An Orlando SEO Specialist Talks About How To Reduce Drop-offs

Like all professional SEO specialists, we here at MyCity Social create and link Google Analytics accounts to all of our client websites. Google analytics is a very powerful and useful tool that is used by many an SEO Specialist when it comes to gathering information about the traffic that comes to a website. Part of this data focuses specifically on user behavior which is a necessary component to online success. For example, visit duration, what pages visitors landed on, which pages they clicked next, and where they dropped off.


What Is a Visitor Drop Off?


A drop off is when a visitor lands on your site and almost immediately clicks off the page or even exits the website altogether. This is a problem as Orlando SEO Specialists work hard to obtain visits to your website that are relevant, and the entire purpose it to have visitors STAY on the website. Google penalizes websites with high bounce and exit rates.


What is The Bounce Rate?


The Bounce rate shows the percentage of people who only visited one page and then immediately left to another page or exited altogether.


What Is The Exit Rate?

The exit rate is a factor that shows the percentage of people who left a website when they landed on a particular page. What is great about Google Analytics is that it can show you more specific information about exit rate such as whether the person landed on your page and exited immediately, or if they were on several pages beforehand and then on the final page they visited, exited there.


In general, the bounce rate only measures people who have visited a SINGLE page before leaving, while the exit rate analyzes the total percentage of page views to the particular page that resulted in them leaving the website.


Blog posts typically have a higher bounce rate than most other typical website pages as visitors will often read and then leave. To combat this, it is essential to include links to other relevant pages, place “similar posts” sections below a post, and even forms to prompt more action.


If you find that there is a page with a high bounce/exit rate it is time to dig in and see why. Is the page loading slowly? Are there broken images appearing? Is the title completely irrelevant to the content? In addition, you can also see what source all of the bouncing visitors are coming from. If a specific source is sending visitors to your link that is completely irrelevant to what you offer, you can then work on fixing that issue.


As for exit rates, remember that it takes several factors into consideration. Not all exits are necessarily a bad thing. If you own an e-commerce website for example, once a visitor makes a purchase and leaves the checkout page that is actually a natural and positive result.  It is important always to look at both exit and bounce rate metric when making important strategic marketing decisions.


Knowledge is power, and with bounce/exit rates, Orlando SEO Specialists have the tools to properly diagnose and fix the situation.  Call MyCity Social today to get started with your SEO plan and be on your way to obtaining more sales from your website.

The Importance of Proximity as a Ranking Factor

Old pillars of the marketing mix are not enough when it comes to meeting the digital needs of today. Therefore, the keys in every marketer’s toolbox – product, price, promotion, and people – have a new addition: proximity. Our Miami search engine optimization services take this very important factor in mind.


Literally, this important aspect of optimizing your company’s presence in search engine results puts you in the center of the map. That is because proximity, which is the distance between the user and any given location, is heavily weighted as a ranking factor for searches that include the criteria “near me.”


With Miami search engine optimization services from companies like MyCity Social, you can learn how keep the focal point on your business. Otherwise, proximity will loosen the grip you can have on rankings.


Organizing digital maps this way makes sense since it is easier for customers to get to what they want when it is close by. The further potential customers are from your business location makes it less likely that they will visit.


Keeping proximity as a major aspect of your marketing strategy is essential to reaching the right groups.


Tip the Proximity Scale in Your Favor


It is not possible to control where potential customers are when they search for products and services. However, you can make sure your proximity ranking is above your competitor’s similarly distanced location.


Generally, you have two options to try to accomplish this. First, you can buy higher rankings with PPC. Second, you can optimize for organic searches and hope users search radius is wide enough to include your business.


With each passing year, it becomes harder to win with organic searches. Still, there are things you can do to improve rankings on the digital map. You will find through Miami search engine optimization services that basics still matter.


Make sure location information is accurate and distributed properly. Company name, address and telephone number should lead customers to you.


Increase the Weight of Your Company’s Credibility


Tipping the scales in you favor when users search for your services begins with increasing the weight of credibility and authority your company has in the community you want to serve. For local brick-and-mortar businesses, this requires including the right keywords.


