Why Do I Have to Advertise on Facebook?

If you signed up with MyCity Social for Digital Marketing in Miami, you’re getting good, quality, organic marketing. Organic means that you’re promoting yourself with all the available tools you have on hand. With organic marketing, you’re not paying money to companies like Google, Facebook or Instagram to get your message seen by more people. Organic marketing is extremely important to the growth of your company, because it’s continuous.


As a business owner, you continually have to reach your current customers and remind them that you care about their business. At MyCity Social, our organic marketing consists *but is not limited to* a monthly newsletter, social media management, reputation management, review building and content creation through photography and video. We also offer SEO packages for companies who want to beat where their competitors show up on Google. All the things I have just mentioned are Organic marketing tactics.


You may be wondering, why has my Guru asked me so many times to run a Facebook Ad? Well, the truth of the matter is… in today’s day and age, you have to “pay to play” to get your message heard and to gain new customers. If you already have a Facebook audience of over 5,000 followers, who are consistently engaging with your content, it may not be 100% necessary for you to run Facebook ads. However, if you’re new to Facebook, it’s absolutely necessary for you to run Facebook Ads if you want to see some form of ROI.


If you don’t have an audience looking at your content, your social media accounts are just for show and won’t really make you any money. The key to social media is engaging content and reaching your exact target audience. Organic reach inside of Facebook just isn’t what it used to be and now you have to pay Facebook to get your brand in front of your audience. Don’t freak out thinking you’re going to go broke running Facebook ads. Your digital marketer can do A/B testing to see which ads perform the best and get you the lowest cost-per-click. For those of you that are completely new to Facebook advertising, here is an example of one goal you can accomplish with a Facebook ad.


Clicks to Website- Create an ad that will be put in front of your target audience, asking them to “learn more” on your website. You can create a regular Facebook post and ask your following to visit your website, but how do you know they actually will? And how many people will even see that post? When you make a Facebook advertisement, you can choose an extremely targeted audience. For instance, if you own a charter fishing company in Miami and you want more people to sign up for your fishing tours, a Facebook ad leading the customer to your website to learn more would be very beneficial. With the Facebook ad you can target locals and tourists in the Miami area who like fishing, boating, the ocean, etc.


Facebook advertising has become a huge part of digital marketing. “Clicks to a Website” is just one of the many, many goals you can have with your advertisement. Organic marketing will ALWAYS be necessary and keeping up with your image online is extremely important, however now paid marketing- especially with Facebook- is essential to gaining leads and growing your audience.


Facebook has changed it methods so that unless the ads are paid, they intentionally lower the visibility of your posts to followers. It is just the name of the game and I hope that this blog help clear it all up, and understand why one must purchase a Facebook Ad.


Have a great end of your year, and hope to hear from you all in 2017!

I Am Interested in Google My Business. How Does That Work?

If you are searching for SEO Orlando services like those from MyCity Social have plenty of resources to choose from. Your main task will be to identify the best possible value for your dollar and then take it. In order to accomplish this important goal, you will need to be very sure about what you are looking for. You will also need to know how soon you want to accomplish it, as well as what you are willing to do in order to make it happen. For all of these reasons, it’s an excellent idea to contact a professional SEO service provider today.


What is Google My Business?


Google My Business (replaced Google Local) is the motherboard of all your directory efforts on the web. Google My Business is utilized by brands, artists, local businesses, and much more to manage their online presence across Google including their maps and search feature.


How Does it Work?


From this Central Dashboard, you can view and manage the information that is released about your business to the internet. Your guru will log in and begin by creating a My Business Profile for your business or brand. From there they will complete your profile by filling in your location address, hours of operation, slogan, pictures, logo, specials, payment forms, description, social media links and other pertinent information that would be useful to potential customers.

Once this information is filled in, all other directory listings and map profiles you create must use this citation so that all the information (including how you spell words or abbreviated words) is exactly the same across every platform online.


If even one period mark, number or word is spelled differently, this will look like a duplicate listing online which is not good.

This is why enlisting the help of one of our professional guru’s to manage this all for you is important to the success of your online efforts, as consistency is key.


How Much Does It Cost?

