Interview With Patrick Veilleux, the Tampa Regional Director

Happy Friday! For today’s blog, enjoy learning about Patrick Veilleux, the Tampa Regional Director of Marketing for MyCity Social. If Patrick is your guru, you will enjoy this energetic, passionate and mile-per-minute personality. If you want to learn more about digital marketing for your small business in Tampa, FL contact us today!

Patrick, What Is Your Background? What Did You Do Before Working For MyCity Social?

Before I joined MyCity Social,  I was a freelance journalist with the Tampa Bay Times and I also worked for a chiropractic software company. I identified as a journalist, though. I really enjoyed promoting standout events and happenings with people in the area. Journalism is what I studied in college and it has given me the people skills I utilize here daily at our company.


How Did You End Up at MyCity Social?


Well, I saw the opportunity to work with small businesses and it really intrigued me. Social media management was what I was doing with the chiropractic company, and that atmosphere was what set me up for working with small business owners in the first place because that company did that with chiropractors. This company really allowed me to branch out and really do interesting things. I have worked with companies full of character and flair such as Pirate Fashions, Ricky P’s Creole Kitchen just to name a few.


While I have been with MyCity Social I have been able to work with small businesses that I find to be really cool, and I get to work with like-minded people.


It goes back to working with the small business owners. It really is all about the people I get to interact with. I get to work with characters that are hilarious and awesome. Andrew is this super buff persona and then you see this picture of him with his tiny Dachshund, and that he is sensitive, and well… it is awesome! Nisha is a firecrackers, and I can go on and on about each person here.



What is Your Least Favorite Part of Your Job?


I would say that my least favorite thing is that MyCity Social is a small business in and of itself and you have to wear a lot of different hats. On the other hand it is really cool that not every day is the same, but it also makes for an unpredictable environment.



Describe a Typical Day in the Life


I come into our office in Ybor in shorts and a Tee -shirt on a typical day I and usually with a coffee from Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks in hand. Upon arrival at the office, I  hunker down in front of the computer and start plugging away at work for my clients. What I am working on changes from minute to minute… from a big 80’s hair salon to a boat company. I create content for them, communicate with them and can really find myself joyfully working with my coffee,  headphones plugged in and enjoying the creative process.

What is Next For You?


Personally, I have a very strong interest in the theme park industry (not necessarily Disney World). I would really enjoy doing P.R. and marketing for one of those businesses (Seaworld, Aquatica, Universal, etc…). I have also become very comfortable here so I wouldn’t mind staying here either.


5 Fun Things About You. Dont Think, Go!


  1. I really enjoy video games!
  2. I am a pirate at heart
  3. I am na uber nerd…dungeons and dragons
  4. I enjoy long walks on the beach
  5. I enjoy going on road trips.


Hope you enjoyed this fun blog! If you would like to learn more about the service plans for digital marketing in Tampa, FL contact us today!

An Orlando SEO Expert Shares Tips On Making Your Retail Business Thrive

Retail stores are extremely competitive and if you don’t stay on top of your digital marketing, it’s likely your competitors will rise above you. To help your retail business thrive, we have our Orlando SEO Expert, Jennifer Waczewski here for a Q&A. She’s ready to share some tips and tricks for dominating the retail industry!


Q: Can you tell me the benefits a retail store would garner if they implemented SEO as part of their digital marketing mix?


A: They could reach not only more of their local market, but go beyond, and reach customers they never thought they could. This type of increased visibility is only a positive thing. It will lead to more sales down the line and more brand awareness.


How does SEO turn into revenue?


Locally, once more people begin to see you pop up on their mobile or desktop search and once your website appears in front of their face consistently, they will be clicking on your website. When you show up in search engines, A) more people will become aware of your store B) people can quickly and conveniently know how to find your store and C) consumers find what they are looking for with your website and can purchase. The beauty behind SEO is that you’re targeting a very specific need for your clients or customers in the specific area where they live. If you sell red shoes, a good Orlando SEO Expert will find a keyword for that product and optimize your website with that keyword so that any time any person is looking for red shoes in your area, you would pop up right away. THAT is where the power lies, and where the revenue lies. It essentially makes your website a conversion tool, not just a billboard lost in the abyss of the internet.


What would happen if a retail business chose not to do SEO, but their competitor does?


