Is Twitter Dead or Dying?

Twitter started as a microblogging platform, but it soon grew into a serious social media network with millions of users. Nowadays, Internet users rely on tweets when they communicate with each other and many companies have realized the marketing potential that this platform has. They also use Twitter for public relations too. While it is true that the number of Twitter users is still growing and that their activity is more intense than ever, there are many marketers and business owners who are wondering whether Twitter is dead or dying. In this article, we will try to provide an answer to this complex question.

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First of all, let’s mention that despite the growth in the last year, the figures were not very promising. Most of Twitter’s rivals including Facebook and Instagram have witnessed rapid growth while the figures were modest when it comes to Twitter. However, many experts believe that this stalling doesn’t mean that Twitter is slowly dying. On the contrary, every social platform has its ups and downs and the truth is that there were several new platforms introduced in the past two years that were able to get a significant share of this market. This doesn’t mean that Twitter won’t bounce back. And we should not forget that it’s not all about the numbers. MySpace was the most popular network of this kind a few years ago and where is it now? The fact is that Twitter is still investing in innovations and this means that their management is focused on improvement.

On the other hand, many people criticize Twitter because of its lack of intuitiveness, something that we can find in other new platforms. Nevertheless, Twitter remains to be number one platform when it comes to real-time social updates.

All these things can tell us a lot about the near future of this network in terms of user experience, but is Twitter dead or dying when it comes to marketing? Experienced marketers have different opinions. If we take a look at the news feed, we will see that Twitter users generate a lot of content, but this content is not very valuable which is why Twitter users are nor very responsive. Many brands that use Twitter claim that they now get less traffic and fewer social signals from this platform.

A recent study has shown that most Internet users still consider Twitter one of the best platforms for establishing direct contacts with brands present on Twitter. The brands that are present on Twitter and Facebook seem to be more responsive over Twitter which encourages users to keep using this platform for this purpose.

Twitter is not dead, it may be dying for some brands, but this is partly their fault too. Twitter is changing and they need to follow this change. They need to use adequate hashtags, follow the latest trends and news and provide valuable content. Customer support is still one of the most important aspects of using Twitter for marketing.


Snapchat for business – why snapchat is the next big thing in digital marketing?

A huge number of successful companies rely on social media marketing when they need web traffic on their online presentations. In the past, social media were used only by the younger audience, but in the past few years, this gap has narrowed. This is the reason why more and more businesses are paying more attention to their social media presence. Of course, there are many popular social media platforms out there so one may ask “why to choose a certain platform like Snapchat over the others?”.
Experienced marketers will tell you that it is quite logical to be present and to focus on this social media platform. Namely, this multimedia and image messaging app were introduced in 2011 and less than three years after that, it became the fastest-growing application in the world. The best part is that the number of users is growing every month. According to some statistics, Snapchat has more than 100 million users active on a daily basis. In addition, there are several billion video views too. Most of the users are people in their 20s and 30s.
In case you didn’t know, Snapchat is all about sending video clips or images that last ten seconds to their family, friends, coworkers or followers. These clips and images disappear after this period and they cannot be viewed again. It also has a similar feature when it comes to text messaging and adding clips, but this time, the videos last for one day. Snapchat users are getting the latest news from popular websites and news sites and view live stories from different events in different parts of the world. An experienced marketer can probably come up with a good idea to use Snapchat for their business, but for those who are complete beginners when it comes to Snapchat, we will provide a few suggestions.

The good news is that there are numerous ways in which a company, regardless of its size and targeted audience can perform successful marketing and promotion on this mobile app. What is even more interesting is that Snapchat allows you to reach the audience that is usually hard to reach with the help of traditional marketing methods (teenagers and young people in their 20s and 30s). Of course, just like in the case of regular users, businesses can market and share their message in less than ten seconds. The ads are not annoying when they are viewed on Snapchat because they last for ten seconds and after that, they are gone forever.
Most companies use Snapchat for sharing teasers. This is a great way to create a buzz about your upcoming product or service. For instance, you can show them part of the designing process or how the product looks like. Additionally, some companies use the short video clips to provide offers and promotions. Finally, they also tell certain stories through the 24-hour feature.
Using Snapchat is easy and simple and the best part is that you can check the results of this type of digital marketing venture quickly.