At MyCity Social the creation fo the Google My Business profile is actually part of your 6-step marketing plan. This component is so important to your online success that we practically make it mandatory to have one. In this way we ensure the best performance possible for your business online.


I Have a Google My Business Now What?

You Guru will take advantage of all the analytical features of your account to optimize it to its full extent. The data will tell us how many users visited your website per month due to this listing, how many calls to the business, how many people asked for directions to your business and other important information which will help us better market your business.


Anytime a user is on their mobile phone, the idea is to have your listing so powerfully made that you will come up in their query search simply because you are local in respect to their location.

This opens up a door to much more traffic than you may have otherwise imagined.


If you are interested in having MyCity Social handle your digital marketing through services such as the 6-step Marketing program visit our website page: http://www.mysocailease.com/home/full-service-mgmt/

Content is EVERYTHING!

Content is everywhere and it’s EVERYTHING! Back in the day, a few print advertisements, a billboard or a radio spot would be sufficient for your business BUT NOT ANYMORE! Consumers now have the attention span of a goldfish, (literally, check out this article) which means you need to pump out content, good content, faster than ever. At our Tampa SEO company, we know how important quality content is.

So, what exactly is classified as content? Well, the most obvious form of content is a blog. The more often you publish blogs on your website, the better. Blogs are great for search engines, social media, and all SEO initiatives. Writing about your industry also builds credibility and gives your brand a voice. Blogs are a key component of your company’s content, how there is so much more out there! Infographics, memes, videos, guides, product/service reviews, how-to’s, e-books, interviews, opinion posts, these are all forms of content. When deciding which content to use for your monthly marketing mix, be sure to keep your audience in mind and only choose relevant content. You shouldn’t post or write about things that aren’t in some way, relevant to your industry. HOWEVER, don’t be a robot! No one wants to read boring, dry content that has no personality. If you act like a robot you are committing digital suicide. Even if your company has a professional voice, you can make your content interesting. So, in a sea of content…what type performs best?


It’s no secret that video performs best. People want to see short videos, especially on social media. Think of all those mouth-watering recipe videos from companies like Tasty, or notice how many state parks and charities use video to build awareness about their cause. Video is KEY to creating compelling content for your company. Say you’re a doctor and you’re interested in integrating video into your content strategy, but you don’t know how. That’s where your Tampa SEO Company comes into play. We will brainstorm with you to decide how we could use video to promote your company. For a doctor’s office, we recommend a 60-second video that shows off the office, all the patient rooms and allows the viewer to meet the doctor. That video will be great for your website, as well as social media. For a doctor, you can also create short video clips addressing each service you offer and the symptoms you treat. The type of video you create highly depends on what industry you’re in. Video has taken social media by storm, which means your content marketing strategy needs to include it.
Whether you’re posting video, blogs, infographics or lists, Your Tampa SEO company knows which channels are important to your industry, what content to post, and when to post. MyCity Social knows that timing is key and we won’t miss a beat when it comes to holiday posts or trending topics. We know that content is EVERYTHING, and so should you.

I Am Interested in SEO Orlando Services. How Does This Work?

If you are searching for SEO Orlando services, you have plenty of resources to choose from. Your main task will be to identify the best possible deal for your dollar and then take it. In order to accomplish this important goal, you will need to be very sure about what you are looking for. You will also need to know how soon you want to accomplish it, as well as what you are willing to do in order to make it happen. For all of these reasons, it’s an excellent idea to contact a professional SEO Orlando services provider today.

A Number One Ranking In Google Search Is Your Ultimate Goal

The number one goal for any Orlando business is to be number one in the Google search engine rankings. This means that more people are searching for your business than any of your competitors in your industry. It means that more people are selecting your website than anyone else’s. Ultimately, it means that you are drawing more clicks and finalizing more sales than any of your competitors. The longer you hold on to this number one status, the better. Such a status is practically a license to print money.

What Can An Online Marketing Services Provider Do For You?

Orlando is a vast and widely populated urban area. You are sure to have plenty of competition in your industry. You will need to have a coordinated marketing campaign that is spread across the entire Internet. In addition to your official company website, you will need to have blog accounts and pages on all of the major social media network sites. These include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and the like.

