tampa SEO company like MyCity Social take care of all the technical aspects of search engine marketing for you?


MyCity Social offers the services of SEO experts, content creators, web developers, and other top notch professionals in the field of digital marketing. They follow the trends in SEO and keep up to date on what Google and other search engines are looking for when evaluating your website.


Jetski companies that want to rank online have two choices: attempt it themselves, taking time away from their core business, or hire a full-service digital marketing and SEO company to perform the job.