With the inclusion of your service area, your company establishes a footprint online. When users search for local keywords, they are most likely looking for a business nearby. If they are looking for a Miami car wash, they are not looking for a website about car wash companies.


Your business address proves you exist in the eyes of search engine platforms. This will increase the trust these platforms have for your company and will return your location in the search results. Just make sure the keywords you select are relevant to your business and industry.


Connecting Your Address with Appropriate Keywords


Keywords for your location address helps to ensure you receive the appropriate ranking. Including the homepage on your company website, it is crucial to have business listings in various places on the web.


Doing this helps search engines and it helps you generate more results and customers. Understanding how resources like MyCity Social can increase your ranking positions you to win the marketing war against competitors.


Thousands of companies are fighting for first look from potential customers with Miami search engine optimization services. The one that learns how to optimize proximity as an essential ranking factor will win at being found by customers and being placed at the top of search engines. Contact us today to help you make your business found online with our SEO services. 

5 Way To Increase Your Newsletter Open Rate

Newsletter marketing still counts as one of the most effective ways to market your company or service. As such, how often people open emails from you has a big impact on your bottom line. If you find that your email open rate is a bit lackluster, you may want to take steps to correct that. Fortunately, we can help. At MyCity Social, we get asked a lot about the best practices in newsletter digital marketing, including newsletter open rates. Here are five of our best tips for getting people to open the emails that you send to them.

1. Start With a Fresh List

It’s tempting to buy names for your list. It’s also tempting to think that your old, tired list will never need revamping. However, if you want to inspire good open rates among your readers, then it’s beneficial to keep your list fresh.

Let’s start with a purchased list. Yes, people do buy lists and even have some luck with them. However, the best list you can have is the one you create yourself from people who know your work and who have purchased from you before.

After compiling a list of people who like your work, don’t stop compiling. Keep adding to it. A good unsubscribe rate is about .5% or so. Also, keep in mind that the people on your list may not formally unsubscribe. They may just decide to ignore your email. Pretty much the same effect.

2. Write a Good Subject Line

The subject line of your email should intrigue the people on your list. They should be so curious about what you’re sending them (based on the subject line) that they want to open the email. Get things started off on the right foot by grabbing their attention with a good subject line.

3. Make List Segments

People open emails that have relevance to them. That’s where a segmented email list can really improve your email open rate. When you’re working on a newsletter digital marketing campaign, it’s to your benefit to ask why people are on your list in the first place. The difference in your open rate could be large – 39% according to findings by Lyris (as reported by HubSpot.) And it wasn’t just the open rates that improved. People unsubscribed less frequently, too.

A number of ways exist to improve the segmenting of your list. Some MyCity Social favorites include segmenting by:

  • Demographics
  • Products purchased (Amazon’s great at this!)
  • Email frequency (Think: Send emails to people who want to read emails frequently and vice versa for those who don’t)
  • Where they are in the world
  • Who opens email

Your company might have a specialty or specialties that allow you to segment your lists even further. For example, say you offer sports coaching for basketball players and football players. It is feasible that you might develop eating, exercise, and recovery programs that are separate for each group. With this example, you see that you should segment your list according to what appeals to people.

4. Use Different Words

Some words that people automatically use in some types of newsletter digital marketing campaigns will trigger the spam response from email providers. HubSpot made a list of words that usually trigger the spam response from email providers. If you’re sending emails that feature these words – even innocently – the people on your list may never see your emails: They’ll go straight to spam.

Here are just some of the words that might trigger your readers’ spam filter (in no particular order):

  • Free
  • Discount
  • Income
  • Price
  • Buy
  • Clearance
  • Additional income
  • Earn per week
  • Potential earnings
  • Work from home

If you’re concerned about your emails triggering your readers’ spam filter, talk to your rep MyCity Social about it as you develop your marketing plan.

5. Quality Content

If you write content that people want to read and want to share, your email open rates will go up. This relates to segmenting your market. If you know what people want to read, then writing that content should be simple.

Here’s an example. You run a golf lessons website. Your emails should, therefore, deal with topics like “how to better your swing,” “What each club does,” and “The best golf courses in America (or wherever).” If you don’t write content related to golfing, then it’s unlikely that people will open the email.