Organizing and implementing a major online marketing campaign can be a severe headache if you don’t know what you’re doing. This is precisely why you will need to engage the services of a qualified provider of such services. The more people that see your content, the better it will be for your business.

Getting Good SEO Service Is Easier Than You Think

In order to get to the top of the Google search engine rankings, you’ve got to make the most of your SEO knowledge. If your skills in this area are not up to speed, there’s no reason to panic. You can employ a reputable and professional provider of online marketing services in order to ensure that your business gets the publicity it needs to go straight to the top of the rankings. The sooner you do so, the sooner you can leave all of the marketing issues to trusted professionals while getting back to other important aspects of your business that require your urgent attention.

Choose My City Social As Your SEO Orlando Services Provider

If you are searching for the ultimate SEO services provider in Orlando, My City Social should be your choice. We are equipped with years of experience and all the necessary knowledge to make your SEO campaign the most profitable one you’ve ever staged. We know how to use all of the modern tricks of the trade to draw visitors to your website and keep them coming. Visit our website today to learn more about what My City Social can do for your business. This is one partnership you can’t afford to turn your back on.

What To Expect With Your Photo or Video Shoot

MyCity Social specializes in social media, Miami SEO, website development, email marketing and content creation. When you sign up for our six-step marketing program, a photo or video shoot is included in your package. Your digital marketing specialist, or what we like to call “your Guru” will work with you to decide which medium will work best for you. At MyCity Social, a promotional video is typically 90 seconds and the photoshoot consists of 60-90 photos. Here’s a breakdown of which industries work best with video or photography.

Video- Medical Industries, Non-Profits, Skating Rinks, Realtors, etc.
Photography- Restaurants, Online Stores, Interior Designers, Home Builders, Car Dealerships, etc.

It’s ultimately up to you if you want a video shoot or a set of professional photographs. If you own a restaurant or dealership where you need crisp, clear photos to promote on social media, a photoshoot is your best option. If you already have all the pictures you need, do a video shoot! Video can unleash feelings in potential clients such as trust, curiosity, and confidence, which is why it’s a good choice for doctors. Potential clients are more likely to use your service if they see a video of you and your office. There are so many options when it comes to choosing a Chiropractor, Nutritionist, Doctor or, Pediatrician, therefore the more you try and relate with your potential clients, the better.

If you can’t decide which would be most beneficial to your company, simply contact your Guru and they will help you make a decision. Based upon your relationship with MyCity Social, you get either one video shoot or one photoshoot per year. If you work in an industry where you need more photographs or videos, we can set you up with quarterly shoots. Whether you choose our Miami SEO package or our Digital Marketing package, video and images are extremely important to the success of your online image. No matter what industry you’re in, you must have up to date images and videos to stand out above your competition.

If you’re already signed up with MyCity Social and ready to set up your video or photoshoot, let me tell you how it works! First, contact your Guru and brainstorm some ideas for the theme, script or location. Once you have decided on a video or photoshoot, the Guru will find the best video/photographer that will meet your needs. You and your Guru will then pick a day and time that works for you and the video/photographer. On the day of, the video/photographer will arrive at your business ready to shoot. Each shoot is different, so preparing for the video/photoshoot varies. If you’re doing a video that involves clients, make sure to have them arrive early and sign a photo release release form. If the project is a photoshoot of your whole restaurant menu, make sure to schedule the shoot while you’re closed and inform the chef. As you can see, each video/photoshoot is different.

We’re so excited to help you decide which medium is best for you! Whether our Miami SEO division or our Tampa and Orlando Digital Marketing divisions, we’re here to help! Contact us today!

Google Adwords Pro’s & Con’s By An SEO Company In Miami

Google Adwords is the PPC advertising service offered by Google’s search engine. You see Google Adwords PPC ads just about every time you put a search query into Google’s search engine.

PPC ads in Google appear right at the top of the results. They also appear at the bottom of the results on the SERPs. The way it works is you make a bid to pay a certain amount to come up for a given keyword. Your position on the SERPs depends on how high your bid is in comparison to how high others a bidding for the same keyword. Every time someone clicks on your ad, you have to pay.

