Interview With The MyCity Social Finance Director, Nisha Baksh

This week we had the pleasure of interviewing Nisha Baksh, our finance director for MyCity Social. This spunky and hard working woman is a force to be reckoned with here at our company and is always making calls and ensuring our clients are taken care of with their billing. Read below to learn more about Nisha Baksh.



  • What Is Your Background? What Did You Do Before MyCity Social?


I went to Baruch College in New York and studies accounting. I Graduated with a Bachelors in Accounting and Finance. Upon graduating I worked at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. I worked there for nine years in the Accounting department. I found it fascinating because every day you learn about all the drugs, how they are processed and etc.. I started as an intern there and then I was hired full time. After Pfizer I began working for MyCity Eats and was there for 7 years (this was back when we were a magazine). I left because I needed to work at my son’s school to help him as part of Orange County Schools doing accounting. I was only there for 4 months though as the owners of MyCity Social kept calling me to come back because of my customer relation skills, organizational skills and ability to handle the stress of this job well.


  1. Why Did You End Up Coming Back to MyCity Social?

I came back to MyCity Social because of the relationship that I have with Andrew and Nick, and the desire to help them grow this company and succeed. I also feel more comfortable with knowing that being here, their books are handled accurately. There is only one person in finance doing all the accounts payable, receivable, collections, customer service….wearing many hats, which I enjoy doing.


  1. What Is Your Favorite Part About What You Do?

Being able to satisfy clients! Hearing their needs if it is a financial issue or dissatisfaction with any part of the work being performed is something I listen to daily. I like speaking to our clients, handling their issues and ensuring that they are satisfied.


  1. What is Your Most Difficult or Least Favorite Task?

The most frustrating part of my job is when finance issues arise that are out of my control.


  1. Describe a Typical Day At MyCity Social?

My typical day begins with checking my emails, looking for insufficient charges or charge backs, replying to those chargebacks and receiving all incoming customer calls. 70% of my day is customer service. 10% is accounts receivable, and the other 20% is making sure that all three offices run smoothly.


  1. What Is Next For You? Where Do You See Yourself In The Next 5 Years?
    I see myself becoming a partner with the owners, and efficiently and effectively running MyCity Social as we continue to grow as a top social media and search optimization company.
  2. List 5 Fun Things About You. Don’t Think…Go!
  • I love working out
  • I love to cook
  • I am the mother of two amazing boys
  • I am Buddhist and enjoy meditation
  • My dream car is a red BMW convertible


  1. You Clearly Like Accounting and Finance, What Draws You to This Line of Work?
    My dad retired from City Bank after 42 years as a financial banker, so number have always been a part of my family. Because accounting is a check and balances type of job and is very detail orientated, I love working with numbers and ensuring that my debits and credits balance out at the end of the day. I like being able to provide feedback to the owners about monthly totals, sales reports and accurately working with numbers.


We hope you enjoyed learning about our finacne director Nisha Baksh. If you are interested in learning more about MyCity Social and review our portfolio please click here: If you would like to read more about our SEO services read about it here, or if you are interested in our digital marketing package, please click here. We look forward to helping you grow your business.

Our SEO Tampa Team Explains The Website Maintenance Plan

With the exception of major corporations that have in-house website professionals, most small to mid-size companies have a tendency to short themselves in terms of website maintenance. They typically believe that just creating a website and uploading a few pictures along with writing some content about the products they offer is good enough to earn a lot of business. However, what they do not realize is that website maintenance is just as important as the appearance of their physical business, as an outdated site looks just as bad as an office building that has not seen fresh paint in over a decade. Now, we will take a look at some of the vital benefits associated with what our SEO Tampa experts offer here at MyCity Social.


Maintain Site’s Appearance

While having a website for your business is a great start, there are always updates that need to be done to ensure that everything is in working order. Think about it, how many times have you attempted to visit a company’s website to discover that it fails to load, or that a link to their contact form fails to work. These issues are a guaranteed loss of business from that customer today, and it is highly likely the customer will also fail to return in the future.


