How to write good Instagram captions (to gain followers)

Millions of individuals around the globe are using Instagram regularly and there is more than one good reason for that. Besides taking photos and sharing them with friends and followers, many business owners and marketers have realized that they can use this social media platform to share their business message. Of course, there are a few reasons behind Instagram’s popularity. It doesn’t really matter why you are using Instagram, in case you want your photos and messages to reach out a relatively wide audience, you must start working on getting more followers. One way to do this is to take care of Instagram captions.

Instagram 33

Once you shoot or select a video or photo and use the well-known filters and effects on Instagram, you will be able to add a caption. Of course, you can choose to skip this step, but you will lose a great opportunity to increase your follower base if you do this. So, next time make sure to tap the Write a caption line and add a caption. Obviously, not all captions are equally attractive and that’s why many people are wondering how to write good Instagram captions.

Don’t do this in a hurry

When people use Instagram they usually feel the urge to post a video or image right after they capture them. However, if you want to leave a stronger impact on your audience and attract new followers, then you cannot rush this process. Take the photo and wait until you get an inspiration or until you get into a mood to write the right Instagram caption.

Take care of your writing style

Consistency is another key to success. It seems that Instagram users enjoy following users that have a specific writing style. For instance, you can add timestamps to your posts or you can be even deeper and choose whether you will use short caption or more like storytelling captions. It is a good idea to test the reactions of your existing followers and start using a specific style after that.

Don’t overuse hashtags

Hashtags have proven to be a great way to find new followers. However, you must be careful with their use because if you use too many of them you can witness the opposite effect. For instance, you should never use a group of hashtags in your Instagram caption especially not at the end of it. This looks like a desperate attempt to get new followers and this is definitely something that you don’t want for your brand.

Be careful with the emojis

Instagram is a social media network and an app used by all generations, but most of the users are under 35. This means that the use of emojis is not something unusual. It is a smart move to use them in the right place, so you can highlight some point in your caption. However, if you use a few of them one after another, the caption might look a little bit unserious.

We hope that you understand the importance of writing a good Instagram caption and that you will follow these tips.

Facebook Advertising 101: News Feed Ads versus Right Column Ads

In the past, social media networks were mostly used by teens or individuals who wanted to start a relationship or simply meet new people. Today, the situation is much different and social media networks like Facebook have become powerful advertising tools because these networks are used by people of all ages and people looking for many different things. Facebook has more than one billion registered users and most of them are active. By using ads on Facebook you can reach millions of people.

Many internet marketing experts like Facebook because Facebook advertising brings several benefits like – better business exposure, targeted advertising, low advertising cost and customer loyalty. But, in order to get the most from any Facebook advertising campaign you must understand how their ads work. For instance, you can choose to publish news feeds or you can use right column ads. So, which one is better and why? In order to answer this question we will analyze these two options separately.
News feed ads
News feed ads were introduced about four years ago and the audience and advertisers were satisfied with the way these ads were working. As the name suggests they appear in the news feed of every Facebook user. These ads appear between the news stories related to Facebook fan pages and the friends of the user.

According to some statistics, news feed ads are more popular among advertisers and ever since their introduction their use is growing all the time. They provide high conversion rate and click-through rate which are two very important indicators for any advertising campaign. In addition, the return of investment from these ads is very high. The best thing about news feed ads is their contextual appearance. They appear close to stories that are related to the subject of the ad.
Right column ads
Right column ads or right side ads are available for many years. They appear on the right side of the Facebook page even when you are not viewing the news feed. The popularity of news feed ads has forced Facebook to start making plans to boost the effects of right column ads. They have recently revealed that right column ads are changed and that they are similar to the ones found in the news feed. Their size is larger and their creation is easier than before. However, we must point out that Facebook has decided to publish fewer right column ads because they want to improve user experience.

So, what is the best option for advertisers that want to get the most from their Facebook advertising activity? This is a difficult question because it depends on what you are trying to achieve. In case you want great conversion rates (500% more compared to right column ads) you should select news feed ads. On the other hand, in case you want to unleash your creativity and make more attractive ads, you can opt for right column ads. Whatever option you choose, you should know that Facebook is a very popular platform and that you are investing in something that will eventually pay off.

Instagram changes: what marketers need to know?

When Instagram was released about 5 years ago, people were amazed by the unique concept and the platform became an instant hit. It didn’t take much time before marketers started to make experiments with certain marketing activities there. When people today talk about the use of social media networks for marketing purposes, they are usually focused on Facebook and Twitter. However, with millions of active users with different background and different interest, Instagram is a platform that should not be missed by any marketer. Literally every business in almost any industry can benefit from the presence on this social media network and experienced marketers have already designed some very effective Instagram marketing strategies.

Instagram changes 1

A few weeks ago, Instagram introduced a few changes that were described as radical by some users. It all started with the introduction of the new logo and icon which is now more vibrant and colorful. This is what marketers call rebranding. However, this visual change will not affect the marketing efforts made on Instagram, but few other changes that were introduced a few days later definitely will.

To start with, videos on Instagram, just like the ones on Facebook now show the number of views on each video you post. This is a good feature because it helps you analyze the impact of every video in real time. In addition, you can also quickly check the number of likes and see who liked your video with an instant option to follow these users. These new figures will also help you understand how engaging your video is. A video with a relatively big number of views and just a few likes is definitely not effective.

Another great change is the extended length of videos marketers (and all Instagram users) can publish on their profiles. The short 15-second videos used before can now be replaced with 60-second videos. According to many social media marketing experts, one-minute videos are ideal for marketing purposes because social media users have short span of attention.

The Instagram ads are changed too. For instance, whenever a user taps directly on your ad, they will see a call to action. You can redirect the users to your own mobile app or to your website. The situation is a little bit different with video ads because one tap will turn on or off the sound and a double tap will lead them to your app/website.

The news feed is now more sophisticated and as a user you can see the most relevant posts for you. You can also change the settings to view more things from certain users which is a good option for every marketer. You can follow the news from your competitors in this way too.

Finally, if you sync your profile with the Instagram Ad you will use, whenever some user clicks on your profile they will notice your call to action on top. In other words, making an attractive call to action on Instagram is now more important than ever.