For many websites, Google Adwords is an invaluable tool. This PPC advertising option allows you to get your website to the top of Google’s SERPs without having to wait for SEO efforts to show results. However, it’s important to carefully consider pros and cons of Google Adwords before you start investing in this potentially expensive online marketing option. We are an SEO company in Miami that can help you determine what Google Adwords can do for your company.

Pros of Google Adwords

Immediate results- Google Adwords is perfect for those who are impatient to get started. Put up an ad on Adwords and you’ll immediately see traffic start coming to your site.

Tools that help you create ads- Google Adwords offers a fairly straightforward interface. Adwords also offers tools that allow you to see how often a particular keyword is searched for on the Google search engine.

The ability to set your budget- You can limit how much you spend on your ad campaign in a day so that you don’t allow your advertising expenses to get out of hand.

Taking advantage of Google’s enormous popularity- Google remains the most popular and widely used search engine out there. While search engines like Bing and Yahoo offer their own PPC advertising, you’ll get much more attention on Google.

Running some tests to improve your SEO efforts- Google Adwords doesn’t just get you traffic. It also helps you acquire valuable information. You can see how likely you are to attract customers with particular keywords before you start investing in SEO efforts regarding those keywords.

Cons of Google Adwords
Can get costly- The big reason why SEO is so important is because once your site starts ranking, it’s completely free. With Google Adwords, you’re indefinitely paying for every click. Of course, expenses add up over time.

Some restrictions on ad length- Adwords ads are fairly short, so you’ll have to get your point across very succinctly in your ad title and body text.

Sometimes strict editorial guidelines- You cannot write whatever you want in a Google Adwords ad. There are certain restrictions on things like mentioning brand names that you will have to adhere to.

Sometimes strict quality demands- Google will look at your web page and could refuse to post your Adwords ad if your website doesn’t meet certain quality demands.

At My City Social, we are an SEO company in Miami with the experience and expertise to take your online marketing to the next level. Contact us at My City Social to learn more.

I am An Attorney. What Benefits Would A Tampa SEO Company Provide My Business?

Many companies throughout the Tampa Bay area are currently benefiting from SEO services. SEO, or search engine optimization, is an organic way for your website to gain visibility to Internet users. As an attorney in the local area, you may wonder if this type of service would benefit your business. My City Social is a top Tampa SEO Company, and when you take a closer look at what their services entail, you will see that they can benefit any type of business, including those in the legal profession.

What Can a Tampa SEO Company Do For You?

Before you hire a Tampa SEO company, it is important to know what the services entail. First, the company will help you to locate the right keywords and phrases to use with your SEO efforts. These are keywords and phrases that your target audience may use when searching for your business online. When your website is optimized for these keywords and phrases, your website will rank higher when the words and phrases are searched for. This helps you to gain visibility online. This is not the only effort a top SEO company will make. For example, the company will also assist with back link strategies. These incorporate the SEO keywords into offsite locations, such as articles posted on third party websites. Hyperlinks are added to these articles so that traffic is driven back to your website when people read the article. This is targeted traffic because the articles have been optimized using your specific keywords and phrases.

How This Benefits an Attorney

An attorney’s business is unlike others in the local area, and you may be wondering how this would benefit your specific business. A Tampa SEO company will thoughtfully select keywords and phrases targeted specifically for your niche in the industry, such as criminal law, personal injury law, corporate law or something else. The team at My City Social will expertly incorporate these into your text online, and they will also use back linking strategies and other efforts to further boost search engine results. Your goal is to have targeted traffic driven to your website, and SEO can help. With targeted traffic visiting your website, you will benefit from new leads that potentially could turn into paying clients.

What to Expect From SEO Services

With SEO services, you will not see instant results overnight. This is because SEO services work organically and take the time to fully show their results. Over time, however, you can expect to see more traffic driven to your website. This will be targeted traffic that has been searching for your keywords and phrases and that likely is in need of your services. Many Internet users will only click on the first few listings returned from their search results, so the higher your website ranks for your selected keywords and phrases, the better the results will be.