Monitor Website Security

Every day, people are attempting to hack websites, and the scary thing is that corporate websites are not the only ones being targeted. In fact, some experts have stated that many cyber criminals have a tendency to attack the easiest targets, which are smaller businesses that do not know how to monitor the loopholes in their website’s security. Regardless of how big or small your company is, hackers who gain access to your customers’ personal information can be financially devastating to you, and your business’ reputation will be permanently damaged.


Search-Engine Optimization

With a quick search, you will find hundreds of companies selling cheap website templates that claim to give your company an online presence starting tonight. The only problem is that simply purchasing a domain name and a template for your business are far from enough to earn the first click from a potential customer. Instead, you need to utilize SEO techniques, such as posting regular content and getting reputable sites to link to your site.


Services We Offer

-Search-engine optimization

-Website security monitoring

-Monitoring for broken links and contact forms

-Content updates

-Website statistics

While any website maintenance company would be lying if they promised a certain conversion rate, we can guarantee that our SEO Tampa professionals here at MyCity Social will ensure that your site represents your business in the most professional manner. Sure, you may temporarily hesitate when it comes to committing to us as you likely view it as an added expense, but the reality is that you are going to quickly fall behind your competition if you fail to build and maintain a web presence for your business. For more information regarding how our company can help boost yours, do not hesitate to call us today.

The Most Common Digital Marketing Myth

When clients come to MyCity Social and inquire about the 6-step digital marketing program, they are “oohed, and aahed” by all of the value we deliver, but even after thorough explanation about how digital marketing in Tampa works within the online world, there seems to be some common confusion.


Upon signing up for digital marketing in Tampa, a business owner will receive a dedicated guru who will perform the following functions:

1. A guru will be assigned to your company and be available to help with your digital marketing needs

  1. Review Builder
  2. Social Media Management
  3. Newsletter/email campaigns
  4. Professional Video/[Photoshoot
  5. Google Local Management


The confusion lies with the expectation of when clients will begin converting visitors based upon these activities. Our social media guru’s have found that it typically takes 4-5 months for their efforts to begin creating conversions.


The myth is that clients often hear that if they begin digital marketing services, that clients will line up at their door the next day. This is not true. While we would LOVE for this to be true (we would be millionaires with the drastically quick turn around we would give businesses), it simply does not work that way.


Social media and outbound marketing efforts work by using the snowball effect. When a guru begins work on your account, they often have to begin from scratch or convert existing social media and online profiles into one’s that have all the business fundamentals and branding in place.


Once a clear branding effort has been established, then customized posts that engage and get people talking are created. It is through these custom designed posts that the goal of attracting more “Likes” and followers to your page comes about. On average, 2.6% of the followers will see and engage with organic posts on social media while promoted posts will increase engagement by 50%. The larger and more highly targeted your following, the more chances the business will have of being talked about and shared online.


While the percentages may seem low, this is standard across the industry right now. It is even lower for those who do not engage in professional digital marketing services. Once more followers are built up within the social media profiles, it typically takes 4-5 months for the trust online to be built between fans/followers. This level of trust is what causes conversions online and is the golden key to success online with your business.


To recap, while we would love to have a line of clients magically appear at your establishment the next day after signing up for social media management as part of our 6-step digital marketing plan, that simply is not the case. Building an online following, building brand awareness, and creating trust online is a process, and while it may take a little longer than you may have initially thought, it is well worth it and leads to amazing results.


If you have any questions about our digital marketing in Tampa  please contact us today to speak to one of our expert guru’s by calling 1-866-955-3287.

An SEO Miami Company Offers Local Directory Management

SEO MiamiThe ongoing quest for local businesses seeking success leads many to SEO Miami companies who promise first page rankings on the major search engines. While this is ideal, a new focus is emerging on the internet marketing world: local SEO and local directories.

With the rampant increase of consumers accessing business information from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, the face of search is constantly changing. People away from home or the office search for “car insurance Miami” or “hair stylist in Florida” rather than doing a general non-location-specific search.

This is where MyCity Social comes in. The most effective optimization comes from a SEO Miami focus with particular attention on local directory management.

What is Local Directory Management?