If you would like to have a professional digital marketer create enticing and attractive newsletters to improve customer retention and conversion, please contact MyCity Social today.

Digital Marketing Miami Stats About the % of Clicks That Come From AdWords

At MyCity Social, we pride ourselves on our marketing skills and promoting the success of local businesses. We are always staying up to date on the latest news and technology in social media. One thing we focus on is AdWords for digital marketing Miami Company businesses can rely on.


What Is AdWords?


AdWords is powered by Google and is an advertising service for businesses that want to promote themselves on Google. AdWords is very easy to use and convenient for the success of businesses. With this program, businesses can set a budget for advertising and only pay when someone clicks on their ad as opposed to paying a daily rate. The service is very focused on keywords so it is important that businesses have a set of keywords they use when writing anything on the internet for their business. You want to make sure your business is easily accessible and information about what products you sell and services you provide is simple to find and understand. Most people are always on the go and when they are searching for products or services around them on Google, they will most likely click on the first thing that pops up. With this is mind, when you are creating your keywords, make sure they are clear, short, and precise in order to increase your chances of being the first business that pops up on Google when people are searching for services that you provide.


What % Of Clicks Goes To AdWords?


With so many Google search engine users, the amount of clicks on all ads advertised on Google is overwhelming. Google has 2.2 billion users which mean thousands of ads are being clicked on every second. If you want your ads to be one of them, you should understand the percentage of ad clicks that goes to the Google powered service. When you run a business, you have to understand your market. Today, digital marketing Miami Company local businesses use are services such as but not limited to Google ads.


For every 1 click on a paid search result, the organic results generate 8.5 clicks. While AdWords are great for quick bursts of traffic, as soon as the funds stop, you are back at zero whereas organic results last months and are reported to be 1/8th the spend compared to PPC according to Enquisite.


Remember to make sure when you are creating ads on Google, use precise, clear, and short keywords that are easy to find. To bring in the most customers and get the most out of your ad clicks, visit MyCity Social for a digital marketing Miami companies trust. We will help you create keywords and make sure they are linked to search engines in order to spread the word of your business. Digital marketing services provided by MyCity Social will bring in more customers for your business. Contact us today at 866-955-3287 or visit our website to get started with Adwords for your business, or to obtain information about our SEO packages that focus on organic ranking.

A Tampa SEO Company Helps A Boating Company

Florida is one of the top states in North America for outdoor sports and fishing activities. Naturally, the need for finely crafted boats is higher here. Boat dealerships of all kinds have sprung up across the coastlines to fulfill the demand of their clientele. The abundant species of fish, the warm climate and boat festivals, make owning your own piece of boating paradise quite attractive to many who live here. With such a hot market for boats, our Tampa SEO Company knows that to ensure your success, strong search engine optimization will be needed.


As more boat dealerships have appeared though, more competition has ensured and being found online and on mobile is now more important than ever. At MyCity Social, we work with several boat dealerships across the country to ensure that they are found easily by search engines such as Google and their potential customers. When someone is ready to make the financial decision to purchase a boat from a  reputable source, it is our duty to make sure that your establishment comes up at the top of the first page so that less adequate dealers are pushed down further below in search results.


How Do We Help Boat Dealers Specifically? I am Glad You Asked!


Our Tampa SEO Company will speak with you about your top 3 products/services that you want to promote and dig deep into research from there. After analyzing the competition and search queries that will bring the most conversion to your business, the website is completely redone (this is part of all of our SEO packages) and then a large scale SEO strategy is added to the website so that it becomes highly visible to search engines.


Do not have a mobile site? No worries, our websites are all made to be responsive, which means that they will automatically reformat in size to fit the device they are viewed on (Ipad, cell phones, desktop, etc…). Since the majority of website research and purchases are now made on mobile, this is a key benefit that our Tampa SEO Company delivers.