Assuming the retail stores are selling the same thing…If one business decides not to do SEO and their competitor does, they are going to see that their competitor everywhere online, while they will not be found anywhere. They will suffer because there will be a lot less traffic to their store as the population would have gone to them, however, instead they are going to the competitor who IS investing in SEO. The same thing happens with pizzerias all the time. When you think pizza, you may think Papa Johns. There could be the most amazing pizza place next door but because Papa Johns is EVERYWHERE, the vast majority of the population will choose them. They do a good job of staying top of mind and being at the top of search results.


What are some things a retail business owner can do to help with your SEO efforts?


  • Provide more content. I need every page of the website to be full of detail so that no matter where a viewer is from, or how little they know, all their questions are answered by reading a specific page.
  • They can reach out to their client base and actively ask them to check out the website. Promote your website! The more people seeing it the better.
  • Photos- send me photos! I can never have enough. Close up shots of the product, far away shots of the store, I even want shots of the owner and the staff!
  • Video- Not enough people give me video…I can optimize video if I have it. Video is more effective than any other medium. Combining video with the blogs I write will double results.
  • Know your goals. “Jennifer, my goal is to sell more of X product to Y target market. Specific product goals give SEO efforts even more focus, which will lead to better results.
  • Please tell me your designations- awards, certificates, honors, placements in media, etc. I need to know! I’m blogging about your business, so the more I know the better!


What kind of a website should a retail business have?


An extremely visually appealing one, that makes it so easy to purchase it’s almost stupid. It should extremely easy to purchase via the website, and easy to navigate.


Overall, what are some other tips you would give a retail business owner?


As an Orlando SEO Expert, take my advice! You need SEO. If you plan to make money, you need SEO. Trust me, it’s worth the investment. Also, don’t be afraid to combine different marketing strategies. Be fearless, take risks…there is no such thing as bad marketing (some may beg to differ) but some marketing is better than none! Last but not least, embrace technology!

Interview With Andres Robayo – Website Designer For MyCity Social

Here at MyCity Social we have been delighted to welcome Andres Robayo into our team after showing us his work ethic and talents during his internship with us. Here is a blog to learn more about our Orlando webdesign specialist Andres and what he brings to the table.

How Did You End Up at MyCity Social?

I came in for an interview because I saw an ad on the internet. I was looking for an internship. Nickie and Steven interviewed me. They gave me a little test to make sure that I knew how to change things accurately and work with wordpress.

Why An Internship?

I wanted to gain experience in the field. This was not required by full sail. It was important to me because I could learn new things, contribute to a company, gain valuable experience, and get used to what the work would be like in the field of Orlando webdesign.

When I started it was not a guarantee that I would get a job. My main interest was more in obtaining experience. But after a few months, I was offered a part-time position working for the company and here I am

What is your Background?

I am studying website design and development at Full Sail. This is my last year, and I have about 5 months to go. My interest in this field came about in the last few years.

Before getting into this, I was in the field of art conservation. If you go to a museum or a library, these are the people in charge of making sure the art is well kept.

What is Next For You Andres?

Hopefully working with coding. I would like to develop my coding skills further.

What is the Funnest  Part About Your Job?

From a design point of view, it is the creative process. I really enjoy the design part as it is more visual. I feel coding is also very creative as you have to come up with different ways to solve the problem, I will say that it is harder.
What is the Hardest or your Least Favorite Part of Your Job?

It can get really tricky when it comes to servers and stuff like that. For example, setting a server (getting it ready to work/configuration).

Describe a Typical Day In The Office

I check my task manager and I check what assignments I have to do for the day. I work on the website tweaks, making changes to our customer’s wishes, making new websites, and work in conjunction with our SEO specialist.

Where Are You From & How Do You Think that Affects You As a Person?

I am from Colombia. I have been living in the USA since 2010. I came because my wife had family here and so we decided to move here and be with them. It has been hard, but at the same time it has been very rewarding.

I think that I had to make a lot of changes to adjust to this culture due to the fact that I come from a very different one. I am very dedicated to my work, and that is something that I think MyCity Social really appreciates.

5 fun things

  1. like to play mindcraft
  2. I don’t like to go out (I’m a homebody)
  3. I like to cook. I have come to the conclusion that I have to cook or else…
  4. I am a very relaxed person, easygoing.
  5. I like to go hiking and swimming. I like the beach as well.


If you would like to contact MyCity Social about revamping your website through one of our SEO packages, please give us a contact us today and let our Orlando webdesign expert create something beautiful, that accurately fits the “look” you are going for.