Online directories come in two types: general and local. The general ones usually share information or links to websites of companies that do business anywhere. The local ones narrow that down to just the companies that operate in a limited geographic area. In other words, the companies that a consumer actually needs and uses. They are this era’s yellow pages.

Local directory management begins with submission. The more citations and links your business has online, the greater the chance people will find it. This also helps boost SEO. Identical name, address, and phone number (NAP) must appear to build online trust and recognition.

Management services ensure information across multiple directories matches. This prevents search engines from devaluing your website due to dishonest appearances. The services put your company in the best light and give enough enticing information to impress consumers. They can also help improve overall reputation by managing reviews and feedback.

How Does Local SEO Help Your Business?

Managing directory listings not only helps consumers find your products or services but also improves search engine rankings considerably. This happens for multiple reasons.

The best local directories online, which reputable services like MyCity Social should target, have established track records with Google, Bing, and other big search engines. Clean coding, sitemaps, link structuring, and keyword or tag inclusion push their results to the top of the SERPs. These pages offer responsive styling for access from phones and tablets.

Consumers use these local directories in ways that help your company as well. Not only do you get the link from the directory itself but any customer or client who writes a review or a recommendation and links to it on their social media pages gives you another. The more citations you have, the greater the benefit.

As mobile use grows and the number of people accessing local online directories to decide where to shop or who to hire increases, the more important local directory management is for your company. Properly handles, submission and handling of the on-going listings can increase visibility, improve search engine rankings, and give a great boost to online reputation. The end result? Your company will enjoy more positive brand recognition, more citations and links backs to please consumers and search engine spiders, and a greater level of success than ever before.
Contact your local SEO company now!

Do Your Master Package SEO Services Miami Include Link Building?

SEO Services MiamiDo you pay for SEO Services Miami businesses have found led to a larger bottom line? Are you seeing the results you expected from your Master Package SEO Service? Does your SEO service package include link building? If you aren’t reciving the results you expected, you need a different SEO service to reap the full advantage of having a business website.

Link Building: What is it and Why it Matters

Link building is critical to your website’s reputation. When you link to outside sources, not only do you promote other businesses, but those businesses are able to detect your outbound link and return the favor.

Smart Marketing and Networking

This is great for marketing and provides your business with a network of other individuals in the same field as yourself. The communication that goes on between yourself and others in your field is valuable to your business.

The Value of Backlinking

Networking is great for business and SEO. The websites you link to may link back to your website. This is called backlinking. Ideally your website will be linked to from people all over in your industry. Backlinking is extremely powerful when it comes to optimizing your website for search engines like Google.

Not only does backlinking provide your website with traffic from the inbound link, but it also looks good to Google and other search engines. Think about it from Google’s perspective. If a high-quality website is linking to your website, it is because they have faith in your website and this establishes Google’s faith in your website also.

Link Building Strategy

Creating outbound and inbound links are just part of a link building strategy. When your customers or audience are on your website, you want them to stay there as long as possible. Internal links are a valuable tool for improving your SEO rankings. When Google and other search engines rank your website favorably, your SEO and traffic will soar!

SEO Without Link Building

An SEO strategy without link building is like a kite without much wind. It just can’t stay aloft. Yes, the keywords and images are there, but you have not established a traffic flow. Link building establishes your credibility and builds the foundation for traffic in the Google search engine’s algorithm.

In other words, link building is the key to establishing your website’s credibility, which results in Google directing traffic to your website. If you want more traffic, then this is an absolute must for your SEO strategy.

SEO Services Miami

If you want to increase traffic and your current SEO Services Miami don’t include link building, MyCity Social can help. MyCity Social offers a Master Package that includes link building services for businesses in the Miami area.

Not only will your website’s content be optimized, but also your link building strategy will help build your website’s credibility. This will give you the edge over the competition and will get your website noticed by your intended audience.

If you are serious about driving more traffic to your website by optimizing your website for search engines, link building is a requirement. Link building is a critical part of any successful SEO strategy.

If you are looking to get more than you do from your current SEO service, or you plan on signing up for an SEO service to drive traffic your way, MyCity Social is the way to go.