In addition to a mobile site, new website, and SEO optimization strategy implementation on the website, all of our boat dealerships receive help with promoting their specials and inventory on the website and making it easy for customers to contact and make selections. Having a pretty website is one thing, but having an attractive website that converts visitors into a boat purchasing customer is another.  Each SEO account is paired up with an SEO specialist who understands your industry so that communication is open and encouraged.
If you would like to learn how our Tampa SEO Company can help you attract more clients to your website and convert them into paying customers, call us at 1866-955-3287 or visit our SEO services page. We look forward to helping you reach more local customers. We have been helping boat dealerships for several years and our SEO specialists are skilled at how best to market and optimize websites for this niche. You are in the best of hands with MyCity Social.

Exploring Twitter Ads in 2017

Social media advertising has become one of the most dynamic and inexpensive ways to promote a business, service or product on the Internet. Dynamic companies like Mycity Social have been tracking this phenomenon, watching it grow to prominence in only a few years. The consensus is the results are undoubtedly a testament to the strength of the concept.

One of the main reasons a well-known social media marketing service in Orlando recommends this option and believes social media advertising is so effective is because it can be targeted to a very specific audience who is most likely to purchase your item/service.

Here are some reasons you should consider Twitter advertising for your next promotional campaign.

Who is My Customer?

One of the key features of Twitter is the ability to see who is following an influential member. An author, for example, or an educational expert gathers a following on a social media platform because of what they have to say or whatever product they are offering to their customers. A well-known social media marketing service in Orlando will likely agree that advertisers can be reasonably sure the people who are following an influential member of a social media platform are likely interested in that product or service.

This creates a tremendous opportunity for both media companies like MyCity Social and advertisers in general because it removes the necessity for guesswork when it comes to the audience. If you can show an ad to people who are already interested in a particular product, chances are much higher you will be able to interest them in a similar product or service. That is the power of social media advertising.

The flip side to advertising on platforms like Twitter is the ability to analyze progress and track success. Like so many other web advertising alternatives, Twitter has a full suite of analytics tools which can be used by advertisers to optimize a campaign for impressions, clicks, conversions or generalized brand awareness according to a social media marketing service in Orlando.

This is also of particular importance because it allows an advertiser to test different campaigns by placing them in front of different audiences and seeing which results justify the associated costs. It’s also possible to use these analytics to reduce costs by determining the optimal combination of presentation, audience, time of day and creatives.

Two for One

A complementary feature of any social media ad campaign is not only the ability to drive traffic to an off-network website but the ability to also increase following on that particular social media platform. All of the features of social media, from sharing content to linking to other users to having content that might potentially go viral is available through advertising on a platform like Twitter.

This double benefit can often produce a positive feedback loop where new customers interested in your ads end up new readers or customers on your website, only to return to your social media channels to become followers. This instantly doubles your return on investment and multiplies the effectiveness of your advertising in ways that simple cost-per-click or other ad systems can’t match.

Social media advertising is changing fast, to be sure. Its effectiveness and power, however, are undeniable when placed in the hands of a company that can take advantage of all its benefits. Contact MyCity Social today to get started!

Social Media Marketing Goals you Should Implement

Every successful social media marketing campaign begins with clearly defined goals. Goals bridge the gap between ideas and results. Are you getting the results you want from your social media marketing campaigns? If not, then set some new social media marketing goals for your business. Here are some goal ideas that will help get you on track:

  • Learn More About Your Target Market
  • Drive More Traffic To Your Website
  • Acquire More Business Leads
  • Increase Customer Engagement

Learn More About Your Target Audience

Throwing money and traffic at people, who have no interest in the product or service, bankrupts businesses every day. Use your social media presence to find out who your customers are.

Read The Bios Of Your Followers

Today’s consumer is more social media conscious than ever. Privacy seems to be less and less important to people when it comes to their social media profiles. This information is valuable, but ONLY if you read it. For example, if you sell golf clubs online, how many of your followers are golfers? Are they avid golfers, or occasional? What do they think about the golf clubs they currently use? What are their frustrations and desires? Bio information might help you answer these questions.

Drive More Traffic To Your Website

Online businesses live and die by traffic. Use social media to boost your traffic and increase profit.

Use Facebook Ads to Generate Traffic

According to the Pew Research Center, nearly eight out of every ten people online use Facebook daily. Most of them conduct business via Facebook directly and indirectly. What does this mean for you? You have a large pool of potential customers, and Facebook Ads enables you to reach them. Facebook Ads has tools, such as custom audiences, that help you tweak your ads to different market segments. SEO experts at MyCity Social can help construct a campaign just right for your business.