How An SEO Company In Miami Turned A Medical Office Into A Success

Sometimes, it just takes a little help to get to where you are supposed to be. That’s where a medical office in Miami found itself when they came to us for help. They knew they were good at what they did – on the medical side of things – but they still needed help getting people in through the front door. The office was struggling not because of their customer service or even their pricing, but because there was just too much competition. What they needed was help getting the word out about how great they were. It took the help of a top SEO company in Miami to turn a good medical office into a real success.

Here at MyCity Social, we work with companies all the time that need a little extra help getting from good to great, so it was no surprise that a medical office needed some help. They were very gracious about taking ownership of their problems – they didn’t try to blame the economy or the community, but rather pointed at their own shortcomings. They knew that they weren’t doing all they could do with their website or with their social media presence and they wanted guidance as to what needed to be done next by a professional.

What we didn’t expect was that everything existing online would be in such a state of chaos. It didn’t look like the website had ever really been updated, and the overall look was outdated and appeared very “homemade”. There were no social media accounts to speak of, just an empty Facebook page. You could tell that someone had started thinking about things like SEO and community engagement, but work had gotten in the way of making sure that these processes were taken care of. It wasn’t a good place to start from, but at least we knew we wouldn’t have to get rid of anyone’s hard work!

Getting the company’s name out there meant overhauling their old website, basically starting from scratch. This wasn’t just a job where some tags were updated or a blog was set up – everything had to be redone. After that was finished, we had to get the company involved with real social media accounts. They now have a Twitter, an Instagram, and a Facebook page that people actually use. More importantly, our SEO Company ensured that a MyCity Social guru would post regularly to the account.

They now have their social media accounts and service pages ranking near the top of Google search results and that has translated into more patients coming in through the front door.

As an SEO company in Miami, we here at MyCity Social know that there are many companies (just like that medical office) that need a little help getting public exposure. They’ve put all the necessary work into being great in their industry but they’ve forgotten the importance of having a great presence online. Where this Miami medical office really stood out from the crowd though, is that they knew they needed help. They reached out to us and were given the chance to fix the problems that were really holding them back. Today, they’ve got full waiting rooms and a bustling online community. All it took was a quick e-mail and the ability to realize that sometimes, you have to go to the experts to get the help you need.

Interview with Digital Marketing Guru Brittany Emestica of MyCity Social

If Brittany Emestica is your guru at MyCity Social, enjoy this interview where you can learn a little bit more about you guru! Our Digital marketing services in Orlando, FL are the best value around!

What is Your Background?

I went to school at Florida International University (FIU) and studied Management and Marketing and obtained a certificate in Social Media and E-Marketing Analytics. I decided to take this route in my education because during my coursework I found my passion in marketing. The creativity that it allows me to express I find extremely rewarding personally. It is genuinely something I enjoy doing. My 2018 goal is to obtain my masters in marketing.

How Did You End Up at MyCity Social?


I graduated in August 2016, and I was out on the market looking for a job. To be honest, it was a struggle ot find a job as a young fresh graduate. To find an entry level position that contained exactly what I was looking for was not easy. I came across MyCity Social online via a search on Indeed. I submitted my application, was called in for an interview, (Nickie interviewed me), and she told me everything she has done for the company in the time she had been there and I really liked what I heard. I knew coming into MyCity Social that I would be allowed to have the creative freedom to create work that would compact the local businesses in the community and really allow me to grow.

What is Your Favorite Part About Working for MyCity Social?


My favorite part is definitely the work atmosphere. We are constantly bouncing ideas off each other and inspired by each other which really makes me enjoy coming to work every day. This being my first job position in my career, I have already grown so much, and I continually learn new things every day. I am extremely grateful for this as it only makes me better as a digital marketer.

What is Your Least Favorite or Most Difficult Task?

This is a new thing. Nickie has introduced me to AdWords and I have learned just how labor intensive and detailed and involved it is. All the ads have to go through an approval by Google first and it is quite tedious work.

Describe a Typical Day in the Life

I begin my day by driving through an hour of traffic (I have a long commute). I like to arrive nice and early at 8:00AM. I come into the office, turn on my computer, open up my task lists and get started. I respond to any unread emails, and see where the day takes me, as often times there are random client tasks and situations that may pop up.

I start my day by scheduling posts for my clients which includes creating content, graphics and seeing what is happening within each industry (conducting research), to tailor my posts.

The beginning of each month is the busiest time in the office as a guru because we are all sending out monthly reports and newsletters, all while finishing our daily tasks that we need to do for each client no matter what.

What is Next For You Brittany?


Right now I see myself growing as a professional and really taking the time to learn more software programs and different tools that are utilized in my profession. From there I do plan on obtaining my Masters in Marketing. I want to grow in the digital marketing world and build a credible name for myself in the industry.