The use of SEO services can benefit almost all types of businesses in the Tampa Bay area, and this includes attorneys. Regardless of your niche in the legal industry, you can put SEO services to work for you. Reach out to My City Social today to request a consultation as a first step in the process.

I Run A Local Pet Grooming Business, How Can An Orlando SEO Expert Help Me?

As a local pet groomer in the Orlando area, you may get many new clients from Internet leads. These may be leads that search for specific services you offer online in Google, Bing or other top search engines. You may have heard that SEO, or search engine optimization strategies can benefit business owners with online marketing efforts, but you may not be certain if this is the right way to spend your marketing dollars. After all, you have a limited budget to work with, and you need to maximize the use of every dollar your spend. With a closer look at what you can expect from an Orlando SEO expert at My City Social, you will see that these services are exactly what you need to drastically improve your online marketing efforts.

What Is SEO?
Search engine optimization is a rather lengthy term that essentially means that your website has been designed with specific keywords and phrases in mind. These are carefully researched and expertly chosen keywords. These words are those that your customers may use to find your company’s services online, but they also are keywords that your competition may not be focusing heavily on. Through SEO services, your website will be optimized so that it ranks highly in search engine results when the specific words are chosen in a query.

How SEO Helps Groomers
Many pet groomers in the Orlando area are looking for affordable and direct ways to target consumers This may be guerrilla marketing, such as handing out flyers on the street, for example. While this is one option to consider, online marketing efforts should be a primary focus. This is because many who need pet grooming services will look online for a local pet groomer, and they will use the Internet to research location, services, fees and more. As a pet groomer, you want your website to be listed highly in search engine rankings, and this is because most online shoppers will only look at the first few listings on the search results page. SEO helps groomers get the high rankings they need to drive traffic to their websites.

The Benefit of Localized SEO Services
Localized SEO is a variation of traditional SEO services, and these are specifically designed for the local market. After all, you do not want to drive traffic from Houston, Los Angeles, Seattle and other far away places to your website. Instead, you want those who are looking for Orlando grooming services to find your business. Orlando SEO expert My City Social specializes in localized services so that you benefit from having the targeted traffic you need driven to your website.

As a local pet groomer, you may get some of your new clients from word-of-mouth referrals, but you likely rely on the Internet to generate leads as well. Boosting online leads means driving more targeted traffic to your website, and this is exactly what you can expect through the use of SEO services. You can easily learn more about local SEO services available through My City Social today.

Why Do I Need Instagram For SEO Orlando? Meet Ebaa, A MyCity Social Guru

For this weeks’ blog post I decided to interview one of our MyCity Social guru’s, Ebaa! Here at our company we are pretty serious about Social Media and SEO Orlando, and having our guru’s share a little bit more about them, is a great way to get to know them beforehand. Read below to learn about Instagram from our social media marketing expert Ebaa!

Tell me about your background. How did you end up here?

I was born in Syria and raised in Dubai. What got me into MyCity Social began with the move to Orlando from Dubai. I started working here and studied as an intern after finding them on Indeed.com. I went in for an interview and was hired as an intern. In fact, I was the first intern ever hired for this office! They liked my work, and two months later I was hired.

Did You Study Anything Related To Your Field Beforehand?

I have a degree is in mass communication with a concentration in journalism, so I basically studied social media and graphic design. I also had experience as an intern for the Sky News Arabia social media department prior to moving to the United States.

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

My favorite part is being with my team, brainstorming ideas, working on graphics (that’s really the best part). Oh and content collection (content writing)!

What is hardest part about your job?

The most difficult part of my job has to do with communicating with clients and satisfying them. I must juggle the desires of 20 accounts which means that I must find time for all of them and continuously provide them with the high quality of work they deserve.

Why is Instagram necessary now a day for businesses?

For businesses that focus more on visual products/services, Instagram is perfect as it is highly visual. The platform is all about engaging users with visuals that are “pretty” or “cute” to gain attention. In particular, jewelry stores that are trying to push out their products and what they look like benefit amazingly well from Instagram.

Anyone who wouldn’t benefit from Instagram?