Acquire More Business Leads

A quarter of every business that uses social media for lead generation experiences a substantial increase in revenue. Depending on the type of business you own, online lead generation through social media is a potential gold mine.

Use LinkedIn for Inbound Marketing

Publish new, engaging content on LinkedIn, and use that new platform to drive leads into your sales funnel. If you don’t have a sales funnel, create one. Entrepreneur magazine brilliantly explains how to create a sales funnel in five easy steps. MyCity Social offers this service to our clients as well.

Increase Customer Engagement

If you’re not seeing good results from your social media marketing efforts, then maybe you’re disconnected from your customers. Thankfully, social media is a great platform for customer engagement.

Ask Questions With Twitter

If you have Twitter followers (and you should), then ask them thought-provoking questions that will generate conversations. You can even use contests and giveaways as incentives for them to engage directly with you and your sales process.

To learn more about how our social media marketing guru’s can help your business attain its goals please contact us today.

What Are The Major Search Engines, and How Are They Different?

Although Google is the most popular search engine, there are other reliable but less known search engines used by online website visitors. Here is a list of the top 10 most popular search engines ranked by order from the most to least popular depending on market share and the estimated unique number of monthly visitors. There are various companies offering SEO services in Tampa for optimizing personal or business websites on these search engines.

1) Google

Monthly Visitors: 1.6 billion.


Its market share is 72.48%. Most people prefer using this search engine due to its organic and paid reach. Google is a giant in the market of search engines. If you hire a company SEO services in Tampa, ensure that you get a credible company that will guarantee high rankings on a major search engine like Google.

2) Bing

Monthly Visitors: 400 million.

Its market share is at 10.39%. Here are some of the reasons the search engine is an alternative to Google.

  • The video search for Bing is better than that of Google. That, of course, depends on your personal preferences.
  • It has an amazing feature called linkfromdomain which shows the best ranked outgoing links from a site. This will help a visitor know other reliable links that their chosen sites link to mostly.

3) Yahoo

Monthly Visitors: 300 million.

The market share of Yahoo is at 7.78%. The merge between Yahoo and AoL has brought a major transformation on the search engine because Yahoo’s news on finance and sports can now combine efforts with AoL’s media assets to become better and more reliable.

4) Ask

Monthly Visitors: 245 million.

The market share is at 0.22%. A MyCity social search on Google is more resourceful than on Ask. However, the Q&A centered searches on Ask are far better than what Google’s SERP offers.

5) Aol Search

Monthly Visitors: 125 million.

The market share is at 0.15%. The merge between this search engine and Yahoo has made it a different beast. Comparing its media assets with Yahoo just takes it a whole new level.

6) Wow

Monthly Visitors: 100 million.


It is to use it at times because it gives everything in place. It leans towards giving people information about celebrity news articles rather than the Wikipedia-style of information. Moreover, it offers very handy links to wiki pages and social media platforms.

7) WebCrawler


Monthly Visitors: 65 million.

The delineation between search ads and organic results in this search engine is distinct, and that is why most people love using it to conduct online searches on their devices. It also features natural ‘blue links’ more than Google.

8) MyWebSearch

Monthly Visitors: 60 million.

Most people don’t prefer using this search engine because it’s said to be a spyware and a search toolbar program. Also, it offers an unnecessary suite of goodies.

9) Infospace

Monthly Visitors: 24 million.

People tend to prefer it when it comes to white label and monetization search results. It also operates its branded search sites. It has very different algorithms from Google.


Monthly Visitors: 13.5 million.

It has an awesome capability of aggregating search results from the indexed web and social media channels. These extra streams provide additional newsworthy results in terms of context and insight.

Choosing the right SEO services In Tampa, will help your site in obtaining good rankings on the search engines and consequently, increase your online presence on the virtual market. Remember, optimizing your keyword or keyword phrases should also include MyCity Social location details for easier accessibility. To learn more about our SEO services please visit our SEO services page:

Our SEO Tampa Specialist Shares The % of Queries that Are Questions

If you have been in the marketing industry long enough, you and every other SEO Specialist you know will often share their frustration with how little information Google shares in regards to how they process all of the information on videos, queries and etc. that they receive.