5 Fun Things About You. Don’t Think, Go!


  • I am obsessed with traveling the world
  • I have a Dachshund named emit
  • I love to snorkel on the beach
  • My FAVORITE Place that I have ever traveled to is Vietnam
  • I am obsessed with going to the gym.

Not all digital marketing gurus are created equal. If you want a driven and hard-working guru, Brittany Emestica of MyCity Social is here to help your business thrive. Call MyCity Social today to learn about our digital marketing and SEO packages.

Interview With Internet Marketing Guru Michelle of MyCity Social

If Michelle Susan is your internet marketing guru at MyCity Social, enjoy this post where you can learn a little bit more about her and what drew her to this type of work. Our SEO & internet marketing company in Orlando is on fire because of dedicated guru’s such as Michelle.

Tell me about your background?


I started at Full Sail in 2013 and graduated Valedictorian with a B.A. in Music Business. I then went on to get my Masters in Internet Marketing and graduated in the class of 2016 (also Valedictorian).

BA in Music? Tell Me More?


I do not play an instrument, but growing up I was always going to music concerts, festivals and making playlists. I never knew there was such a thing as a degree in Music Business until I stumbled upon Full Sail University (which was very far from home). I loved studying and working in the music business while it lasted, however, I quickly found out that my passion lied more in internet marketing than the music business (the late nights aren’t for me anymore).

How Did You End Up at MyCity Social?


After graduation, I obtained an internship at a non-profit doing their social media management. After that, I found a job with the company Jigwiz part time. I was the social media manager and worked there for 4 months. I enjoyed it, but I wanted something where I could be more involved with the clients. I wanted to actually meet with clients and talk about their vision.

At the time a fellow Full Sail classmate of mine was working at MyCity Social. I reached out to her to see if she was hiring and she said, “actually I totally am, and I need someone to fill my spot as well”. I came in for an interview and I was hired on the spot. They liked me and saw that I had good experience. I have now been with MyCity Social since July 5th, 2016 and really love it here.

What is Your Favorite Part of Your Job?

My favorite part of this job? Hmmmm….creating images and branding for businesses. Also, I love that as a guru I am in charge of the account. I perform all communication with my clients (text, phone calls, meetings). I work hand in hand with them to ensure everything is clear and running smoothly.

I love getting to know my clients on a personal level and working with them to help them grow their business.

What Is a Typical Day in the Life Like?

I stroll into work at 8:00 AM, I fill up my water jug, roll my Pilates ball over, take a seat and then open my email and task manager. Then I diligently read my emails and take care of business. I typically divide my clients up into days. On one day I will work on X, Y, & Z client, then on another day A, B, & C client.

It is my job to find them interesting content, design social media posts, and schedule the social media posts. I also write content, manage Google My Business listings, and create targeted Facebook advertisements.

5 Fun Facts About You. Don’t’ Think, Go!

  • I am from California
  • I eat seaweed
  • Love V8 Juice
  • I love being in the water
  • I have been to Thailand twice

What is the Most Useful Piece of Advice You Can Offer Someone In Need of an Internet Marketing Company in Orlando?


If you don’t have a digital presence, it is absolutely crucial that you have one. It is 2017, everybody uses Google to look for reviews, pictures, and all other business information. It is also a very social age. Everyone wants to show that they were at your business, and the majority of people rely on social media for information. All your competitors have a digital presence, so make sure that you do not fall into the digital abyss. Contact a guru today so we can help you focus on your business.

What is Next For You Michelle?

I have always enjoyed writing, so I am digging deep into writing content and working on my craft. Facebook advertising is always changing, so I am constantly keeping up to date with that to ensure that my clients receive the best service possible.

If you would like to learn more about the top internet marketing company in Orlando (MyCity Social), contact us today to learn about the various packages, prices, and level of customer service that we deliver.

Orlando SEO Expert Shares A Day in The Life

Each morning I am the first one in the office. I arrive, turn on the lights, rev up the computer and turn on all three monitors I will need to keep me organized throughout the day. My job as an Orlando SEO Expert is one that I take very seriously, and quite frankly love.

After my first sip of water, I open up my email on one screen, writing software on another, and my task list and website audit software on another.

During The first part of my day when my mind is fresh and it is still early enough to not hear the phone ringing, I begin by writing blogs, content, and editing like mad! My mind is the most alert in the morning (I am a morning person), so writing during these quiet times has proven to be when I create the best results for my clients and am full of inspiration and ideas.