What are Interstitial Ads?

internet marketing in tampa flInterstitial ads have been penalized by Google now for a few months and if you have no clue what these are or if you are using them, it is best to read below to make sure your website does not obtain a reduction in rankings.

What Is an Interstitial Ad?

An interstitial ad is a full-page ad that appears between activities on a website or when trying to reach the homepage of a website. Still not ringing a bell? No problem! How many times have you searched for something on Google, clicked on a search result that you thought would bring you to a website with the information you were searching for, and a page appears asking you to download an application instead of taking you directly to the website? The page that appears is called an interstitial ad.

These types of ads prompt a user to either tap on the ad and continue onto their destination or to close the ad and return to the application.

Research has found that while effective for some industries, these types of ads cause much user frustration as it slows down the user experience. Because these full-size page ads take up more bandwidth than traditional banner ads, more bandwidth is required which poses a few more problems as well.

What Are The Different Types of Interstitial Ads?

There are two types of interstitial ads:
        1. Prestitial ads: these types of ads are often called splash page ads or welcome ads. They appear before the user reaches the homepage.

  1. Interstitial ads: interstitial ads are displayed in between website pages.

Tell Me About the Google Update Regarding Intrusive Interstitials

In January of 2017 Google rolled out its update targeting “intrusive interstitials”. Since these types of ads can cause problems on small devices such as mobile devices, Google has begun to penalize certain interstitial ads.

Google listed out the followings types as being problematic:

  • If a pop up comes about that covers the main content
  • Using a layout where the content above the fold looks too much like an interstitial ad and the content that was supposed to be shown is placed below the fold
  • Placing an interstitial ad that remains on the screen until the user clicks to close it in order to view the website.

On the other hand, if you have an interstitial ad in place that is needed due to legal obligation, then that is perfectly fine. For example, if you need to ask for access to cookie sin order to ensure that a user is a specific age before entering a website or etc… then that is all good in the eyes of Google.

In addition, login dialogs are fine as long as the content on the page is not indexable.

Lastly, if you utilize an app install banner that is provided by Chrome or Safari, then there is no risk of penalty as these banners have been created to take up a specified amount of screen space that has been deemed appropriate.

While the vast majority of our clients do not use interstitial ads, it is important to remain up to date with all of the latest happenings in the world of mobile search engine news. To learn more about our internet marketing services in Tampa, FL please contact us today.

All About Twitter & Social Media Marketing!

Social Media Marketing TampaSimilar to other social platforms like Facebook, Twitter has taken center stage for business promotion. In the current business climate, consumers are expecting instant gratification with everything they do, and businesses need to stay ahead of the game. With over 300 million active users, social media marketing Tampa cannot succeed without the use of Twitter.

Generating Traffic for your Company

Traffic, whether it’s web based or foot traffic driven to your physical location, is the sole source of revenue for any business. Twitter is one of the most effective traffic tools available today.

Business owners and marketers on MyCity Social promote special discounts, share relevant content and ask customers about their experience, all on Twitter. Customers who follow the business on Twitter will become actively engaged and visit the website. Customers might even share the Tweet with their followers thereby increasing your user base without any additional work.

Twitter works well because information is easily shared among followers.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

More and more these days, Twitter is being used as a vehicle for customer service. Customers can follow your Twitter account in live time and stay abreast of any updates about your products and services, or they can report a problem with your website. Twitter also provides an opportunity for companies to respond to any positive or negative comments made by customers.

This type of access allows businesses to respond quicker to their customers, thus creating a more loyal fan base.

Watch your Competitors Closely

Tampa and similar major cities across the country are extremely competitive for different types of businesses, which is why social media marketing Tampa encourages owners to use Twitter to watch their competitors as closely as possible.

The platform makes this easy because businesses can perform searches related to their field. For example, if a company specializes in lawn maintenance, a simple search on Twitter for “lawn maintenance” and a particular location will generate results that include relevant competitors. Then, a separate feed can be created strictly for monitoring this particular set of keywords.