One arena that really has been a fascination of mine at MyCity Social is obtaining more information about question-based queries. As more and more devices incorporate voice commands in them, the curiosity of how many voice queries are done with questions and without has been heavy on my mind as that can affect the way SEO is done here in the near future.


Thankfully, due to a comprehensive study that was done by one of the top marketing news companies MOZ, some very important information was shared that affects the way an SEO Tampa specialist can handle your SEO.


It is estimated that 40-60 billion searches happen on in the US currently each month. It is important to note though that this calculation does not take into consideration voice searches, Google Apps or Google Home.


From these queries the following results were obtained:
1) About 59.3% of search is done on 26.79% is done via Google Images, 3.71% of search is done via Youtube, and the numbers become less and less as we go down the list of results.


2) When comparing a number of words used in search queries in desktop vs. mobile, it was found that a typical searcher will use 3 words in their query. Desktop users will have longer queries that average to about 6 words.


3) Of all the queries that are made on Google, only 8% were found to start with question-based words such as “Who”, “What”, “Where”, “When”, “Why”, “How”, and “Am”.


The report includes many more results, but of the 3 I listed above, it is important to take away that as far as the way a SEO Tampa specialist is implementing their techniques, question-based queries while not a major component, is still something to place into the mix, which MyCity Social already does.


Query length is important to note because as a business owner you have to remember the importance of mobile. Mobile users are searching for something quickly, and need a result instantly. If you have a great SEO expert, they will be reviewing their keyword data on a regular basis and will make sure to stay on top of the queries that most of your specific user base is using to find you.


If you would like to have one of a SEO Tampa specialist talk to you about our SEO packages and how they can really benefit your business, give us a call today: 1-866-955-3287


Our SEO specialists have the training and skills to put your mind at ease as by using the most up to date techniques that are White Hat/Google approved will help you obtain spectacular results. Convert more online searchers today and see what MyCity Social can do for your business.

An SEO Company Miami Guru’s Follow Talks About Google Map Ads

Do you have a Google My Business account but it has not received the visibility and traffic you feel it deserves when appearing in maps? It can be hard to compete against other larger more established businesses in the online world who began their SEO efforts long before yours. Google understands this pain, and because of all of the feedback they have received, decided to create a way for businesses to elevate the visibility of their listing through Google Map Ads.


With the highest ever number of search being done on mobile phone via Google Maps, the Maps ad will be able to list your location as a nearby business and offer more detailed information about your company. In addition, if users are trying to get from Point A to point B and would like to find establishments in your industry on the way, with map ads you can ensure that your business is one of the top ones listed. The premiere placement is exciting for savvy business owners who want to improve their visibility.


Fun Features

          A)  Pins: In addition to being featured first in mobile map searches, instead of a pin being used to display your location, the company logo will be utilized to further make it stand out against other related shops or establishments.

If a user is searching on Google Maps for directions, the ads will display with a bright purple box indicating it is an ad. On the map, the pin will also be a purple color in order to further make it more visually attractive to searchers.

          B) Promotions: If you decide to purchase a Google Map Ad you can now place promotional/specials information in a field located below the logo. Imagine, not only can customers now find you in a map search, but your logo and an eye-catching promotion to motivate them to visit you will be in full display.

          C) Inventory:  Studies have shown that if users do not find an easy way to know if an item is in stock, they will most likely not go to the sore. With  the map ads business owners can proudly display images of the top items they would like to showcase that best exemplifies the products or service that they sell.

The internet is rapidly changing as mobile has become the new way to view information and conduct search online. As the competitive landscape changes, make sure that you are not left behind. Google Map Ads are a powerful new tool to add to your marketing strategy and are sure to only get better and better with time.

We hope you enjoyed this blog on Google Map Ads. If you have any further questions about MyCity Social and our SEO Company Miami clients love, please feel free to reach out to us via our contact form. You can also call us at 1-866-955-3287 or visit our Miami office location: 7172 SW 47th St., Miami, FL 33155. We look forward to helping you make an impact online.