After a couple hours of this, I move on to checking my emails and making all requested website updates and content edits. Whether you need something as simple as a picture added, or there is an issue occurring with a form or other component, this is the time where I am cranking away and fulfilling everyone’s requests so that they can rest easy and continue their day with a smile on their face knowing their updates have been made.

At about this time, I am ready for lunch and to disconnect. I call my loved ones; I walk my dogs and eat my lunch. During this break, fresh air and sunlight re-energize me and the food makes me happy and ready to tackle the rest of my day. My 3 dogs are an amazing way to laugh and stay upbeat. They are my reminder that I have so much to be grateful for.

After a lunch break like that I am pumped, and happily take my spot on my pilates ball, and resume with the remainder of my day. I use this time to perform in-depth SEO on each account, one at a time, in the time I have remaining. I typically give my eyes a small break by reaching out to my wonderful clients by way of a phone call to chat and see how they are.

I continue this cycle each day until all the accounts have been given the attention they deserve and the results have increased. My sole goal each and every week is to improve everyone’s website audit score, clear up any issues, make sure my clients speak or hear from me in some manner each week and bring traffic to their website.

It is a lot of work, I will not lie, but thankfully I find my work rewarding and fun! Staring at code and writing for hours on end may sound boring for many out there (well maybe just about everyone I know), but this is precisely why I am different. I love seeing the ranking increase week after week. In fact, reporting time and weekly calls are some of my favorite times, because that is where I get to show off the fruits of my labor. My clients see the difference, and well…it just feels good to hear them tell me that this service has grown their business.

If you would like to learn more about the various SEO packages we offer for at MyCity Social, contact us today! Visit our contact page and get in touch with your Orlando SEO expert now to begin the journey to growing your business!

Health & Beauty Experts Use SEO Services In Tampa For New Clientele

The health and beauty industry is highly competitive. YouTube and other social media have made it easy for new companies to start in this lucrative industry. Every year there are more and more new health and beauty businesses for existing businesses to compete against.

So, how do people in health and beauty industry stand apart from the rest? How do you attract new clientele in a saturated market? The answer may surprise you…SEO Services in Tampa is the way.


SEO is a tool that is used by high performing websites. When someone searches for keywords, Google, and other search engines identify which websites are the best matches for the search query. SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of optimizing your website to be found when clients search for those keywords.

SEO is especially important to businesses in industries that are highly competitive, such as the health and beauty industry. Whether you sell cosmetics, natural haircare products, or perform cosmetic procedures, SEO is a tool that can give your company an edge.

SEO Can Attract Health and Beauty Clientele

MyCity Social works with businesses in the healthy and beauty industry to identify their target audience. From there, content on social media, websites, and blogs are optimized to draw in those target clients.

Keyword research, specific to the health and beauty industry, is performed. This research identifies topics your customers will be looking for.

SEO is one of the most critical, yet often overlooked parts of a business website. Since many people in the health and beauty industry don’t understand it, they are not able to tap into its value. Investing in SEO Services in Tampa is a great way for busy health and beauty business owners to continue focusing on operations without worrying about attracting new clientele.

SEO Services in Tampa

Implementing SEO for a health and beauty business in the Tampa area can be very intimidating. There are many businesses in this industry within this competitive area. In order to have an edge on the competition, it is important that your SEO is top notch. Let MyCity Social help.

We are familiar with the unique challenges in the health and beauty industry. That knowledge helps us to create high-quality SEO content that will grab the attention of potential clientele. This unique knowledge will increase your company’s traffic and sells.

Utilize Tools You Already Have

You already have a website and social media accounts. These are amazing tools for any health and beauty business. You can share your products or services and even provide makeup tutorials or tips to help customers get the most from your products. The sad part is, if you are not using SEO targeted to health and beauty clientele, your clients may never see your products.

You spend hard earned money on your business website and countless hours creating content to draw in new customers. It is important to get the most value from your investment. The only way to be able to get that value is by implementing superior SEO practices when creating health and beauty industry content, social media posts, and optimizing your website for relevant keyword searches.

What Are You Waiting For?

Contact MyCity Social today for an evaluation and SEO game plan to give your health and beauty business the fighting edge. Call 1-866-955-3287 or visit our SEO Packages page.

The 10 Most Commonly Found HTTP Errors

In last week’s blog post, we covered HTP errors and how they lead to reduced rankings in Google. This week, we are going to share our list of the 10 most commonly found HTTP errors that we come across at our Tampa SEO location.