MyCity Social places emphasis on Twitter competitor monitoring. It allows marketing managers and company owners to actively plan ahead for any changes in pricing and product offerings on the basis of their competitor’s actions. Prior to making any business decisions about changes, you’ll also be able to determine if they’ve tried something similar and whether or not they succeeded.

Maximizing Twitter will Complement other Marketing Strategies

While Twitter itself is an extremely powerful marketing tool, when the platform is combined with other marketing strategies, your advertising campaign can really take off.

Any content that is posted on your company website or on Facebook, Instagram or other platforms should also be shared on Twitter. Offer discounts and promotions for your products as an “exclusive” to your Twitter followers first; this will make them feel important and they’ll likely take advantage of your offer.

Every tweet composed should be focused on increasing your user base and driving revenue.

Feel free to contact us for further questions or concerns.

An Orlando SEO Expert Explains: Keyword Research For Doctors

If you’re a doctor, you know that you need patients to keep your practice open. You probably even know that your website is one of the primary ways by which you are discovered. What you might not realize, and what an Orlando SEO expert who uses MyCity Social can tell you, is that the way you research keywords is going to have a huge impact on your practice’s profits.

How Keywords Work

It’s a good idea to start with a brief understanding of how keywords work. Keywords are, on a basic level, how a search engine connects people to websites. If you don’t already know the name of a site, you’ll search for something related to what it does. If you need to learn more about SEO, for example, you might search for ‘Medical SEO’, and Google might provide you with links to MyCity Social and a number of other sites. Your patients are probably doing something similar, searching ‘Orlando Doctor’ in order to find you.

A Matter of Time…

Keyword research is the process of figuring out which keywords your potential clients are using and then adjusting your web presence so that Google’s algorithms send users of those keywords to your site. As you might expect, no one has the time or ability to target every keyword. As a doctor, your time is limited enough as it is, and trying to hit too many keywords will waste what little time you have. A best case scenario would lead to an inadequate attempt to dominate too many keywords, while the worst case might see you missing out on those terms that actually matter.

…and Money

Keyword research also costs you money. If you’re working with an orlando seo expert, you’re going to be paying for SEO – and your rate is going to go up the more you need them to work. If you waste the expert’s time with tedious keyword research, you can surely expect your total costs to rise. Even if you are taking care of the search in-house, you’re looking at wasted man-hours for which you are either going to have to pay or put off seeing patients. If you don’t do your keyword research correctly, the failure is going to hit your bottom line.

Precision Matters

Perhaps the most important reason to research keywords is because you care not just if your website gets visits, but who those visitors might be. Every potential patient has a specific set of terms he or she will use to find a doctor’s office, but you’re not just looking for every potential patient. You’re specifically looking for patients who have a need that your practice can fulfill. You can take a scattershot approach to keyword usage, but you’ll end up attracting the visitors you don’t want while crowding out those who can make you money.

If you’re going to work with SEO, make sure to do it correctly. Take keyword research seriously and make sure to narrow the field down to words and phrases that will help you make money. With effort, you’ll learn that some keywords are primed to help you grow your practice.

How Our Orlando SEO Company Does Website Design

Orlando SEO CompanyWhile not a well known fact, quality website design is essential for effective SEO marketing. MyCity Social, an Orlando SEO company, places a large amount of emphasis on the quality of design and how it looks on all devices.

Having a responsive website will help increase your ranking online and drive more customers to your business.

How an Orlando SEO Company uses WordPress

WordPress is the most popular website design platform in existence. With over 70 million websites currently running on this platform, WordPress accounts for more than a third of all websites in the world.

WordPress is unlike any other web design and development platform. A database is already automatically created, along with a development base that gives designers a head start. This cuts down on the amount of time it takes to complete the development process, which reduces the amount of money needed to be spent by the client.

MyCity Social uses WordPress to create attractive and responsive websites for their clients. They use WordPress because the platform generates clean code, is fast, SEO friendly, and allows for blog posts to be published with the click of a button.

Why Use WordPress?

WordPress is so popular among designers for a number of reasons:

Themed Layout Approach-WordPress offers design consistency across the entire site, regardless of how many pages are published. This is because the designer installs a theme for every site, which is then automatically duplicated every time a new page is created.