I honestly feel that medical companies would not benefit as much because medical companies usually focus on educating people. There are other social media channels that are much better suited for education.

Any advice about social media to clients?

Yes. Social media is as important as traditional media. Don’t fully depend on it and ignore other types of marketing. They all work together. It is like a snowball effect. You will not find a result in 1-2 weeks. It typically takes 6 months to a year to get great results.

Paid online social media campaigns really do the magic! Only 2% of your fans/followers actually see posts without paid advertising, so utilizing paid this is essential to really have huge success on social media.

What do you think would help older clients understand social media better and make it easy for them?

We often go out and educate older clients about social media as part of our services or ask them if there is someone we can communicate with if we see that our older clients become overwhelmed. Typically usually we train our clients and educate them, and that helps a lot!

5 fun facts about you

  1. I am very honest
  2. I like everything that is cute
  3. I Love pink
  4. Ebaa=girly girl
  5. I always laughing

What are you up to now?

Currently, I am going to school to obtain my Masters in Media Studies and Practice. I finish in the summer of 2017, but I am not stopping there. I will be continuing upon graduation and enroll to obtain my PHD.

I am also currently volunteering at the Arab American Community Center of Orlando by helping them with their newspaper, digital newsletter and social media.

What is typical day like?

As I said before, the part of my day is being with my team. At work I spend the first part of the day responding to my clients emails, planning what I’ll be doing for the next 8hrs, from writing content, to graphic design to creating online campaigns.

I am very family orientated, so as soon as I leave work, I go home, sit with my parents, and work on my studies. So all of my focus switches from work to family as soon as the work day is over.

If you are interested in calling MyCity Social for SEO Orlando, give us a ring at: 1-866-955-3287  or visit our Contact Us page.

How Email Campaigns Can Grow Your Business: An Orlando SEO Company Explains

At MyCity Social, our Orlando SEO Company specializes in much more than SEO. We specialize in Social Media, Email Marketing, Google My Business Profiles, Review Building, Website Development and more! One of the most useful digital marketing services we offer is email marketing. Whether it’s a monthly newsletter or an “After Visit Patient Email,” we can grow your social media following, build reviews and increase brand awareness through emails. When you send “thank you for your service” email blasts out to patients or clients you are also showing you care. Here’s some food for thought about email marketing…

  1. Email marketing averages an ROI of $38 for every $1 spent.
  2. For 89 percent of marketers, email serves as the primary channel for lead generation.
  3. For one in five companies, email marketing provides an ROI greater than 70 to 1.

How you execute your email marketing campaign is completely determined by which industry you’re in. As I mentioned above, After Visit Patient Email blasts work well for doctors. If you own an online company that sells products you will want to focus on sending email blasts out promoting specific products, as well as asking customers to follow you on social media and review your business.

A statistic from Convince and Convert states “People who buy products marketed through email spend 138% more than people that do not receive email offers.” If you offer services versus products, it’s important to think of monthly promotions and holiday specials. For smaller businesses, like a local dance studio- you will benefit from a monthly or bi-weekly newsletter stating all practice and performance information.

Email Marketing is a part of the marketing mix that most companies can’t deny. With email being the most effective form of communication, why wouldn’t you market your company through email? As a small business owner you may be thinking, where do I even begin email marketing? Well first of all, that’s where our Social Media and Orlando SEO company comes into play!

Whether you have an email list or not, we can strategize and build effective email marketing campaigns for any industry. If you have an email list, great! We will begin marketing your product or service immediately. If we build your customer database from scratch, we will begin collecting emails from your customers via tablet, sign up forms and social media channels. Almost everything we do at MyCity Social is organic marketing, which means we grow your business through the resources we have at hand. Although we do suggest paid advertising for some companies, you can’t just focus on paid- you must practice organic marketing to build relationships.

Organic marketing is so important because the new customers/clients/patients you gain from it will most likely return to you. When you pay for an email list or pay for social media advertising, potential customers may only “like” your social media posts and sign up for your email list in the heat of the moment. Building a customer database through organic practices will benefit your company for the long run. We’re ready to help you excel through email marketing…are you?!

Visit www.mysocailease.com for more information.