301: Moved Permanently

You will often see a screen that says “301 error code. The page has been permanently moved”. When these appear your SEO specialist will need to perform redirects so that the new and correct link appears when those old links are clicked on. References to the old URL should be updated.


302: Moved Temporarily

When you encounter this error, you will often see the message, “The page has been temporarily moved”. A redirection to the new URL will be needed.


400: Bad Request

How many times have you encountered this message…” The request contains a syntax error and is denied”. This can easily be any online surfers most annoying request. These can be fixed by your Tampa SEO specialist, whereby the link syntax will take users to a custom error page that allows them to go to the website easily.


403: Forbidden

There are situations where rather than a client error, a server error occurs or restriction in accessing a file occurs. In these situations, a 403 error will appear which tells theuser that they do not have permission to access a resource. In some occasions, the server does not want any more visitors.


404: Not Found

This is probably the most commonly found errors for online users. A screen will appear that says “The resource could not be found on the server”. These are typically caused by a misspelling, or requesting a page that has been deleted. A 404 redirect will be performed by SEO experts in this scenario.


408: Request Timeout

The error will page will say the following… “The server timed out waiting for the client to complete the request”. Basically, if it takes too long for a page to load(to the point that is never happens), these will appear.


501: Not Implemented

“The server cannot fulfill the request”. Simple and to the point, this error page will appear and SEO specialists will have to access the server and fix the issue.


502: Bad Gateway

Another server side issue, the 502 error will show the following verbiage “The gateway or proxy server received an error response from the upstream server”.


504: Gateway Timeout

Servers can also time out when trying to access a page. Often times the following will be displayed to users “The gateway or proxy server timed out waiting for a response from the upstream server”.


505: HTTP Version Not Supported

While tot as common as all the HTTP error codes listed above, this can still be found when users come into contact with much older technologies. The following line will appear on the screen, “the server does not support the HTTP protocol version used in the request”.


We hope that this blog has made the 10 HTTP status code pages a bit easier to understand. If it still sounds a bit like Japanese, that is alright, this is why we provide you with a dedicated SEO nerd as part of our Tampa SEO service. They can handle all the link error headaches for you.


If you would like to learn more about our SEO packages, click here.


How Mobile Affects Your SEO Rankings

SEO is a tricky beast. It’s constantly evolving, and there are plenty of people out there who can list a half-dozen tips or tricks that will help you stay ahead of Google’s algorithm changes. One thing that needs to be clear though, is that mobile platforms have to be a very important part of any Mobile SEO solution. At MyCity Social, we think it’s important that everyone understands the importance of mobile design – and the way that it will impact your site’s SEO going forward.

Traffic is Traffic

It’s important to start with the note that traffic is traffic, at least as far as Google is concerned. There’s no real separate category that sets aside web traffic that comes from mobile sources and weights it differently than “standard” web traffic. Every tip and trick that use to keep your website near the top of the rankings has to apply to mobile users. That’s why it’s important to stop thinking of mobile as something that’s completely separate and to start thinking about how you can capture more of it. At the end of the day, this is just another pipeline for conversion.
Huge Numbers

If a primary concern of SEO in general is getting visitors to your website, then the primary goal of any site owner should be to capture mobile traffic. Mobile devices account for a little more than half of all web traffic, and there are now more people who can access the internet on their phones than they can from a traditional computer. As such, mobile is going to have a gigantic impact on your SEO rankings. If most people access your site via mobile, most people are going to care more about your mobile experience than anything else. The era of mobile is here and it’s the era for which you must design your site.
Bounce and Design

One of the major ways that mobile search engine optimization is going to impact your life is accounting for web design. A well-designed mobile page will allow users to find what they want without jumping through hoops. Because the world is already so optimized for mobile web content, users now have no patience with those who don’t produce good mobile content. Mobile users can destroy your bounce rating because they’ll flee your website quickly if it doesn’t work well on their browsers. Good design is the best way to keep your scores up and to stay at the top of the page.

Make no mistake – how your site responds to mobile traffic is how it responds to most traffic in today’s market. If you aren’t set up for better mobile search engine optimization, you might as well toss out all of your other plans. There’s no way to succeed in today’s market without a solid mobile solution and there’s certainly no way to stay on Google’s front page is your on webpage isn’t optimized for mobile browsers. Here at MyCity Social, we know Mobile SEO isn’t the future – it’s here today, and those that fail to realize that will fail.

Our SEO packages include website restructures so that we can ensure your site is mobile friendly. If you have any questions about our packages please contact us today!