Mobile Readiness– Before WordPress, designers would have to create an additional website just for individuals who were trying to access it from a mobile device. All WordPress websites are automatically responsive on all devices, which means the designer only has to create one website.

Easy to Integrate Social Profiles– WordPress is so intuitive that it automatically integrates social media buttons on every site. A marketing expert can then connect those social media buttons to relevant social profiles and set up automatic content feeds as necessary. With this feature, there is no need to copy and paste content from the website to every social media profile.

Why WordPress is SEO Friendly

Ever since the beginning of WordPress, the platform has used a simplified and streamlined approach to HTML5 coding. This means that there isn’t excessive code that search engine spiders need to crawl through in order to find what they are looking for.

Beyond basic coding principles, the platform allows the Orlando SEO company to implement a variety of plugins and tools within the administrative area to help streamline the marketing process and ensure that all SEO requirements have been met.

There are a number of different platforms and content management systems that are popular among designers and developers. MyCity Social prefers WordPress because it’s cost effective, mobile responsive and SEO friendly. The platform allows for a fully functional and attractive website to be built without having to spend a fortune on coding something from scratch.

Please feel free to contact us for further questions or concerns.

What Is Certificate Transparency? Why Is My Site Labeled “Untrusted”?

Orlando SEO CompanyIt is 2017, and if you have noticed that while visiting some of your favorite websites, a browser presents a warning when saying that “the site’s Certificate Authority is untrusted”. In fact,  you may find that your own website is presenting this warning to visitors! What can you do to stop this, and why is this happening? Not to worry, your favorite Orlando SEO Company, MyCity Social, is here to help!


What is HTTPS?

When you visit a website, and have the capability to log in and manage an account, it is extremely important for the safety of your private payment information and identity that those details remain private between you and the service provider holding those delicate details.

Sometimes you will notice as you surf the web, that a small lock icon will appear right next to the url of the page you are on. This is where “Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure or HTTPS comes in. What HTTPS does, is that it indicates that a website has taken the extra step to keep your data safe by having data sent between you and the site encrypted, so that your private information is kept that way and not accessed by hackers.

What is an SSL Certificate?

This provides privacy, internet security, and protection of the website owner and the user sensitive information that is passed along in the website. When you purchase an SSL certificate, it encrypts the data that passes from your website to the server. It is important to understand that data you insert onto a website must travel from computer to computer until it reaches its’ final destination, the server. All the computers it passes through can see sensitive data such as credit card numbers in the process. With an SSL certificate, this data becomes encrypted/unreadable to anyone except the server you are sending the information to.

In addition to encryption, the SSL certificate is important as it provides authentication. How do you know if the data arrived at the right server and not a fake one trying to steal people’s identities? This is truly the magic behind SSL certificates.

In order to obtain an SSL certificate, website owners must pass through several layers or authentication and identity checks to ensure that someone is indeed the website owner and not a spammer or hacker.

With so many scams online, fake website, and other hacking methods, online security is now more important than ever. So much so that Google and other browser are rolling out strong initiatives to motivating website owners to purchase an SSL certificate

What Is Google Transparency?

For years, Google has been talking about how in 2017 it would begin to make moves to make HTTPS compliance a must-do for website owners. Through the use of a lock icon symbol, and most recently the warning pop-ups that are appearing on non-secured websites that say “The Sites Security Certificate is not trusted”. When a user lands on your website and sees a warning message like that, it makes them feel a sense of insecurity on your website and will lead to many clicks away. This is currently showing on Google Chrome only, but may be adopted by other browsers in the  future as well.

Google Transparency is the name for this movement, and other browsers have jumped on the bandwagon.

How much does a SSL Certificate cost?

Costs vary depending on just how in-depth you want your security to reach, but in general you can find prices ranging from free (for minimal level of security service) to thousands of dollars for large scale corporations needing many layers of security checks.

We hope you found this blog helpful. To learn more about our Orlando SEO Company, MyCity Social, visit our ABOUT page, or contact us today!